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Apartments in Birmingham, Alabama

Community Address Zip
Abbey At Lakeshore 1301 Lakeshore Place [Map] 35209-7104
Abbey At Regents Walk 726 Raleigh Court [Map] 35209-8056
Abbey At Vestavia Falls 2927 Columbiana Court [Map] 35216-3503
Abbey At Wisteria Crest 2250 Little Valley Road [Map] 35216-4313
Alpine Apartments 2071 Alpine Village [Map] 35216-5970
Americana Apartments 3125 Napoleon Court [Map] 35243-5440
Apartments Avenue 2736 Tyler Road [Map] 35226-3902
Arboretum Apartments 1800 Arboretum Circle [Map] 35216-3108
Ascot Place Apartments 544 Gadsden Highway [Map] 35235-2400
Aspen Run Apartments 200 Robert Jemison Road [Map] 35209-3605
Autumn Village of Hoover 861 Tyler Circle [Map] 35226-5306
Autumn Wood Apartments 1000 Autumn Wood Drive [Map] 35216-5260
Avondale Gardens Apartments 4252 3rd Avenue South [Map] 35222-2032
Bankhead Apartment Homes 2300 5th Avenue North [Map] 35203-3444
Beaconview Apartments 1229 Beacon Parkway East [Map] 35209-1003
Bentwood Apartments 2601 Evergreen Drive [Map] 35235-2152
Berkeley On Highland 2124 Highland Avenue South [Map] 35205-4014
Berkeley On Highland 2124 Highland Avenue South [Map] 35205-4014
Birmingham Towers 2712 31st Avenue North [Map] 35207-4595
Blue Ridge Villas 1236 Blue Ridge Boulevard [Map] 35226-3078
Bluff At Riverview 2908 Riverview Road [Map] 35242-4704
Breckenridge Apartments 3209 Greendale Road [Map] 35243-5330
Brookhurst Apartments 604 Sundale Drive Apartment F [Map] 35235-2300
Brookstone Apartments Homes 4141 Pinson Valley Parkway [Map] 35215-4141
Cahaba Lakes Apartments 1000 Hunt Cliff Road [Map] 35242-5118
Cameron At the Summit 150 Summit Place [Map] 35243-3100
Candy Mountain Apartments 105 Candy Mountain Road [Map] 35217-1254
Carriage Court Apartments 1812 4th Avenue South [Map] 35233-1909
Carson Crest Apartments and Townhomes 1401 Carson Road [Map] 35215-5916
Carson Landing Apartments 741 15th Court Northwest [Map] 35215-5941
Cedarbrook Apartments 3627 Cedarbrook Drive [Map] 35216-6080
Center Point East Apartments 117 16th Avenue Northeast [Map] 35215-5690
Chace Lake Villas 98 Chace Lake Parkway [Map] 35244-1014
Chalkville Crossings 1122 Spring Villa Circle [Map] 35215-6861
Chalkville Landing Apartments 121 Trafalgar Square [Map] 35215-5034
Chalkville Manor Apartments 101 Chalkville Manor Drive [Map] 35215-3965
Chapel Park Apartments Inc 3409 Primm Lane [Map] 35216-5601
Charter East Apartments 1541 Charter East Circle [Map] 35215-5699
Chestnut Tree Apartments 2207 Sumpter Street [Map] 35226-3029
Citycenter Place Apartments 1400 7th Avenue North [Map] 35203-1833
Cliff Terrace Apartments 3479 Cliff Terrace South [Map] 35205-1518
Colonial Village 3741 Chestnut Ridge Lane Suite Office [Map] 35216-4863
Colonial Village 2870 Regal Circle [Map] 35216-4626
Colonial Village Apartments 3100 Heatherbrooke Road [Map] 35242-5027
Country Park Apartments 1051 Villa Rica Court [Map] 35215-6805
Crestview Apartments 2700 Temple Crest Drive [Map] 35209-5004
Crestwood Crossings 701 Crest Valley Way [Map] 35212-3814
Crowne At Grandview Apartments 3550 Grandview Parkway [Map] 35243-1949
Crowne At Overton Village 2901 Crowne Ridge Drive [Map] 35243-5361
Devonshire Place 2349 8th Street Northwest [Map] 35215-3153
Devonshire Place 2349 8th Street Northwest [Map] 35215-3153
Dewberry Downs Townhouses 2500 Hackberry Lane [Map] 35226-2900
Dilmore David 2885 Acton Road Apartment O [Map] 35243-2519
Dilmore David 2885 Acton Road # 0 [Map] 35243-2541
Don West Manor For the Handicapped 204 59th Street South [Map] 35212-2584
Eagle Ridge Apartments 1 Eagle Ridge Drive [Map] 35242-5318
Eagle View Apartments 1000 Eagle View Drive [Map] 35212-4200
East Bend Apartment 1967 East Bend Circle [Map] 35215-4870
East Lake Apartments 7901 1st Avenue South [Map] 35206-3863
Eastmont Plaza Apartments 9000 Parkway East [Map] 35206-1557
