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Southern Methodist University
6425 Boaz Lane
Dallas Texas 75205
Admissions Phone: 214-768-2000
Mascot: Mustangs
SMU Ponies

University Park is a city located in Dallas County, Texas, and is a suburb of Dallas. The city is known for its affluent residents, tree-lined streets, and walkable neighborhoods. University Park is home to Southern Methodist University (SMU), and is a popular area for students, faculty, and staff seeking housing near the university.

University Park has a rich history, dating back to the late 19th century when it was founded as a residential area for wealthy Dallas residents. In the early 20th century, the city was home to some of the most prominent citizens of Dallas, including business leaders, politicians, and cultural figures. Today, the city continues to be a desirable place to live, with a stable and affluent population and a low crime rate.

One of the defining features of University Park is its walkability. The city is known for its well-maintained sidewalks, lush parks, and tree-lined streets, which make it a popular destination for walking, jogging, and cycling. The city also has several shopping and dining options, including local boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, which offer a range of cuisine and shopping experiences.

Another defining feature of University Park is its commitment to preserving its heritage and history. The city is home to several historic homes and buildings, many of which have been beautifully restored and maintained. Additionally, the city is actively involved in preserving its cultural heritage, with several annual events and festivals that celebrate its history and traditions.

University Park is also known for its strong commitment to education. In addition to SMU, the city is home to several highly-regarded public and private schools, including Highland Park High School, which is consistently ranked as one of the best public high schools in the state. The city also has several public libraries and community centers, which provide a range of educational and cultural programs for residents of all ages.

Despite its affluent reputation, University Park is also a community that values diversity and inclusiveness. The city is home to a diverse population, including families, singles, and retirees, and is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The city also has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, with several initiatives aimed at promoting environmentally-friendly practices and reducing its carbon footprint.

In terms of housing, University Park offers a range of options for residents, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Many of these properties are historic and have been beautifully restored, providing residents with a unique living experience. The city is also home to several new developments, offering modern and stylish housing options for those who prefer a more contemporary living experience.

Overall, University Park is a city that offers a unique combination of history, culture, education, and community. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or resident, the city provides a rich and fulfilling experience, with a range of opportunities for learning, growth, and personal development. Whether you're looking for a stable and affluent community, a walkable and vibrant urban center, or a place to call home, University Park is an excellent choice.


Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private, coeducational research university located in Dallas, Texas. The university was founded in 1911 by a group of Southern Methodists with the goal of providing high-quality education in the Southwest.

The history of SMU begins in the late 19th century, when the Southern Methodist Church was growing rapidly in Texas and the Southwest. In response to this growth, the church decided to establish a university in the region to serve the needs of its members and the wider community. After several years of planning and fundraising, SMU was officially established in 1911, with its first classes beginning the following year.

In its early years, SMU was a small, regional university, serving primarily students from Texas and the surrounding states. However, the university quickly grew and expanded its reach, becoming a major player in higher education in the Southwest. During the 1920s and 1930s, SMU underwent a period of significant growth and development, with the construction of several new buildings and the expansion of its academic programs.

During World War II, SMU made a significant contribution to the war effort by training thousands of military personnel in various technical and engineering fields. After the war, the university continued to grow and expand, becoming one of the leading universities in the region and attracting students from across the country and around the world.

In the 1960s and 1970s, SMU was at the forefront of several major social and political movements, including the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-war movement. The university was also at the center of a major controversy over the role of higher education in the wider society, with many students and faculty members advocating for greater social and political engagement on the part of universities.

Throughout its history, SMU has been committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for successful careers and fulfilling lives. The university has a strong tradition of academic excellence and a commitment to research and discovery, and has produced numerous notable alumni who have made significant contributions in a wide range of fields.

Today, SMU is a thriving research university with a diverse student body of over 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The university offers more than 100 academic programs across seven schools, including business, engineering, humanities, and the sciences. With a beautiful campus located in the heart of Dallas, SMU is a dynamic and vibrant community that is dedicated to providing its students with an exceptional education and a life-changing experience.

The history of Southern Methodist University is a story of growth, innovation, and commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings in the early 20th century, SMU has become a leading university in the Southwest, providing a high-quality education to students from around the world and making a significant contribution to the wider society. Today, SMU continues to be at the forefront of higher education, providing its students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to succeed in the 21st century.

The motto of Southern Methodist University (SMU) is "Veritas Liberabit Vos" which is Latin for "The Truth Shall Set You Free."

The mascot of SMU is Peruna, a Shetland pony. Peruna has been the university's mascot since 1932 and is a beloved symbol of the SMU community.

The nickname of SMU is the Mustangs. This nickname was chosen in the 1940s to reflect the spirit of the American West and the university's location in Texas. The Mustangs have become an important part of SMU's identity and are a source of pride for students, alumni, and fans of the university.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) has a student body that represents a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. The following is a general overview of the demographics of SMU:

Student Body: SMU has a student body of over 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, representing all 50 states and over 90 countries around the world.

Gender: SMU has a relatively even gender balance, with women making up just over half of the student body.

Race and Ethnicity: The student body at SMU is diverse and represents a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds. According to the most recent data from the university, approximately 40% of students identify as White, 25% as Asian, 15% as Hispanic, 5% as Black, and the remaining 15% as other or multiple races.

Geographic Origins: Students at SMU come from all over the world, but the largest percentage of students come from Texas, followed by other states in the Southwest and the West Coast.

In conclusion, SMU is a community that values and celebrates the differences that make each student unique. The university is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students can thrive and succeed.

The rental housing market near the Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus in Dallas, Texas is diverse and dynamic, offering a variety of options for students, faculty, and staff.

The university is located in the University Park neighborhood of Dallas, which is a popular and affluent area known for its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and walkable streets. The area is home to a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, many of which are available for rent.

In terms of rental prices, the market near the SMU campus is considered to be relatively expensive compared to other areas in Dallas. However, prices vary depending on the type of housing and the location. For example, apartments and townhouses in the University Park area tend to be more expensive than those in nearby neighborhoods.

Despite the higher prices, the rental market near the SMU campus is highly competitive, with many students, faculty, and staff seeking housing in the area. The university provides a variety of resources and services to help students find housing, including a housing database and a housing fair.

Overall, the rental housing market near the SMU campus is characterized by a diverse range of options, including older, more established properties as well as newer, modern developments. The market is also known for its high level of safety and security, making it an attractive option for those looking to live near the university. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or staff member, the rental housing market near the SMU campus offers a wide range of options to meet your needs and preferences.


