Searching Rentals

Are you looking for your first place to live? How do you do it? Where do I start?

First you are looking for a place to rent. This could be an apartment, room, home, condo, duplex or some other living location. Renting means you pay somebody or a company an amount of money, usually on a monthly basis, so that you can live there. You are required to take good care of the place, they should fix major repairs. You will sign a lease document; it will spell out the terms of your agreeement. If you are classified as a minor in the state where you wish to rent, you will most likely have to have a co-signer on the lease. Yep that means mom or dad or other legal guardian. Your lease will determine if you have a refundable security deposit, there may be an additional deposit for any pet. There will be a term or length of the lease, typically in monthly increments. It should have when your rent is due and when a payment is considered late, along with any penalties.

So those are the basics of renting, check with your parents if you need expert advice.

So where do you start? First, you know where you are going to school and we have made it easy to find places to live near your school. We are a unique and first website designed just for college students to find a place to rent. Now you need to figure out what type of place you need.

This is where CampusRent helps you out.. we have hundreds of choices of places and we make it easy because even if you go to school across the country, you can search for housing near your school.

Using our menus, find your school's state, then use our search function or use one of the links to your school. When you get there you can locate places on Google Maps. Then visit their website if it available and decide if you want to contact them.

Look at a number of places before you make the best decision for yourself, and tell your friends to search for a rental on CampusRent.