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Apartments in El Cajon, California

Community Address Zip
Amber Woods Apartments 420 Jamacha Road [Map] 92019-2421
Anniversary Apartments 377 Shady Lane [Map] 92021-7009
Anza Oaks Apartments 1000 South Anza Street [Map] 92020-7019
Anza South Apartments 946 South Anza Street [Map] 92020-7018
Anza Terrace Apartments 1012 North Anza Street Apartment 67 [Map] 92021-5045
Anza Villa Apartments 588 South Anza Street Apartment 1 [Map] 92020-5541
Ballantyne Apartments 542 Ballantyne Street [Map] 92020-3725
Bradley Apartments 310 East Bradley Avenue [Map] 92021-8949
Bradley Arms Apartments 310 East Bradley Avenue [Map] 92021-8949
Bradley Park West 363 Compton Street [Map] 92020-3401
Bree Manor Apartments 1515 Broadway [Map] 92021-5149
Broadway Apartments 1562 East Main Street [Map] 92021-5900
Broadway Square Apartments 563 Broadway [Map] 92021-5414
Cabo Verde Apartments 340 Hart Drive [Map] 92021-4586
Cabo Verde East 419 Greenfield Drive [Map] 92021-4669
Cajon Villa Apartments 933 Peach Avenue Apartment 4 [Map] 92021-5708
Camden Park Apartments 525 East Camden Avenue [Map] 92020-5366
Canyon Run 1365 Broadway [Map] 92021-5852
Canyon Springs Twn Hms 2000 East Main Street [Map] 92021-3600
Casa Del Valle 171 North 1st Street [Map] 92021-6942
Casa Del Valle Apartments 690 South Lincoln Avenue [Map] 92020-5335
Casa Madera 853 Cherrywood Way [Map] 92021-5532
Casa Nuevas Apartments 233 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-6813
Casa Tierra Apartments 355 Orlando Street Apartment 1 [Map] 92021-7021
Cedar Glen Apartments 466 West Washington Avenue [Map] 92020-5099
Cobblestone Park Apartments 1535 Granite Hills Drive [Map] 92019-3350
Colonial Gardens Apartments 1096 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-4777
Colonnade At Fletcher Hills Apartments 2950 Fletcher Parkway [Map] 92020-2615
Colony Court Apartments 301 Shady Lane [Map] 92021-7020
Coral Gardens 425 East Bradley Avenue [Map] 92021-3069
Countryside Village 1525 Graves Avenue [Map] 92021-2995
Courtyards 553 South Magnolia Avenue [Map] 92020-6091
Crest Apartments 191 North Mollison Avenue Apartment 1 [Map] 92021-6822
Cypress Gardens Apartments 260 West Cypress Avenue [Map] 92020-3353
Driftwood Villas 1334 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92019-2323
East Winds Apartments 1018 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92020-0808
Eastwinds Apartments 1018 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92020-0808
Eastwood Village Apartments 1037 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92020-0810
El Cajon Gardens 411 South Johnson Avenue [Map] 92020-4977
El Cajon Park Villa Apartments 1378 Greenfield Drive [Map] 92021
El Conquistador Apartments 257 Jamacha Road [Map] 92019-2322
El Nido Apartments 180 North 1st Street [Map] 92021-6900
Estes Palms Apartments 963 Estes Street [Map] 92020-7498
First and Madison Apartments 1109 East Madison Avenue [Map] 92021-6308
Fletcher Hills Apartments 1100 North Cuyamaca Street [Map] 92020-1800
Forest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Forest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Forest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Forest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Forrest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Forrest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Forrest Park Apartments 1250 Petree Street [Map] 92020-2459
Four Winds Apartments 1072 East Madison Avenue Apartment 1 [Map] 92021-6229
Garden Apartments 150 South Mollison Avenue [Map] 92020-0812
Graves Avenue Apartments 530 Graves Avenue [Map] 92020-3698
Greenfield Meadows 1000 Greenfield Drive [Map] 92021-3284
Greentree Apartments 182 Orlando Street [Map] 92021-7172
Greystone Village Apartments 360 East Bradley Avenue [Map] 92021-3044
Grove Apartments 346 Jamacha Road [Map] 92019-2481
Heights's Square Apartments 740 Washington Heights Road [Map] 92019-3096
Jamacha Apartments 437 Jamacha Road [Map] 92019-2486
Key Largo Apartments 380 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-6812
La Fuente Apartments 1560 Broadway Apartment South [Map] 92021-5168
La Quinta Apartments 1515 East Washington Avenue [Map] 92019-2547
Las Haciendas 1294 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-4719
Las Palmas Apartments 351 West Palm Avenue [Map] 92020-5156
Laurel Village Apartments 909 Leslie Road [Map] 92020-6200
Leslie Gardens Apartments 920 Leslie Road [Map] 92020-6282
Lexington Green Apartments 1415 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92019-1953
Lexington Park Apartments 800 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92020-4713
Lincoln Palms 191 South Lincoln Avenue [Map] 92020-8700
Lincoln Twenty-Five 351 South Lincoln Avenue [Map] 92020-4722
Lincoln Washinghton Apartments 685 South Lincoln Avenue [Map] 92020-5387
Los Olivos Apartments 411 West Chase Avenue [Map] 92020-7489