Apartments in Dallas, Texas

Community Address Zip
1001 Ross Apartment Homes 1001 Ross Avenue [Map] 75202-1919
1900 Elm 1900 Elm Street [Map] 75201-4504
4343 At the Parkway 4343 Rosemeade Parkway [Map] 75287-2950
Adagio Palms Apartments 8201 Fair Oaks Crossing [Map] 75231-1900
Adam's Hat 2700 Canton Street [Map] 75226-1899
Advenir At Foxmoor 10843 North Central Expressway [Map] 75231-1003
Advenir At Lake Highlands 9842 Audelia Road [Map] 75238-1933
Amber Dawn Apartments 8542 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75240-4100
Amesbury Parc Apartments 4662 Amesbury Drive [Map] 75206-4804
Amesbury Townhomes 6030 Milton Street [Map] 75206-4453
Amherst Oaks Apartments 3740 High Vista Drive [Map] 75244-7123
Amil At Knox-Henderson 4650 Cole Avenue [Map] 75205-4084
Amli At Frankford 7421 Frankford Road [Map] 75252-8152
Amli Quadrangle 2717 Howell Street [Map] 75201
Andalusian Gate Apartments 3653 Briargrove Lane [Map] 75287-6136
Angelique Apartments 323 West 10th Street [Map] 75208-4694
Ann Ave Apartments 809 Ann Avenue [Map] 75223-2767
Apartments St Andrews 9001 Markville Drive [Map] 75243-9341
Apt Protection Systems 6500 Greenville Avenue [Map] 75206-1014
Arborstone Apartments 6500 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75236-9573
Arc Communities 13965 Skyfrost Drive [Map] 75253-5122
Archstone Communities 8117 Preston Road Suite 300 [Map] 75225-6347
Argyle Apartments 3721 North Hall Street [Map] 75219-4203
Ashton 2215 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75201-1812
Ashton At Peavy 2970 Peavy Road [Map] 75228-4854
Ashwood Park Apartment Homes 7650 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-6399
Aspen Chase Apartments 11760 Ferguson Road [Map] 75228-8203
Aspen Creek Apartment Homes 5616 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3167
Aspentree Apartments 11661 Dennis Road [Map] 75229-2574
Astoria Apartments 5636 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3101
Atrium Apartments 2904 Douglas Avenue [Map] 75219-3470
August Park Apartments 2808 North Saint Augustine Drive [Map] 75227-7320
Austin Bluff Apartments 7070 West Camp Wisdom Road [Map] 75236-5600
Autumn Brook Apartments 13259 Emily Road Apartment 129 [Map] 75240-8924
Avalon Apartments 1925 Moser Avenue [Map] 75206-7367
Avondale Parc Apartments 10830 Stone Canyon Road [Map] 75230-4348
B V F Sutton Place Lp 18600 Dallas Parkway [Map] 75287-4100
Bachman Glen Apartments 2555 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-5855
Bachman Oaks 2501 Webbs Chapel Extension [Map] 75201
Bachman Oaks 2501 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-5856
Bachman Place Apartments 2807 Bachman Drive [Map] 75220-5828
Bahama Glen Apartments 2540 Bahama Drive [Map] 75211-2031
Bahia Apartments 3434 Navajo Drive [Map] 75224-3731
Bailiwick Apartments 4425 Gilbert Avenue [Map] 75219-2116
Barclay Square Apartments 8117 Barclay Street [Map] 75227-8612
Barrymore Apartments 1315 South Barry Avenue [Map] 75223-3000
Bayou Bend 3353 Lombardy Lane [Map] 75220-3314
Beacon Hill Apartments 9959 Adleta Boulevard [Map] 75243-8100
Bear Creek Apartments 15935 Bent Tree Forest Circle [Map] 75248-3406
Bella Vista Apartments 7251 Chaucer Place [Map] 75237-3118
Belmont Court Apartments 4919 Belmont Avenue [Map] 75206-8335
Belvedere Apartments 5315 Columbia Avenue [Map] 75214-5174
Bend 5454 Amesbury Drive [Map] 75206-3482
Bennett Place Apartments 2223 Bennett Avenue [Map] 75206-8355
Bent Creek Apartments 9750 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-5723
Bent Oaks Apartments 16000 Bent Tree Forest Circle [Map] 75248-3411
Bent Tree Midway Village 17610 Midway Road Suite 118 [Map] 75287-6741
Berkeley Industries 5665 Arapaho Road [Map] 75248-3488
Berkshire Springs 5704 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3246
Berkshire Square 7950 Cliffbrook Drive [Map] 75254-1813
Biltmore Apartments 5225 Verde Valley Lane [Map] 75254-8803
Birchwood Apartments 4829 Coles Manor Place [Map] 75204-3328
Biscayne Apartments 3211 South Vernon Avenue [Map] 75224-3971
Bolivar 3630 Bolivar Drive [Map] 75220-3648
Boulder Ridge Apartments 3130 Springwood Lane Apartment 137 [Map] 75233-2639
Braes Brook Apartments 4321 Congress Avenue [Map] 75219-2524
Brandon Mill Apartments 8081 Marvin D Love Freeway [Map] 75237-3700
Brandywine Apartments 4710 Lake Avenue Apartment 201 [Map] 75219-1082
Brazos Apartment Homes 4341 Horizon North Parkway [Map] 75287-2880
Brentmoor Place Apartments 5454 Peterson Lane [Map] 75240-5170
Briargrove At Vail 3939 Briargrove Lane [Map] 75287-6340
Briarwood Apartments 8002 Umphress Road [Map] 75217-1872
Briarwyck Apartments 10110 Walnut Street [Map] 75243-5100
Bridgeport Apartments 5440 North Jim Miller Road [Map] 75227-1554
Bristol Square Apartments 1720 John West Road [Map] 75228-5220
Brittany Park Apartments 14222 Dallas Parkway [Map] 75254-2977
Brittany Park Apartments 14222 Dallas Parkway [Map] 75254-2977
Broadmoor Apartments 3900 Investor Drive [Map] 75237-2931
Broadstone Galleria 5005 Galleria [Map] 75244-5331
Broadstone Wycliff Lp 4420 Dickason Avenue [Map] 75219-2616
Broadstone Wycliff Lp 2929 Wycliff Avenue [Map] 75219-2651
Brookbend Village Apartments 8360 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75240-3972
Brookfield Apartments 4060 Preferred Place [Map] 75237-4294
Brookhaven Apartments 14833 Marsh Lane [Map] 75234-2429
Brookshire Apartments 9857 Audelia Road [Map] 75238-1954
Brookwood Apartments 1342 Winding Brook Circle [Map] 75208-2909
Bruton Oaks Apartments 9901 Bruton Road [Map] 75217-2838
Bryson At City Place 2901 Cityplace West Boulevard Suite Office [Map] 75204-0300
Buckner Apartments 2777 North Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75228-4305
Buckner Village Apartments 1810 John West Road [Map] 75228-5269
Buena Vista Apartments 7575 Frankford Road [Map] 75252-6459
Calais 6706 Eastridge Drive [Map] 75231-7081
Cambridge Court Apartments 5959 East Northwest Highway [Map] 75231-0402
Cambridge of Highland Park 4201 Lomax Drive [Map] 75227
Camden Golf Lakes Trail 9600 Golf Lakes Trail [Map] 75231-5029
Camden Springs 18250 Marsh Lane [Map] 75287-5700
Carillon House 13717 Preston Road Apartment 117A [Map] 75240-3426
Carlton Court 13323 Maham Road [Map] 75240-6168
Carlton Court 13323 Maham Road [Map] 75240-6168
Carlyle Apartments 5750 East University Boulevard [Map] 75206-4200
