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Apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Community Address Zip
2040 Lofts 2040 West Wisconsin Avenue [Map] 53233-2098
94th Street 5721 North 94th Street [Map] 53225-2647
Alpine Court Apartments 12311 West Oklahoma Avenue [Map] 53227-2843
Alverno Pool Apartments 3728 South 43rd Street [Map] 53220-2167
America Apartments 5292 North Lovers Lane Road [Map] 53225-3002
American Colony Apartments 3215 West Colony Drive [Map] 53221-2110
Arbor Garden Apartments 10201 West Fond Du Lac Avenue [Map] 53224-5512
Arvada Place 10900 West Bluemound Road [Map] 53226-4156
Aspenwood Glen Apartment 6125 West Bradley Road [Map] 53223-3460
Aspenwood Glen Apartment Homes 6151 West Bradley Road [Map] 53223-3447
Aspenwood Glen Apartment Homes 6125 West Bradley Road [Map] 53223-3460
Auer Court Apt 1433 West Highland Avenue [Map] 53233-1258
Autumn Glen Apartments 11200 West Cleveland Avenue [Map] 53227-3069
Avenue Manor Apartments 2224 West Wisconsin Avenue Apartment 511 [Map] 53233-1989
Avenue Tower Apartments 2919 West Wisconsin Avenue [Map] 53208-3973
Bay Village Apartments 240 East Chateau Place [Map] 53217-5818
Bayside Village Apartments 8855 North Port Washington Road [Map] 53217-1631
Becker Jos P 7400 West Brown Deer Road [Map] 53223-2078
Bel-Oak Apartments 8811 West Oklahoma Avenue [Map] 53227-4572
Berkshire Apartments 1414 South 65th Street [Map] 53214-4961
Blanche and Madge Apartments 6965 North 55th Street [Map] 53223-6350
Bluemound Village Apartments 9102 West Dixon Street [Map] 53214-1367
Boston Lofts 630 North 4th Street [Map] 53203-2812
Boulevard Apartments 2830 West Highland Boulevard [Map] 53208-3295
Bradford Place 2323 East Bradford Avenue [Map] 53211-4178
Bradley Homes and Apartments 6401 West Bradley Road [Map] 53223-3477
Brewers Hill Apartments 2101 North Drive Martin Luther King Drive [Map] 53212-3185
Briarwick Pool Apartments 9050 West Waterford Square South [Map] 53228-2251
Brook Lane Apartments 4475 West Dean Road [Map] 53223-3182
Burnham Mary C 1962 North Prospect Avenue [Map] 53202-1414
C E W Apartments 3939 West National Avenue Apartment 101 [Map] 53215-1037
Calvary Gardens Apartments 1555 West Chambers Street [Map] 53206-2274
Cambridge Apartments 1831 North Cambridge Avenue [Map] 53202-1756
Campus Community Apartments 624 North 24th Street [Map] 53233-1801
Carnagie Place Apartments 1508 South 75th Street [Map] 53214-4686
Castings Place Apartments 111 East Seeboth Street [Map] 53204-4319
Catholic Knights Tower Apartments 1100 West Wells Street Suite 601 [Map] 53233-2316
Chalet At the River 823 North 2nd Street Suite 104 [Map] 53203-1819
City Green Apartments 1100 North Cass Street [Map] 53202-3381
City Hall Square Apartments 104 East Mason Street [Map] 53202-3594
Colonial Manor Apartments 4300 South 60th Street [Map] 53220-3564
Colonial Pointe 8831 North 96th Street [Map] 53224-2032
Courtyard Apartment Homes 11505 West Greenfield Avenue [Map] 53214-2267
Coventry Apartments 255 West Coventry Court [Map] 53217-3951
Crichton John B 1007 North Cass Street [Map] 53202-3374
Cudahy Tower Apartments 925 East Wells Street Suite 2 [Map] 53202-3952