Emerald Pakr Apartments-Rmm 600 Earline Circle [Map] 35215-6602
Enclave At Mountain Brook Apartments 4816 Sharpsburg Drive [Map] 35213-1748
Episcopal Place Apartments 1112 26th Street South [Map] 35205-2461
Farrington Apartments 2935 Creek Lane Northeast [Map] 35215-2162
Faush-Metropolitan Manor Apt 5705 1st Avenue South [Map] 35212-2521
Forest Hills Village 2615 Tempest Drive Southwest [Map] 35211-5391
Forest Ridge Apartments 660 Valley Crest Drive [Map] 35215-6953
Four Winds West Apartments 1301 Monroe Avenue Southwest [Map] 35211-6003
Fox Valley Apartments 513 Valley Avenue [Map] 35209-3801
Galleria Crossing Apartment Homes 3708 Lodge Drive [Map] 35216-6202
Garden of Hope 2017 Jefferson Avenue Southwest [Map] 35211-4102
Georgetown Gardens 3132 Carousel Court [Map] 35216-5002
Hartwood Apartments 3410 Hartwood Circle [Map] 35216-5708
Hickory Knoll Apartments 200 Hickory Knolls [Map] 35226-3254
Highland Bluff Apartments 200 Robert Jemison Road [Map] 35209-3605
Highland Manor 2040 Highland Avenue South [Map] 35205-3832
Highland Peak Apartments 114 Aspen Circle [Map] 35209-4673
Highland Ridge Apartments 1620 14th Avenue South Suite 2V [Map] 35205-5534
Highland View Apartments 700 Aspen Drive [Map] 35209-2702
Highlands the Stonemark Mgmt 2930 Clairmont Avenue South [Map] 35205-1052
Hillside West Apartments 5827 Monte Sano Road [Map] 35228-1149
Homewood Gardens 1832 Oxmoor Road [Map] 35209-3566
Homewood Lodge 103 Green Springs Highway [Map] 35209-4903
Homewood Townhouse Apartments 2829 Thornhill Road [Map] 35213-4013
Hunter Ridge Apartments 2901 Hunter Ridge Court [Map] 35235-3038
Inverness Cliffs 100 Inverness Cliffs [Map] 35242-3754
Inverness Landing Apartments 100 Inverness Cliffs [Map] 35242-3754
Jefferson Avenue Apartments 2727 Jefferson Avenue Southwest Apartment East [Map] 35211-4018
Kenley 10 Kenley Way [Map] 35242-8013
King Manor Apartments 209 3rd Avenue Southwest [Map] 35211-2011
Kings Galleria Woods Apartments 3800 Galleria Woods Drive [Map] 35244-1013
Knoll Crest Apartments 280 Robert Jemison Road [Map] 35209-3602
Kreekview Apartments-Rrm 2601 Yellow Hammer Hill [Map] 35216-3426
Lake Heather Reserve Apartments 1 Lake Heather Reserve [Map] 35242-7632
Lakeshore Garden Apartments 1 Rue Maison [Map] 35209-7237
Lakeshore Ridge Apartments 1700 Lakeshore Ridge [Map] 35211-6949
Landmark Manor 2301 7th Street Northwest [Map] 35215-3140
Livingston Oaks Apartments 5401 Livingston Oaks Circle [Map] 35215-2164
Magnolia Court Apartments 32 Westchester Court [Map] 35215-1802
Magnolia Trace Townhomes 1401 Carson Road [Map] 35215-5916
Mayfair Chateau Manor Apartments 3450 Manor Drive [Map] 35209-5676
Meadows the of Brook Highland 1 Meadow Drive [Map] 35242-5386
Monroe Avenue Apartments 1400 Monroe Avenue Southwest [Map] 35211-1842
Morgan Manor 3300 Morgan Drive [Map] 35216-3068
Moseley Anna 2879 Acton Road [Map] 35243-2537
Mountain Lodge Apartments 2501 Mountain Lodge Circle Suite I [Map] 35216-3137
Mountain Woods Apartments 1000 Beacon Parkway East [Map] 35209-3206
New Haven Apartments 13 Avenue West [Map] 35214-5025
Nob Hill Apartments 834 Golden Gate Lane [Map] 35209-1460
Oak Mountain Lodge 5429 Highway 280 [Map] 35242-6511
Oaks At Lakeshore 1200 Oaks Drive [Map] 35209-6996
Oakwood Apartments 825 Oak Leaf Circle Apartment A [Map] 35209-6038
Overlook At Homewood 915 Valley Avenue [Map] 35209
Overlook At Homewood 915 Valley Avenue [Map] 35209
Panorama East Apartments 3073 Panorama East [Map] 35215-1954
Parc At Cahaba River 50 Cahaba River Parc [Map] 35243-3256
Park At Galleria 100 Hampton Park Drive [Map] 35216-6546
Park At Rocky Ridge 3741 Chestnut Ridge Lane Suite Office [Map] 35216-4863
Park Book Apartments 856 Parkbrook Trail [Map] 35215-3944
Park Lane Apartments Inc 2525 Park Lane Court North [Map] 35223-1813
Park Place Apartments 600 24th Street North [Map] 35203-2820