Carolina Chase Apartments 5351 Peterson Lane [Map] 75240-5077
Carousel Court Apartments 3800 South Tyler Street [Map] 75224-4489
Carpenter's Cove 4312 Carpenter Avenue [Map] 75210-1700
Carriage House Apartments 6255 Oram Street Apartment 107 [Map] 75214-3985
Carrollton Park of North Dallas 18065 Apple Ridge [Map] 75287-4540
Carrollton Park of North Dallas 18065 Apple Ridge [Map] 75287-4540
Caruth Haven 5445 Caruth Haven Lane [Map] 75225-8143
Caruth Haven Court 5585 Caruth Haven Lane [Map] 75225-8157
Casa Blanca Apartments 4539 Lake Avenue [Map] 75219-1719
Casa Blanca Village 2165 Highland Road [Map] 75228-6241
Casa Buena Apartments 1519 Bennett Avenue [Map] 75206-7609
Casa Place Apartments 3303 Chapel Creek Drive [Map] 75220-3293
Casa View Apartments 2125 Oates Drive [Map] 75228-3828
Casablanca Apartments 4503 Lake Avenue [Map] 75219-1719
Casawood Apartments 1130 Fuller Drive [Map] 75218-2967
Castillian Apartments 5115 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75235-8779
Castle Place Apartments 3637 Almazan Drive [Map] 75220-4966
Catalina 4218 Lemmon Avenue [Map] 75219-2703
Cathedral Garden Apartments 1500 North Garrett Avenue [Map] 75206-7850
CCC and R Tres Arboles 7222 Fair Oaks Avenue [Map] 75231-8900
Cedar Gardens Apartments 3810 Bonnie View Road [Map] 75216-4877
Cedar Glen 6363 West Camp Wisdom Road [Map] 75236-2543
Cedar Glen Apartments-Kiest 2906 East Kiest Boulevard [Map] 75216-2700
Cedar Glen North Apartments 2621 Southerland Avenue [Map] 75203-4639
Cedar Lodge Apartments 6817 Lomo [Map] 75201
Cedar Points Apartments 4411 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75219-2021
Cedar Ridge Apartments 7905 Marvin D Love Freeway [Map] 75237-3491
Cedar Springs Crossroads Apartments 4777 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75219-1248
Cedar Square Apartment Homes 404 Andrews Avenue [Map] 75211-4726
Cedarmont 7117 Holly Hill Drive [Map] 75231-5246
Celery Stalk Apartments 5426 Meadowcreek Drive [Map] 75248-5000
Center Point Apartments 2626 Frankford Road [Map] 75287-4537
Chalmette Apartments 3288 South Polk Street [Map] 75224-3897
Champion Town Homes At Pecan Grove 3131 Simpson Stuart Road [Map] 75241-5065
Champions of North Dallas 4912 Haverwood Lane [Map] 75287-4400
Chapel Brook Apartments 9765 Webb Chapel Road [Map] 75220-3555
Chapel Creek Apartments 3410 Hidalgo Drive [Map] 75220-3559
Chapel Oaks Apartments 9494 Larga Drive [Map] 75220-4878
Charleston Apartment Homes 5616 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3167
Chase Crossing Apartments 10931 Stone Canyon Road [Map] 75230-4351
Chase Place 9825 Webb Chapel Road [Map] 75220-3443
Chateau Bachman Apartments 2621 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-5865
Chaucer Village Apartments 7575 Chaucer Place [Map] 75237-3539
Chenault Creek Apartments 2900 Dilido Road [Map] 75228-5161
Cherokee Village II Apartments 7200 Elam Road [Map] 75217-6016
Chesapeake Apartments 11620 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-4780
Chevelle Holdings Lp 2607 Throckmorton Street Apartment 107 [Map] 75219-6057
Chimney Hill 9637 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-8699
Churchill At Pinnacle Park Apartments 1411 North Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75211-1306
Churchill On the Park Apartments 7601 Churchill Way [Map] 75251-1934
Churchill On the Park Apartments 7601 Churchill Way [Map] 75251-1934
Cielo Ranch 3829 Gannon Lane [Map] 75237-4223
Cimarron Place Apartments 2614 Pasteur Avenue Apartment F103 [Map] 75228-7454
Cimmaron Trail Apartments 6271 Highland Hills Drive [Map] 75241-5126
Circle Inn 223 South Ewing Avenue [Map] 75203-2730
Citadel At Preston Apartments 6104 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway [Map] 75240-7121
City Central Apartments 7407 Fair Oaks Avenue [Map] 75231-8728
City Limits 18809 Lina Street [Map] 75287-2500
City Scape Apartments 6466 Ridgecrest Road [Map] 75231-6991
Cityville Fitzhugh 2819 North Fitzhugh Avenue [Map] 75204-3144
Cityville Greenville Apartments 1811 Greenville Avenue [Map] 75206-0100
Cityville Southwestern Medical District 2222 Motor Street [Map] 75235-8075
Cityville Southwestern Medical District 2222 Motor Street [Map] 75235-8075
Claremont Apartments 2472 Highland Road [Map] 75228-6495
Claridge Pointe 8350 Park Lane [Map] 75231-6604
Cliff Park Village Apartments 220 East Overton Road [Map] 75216-5937
Cliff View Village Apartments 2426 Simpson Stuart Road [Map] 75241-4800
Club View Gardens 3333 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-6711
Clusters Apartments 3130 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-6936
Clusters Apartments 3130 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-6936
Colinas Crossing 11701 Luna Road [Map] 75234-6026
Colonial Hills Apartments 326 East Illinois Avenue [Map] 75216-2230
Colorado Place Apartments 2242 Fort Worth Avenue [Map] 75211-1858
Columbia Luxar Apartments 3120 Guadalupe Avenue [Map] 75233-1639
Columbia Villas 4712 Columbia Avenue [Map] 75226-2354
Commons On Whitehurst 9941 Whitehurst Drive [Map] 75243-0614
Community Place Apartments 3358 Clydedale Drive [Map] 75220-6666
Concord Apartments 309 East 9th Street [Map] 75203-2262
Continental House Apartments 6335 Prospect Avenue [Map] 75214-3938
Cookscreek Place Apartments 2706 Cookscreek Place [Map] 75234-4006
Copper Canyon Village 9505 Brockbank Drive [Map] 75220-6832
Copper Creek Apartments 13450 Maham Road [Map] 75240-6158
Corinthian Apartments 10210 North Central Expressway [Map] 75231-3425
Corners 7878 Marvin D Love Freeway [Map] 75237-3744
Cornerstone Chase 3120 Valley Meadow Drive [Map] 75220-2839
Coronado Apartments 7414 East Grand Avenue [Map] 75214-5800
Country Creek Village Apartments 3783 Legendary Lane [Map] 75224-4342
Country Squire Apartments 10062 Royal Lane [Map] 75238-1100
Courthouse Apartments 5735 Gaston Avenue [Map] 75214-6424
Courtney Place Apartments 3232 Chapel Creek Drive [Map] 75220-3268
Courts At Preston Oaks 5400 Preston Oaks Road [Map] 75254-8400
Courts of Bent Tree 17250 Knoll Trail Drive [Map] 75248-1155
Courtyard On Jefferson 2717 West Jefferson Boulevard [Map] 75211-2859
Courtyards At Campbell 16500 Lauder Lane [Map] 75248-1763
Courtyards At Knox Park 4654 McKinney Avenue [Map] 75205-4036
Courtyards At Valley View 4060 Valley View Lane [Map] 75244