Deer Run Apartments Milwaukee 4401 West Deer Run Drive [Map] 53223-1489
Dolphin Square 10300 West Bluemound Road [Map] 53226-4389
East Pointe Commons Apartments 1404 North Van Buren Street [Map] 53202-2611
East View Apartments 1039 North Cass Street [Map] 53202-3364
Edgewood Terrace Apartments 5329 North Teutonia Avenue [Map] 53209-4889
English Meadows Apartments 6510 West English Meadows Drive [Map] 53220-5408
Fairmount Meadows Apartments 5010 North 91st Street [Map] 53225-4145
Faith Manor Apartments 7915 North 66th Street [Map] 53223-4195
Florist Garden 6010 North 35th Street [Map] 53209-3679
Forest Arms Apartments 7100 West Forest Home Avenue [Map] 53220-2961
Fountains of Wauwatosa 4718 North 100th Street Apartment 102 [Map] 53225-4728
Fountainview Apartments 3909 North Murray Avenue [Map] 53211-2363
Foxcroft Apartments Llp 8700 North Port Washington Road [Map] 53217-2239
Foxwood Crossings 4500 South 124th Street [Map] 53228-2483
Franklin At East Point 1110 East Ogden Avenue [Map] 53202-2934
French Quarter Apartments 9707 West National Avenue [Map] 53227-2272
Garden Grove Apartments 7472 North Granville Road [Map] 53224-3950
Garden Pool Apartments 10472 West Montana Avenue Apartment 104 [Map] 53227-3249
Garden Terrace Apartments 2459 South 43rd Street [Map] 53219-2367
Gardens 3425A North 60th Street [Map] 53216-2852
Gaslight Lofts 425 East Menomonee Street [Map] 53202-6139
Glenbrook Apartments 9151 North Jadam Lane [Map] 53224-1867
Glendale Lakes 1600 West Green Tree Road Apartment 125 [Map] 53209-2900
Glengary Park 6868 North Green Bay Avenue [Map] 53209-2863
Glenhills Apartments 6600 North Sidney Place Apartment 102 [Map] 53209-3234
Golda Meir House 1567 North Prospect Avenue Apartment 111 [Map] 53202-2369
Golden Dome 1620 South 6th Street [Map] 53204-3409
Graceland Manor 6859 North 43rd Street [Map] 53209-2267
Grantosa Apartments 4911 North 85th Street Apartment 4 [Map] 53225-5203
Greek Orthodox Manor 9440 West Congress Street [Map] 53225-5426
Green Court Apartments 4185 West Schroeder Drive [Map] 53209-1134
Greenbrook Apartment Complex 4945 South Greenbrook Terrace [Map] 53220-4726
Greenbrook Apartments 4955 South Greenbrook Terrace [Map] 53220-4731
Greenfield Avenue Apartments 11104 West Greenfield Avenue [Map] 53214-2380
Hadley Terrace Apartments 3515 West Hadley Street [Map] 53210-2563
Hampton Gardens 8517 West Grantosa Drive [Map] 53225-4968
Harbor Pointe Apartments 9200 North 75th Street [Map] 53223-1110
Harborside Apartments 1570 North Prospect Avenue [Map] 53202-2361
Heritage House Apartments 11515 West Cleveland Avenue [Map] 53227-3054
Heritage Lake Apartments 5020 South 55th Street [Map] 53220-5518
Heritage Village 5055 South 55th Street [Map] 53220-5319
Historic Fifth Ward Lofts 133 West Oregon Street [Map] 53204-1479
Hunter's Square Apartment Homes 3180 West Dakota Street [Map] 53215-5209
Imperial Apartments 6780 West Appleton Avenue [Map] 53216-2786
James and John Apartments 8614 West Fond Du Lac Avenue [Map] 53225-2001
Jefferson Block Apartments 145 North Jackson Street [Map] 53202-6126
Johnson Park Lofts 2222 North 19th Street [Map] 53205-1162
Juneau Village Apartments 1029 North Jackson Street [Map] 53202-3260
