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Apartments in Knoxville, Tennessee

Community Address Zip
128 Lynnwood Dr Apartments 128 Lynnwood Drive [Map] 37918-3317
414 Forest Park 414 North Forest Park Boulevard [Map] 37919-5168
Adair Manor Apartments Number 1 2116 Adair Drive [Map] 37918-1633
Arbor Place Apartments 320 Hall of Fame Drive [Map] 37915-1964
Ashland Wood Apartments 1100 Beaverton Road [Map] 37919-7089
Austin Homes Apartments 957 East Hill Avenue [Map] 37915-1818
Autumnwood I and II 9706 Smokey Ridge Way [Map] 37931-3847
Avalon West 309 Broome Road [Map] 37923-2601
Avalon West 300 Walker Springs Road [Map] 37923
Bakertown Road Apartments 2639 Bakertown Road [Map] 37931-4910
Barclay House 1631 Laurel Avenue [Map] 37916-2051
Belle Meade Apartments 7209 Old Clinton Pike [Map] 37921-2831
Big Oak Apartments 3807 Middlebrook Pike [Map] 37921-6537
Black Oak Apartments 3801 Oak Valley Drive [Map] 37918-5100
Blh Enterprises 1619 Hutchinson Avenue [Map] 37917-3853
Bouldercrest Apartments 2000 Wilson Road [Map] 37912-6043
Bradford View Apartments 2633 Bakertown Road Apartment A [Map] 37931-5941
Brendon Park Apartments 9123 Grayland Drive [Map] 37923-4029
Brendon Park Apartments 9123 Grayland Drive [Map] 37923-4029
Briarcliff At West Hills 505 Buckeye Drive [Map] 37919-6928
Broadway Towers Apartments 1508 McCroskey Avenue Suite A [Map] 37917-4773
Brownstone Apartments 8122 Elderberry Drive [Map] 37919-2000
Carlton 414 North Forest Park Boulevard [Map] 37919-5168
Carlton Square Apartments 4201 Crosby Drive [Map] 37909-3306
Carriage Hill 2130 Wilson Road [Map] 37912-6015
Cassell Ridge Apartments 1230 Cassell Valley Way [Map] 37912-5687
Castle Terrace Apartments 4123 Whistlers Way [Map] 37918-2047
Cedar Bluff Apartments 424 North Cedar Bluff Road [Map] 37923-3639
Cedar Hill Apartments 8324 Gleason Drive [Map] 37919-5470
Cedar Ridge Apartments 6033 Sunbeam Lane [Map] 37920-5287
Cedar Springs Apartments 364 Cedar View Way [Map] 37919
Chapman Square Apartments 121 Taliwa Court Apartment B [Map] 37920-3132
Cherokee Ridge Apartments 301 Woodlawn Pike [Map] 37920-3250
Child and Family Tennessee 114 Dameron Avenue [Map] 37917-6435
Commons At Knoxville 250 19th Street [Map] 37916-1238
Commons At Knoxville 200 19th Street [Map] 37916-1200
Commons At Knoxville 240 19th Street [Map] 37916-1233
Copper Pointe Apartments 401 South Gallaher View Road [Map] 37919-5308
Country Club Apartments 8400 Country Club Way [Map] 37923-1844
Country Oaks Apartments 1000 Country Oak Circle [Map] 37909-3483
Creek Ridge Apartments 5700 Pleasant Ridge Road [Map] 37912-4420
Creekwood Townhouses 9120 Woodpark Lane Apartment A [Map] 37923-2953
Crestridge Apartments 800 Longview Road [Map] 37919-3759
Cross Creek Apartments 5000 Western Avenue [Map] 37921-4143
Crossing Place Apartments 301 Lippencott Street Suite Office [Map] 37920-7012
Crossroads West Apartments 102 Brentway Circle [Map] 37909-1307
Crowne At Campus 2240 Grand Avenue [Map] 37916
Crowne At Campus Pointe 2240 Grand Avenue [Map] 37916
Derby Run Apartments 190 Derby Run Drive [Map] 37934-6659
Dogwood Terrace 8729 Middlebrook Pike [Map] 37923-3416
Dunhill Apartments 1036 Dunhill Way [Map] 37919-3276
Eagle Pointe 8608 Eagle Pointe Drive [Map] 37931-4953
Eastown Village 5205 Village Crest Way [Map] 37924-5007
Eastowne Village Apartments 5206 Village Crest Way [Map] 37924-5043
Flenniken Square Apartments 500 Flennwood Way [Map] 37920-2490
Forest Creek Apartments 322 Forestal Drive [Map] 37918-1963
Forest Ridge Luxury Apartments 9706 Smokey Ridge Way [Map] 37931-3847
Fort Sanders Manor 410 17th Street Southwest [Map] 37916-1918
Gables 2100 Wilson Road Suite A [Map] 37912-6013