Courtyards of Valley View Apartments 4060 Valley View Lane [Map] 75244
Creek Point Apartments 4302 Woodhollow Drive [Map] 75237-1482
Creekside Hills Apartments 2727 West Jefferson Boulevard [Map] 75211-2859
Creekstone Apartments 11110 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1455
Creekview Apartments 14255 Preston Road [Map] 75254-8500
Creekwood Village Apartments 10928 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-8260
Crescent View Apartments 2924 Lucas Drive [Map] 75219-1932
Crestmarc Montebella Lp 4711B Bradford Drive [Map] 75219-1240
Cross Creek Apartments 6033 East Northwest Highway [Map] 75231-0401
Crystal Creek Apartments 1025 West Wheatland Road [Map] 75232-6700
Cws Apartment Homes 14755 Preston Road Suite 820 [Map] 75254-7899
Dallas North Apartments 5557 Alpha Road [Map] 75240-4556
Dana Point Apartment 18800 Lina Street [Map] 75287-2523
Davenport Apartments 14500 Dallas Parkway [Map] 75254-8360
Deep Ellum Lofts 3401 Commerce Street Suite 100 [Map] 75226-2505
Deer Creek Apartments 3550 Saint Francis Avenue [Map] 75228-6133
Deerfield Apartments 9670 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-8652
Del Rey Village Apartments 9607 Wickersham Road [Map] 75238-3131
Delafield Villas 4101 Delafield Lane [Map] 75227-4400
Delujo Holly Park Apartments 9710 Military Parkway [Map] 75227-4800
Delujo Southwinds Apartments 1301 West Wheatland Road [Map] 75232-4656
Diamond Creek Apartments 3402 South Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75227-5469
Diamond Ridge Apartments 8039 Chariot Drive [Map] 75227-2403
Doral Apartments 13740 Montfort Drive [Map] 75240-4458
Dorchester 5300 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3010
Eagle Creek Apartments 18959 Lina Street [Map] 75287-2400
Eagle Pointe Apartments 3913 Gannon Lane [Map] 75237-4293
East Bridge Apartments 5140 Willis Avenue [Map] 75206-6431
Eastfield Village Apartments 8405 East La Prada Drive [Map] 75228-5007
Eastfield Village Apartments 8405 East La Prada Drive [Map] 75228-5007
Easton Apartments 2525 North Henderson Avenue [Map] 75206-6688
Easton Terrace Apartments 10429 Lone Tree Lane [Map] 75218-3086
Eban Village Apt Homes 3023 Park Row Avenue [Map] 75215-1744
Echad A Apartments 2620 Ruidosa Avenue [Map] 75228-8400
Echad B Apartments 2620 Ruidosa Avenue [Map] 75228-8400
Edgemere 8523 Thackery Street Unit Office [Map] 75225-3903
El Capitan Apartments 1842 El Capitan Drive [Map] 75228-1620
El Fagon 3636 Frankford Road Suite 300 [Map] 75287-6163
Emerald Isle Apartments 8861 Gaston Parkway [Map] 75218-3926
Emery Park Apartments 1930 Atlantic Street [Map] 75208-3000
Enchanted Hills 7802 Villa Cliff Drive [Map] 75228-6355
Enclave At Grove Hill 2900 Grove Hill Road [Map] 75201
English Oaks Apartments 6731 Larmanda Street [Map] 75231-7103
Estancia Townhomes 5515 Estancia Circle [Map] 75248-6438
Estell Village Apartments 5969 Highland Village Drive [Map] 75241-4200
Ewing Villas 811 Morrell Avenue [Map] 75203-3342
Fair Oaks Creek Apartments 8849 Fair Oaks Crossing [Map] 75243-7900
Fairfax Apartments 6201 Bordeaux Avenue [Map] 75209-5783
Fairmount Garden Apartments 4633 Fairmount Street [Map] 75219-1129
Fairway Greens Apartments 11011 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1402
Fairways of Bent Tree 15905 Bent Tree Forest Circle [Map] 75248-3401
Fairwood Apartments 3700 Inwood Road [Map] 75209-5802
Falls 9797 Bruton Road [Map] 75217-2708
Flats At Five Mile Creek 423 East Ledbetter Drive [Map] 75216-6774
Fondeur Apartments 211 East Davis Street [Map] 75203-1678
Forest Cove Apartments 9600 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-8600
Forest Dale Apartments 11851 High Dale Drive [Map] 75234-7929
Forest Garden Apartments 12203 Plano Road [Map] 75243-5348
Forest Hill Apartments 9659 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-8656
Forest Park Village Apartments 3423 Forest Lane [Map] 75234-7782
Fountains Apartments 10004 Regal Park Lane [Map] 75230-5557
Fountains of Jupiter Apartments 12993 Jupiter Road [Map] 75238-3289
Fountains of Woodmeadow 10950 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-8592
Fourteen Hundred Turtle Creek Apartments Lp 1551 Oak Lawn Avenue [Map] 75207-3601
Fowler Christian Apartments II 1280 Abrams Road [Map] 75214-4835
Fowler Christian Apartments Inc 105 Juliette Fowler Street [Map] 75214-4876
Fox Hills Apartments 8783 Ferndale Road [Map] 75238-3517
Fox Hollow Apartments 9450 Royal Lane [Map] 75243-7647
Foxfire Dallas 5759 Pineland Drive [Map] 75231-5373
Gable Point Apartments 11111 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-7331
Gable Residential 2650 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75201-1490
Gables 3636 McKinney 3636 McKinney Avenue [Map] 75204-1422
Gables Katy Trail 2821 Carlisle Street Unit Office [Map] 75204-1085
Gables Knoxbridge Apartments 4649 Cole Avenue [Map] 75205-4002
Gables On McCallum 7780 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-8145
Gables Ravello Apartments 2610 Allen Street [Map] 75204-2500
Gables Turtle Creek At City Place 3711 Cole Avenue [Map] 75204-1505
Gables Uptown Tower 3227 McKinney Avenue [Map] 75204-7424
Gables Villa Rosa 2650 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75201-1490
Gables West Village 3839 McKinney Avenue [Map] 75204-1413
Gage Place Apartments 9874 Dale Crest Drive [Map] 75220-0600
Gallery Apartments 18383 Gallery Drive [Map] 75252-7930
Garden Ridge Apartments 6555 Melody Lane [Map] 75231-8078
Garden Terrace Duplexes 3 11919 Garden Terrace Drive [Map] 75243-5041
Gardens 2910 Throckmorton Street [Map] 75219-3485
Gardens At Vail 17811 Vail Street Apartment 22202 [Map] 75287-6476
Gardens At Vail 17811 Vail Street Apartment 22202 [Map] 75287-6476
Gardens At Vail V 17811 Vail Street Apartment 12203 [Map] 75287-6471
Garrett Gardens Apartments 2015 North Garrett Avenue [Map] 75206-7300
Gaston Uptown 5645 Gaston Avenue [Map] 75214-4621
Gates De Provence 3613 Frankford Road [Map] 75287-6137
Gateway Apartments 13455 Kit Lane [Map] 75240-5863
Geneva Apartments 711 North Ewing Avenue [Map] 75203-1579
Georgian Apartments 18880 Marsh Lane [Map] 75287-2200
Glen Oaks Apartments 8300 Skillman Street [Map] 75231-2000
Good Haven Apartments 1810 High Hill Boulevard [Map] 75203-3802
Grand Apartments 3015 Grand Avenue [Map] 75215-1711