Juneau Village Garden Apartments 1319 North Jackson Street [Map] 53202-2638
Knickerbocker On the Lake 1028 East Juneau Avenue [Map] 53202-2933
Lake Bluff At East Point Apartments 1300 North Prospect Avenue [Map] 53202-3022
Layton Gardens 2220 West Layton Avenue [Map] 53221-2799
Layton Grove 4529 South 23rd Street [Map] 53221-2740
Lincoln Crest Apartments 2054 South 102nd Street [Map] 53227-1375
Lisbon Court 9100 West Lisbon Avenue [Map] 53222-2735
Lodgewood Apartments 1121 North Waverly Place [Map] 53202-3480
Loomis Hills 4057 South 35th Street [Map] 53221-1823
Mariner's Pointe 7795 North Pointe Street [Map] 53224-3303
Maryland Park Apartments 2720 North Frederick Avenue [Map] 53211-3673
Mayfair Manor Apartments 11040 West Meinecke Avenue [Map] 53226-1247
McKinley Gardens 1349 North 22nd Street [Map] 53205-2411
Meadow Village Complex 1470 North 17th Street [Map] 53205-2005
Mercy Apartments 1720 South 29th Street [Map] 53215-2246
Morgan Court Apartments 5609 West Morgan Avenue [Map] 53220-1400
Morgan Grove 3459 South 110th Street [Map] 53227-4719
Mt Zion-Calvin Courtyard Apartments 2121 North 2nd Street [Map] 53212-3256
New Land Enterprises 1840 North Farwell Avenue Suite 203 [Map] 53202-1716
Normandy Village Apartments 2540 North 124th Street [Map] 53226-1013
North Shore Apartments 1720 East Capitol Drive [Map] 53211-1951
Northpoint Apartments 9418 North Green Bay Road [Map] 53209-1076
Oak West Apartments 11102 West Oklahoma Avenue [Map] 53227-4707
Oklahoma Gardens 3731 West Oklahoma Avenue [Map] 53215-4061
Oklahoma Manor Apartments 5634 West Oklahoma Avenue [Map] 53219-4457
Overlook Apartments 7439 Harwood Avenue [Map] 53213-2662
Parc West Apartments 2342 North 35th Street [Map] 53210-3048
Park Bluff Apartments 555 South Layton Boulevard [Map] 53215-1261
Park East Enterprise Lofts 1407 North Drive Martin Luther King Drive [Map] 53212-3976
Park Plaza Apartments 8901 North Park Plaza Court [Map] 53223-2163
Park Village Apartments 500 West Hampton Avenue [Map] 53217-5469
Parkhill Apartments 535 West Concordia Avenue [Map] 53212-1948
Parkhill Apartments 535 West Concordia Avenue [Map] 53212-1948
Parkside At Estabrook Apartments 4848 North Lydell Avenue [Map] 53217-5861
Parkside Commons 1400 West Custer Avenue [Map] 53209-5109
Parkview Apartments 5174 North Lovers Lane Road [Map] 53225-3763
Parkway Village 8003 North 94th Street [Map] 53224-2968
Piccadilly Apartments 10137 West Coldspring Road [Map] 53228-2601
Pine Haven Apartments 2827 West Parnell Avenue [Map] 53221-4174
Porticos of Fox Point 500 West Bradley Road [Map] 53217-2638
Post Arthur L 4014 North Wilson Drive [Map] 53211-1849
Presidio Square Apartments 5401 West Presidio Lane [Map] 53223-6313
Prospect Towers 1626 North Prospect Avenue Apartment 2101 [Map] 53202-2439
Quail Hollow Apartments 8118 West Forest Garden Court Apartment 3 [Map] 53220-3725
Ravinia Apt 4280 South Ravinia Drive [Map] 53221-5706
Refreshing Springs Apartments 8700 West Fond Du Lac Avenue [Map] 53225-2046
Refreshing Springs Apartments 8680 West Fond Du Lac Avenue [Map] 53225
Renee Row Apartments 927 North Renee Street [Map] 53233-3110
Reserve At Wauwatosa Village 6100 West State Street [Map] 53213-2983
Ridgewood and Westridge Apartments 7901 West Glenbrook Road [Map] 53223-1053