Glenn William E 6322 Deane Hill Drive [Map] 37919-4901
Grand Forest Townhomes 1701 Forest Avenue [Map] 37916-1316
Green Hills Apartments 1930 Natchez Street [Map] 37915-3020
Greenbrier Ridge Apartments 3920 Lonas Drive [Map] 37909-3335
Greentree Village Apartments 4831 East Summit Circle [Map] 37919-4274
Grove At Deane Hill 520 Windview Way [Map] 37919-5887
Heritage Lake At Westland 1105 Lake Heritage Way [Map] 37922-5168
Heritage Lake Shop 1105 Lake Heritage Way [Map] 37922-5168
Hialeah Park South Apartments 206 Gayview Drive [Map] 37920-4369
Hiawassee Square Apartments 176 Hiawassee Avenue [Map] 37917-4930
Highland Terrace Apartments 1319 Highland Avenue [Map] 37916-1543
Hill Thomas 1611 North Broadway Street [Map] 37917-5775
Hillside Place Apartments 2050 Edgeview Way [Map] 37918-1786
Hillwood Villa Apartments 1642 Hillwood Drive [Map] 37920-2663
Huntington Place 501 Longview Road Office A [Map] 37919-3712
Isabella Towers Apartments 1515 Isabella Circle [Map] 37915-2632
Jefferson Commons 1640 Grand Avenue Apartment 1101 [Map] 37916-1578
Kingston Pointe Apartments 6315 Kingston Pike [Map] 37919-4921
Kingston Square 6315 Kingston Pike [Map] 37919-4921
Kingston Square Apartments 6315 Kingston Pike [Map] 37919-4921
Knob Hill Apartments 1307 Wilson Road [Map] 37912-5655
Knox Flair 1611 North Broadway Street Suite 1 [Map] 37917-5765
Knoxwood Hills 2627 Wimpole Avenue [Map] 37914-5980
Langston Jim Clu 6322 Deane Hill Drive [Map] 37919-4901
Lonsdale Homes Apartments 2815 Badgett Drive [Map] 37921
Love Towers Apartments 1171 Armstrong Avenue [Map] 37917-6515
Lovell Crossing Apartments 1300 Lovell Crossing Way [Map] 37932-1733
Lyon's Den Apartments 3610 Lyons Way [Map] 37917-1035
Magnolia Avenue Apartments 1701 East Magnolia Avenue Apartment 1A [Map] 37917-7836
Magnolia Square Apartments 5310 White Bossom Way [Map] 37918-2393
Maplehurst Court 814 West Hill Avenue [Map] 37902-3038
Milam John Clu 6322 Deane Hill Drive [Map] 37919-4901
Montgomery Cove Clubhouse 1311 Waterside Lane [Map] 37922-5367
Moretz Moving 1909 Old Callahan Drive [Map] 37912-1236
Morningside Gardens 1800 Linden Avenue [Map] 37917-8033
Morningside Hills Partners 2040 Dandridge Avenue [Map] 37915-1910
Mountain View Apartments 601 South Peters Road [Map] 37922-4358
Northshore Village 1308 Covington Drive [Map] 37919-4709
Northshore Woods Apartments 1411 Northshore Woods Drive [Map] 37919-8544
Norwood Manor Apartments 5237 Tillery Road [Map] 37912-5351
Nottingham North Apartments 1209 Cedar Lane Apartment 116 [Map] 37912-3015
Oak Crest Apartments 904 Knotty Oak Way [Map] 37920-7039
Office Reynolds Apartments 3505 Old Valley View Drive [Map] 37917-1012
One South Place Apartments 1311 Bertie Rand Street [Map] 37920-2502
Papermill Square Apartments 3820 Papermill Square [Map] 37909-2001
Park Terrace 1611 North Broadway Street [Map] 37917-5775
Parkvillage Holdings 431 Park Village Road [Map] 37923-3849
Parkway Apartments 3701 Chapman Highway [Map] 37920-3076
Peaks At Knoxville 4013 Peaks Landing Way [Map] 37918-7922
Pine Ridge Apartments 4700 Schubert Road [Map] 37912-4054
Pines Apt 1233 Francis Road [Map] 37909
Pinnacle 3208 Tazewell Pike Suite 103 [Map] 37918-2623
Plantation Manor Apartments 500 Manor View Drive [Map] 37923-2640
Pleasantree Apartments 2460 East 5th Avenue [Map] 37917-8207
Pleasantree Apartments 114 Dameron Avenue [Map] 37917-6435
Pressly Jerry S Cpcu 6322 Deane Hill Drive [Map] 37919-4901
Prestwick Ridge Apartments 510 Vista Glen Way [Map] 37919-4572
Quarry Trail 3999 Highland Crest Way [Map] 37920-4200
Raintree Apartments 610 Rain Forest Drive Suite B [Map] 37923-5668
Reserve At Westland 8700 Hopemont Way [Map] 37923-6375