Greens At Hickory Trail Apartments 8613 Old Hickory Trail [Map] 75237-3986
Greens Crossing 10700 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1463
Greenwood Apartments 716 North Plymouth Road [Map] 75211-2255
Grove Village Apartments 7203 South Loop 12 [Map] 75217-6013
Hampton Terrace Apartments 5000 South Hampton Road [Map] 75232-1802
Harbor View At White Rock Lake 2115 Tucker Street [Map] 75214
Harbors the Apartments 7550 South Westmoreland Road [Map] 75237-4000
Havenhurst Apartments 13314 Goodland Street [Map] 75234-3100
Haverly Parks 4701 Haverwood Lane [Map] 75287-4227
Heather Apartments 4114 Newton Avenue [Map] 75219-3058
Heatherstone Apartments 18950 Marsh Lane [Map] 75287-2164
Heatherwood Apartments 9755 Scyene Road [Map] 75227-4935
Hemmingway House Apartments 3410 Fordham Road [Map] 75216-4876
Heritage Square Apartments 4753 Duncanville Road [Map] 75236-1809
Hickory Park Apartments 1809 Hickory Street [Map] 75215-1327
Hidden Creek Apartments 4407 Hatcher Street [Map] 75210-1500
Hidden Ridge Apartments 9702 West Ferris Branch Boulevard [Map] 75243-7899
Hidden Ridge Apartments 9702 West Ferris Branch Boulevard [Map] 75243-7899
High Point Apartments I and II 9050 Markville Drive [Map] 75243-3592
Highland Apartments 2359 Highland Road [Map] 75228-6302
Highland Hills Drive 5850 Highland Hills Drive [Map] 75241-4000
Highland House Apartments 9707 Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75238-2594
Highland Meadows 2600 Highland Road [Map] 75228-6096
Highland Road Village Apartments 2704 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75211-8201
Highland Village Charitable Foundation 5969 Highland Village Drive [Map] 75241-4200
Highlander Apartments 830 North Lancaster Avenue [Map] 75203-1495
Highpoint Apartments 9050 Markville Drive [Map] 75243-3592
Highpoint Apartments 3232 Sumter Drive [Map] 75220-4868
Hill Apartments 5787 Caruth Haven Lane [Map] 75206-1904
Hillburn Hills Apartments 2603 Hillburn Drive [Map] 75227-9159
Hillside Apartments 2910 Prichard Lane [Map] 75227-6852
Hilton Head Apartments 11440 McCree Road [Map] 75238-3290
Holiday Hills Apartments 811 North Plymouth Road [Map] 75211-2267
Holly Bend Apartments 7112 Holly Hill Drive [Map] 75231-5200
Homes of Hidden Valley 3969 Altoona Drive [Map] 75233-3401
Hondo Park Apartments 2544 Hondo Avenue [Map] 75219-2501
Honeycreek Apartments 11611 Ferguson Road [Map] 75228-7698
Hub Apartments 3136 Hudnall Street [Map] 75235-8960
Hunter's Run 4748 Saint Francis Avenue [Map] 75227-1867
Hunters Court 8550 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75240-4160
Hunters Hill Apartments 18081 Midway Road [Map] 75287-6500
Hunting Ridge Apartments 9821 Summerwood Circle [Map] 75243-5709
Huntington Cove Townhomes 14802 Enterprise Drive Apartment 33D [Map] 75234-3004
Huntington Lakes 7324 Skillman Street [Map] 75231-8464
Huntington Lakes Apartments 7324 Skillman Street [Map] 75231-8464
Idlewyld Village Apartments 4849 Haverwood Lane [Map] 75287-4300
Imt Seville 2626 Reagan Street [Map] 75219-3312
Indigo Apartments 2511 Wedglea Drive [Map] 75211-2037
Indigo On Forest 9669 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-5897
Indigo On Forest 9669 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-5897
Indigo On Forrest Apartments 9669 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-5897
Inwood On the Park Apartments 5720 Forest Park Road [Map] 75235-6420
Ivanhoe Apartments 8900 Park Lane [Map] 75231-1245
Ivy Apartments 7229 Holly Hill Drive [Map] 75231-6275
Ivy Apartments 7225 Fair Oaks Avenue [Map] 75231-6271
Jacray Apartments 3823 Bonnie View Road [Map] 75216-4861
Jamestown Apartments 3404 Navajo Drive [Map] 75224-3746
Jefferson At Texas Street 2801 Live Oak Street [Map] 75204-5711
Jefferson At University 4400 West University Boulevard [Map] 75209-3876
Jpi At Kessler Park 1520 North Beckley Avenue [Map] 75203-1060
Juliana Place Apartments 3130 Lombardy Lane [Map] 75220-3311
Kelly Crossing 2601 Frankford Road [Map] 75287-4500
Kensington Square Apt 15820 Knoll Trail Drive [Map] 75248-2770
Kiest Terrace Apartments 3811 East Kiest Boulevard [Map] 75203-4100
Kings Devonshire Apartments 6069 Belt Line Road [Map] 75254-7865
Kings Square Apartments 2625 East Illinois Avenue [Map] 75216-3412
Kingsborough Townhomes 10028 Royal Lane [Map] 75238-1204
Kirby Residences On Main 1509 Main Street [Map] 75201-4812
Koko Apartments 2211 Empire Central [Map] 75235-4371
La Arboleda Apartments 7777 East R L Thornton Freeway [Map] 75228-6900
La Costa Villas 12500 Merit Drive [Map] 75251-1903
La Ventana Apartments 3711 Dilido Road [Map] 75228-5532
Lafatette House Apartments 5680 Abrams Road [Map] 75214-2056
Lafayette House Apartments 5680 Abrams Road [Map] 75214-2056
Laguna Apartments 5769 Belt Line Road Apartment 211 [Map] 75254-7653
Laguna Vista Apartments 1580 Mira Lago Boulevard [Map] 75234-6079
Laimason 2850 Clydedale Drive [Map] 75220-4667
Lake Chateau Apartments 1254 Peavy Road [Map] 75218-3279
Lake June Village Apartments 1226 North Masters Drive [Map] 75217-3721
Lakeridge Apartments 2510 Community Drive [Map] 75220-5557
Lakeside At Walnut Hill 9837 North Central Expressway [Map] 75231-4369
Lakeview At Parkside 3990 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75244-3481
Lakeview At Parkside Apartments 3950 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75244-3428
Lakewood Club Apartments 200 North Henderson Avenue [Map] 75214-5089
Lakewood Gardens Apartments 5917 Gaston Avenue Apartment 117 [Map] 75214-6610
Lakewood Greens Apartments 7150 East Grand Avenue [Map] 75223-1000
Lakewood Greens Apartments 7150 East Grand Avenue [Map] 75223-1000
Lakewood Oaks Apt 101 North Brookside Drive [Map] 75214-4523
Lakewood Townhomes 2455 Connecticut Lane [Map] 75214-4110
Landmark Apartments 3299 South Polk Street [Map] 75224-3896
Landmark On the Valley 8544 Lazy Acres Circle [Map] 75240-1727
Laprada Place Apartments 8383 La Prada Drive [Map] 75228-5002
Las Brisas Apartments 2749 Northaven Road [Map] 75229-2328
Las Casitas Apartments of Desoto 1369 North Hampton Road [Map] 75208-1320
Las Lomas Apartments I 6161 Trail Glen Drive [Map] 75217-5579
Las Palmas Apartments 2610 West Colorado Boulevard [Map] 75211-1706
Las Villas 4230 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway [Map] 75244-5806
Lasalle Apartments 18725 Dallas Parkway [Map] 75287-4239