River Court Apartments 5106 North Lovers Lane Road [Map] 53225-3765
River Park Apartments 1700 East River Park Court [Map] 53211-2743
River Place Apartments 4241 West Hawthorne Trace Road [Map] 53209-1064
Rivershire 11215 West Morgan Avenue [Map] 53228-1129
Servite Village Apartments 8433 North Servite Drive [Map] 53223-6261
Shorecrest 1962 North Prospect Avenue [Map] 53202-1414
Shoreland Manor Apartments 1029 East Knapp Street [Map] 53202-2884
Shoreline Company 1007 North Cass Street [Map] 53202-3374
Silver Creek Village 2455 West Silver Spring Drive [Map] 53209-4214
Southgate Apartments 3000 West Howard Avenue [Map] 53221-1298
St Catherine Residence For Women 1032 East Knapp Street [Map] 53202-6903
St Gregory Apartments 6333 West Lakefield Drive [Map] 53219-4153
St James Court Historic 831 West Wisconsin Avenue [Map] 53233-2335
St James Place Apartments 10300 West Fountain Avenue [Map] 53224-3200
St Mark's Place 2025 North 14th Street [Map] 53205-1258
St Peter's Apartments 6540 North 80th Street [Map] 53223-5577
Story Parkway Apartments 458 North Story Parkway [Map] 53208-3621
Sunburst Apartments 6172 South 31st Street Office 1 [Map] 53221-4797
Sunrise Apartments 8750 West National Avenue [Map] 53227-1665
Sunset Ridge Apartments 8183 North 107th Street [Map] 53224-2573
Telos Place 3284 North Sherman Boulevard [Map] 53216-3565
Trostel Square Apartments 1818 North Commerce Street [Map] 53212-3701
Tuckaway Heights Apartments 5470 South Tuckaway Lane [Map] 53221-3354
Underwood Station Apartments 1060 North 115th Street [Map] 53226-3437
Union Street Apartments 852 North 15th Street [Map] 53233-1797
Union Street Apartments 846 North 15th Street [Map] 53233-1799
Valentino Square 12030 West Greenfield Avenue [Map] 53214-2077
Walnut Park Apartments 1551 North 9th Street [Map] 53205-2223
Warehouse Lofts 413 North 2nd Street [Map] 53203-3100
Warnimont-Howard Avenue Apartments 1414 East Warnimont Avenue [Map] 53207-3579
Water Street Apartments 1103 North Water Street [Map] 53202-3198
West Park Place 7400 West Greenfield Avenue [Map] 53214-5706
West Village Apartments 1215 South Westchester Street [Map] 53214-3645
Westfield Apartments 9208 West Allerton Avenue [Map] 53228-2705
Westgrand Apartments 1858 North Commerce Street [Map] 53212-3767
White Birch Apartments 9239 North 75th Street [Map] 53223-1100
White Oaks Apartments 9100 North White Oak Lane [Map] 53217-6202
Willowick Apartments 7020 West Southridge Drive [Map] 53220-4434
Willows Aparments 2201 North Cambridge Avenue [Map] 53202-1047
Windsong Village Apartments 11024 West Oklahoma Avenue [Map] 53227-4070
Windwood Clearing Apartments 1909 South 102nd Street [Map] 53227-1384
Woodland Court Apartments 3963 South 76th Street [Map] 53220-2346
Woods Apartments 3311 West College Avenue [Map] 53221-4747
Woodside Apartments Inc 6519 West Bradley Road [Map] 53223-3444
Woodsview Apartments 5511 West National Avenue [Map] 53214-3453
Woodview Apartments 7323 West Brown Deer Road [Map] 53223-2079
Y W Villages 835 North 23rd Street [Map] 53233-3300
Yankee Hill Apartments 626 East Kilbourn Avenue [Map] 53202-3259

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