River View Park Apartments 3219 River Maple Way [Map] 37914-6363
Riverbirch Village 7236 Oak Ridge Highway [Map] 37931-2613
Rocky Top Apartments 1810 Rocky View Way [Map] 37918-6964
S Southwood Apt 2710 Sevier Avenue Apartment J1 [Map] 37920-2546
Seals L Y 1100 Beaverton Road [Map] 37919-7089
Sequoyah Village Apartments 3708 Keowee Avenue Apartment A [Map] 37919-7913
Shelbourne Towers Apartments 860 20th Street [Map] 37916-2915
Southmont Apartments 1415 East Moody Avenue [Map] 37920-2561
Southwood Apartments 2710 Sevier Avenue Apartment J1 [Map] 37920-2546
St Mary's Villa-Halls 4129 East Emory Road [Map] 37938-4268
Steeplechase Apartments 5800 Central Avenue Pike Suite A [Map] 37912-2601
Steven D Bell and Co 8301 Block House Way [Map] 37923-3107
Stone Castle Enterprise 9040 Executive Park Drive [Map] 37923-4640
Stonewall I Apartments 3423 Sevier Avenue [Map] 37920-3349
Stonewall II Apartments 5022 Chapman Highway Suite 301 [Map] 37920-5178
Stratford Arms Apartments 4628 Holston Drive Apartment 37 [Map] 37914-4262
Summercrest 3930 Summercrest Way [Map] 37918-6963
Summit Towers Apartments 201 Locust Street [Map] 37902-1302
Sunchase 790 North Cedar Bluff Road Apartment 1913 [Map] 37923-2257
Sunflower Apartments 4619 Sunflower Road [Map] 37909-1427
Sunnybrook Apartments 4500 Doris Circle [Map] 37918-5809
Sunset Rill Apartments 235 Carta Road [Map] 37914-3659
Sutherland Park Apartments 510 Vista Glen Way [Map] 37919-4572
Sutherland Square Apartments 410 Harry Street [Map] 37919-4588
Sutherland View Apartments 3220 Atchley Ridge Way [Map] 37919-3218
Tanglewood Apartments 4501 Tillery Road [Map] 37912-5519
Tennessee Game Day Center 1004 Game Day Way [Map] 37902-3044
The Club At Forest Ridge 9807 Dawn Chase Way [Map] 37931
Tiffany Square 8044 Gleason Drive [Map] 37919-5460
Tillery Ridge Apartments 1716 Merchant Drive [Map] 37912-4740
Townview Towers Apartments 1100 Townview Drive Apartment B10 [Map] 37915-1848
Trevor Trace Apartments 430 East Red Bud Road [Map] 37920-5140
Trevor Trace Apartments 502 East Red Bud Road [Map] 37920-4614
University Heights 1319 Knotty Pine Way [Map] 37920-1979
Valley Oaks Apartments 3504 Oak Branch Circle [Map] 37917-1000
Village Square Shopping Center 5410 Homberg Drive [Map] 37919-5031
Villas At Emerald Woods 9400 Havenbrooke Way [Map] 37922-4268
Walden Legacy 9501 Providence Way [Map] 37931-4648
Walden Legacy Apartments 1261 Walden Legacy Way [Map] 37931-4771
Walker Springs Apartments 721 Walker Springs Road [Map] 37923-2537
Walker Virginia Apartments 6333 Pleasant Ridge Road [Map] 37921-1102
Walker's Crossing Apartments 8301 Block House Way [Map] 37923-3107
Warren House 9015 Ten Mile Road [Map] 37923-3838
Washington Ridge Apartments 4503 Washington Pike [Map] 37917-2012
Waterford Village Apartments 5201 Western Avenue [Map] 37921-4159
West Gate Terrace 801 Gate Lane [Map] 37909-3522
West Towne Manor 1567 Coleman Road [Map] 37909-3600
West Vista Ridge Apartments 1201 Vista Ridge Way [Map] 37909-3732
Westview Tower Apartments 7823 Gleason Drive [Map] 37919-6814
Westwood Apartments 7000 Middlebrook Pike [Map] 37909-3720
Williamsburg Village 5005 East Inskip Road [Map] 37912-3268
Willows 7118 East Arbor Trace Lane [Map] 37909-3012
Windover Apartments 301 Cheshire Drive [Map] 37919-5823
Windrush Apartments 519 Morrell Road [Map] 37919-5831
Windsor Court 614 Cedar Lane Office 2 [Map] 37912-3658
Woodgate Apartments 701 Cedar Lane [Map] 37912-3158
Woodlands West 201 Cairn Circle [Map] 37923-4103
Woodmeade South Apartments 200 Lowwood Drive [Map] 37920-7023
Woodview Terrace Apartments 899 Woodview Lane [Map] 37909-3123

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