Lavista Heights Apartments 5615 Ross Avenue [Map] 75206-7946
Leeward Island Apartments 3747 McMillan Avenue [Map] 75206-8903
Leigh Ann Apartments 7938 Leigh Ann Drive [Map] 75232-4904
Lexington Apartments 3208 Community Drive [Map] 75220-6653
Lincoln Court Apartmemts 3838 Rawlins Street [Map] 75219-4221
Lincoln Crossing 19251 Preston Road Apartment 1415 [Map] 75252-2495
Linda Drive Apartments 3305 Linda Drive [Map] 75220-3456
Linden In Town 2802 North Carroll Avenue [Map] 75204-3005
Linden In Town 2802 North Carroll Avenue [Map] 75204-3005
Lochwood Apartments 11117 Lochwood Boulevard [Map] 75218-2467
Lochwood Manor Apartments 1818 El Capitan Drive [Map] 75228-1600
Lodge At Timberglen 3440 Timberglen Road [Map] 75287-3490
Lofts At Mockingbird Station 5331 East Mockingbird Lane [Map] 75206-5169
London Square Apartments 4030 Valley View Lane [Map] 75244-5003
London Villa Apartments 2835 Villa Creek Drive [Map] 75234-7447
Lourdes-Place Homes by Dl Foster 2901 Lourdes Street [Map] 75211-2429
Mabel Meshack White Manor 3260 Bickers Street [Map] 75212-1474
Madison 12800 Jupiter Road [Map] 75238-3921
Madison At Cedar Springs 4606 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75219-1299
Madison Point Apartments 220 Oregon Avenue [Map] 75203
Magnolia Station 1607 Lyte Street [Map] 75201-1633
Mandalay Apartments 5200 Gaston Avenue [Map] 75214-5206
Mandalay Apartments 17817 Coit Road [Map] 75252-6474
Mandalay Palms Apartments 7501 Chesterfield Drive [Map] 75237-3492
Manor House Apartments 1222 Commerce Street [Map] 75202-4302
Manor Oaks Apartments 3913 Rawlins Street Apartment 110 [Map] 75219-3636
Maple Terrace 3001 Maple Avenue [Map] 75201-1224
Mariposa Villas 1531 Duncanville Road [Map] 75211-6516
Marquis At Frankford Springs 3702 Frankford Road [Map] 75287-6390
Marquis At McKinney Apartments 3324 McKinney Avenue [Map] 75204-2364
Marquis At Park Central 7900 Churchill Way [Map] 75251-2000
Marquis On Cedar Springs 3604 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75219-4904
Marquis On Gaston 2752 Gaston Avenue [Map] 75226-1352
Marquis On McKinney 3324 McKinney Avenue [Map] 75204-2364
Marsh Creek Apartments 18749 Marsh Lane [Map] 75287-3555
Mayan Palms Apartments 7526 Hunnicut Road Suite 1035 [Map] 75227-1348
McCallum Apartments 7795 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-8146
McCallum Crossing Apartments 7720 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-7594
McCallum Glen Apartments 7740 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-8143
McCallum Highland Apartments 6565 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-7002
McCallum Meadows Apartments 7760 McCallum Boulevard [Map] 75252-8144
McDonald Marvin V Co 521 West 8th Street [Map] 75208-4735
McKinney Arms Apart 4333 McKinney Avenue Apartment 108 [Map] 75205-4519
McMillan Place Apartments 12610 Jupiter Road [Map] 75238-3900
Meadow Apartments 8200 Southwestern Boulevard [Map] 75206-2100
Meadow Creek Apartments 14000 Maham Road [Map] 75240-3854
Meadow Parc Apartments 4811 Duncanville Road [Map] 75236-1811
Meadowcrest Apartments 5200 Meadowcreek Drive [Map] 75248-4024
Meadows Crossing Apartments 8175 Meadow Road [Map] 75231-3561
Melrose Place Apartment 2816 Lucas Drive [Map] 75219-1813
Meridan 8035 East R L Thornton Dallas [Map] 75201
Mesa Ridge Apartments 3504 Fawn Valley Drive [Map] 75224-5233
Midpark Towers 8550 Midpark Road [Map] 75240-4050
Midpark Towers 8550 Midpark Road [Map] 75240-4050
Mill Run Apartments 2732 West Colorado Boulevard [Map] 75211-1710
Minor Holdings 4611 Samuell Boulevard [Map] 75228-6872
Mira Vista Apartments 7651 C F Hawn Freeway [Map] 75217-6526
Mirabella Apartment Homes 2600 Cole Avenue [Map] 75204-1069
Miramonte Villas 5128 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75235-8781
Mission Gleneagles 4909 Haverwood Lane [Map] 75287-4432
Mission Trails 330 East Camp Wisdom Road [Map] 75241-3400
Mitchell Lofts 3800 Commerce Street [Map] 75226-2428
Mondrian Cityplace 3000 Blackburn Street [Map] 75204-2200
Monopoly Place Duplex's 1104 Peavy Road [Map] 75218-2943
Montclair 9001 Markville Drive [Map] 75243-9341
Montecito Palms Apartments 8401 Skillman Street [Map] 75231-1852
Monterra Apartments 7621 Ferguson Road [Map] 75228-6541
Montfort Crossing 5580 Harvest Hill Road Suite Front [Map] 75230-1608
Montfort Oaks Apartments 14100 Montfort Drive [Map] 75254-3061
Montfort Place 5445 Preston Oaks Road [Map] 75254-2418
Montfort Place Holdings 5445 Preston Oaks Road [Map] 75254-2418
Moser Garden Apartments 2315 Moser Avenue [Map] 75206-7000
Moulin Rouge Apartments 1251 Moulin Rouge Drive [Map] 75211-2435
Mountain Ridge Apartments 2626 Duncanville Road [Map] 75211-7401
Myrtle Cove Apartments 9760 Scyene Road [Map] 75227-4934
Nantucket Island Apartments 8221 Scyene Road [Map] 75227-5471
Nantucket Landing 18949 Marsh Lane [Map] 75287-2100
New World Apartments 11434 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1347
Newport Landing Apartments 10850 Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75238-2347
Normandy Apartments 2728 North Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75228-4371
North Park Terrace Apartments 8662 Park Lane [Map] 75231-6808
North Ridge Town Homes 4152 Harvest Hill Road [Map] 75244-6811
Northaven Park Apartments 11457 Dennis Road [Map] 75229-2492
Northaven Park Apartments 11457 Dennis Road [Map] 75229-2492
Northaven Terrace Apartments 2800 Northaven Road [Map] 75229-2341
Northgate Village 12303 Plano Road [Map] 75243-9114
Northridge Villa and Court Apartments 6431 Ridgecrest Road [Map] 75231-6900
Northwest Crossing Apartments 9680 Timberline Drive [Map] 75220-6263
Northwood Hills Apartments 13980 Peyton Drive [Map] 75240-3677
Notting Hill Gate Hillside 2910 Prichard Lane [Map] 75227-6852
Nueva Vista 11515 Leisure Drive [Map] 75243-4701
Oak Glen Apartments 2120 52nd Street [Map] 75216-7184
Oak Hollow Apartments 13330 Emily Road [Map] 75240-5976
Oak Meadow Apartments 11050 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1476
Oak Park Apartments 5318 South Hampton Road [Map] 75232-1805
Oak Run Apartments 5801 Preston Oaks Road [Map] 75254-8780
Oak Trails Apartments 2911 Clydedale Drive [Map] 75220-4668
Oakridge Apartments 2803 West Illinois Avenue [Map] 75233-1005
Oaks White Rock Apartments 9000 Poppy Drive [Map] 75218-4682
Oaks White Rock Apartments 9000 Poppy Drive [Map] 75218-4682