Magnolia Gardens 788 South Magnolia Avenue Apartment 16 [Map] 92020-6147
Majestic Apartments of El Cajon 505 West Madison Avenue [Map] 92020-3202
Mark Ix 639 Emerald Avenue [Map] 92020-5007
Maronda Terrace Apartments 460 Graves Avenue [Map] 92020-3600
Marquis Apartments 871 North Mollison Avenue Apartment 16 [Map] 92021-5575
Melody Lane Apartments 1360 Melody Lane [Map] 92019-1999
Mollison El Dorado Apartments 390 South Mollison Avenue [Map] 92020-5483
Mollison Garden Apartments 863 South Mollison Avenue [Map] 92020-6579
Mollison Pines Apartments 902 South Mollison Avenue [Map] 92020-7012
Mollison Townhouses 225 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-6814
Mollison Villas West 758 South Mollison Avenue Apartment 1 [Map] 92020-6558
Montebello Apartments 1055 South Mollison Avenue [Map] 92020-7009
Monterey Apartments 1005 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-4739
North Winds Apartments 340 Orlando Street [Map] 92021-7016
Oakdale Gardens 1343 Oakdale Avenue Apartment 60 [Map] 92021-8552
Oaktree Apartments 690 East Main Street [Map] 92020-4075
Oasis Del Sol Apartments 633 South Johnson Avenue [Map] 92020-4946
Olivewood Apartments 244 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-6816
Oro Park Apartments 1221 Oro Street Apartment 1 [Map] 92021-4952
Palm Towers 234 West Park Avenue Apartment 30 [Map] 92020-3582
Park Estes Apartments 960 Estes Street [Map] 92020-7423
Park Villa Apartments 280 West Park Avenue Apartment A [Map] 92020-3522
Park West Apartments 376 West Park Avenue [Map] 92020-3579
Parkside Apartments 277 North 1st Street [Map] 92021-6951
Parkway Club Apartments 1237 Graves Avenue [Map] 92021-8979
Peach Court 811 Peach Court [Map] 92021-5720
Pepper Creek Apartments 1475 Graves Avenue [Map] 92021-8982
Persimmon Terrace Apartments L P 1231 Persimmon Avenue [Map] 92021-5035
Pine Wood Apartments 273 Wisconsin Avenue [Map] 92020-3557
Pines Apartments 1423 East Washington Avenue [Map] 92019-2559
Plantation Apartments 410 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92020-4634
Plaza Verde Apartments 1310 North 1st Street [Map] 92021-3366
Portofino Apartments 822 South Mollison Avenue [Map] 92020-6585
Rancho De La Luna 478 Van Houten Avenue [Map] 92020-5175
Rancho Hillside Apartments 12367 Calle Albara [Map] 92019-4856
Ranchouse Apartments 1233 East Madison Avenue [Map] 92021-6403
Redwood Gardens 1037 East Lexington Avenue [Map] 92020-0810
Regency Apartments 708 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-5668
Regency Arms 240 South Anza Street [Map] 92020-0802
Ridgewood Court Townhomes 215 South Lincoln Avenue Apartment 17 [Map] 92020-4790
Roanoke Apartments 174 Roanoke Road [Map] 92020-4094
Royal Apartments 1432 Oakdale Avenue [Map] 92021-8627
Royal Road Apartments 12135 Royal Road [Map] 92021-1555
Sapphrina Sanchez 2675 Fletcher Parkway [Map] 92020-2178
Shady Lane Apartments 380 Shady Lane [Map] 92021-7006
Shannon Arms 950 South Magnolia Avenue Apartment 28 [Map] 92020-6277
South Winds Apartments 909 South Sunshine Avenue [Map] 92020-5917
Stratford Arms Townhome Apartments 1397 East Washington Avenue [Map] 92019-3164
Summit Park Apartments 868 South Magnolia Avenue [Map] 92020-6171
Sunset Gardens Apartments 848 North Mollison Avenue [Map] 92021-5500
Sunset Terrace Apartments 325 East Bradley Avenue [Map] 92021-2927
Sunset View Apartments 1518 Sams Hill Road [Map] 92021-3089
Talavera Apartments 205 Beech Street Apartment 24 [Map] 92020-3775
Terrace Apartments 921 East Madison Avenue [Map] 92021-6131
Terrace Courts 1490 Partridge Avenue [Map] 92020-1455
The Wells Apartments 210 Wells Avenue [Map] 92020-3974
Tiara Greens 747 Avocado Avenue [Map] 92020-6468
Tierra Del Sol Apartments 989 Peach Avenue Apartment 57 [Map] 92021-5727
Timbers Apartments 1110 Petree Street Suite 1 [Map] 92020-2420
Torrey Apartments 228 Chambers Street [Map] 92020-3334
Town Plaza Communities 311 Ballantyne Street [Map] 92020-3923
Trade Winds Apartments 163 Ballantyne Street [Map] 92020-4033
Valley House Apartments 683 East Washington Avenue [Map] 92020-5389
Villa Capri 233 Shady Lane Apartment 61 [Map] 92021-7175
Villa Grande Apartments 1360 East Madison Avenue [Map] 92021-8553
Villa Magnolia Apartments 844 South Magnolia Avenue [Map] 92020-6170
Villa Patricia Apartments 632 South 1st Street [Map] 92019-4743
Villa Toscana Apartments 1451 Brabham Street [Map] 92019-4390
Village Green 743 South Magnolia Avenue Apartment 1 [Map] 92020-6161
Village Palm Apartments 523 Hart Drive [Map] 92021-4571
Village Palm Apartments 1377 Oakdale Avenue Apartment 4 [Map] 92021-8508
Villas of Washington II 725 Washington Heights Road [Map] 92019-3097
Vista Del Sol Apartments 1038 South Sunshine Avenue [Map] 92020-7558
Washington Village Apartments 668 West Washington Avenue [Map] 92020-4972
Willow Creek Apartments 8410 Los Coches Road Apartment 15 [Map] 92021-8804

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