Pebble Creek Apartments 1113 Pebble Creek Parkway Suite Office [Map] 35214-4427
Pointe Apartments 1814 Bond Circle Northeast [Map] 35215-4886
Raintree Apartments 2300 Peacock Lane [Map] 35223-1712
Red Mountain Villas 101 Penthouse Drive [Map] 35205-6433
Redmont Gardens Apartments 2829 Thornhill Road [Map] 35213-4013
Rhodes View Apartments 2924 Pawnee Avenue South [Map] 35205-2013
Ridgecrossings Apartments Limited 100 Tree Crossings Parkway [Map] 35244-4036
River Place On the Cahaba 4501 Old Caldwell Mill Road [Map] 35242-4323
Riverchase Garden Apartments 700 Garden Woods Drive [Map] 35244-1843
Riverside Parc 801 Cahaba Forest Cove [Map] 35242-5507
Rollingwood Apartments 2664 Briarberry Drive [Map] 35226-3815
Royal Oaks Apartments 1400 Royal Oaks Drive [Map] 35244-2862
Royal Orleans Apartments 200 Crabapple Lane Suite Office [Map] 35214-3654
Sandpiper Apartments 741 Barcelona Court [Map] 35209-3303
Sheraton Apartments 2909 Highland Avenue South [Map] 35205-1932
Signature Wood Springs 200 Springs Avenue [Map] 35242-4845
South Park Gardens 304 16th Place Southwest [Map] 35211-2137
Southampton Apartments 100 Dugan Avenue [Map] 35214-5149
Southbrook Apartments 917 Cherry Avenue Suite 102 [Map] 35214-6057
Springs At Greystone 7278 Cahaba Valley Road [Map] 35242-6485
Springville Landing Apartments 1061 Huffman Road [Map] 35215-7453
St Charles Villa Apartments 100 Pratt Highway [Map] 35214-4560
Stonecrest At Double Oak Mountain 1 Stonecrest Drive [Map] 35242-6537
Stonegate Apartments 101 Leaf Lake Parkway [Map] 35211-7200
Stratford Square Apartments 2433 1st Place Northwest [Map] 35215-3597
Summerchase At Riverchase Aartments Homes 100 Summerchase Drive [Map] 35244-2800
Summit Ridge 149 Haversham Drive [Map] 35215-1190
Sun Hill Villa Apartments 119 Sunhill Drive Northwest [Map] 35215-2934
Sunrise Pointe Apartments 5700 Oporto Avenue [Map] 35203
Tammera Place Apartments 78 Tammera Trail [Map] 35215-4030
Terrace Apartments 2141 17th Avenue South [Map] 35205-5023
The Barrington 5775 Summer Place Parkway [Map] 35244-6005
The Place At Gaileria 1 Hampton Place [Map] 35216-5779
Timber Ridge Apartments 825 Cherry Avenue [Map] 35214-4707
Timberchase Apartments 925 Beacon Parkway East [Map] 35209-3203
Timberfalls Apartments 316 Beacon Crest Lane [Map] 35209-5045
Town Square Village Apartments 137 Town and Country Circle [Map] 35215-6603
Tree Top Apartments 1922 Tree Top Lane [Map] 35216-2827
Treeline Apartments 3400 Treeline Court [Map] 35216-5780
Turtle Lake Apartments Homes 1 Turtle Lake Drive [Map] 35242-6502
University House On 14th Street Lp 1300 3rd Avenue South [Map] 35203
Valley Brook Apartments 2909 Gallant Drive [Map] 35215-1777
Valley Brook Apartments 2969 Gallant Drive Apartment 4 [Map] 35215-1700
Veranda Park Place 2200 Park Place [Map] 35203-2403
Vestavia Park Apartments 2070 Vestavia Park Court [Map] 35216-3202
Villa Maria Apartments 500 82nd Street South [Map] 35206-3970
Village At Caldwell Mill 2891 Acton Road [Map] 35243-2527
Vista Woods Apartments 3801 Galleria Woods Drive [Map] 35244-1089
Waterford Landing Apartments 2600 Waterford Place [Map] 35244-1045
Watertown Lodge Apartments 540 Gadsden Highway [Map] 35235-2407
Westbuy Apartments 3203 Avenue South [Map] 35208-2645
Westlee Park Apartments 1012 33rd Street Southwest [Map] 35221-1158
Wildforest Apartments 1000 Wild Forest Drive [Map] 35209-6754
Wildridge Apartments Home 2000 Wildridge Circle [Map] 35216-1269
Wildwood Apartments 601 Wildbrook Lane [Map] 35216-6134
Wildwood Crossings 3065 Shannon Oxmoor Road [Map] 35211-5906
Wisteria Park 990 Wisteria Place [Map] 35216-4738
Wisteria Park 990 Wisteria Place [Map] 35216-4738
Wood Gardens 2139 Rocky Ridge Ranch Road [Map] 35216-6174
Woodmere Creek Apartments 779 Woodmere Creek Drive [Map] 35226-3571

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