Oakwood Apartments 2538 Bahama Drive [Map] 75211-2031
Oakwood Apartments 4950 Wadsworth Drive [Map] 75216-7838
Oakwood Manor 4301 Hartford Street Apartment 123 [Map] 75219-2661
Oasis Apartments 2755 East Ledbetter Drive [Map] 75216-7570
Oasis Park 3035 East Ledbetter Drive [Map] 75216-7665
Odd Fellows and Rebekah Friendship Towers 3033 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75236-1100
Olivia Garden Apartments 4518 Columbia Avenue [Map] 75226-2312
Over the Rainbow Apartments 3527 Bolivar Drive [Map] 75220-7400
Paces Cove 13100 Pandora Drive [Map] 75238-4093
Pacific Team Mgt Co 11434 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1347
Park Apartments 5349 Amesbury Drive [Map] 75206-3400
Park At Cliff Creek Apartments 7310 Marvin D Love Freeway [Map] 75237-3185
Park Central 8325 Meadow Road [Map] 75231-3770
Park Creek Manor 2520 Coombs Creek Drive [Map] 75211-8713
Park Dale Garden 9701 Dale Crest Drive [Map] 75220-3001
Park Forest Apartments 3626 Villaverde Avenue [Map] 75234-4145
Park Gates of City Place 4211 Cabell Drive [Map] 75204-3664
Park Lane Apartments 4117 Lovers Lane [Map] 75225-6912
Park Lane Terrace Apartments 6864 Larmanda Street [Map] 75231-7148
Park On Greenville Apartments 9221 Amberton Parkway [Map] 75243-3276
Park On Preston 17878 Preston Road [Map] 75252-5600
Park On Rosemeade 4141 Rosemeade Parkway [Map] 75287-2622
Park Place Apartments 3155 Park Lane [Map] 75220-2714
Park Place Apartments 2116 North Garrett Avenue [Map] 75206-8514
Park Village 7575 South Westmoreland Road [Map] 75237-3320
Park Villas 2519 John West Road [Map] 75228-8822
Park-Vali Hai Apartments 5827 Blackwell Street [Map] 75231-6505
Parkford Oaks Apartments 3443 Mahanna Street [Map] 75209-6561
Parks At Walnut 10000 Walnut Street [Map] 75243-2700
Parks At Wynnewood 1910 Argentia Drive [Map] 75224-2103
Parkwoods Apartments 3035 West Pentagon Parkway [Map] 75233-2117
Pavilion Town Place 7700 Greenway Boulevard [Map] 75209-7323
Pavilion Townplace 7700 Greenway Boulevard [Map] 75209-7323
Pear Ridge Apartments 4753 Old Bent Tree Lane [Map] 75287-7136
Pear Ridge Creek Apartments 4750 Pear Ridge Drive [Map] 75287-4228
Pebbles Park Apartments 8320 Park Lane [Map] 75231-6672
Pecan Square Apartments 3535 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-6778
Pecan Way Apartments 5821 Bonnie View Road [Map] 75241-4023
People El Shaddai Village 2836 East Overton Road [Map] 75216-4763
Peterson Place Apartments 5423 Peterson Lane [Map] 75240-5168
Phoenix Place Apartments 2601 Arroyo Avenue [Map] 75219-1862
Pine Branch Apartments 5811 Pineland Drive [Map] 75231-5397
Pinnacle Ridge Apartmnts 1310 North Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75211-1386
Pinyon Point Apartments 9309 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway [Map] 75243-3456
Plantation House Apartments 2625 Hudnall Street [Map] 75235-8251
Plantation Royal Apartments 2825 Royal Lane [Map] 75229-3614
Players Club Apartments 2525 Players Court [Map] 75287-5972
Plaza At Turtle Creek 3535 Gillespie Street [Map] 75219-4884
Plaza On Harvest Hill 5535 Harvest Hill Road [Map] 75230-1660
Pleasant Grove Apartments 1441 North Jim Miller Road [Map] 75217-1301
Pleasant Village Apartments 378 South Jim Miller Road [Map] 75217-5916
Pleasant Woods Apartments Homes 9236 Church Road [Map] 75231-4999
Pointe Apartments 6514 Ridgecrest Road [Map] 75231-6988
Portofino Apartments 11601 Lago Vista West [Map] 75234-6806
Post American Beauty Mill 2400 South Ervay Street [Map] 75215-5700
Post Gallery 3006 Woodside Street [Map] 75204-7406
Post Worthington 2808 McKinney Avenue Suite 101 [Map] 75204-8691
Potters House At Primrose 2515 Perryton Drive [Map] 75233-1556
Prairie Commons Apartments 9850 Military Parkway [Map] 75227-4812
Prairie Creek Apartments 1190 North Prairie Creek Road [Map] 75217-4097
Prairie Creek Village 9215 Bruton Road [Map] 75217-2561
Prairie Crossing Apartments 4000 Sigma Road [Map] 75244-8115
Prairie Crossing Apartments 4000 Sigma Road [Map] 75244-8115
Preston Bend Apartments 18790 Lloyd Drive [Map] 75252-3208
Preston Bridge 14455 Preston Road [Map] 75254-8539
Preston Creek Apartments 5902 Preston Oaks Road [Map] 75254-8781
Preston Del Norte I 5811 Belt Line Road Apartment 2060 [Map] 75254-6793
Preston Greens Apartments 5990 Arapaho Road [Map] 75248-3715
Preston Greens Apartments 5990 Arapaho Road [Map] 75248-3715
Preston Greens Apartments 5990 Arapaho Road [Map] 75248-3715
Preston Oaks Apartments 5800 Preston Oaks Road [Map] 75254-8779
Preston On the Lake 14333 Preston Road [Map] 75254-8530
Preston Park 14041 Preston Road [Map] 75254-3473
Preston Park Apartments 5757 Preston View Boulevard [Map] 75240-4661
Preston Trace Village Apartments 18331 Roehampton Drive [Map] 75252-5154
Preston Valley 5631 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3169
Preston Villa Apartments 17601 Preston Road [Map] 75252-5770
Preston Village Apartments 18909 Lloyd Circle [Map] 75252-2689
Prestonwood Springs Apartments 5930 Arapaho Road [Map] 75248-3640
Prestonwood Trails Apartments 6350 Keller Springs Road [Map] 75248-2162
Primavera Apartments 2610 Community Drive [Map] 75220-5534
Primrose At Highland Meadows 2000 Highland Road [Map] 75228-6204
Primrose At Highland Meadows 2000 Highland Road [Map] 75228-6204
Primrose Oaks 2999 South Hampton Road [Map] 75224-3061
Prince Hall Chambre Apartments 3650 Dixon Avenue [Map] 75210-3320
Providence Apartment Homes 11700 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-5600
Providence At Village Apartments 5151 Village Fair Drive [Map] 75224-5675
Providence Mockingbird 1853 West Mockingbird Lane [Map] 75235-5076
Providence On the Park 8501 Old Hickory Trail [Map] 75237-3910
Pumphrey Marilyn 2815 Peavy Road [Map] 75228-4800
Rawlins Holdings Lp 3929 Rawlins Street Office A [Map] 75219-5652
Red Bird Trails Apartments 3636 West Red Bird Lane [Map] 75237-1992
Reflections of Highpoint 9010 Markville Drive [Map] 75243-3590
Regal Brook Apartments 8303 Skillman Street [Map] 75231-2039
Regal Court Apartments 5800 Preston View Boulevard [Map] 75240-4710
Regal Springs 13030 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-2451
Regal Villas 9501 Brockbank Drive [Map] 75220-6876
Regis Square Apartments 1355 North Jim Miller Road [Map] 75217-1316
Remond Cliff Plaza Apartments 2928 Remond Drive [Map] 75211-1635
Renaissance Apartments 18959 Dallas Parkway [Map] 75287-3162
Renaissance At Preston Hollow 8600 Thackery Street [Map] 75225-3705
Renaissance On Turtle Creek 3225 Turtle Creek Boulevard [Map] 75219-5407
Renaissance Parc Apartments 5151 Verde Valley Lane [Map] 75254-7475
Reserve 13907 Montfort Drive [Map] 75240-4320
Reserve At Park Central 12009 Coit Road [Map] 75251-2416
Residence At the Oaks 2740 Duncanville Road [Map] 75211-7403
Richland Oaks Apartments 13015 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-3168
Richland Village Apartments 9999 Walnut Street [Map] 75243-8872
Ridge Parc Apartments 6969 Clarkridge Drive [Map] 75236-5802
Ridgecrest Terrace Apartments Ltd 5330 Preakness Lane [Map] 75211-4162
Ridgegate Apartments 9737 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-7700
Rienzi Apartments 3500 Fairmount Street [Map] 75219-4703
River Falls Park Apartments 10570 Stone Canyon Road [Map] 75230-4488
Riverfall Square Apartments 7879 Riverfall Drive [Map] 75230-4721
Riverwalk Apartments 12920 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-2450
Rock Creek Apartments 5850 Belt Line Road [Map] 75254-7758
Rolling Meadows Apartments 4909 Rolling Meadows Drive [Map] 75211-7622
Rosemeade Court Apartments 3939 Rosemeade Parkway Office [Map] 75287-2440
Rosemont At Ash Creek 2605 John West Road [Map] 75228-4900
Rosemont At Bluff Ridge 8125 Clark Road [Map] 75236-5633
Rosemont At Cedar Crest 3303 Southern Oaks Boulevard [Map] 75216-3707
Rosemont At Hickory Trace 8410 South Westmoreland Road [Map] 75237-3807
Rosemont At Lake West 3030 North Hampton Road [Map] 75212-3785
Rosemont At Meadow Lane 4722 Meadow Street [Map] 75215-4707
Rosemont At Melody Place 6852 Shadybrook Lane [Map] 75231-6606
Rosemont At Melody Village 5951 Melody Lane [Map] 75231-7447
Rosemont At Oak Hollow 3015 East Ledbetter Drive [Map] 75216-7604
Rosemont At Pemberton Hill 220 Stoneport Drive [Map] 75217-5501
Rosemont At Timbercreek 801 Beckleymeade Avenue [Map] 75232-5200
Roxboro House Apartments 4616 West Lovers Lane [Map] 75209-3101
Royal Crest Apartments 3558 Wilhurt Avenue [Map] 75216-4970
Royal Orleans Apartments 6440 North Jim Miller Road [Map] 75201
Royal Park Apartments 835 North Zang Boulevard [Map] 75208-4202
Rush Creek Apartments 2625 Community Drive [Map] 75220-5578
S Lakes Apartment 8610 Southwestern Boulevard [Map] 75206-2600
Saddlebrook Apartments 5353 Keller Springs Road [Map] 75248-2778
Saddlebrook Apartments 5353 Keller Springs Road [Map] 75248-2778
Sage Point Apartments 9900 Adleta Boulevard [Map] 75243-8198
Saint Augustine Apartments 1198 North Saint Augustine Drive [Map] 75217-7351
Saltillo Apartments 4719 Cole Avenue Apartment 101 [Map] 75205-3516
San Carlos Apartments 2516 New Orleans Place [Map] 75235-8462
San Mateo Apartments 7110 San Mateo Boulevard [Map] 75223-1006
San Raphael Apartments 14181 Noel Road [Map] 75254-4386
Santa Fe Apartments 9505 Brockbank Drive [Map] 75220-6832
Santa Fe Trails Apartments 6318 Ridgecrest Road [Map] 75231-8514
Savannah Heights Apartments 2600 Arroyo Avenue [Map] 75219-1858
Saxony 14601 Montfort Drive [Map] 75254-8405
Sedona Creek Apartments 9911 Whitehurst Drive [Map] 75243-8771
Serendipity Apartments 8780 Park Lane [Map] 75231-1200
Seville Apartments 10651 Steppington Drive [Map] 75230-4647
Shadow Glen Apartments 8805 Saint Thomas Circle [Map] 75228-6128
Shadow Ridge Village Apartments 9701 West Ferris Branch Boulevard [Map] 75243-7800
Shayona 2880 Peavy Road [Map] 75228-4795
Shiloh Village Apartments 8702 Shiloh Road [Map] 75228-4568
Sienna Palms Apartments 11601 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-4781
Sienna Springs Apartments 9455 Skillman Street [Map] 75243-8200
Sierra Vista 9901 Scyene Road [Map] 75227-4902
Sierra Vista Apartments 2775 Northaven Road [Map] 75229-2300
Signature Accomodations 14800 Quorum Drive [Map] 75254-7073
Silverado Springs Apartments 11100 Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75238-3122
Simara Ridge Apartments 3460 South Loop 12 [Map] 75216-7808
Skyline Place Apartments 4700 Wimbleton Way Suite Office [Map] 75227-2521
Smith Creek Apartments 4791 West Ledbetter Drive [Map] 75236-1524
Snug Harbor Apartments 9590 Forest Lane Apartment 323 [Map] 75243-5956
Soho Apartments 7610 Skillman Street [Map] 75231-8300
Solara Palms 2222 Graycliff Drive [Map] 75228-7246
Solara Palms 8140 Valley Glen Drive [Map] 75228-7217
Solarium Apartments 9275 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway [Map] 75243-3401
Somerset Apartments 4418 Travis Street [Map] 75205-5417
Sonora Palms Apartments 8850 Fair Oaks Crossing [Map] 75243-7976
Sontera Palms 9505 Royal Lane [Map] 75243-7646
South Crest Apartments 3700 Conway Street [Map] 75224-4602
South Port Apartments 8502 Willoughby Boulevard [Map] 75232-5470
South Side On Lamar 1409 South Lamar Street Suite Office [Map] 75215-1871
South Side Plaza 1409 South Lamar Street Suite Office [Map] 75215-1871
Southdale Apartments 3727 Dixon Avenue [Map] 75210-3270
Southdale Apartments 3727 Dixon Avenue [Map] 75210-3270
Southern Villas Apartments 5383 Southern Boulevard [Map] 75240-7302
Southland Terrace Apartment 2202 Southland Street [Map] 75215-4205
Southwestern Medical Park Apartments 6401 Maple Avenue [Map] 75235-5530
Southwestern Medical Park Apartments 6401 Maple Avenue [Map] 75235-5530
Southwind 9877 Brockbank Drive Apartment 112 [Map] 75220-2936
Spanish Gardens Apartments 2838 Royal Lane [Map] 75229-3655
Spanish Keys Apartments 5928 Sandhurst Lane [Map] 75206-4774
Spanish Point Apartments 4121 Harvest Hill Road [Map] 75244-6319
Spanish Steppes Apartments 5925 Sandhurst Lane [Map] 75206-4700
Spinx At Luxar 3110 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75236-1106
Spring Creek Apartments 14833 Spring Creek Road [Map] 75248-5731
Spring Garden Apartments 7803 Ferguson Road [Map] 75228-6364
Spring Hollow Apartments 2703 North Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75228-7449
Springhill Apartments 13606 Maham Road [Map] 75240-6027
Springhouse Apartments 12660 Jupiter Road [Map] 75238-3975
Springridge Apartments 3616 Legendary Lane [Map] 75224-4224
Springs 4810 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75219-1201
Spruce Sq Apartments 442 South Saint Augustine Drive [Map] 75217-7405
St Croix Apartments 12250 Abrams Road [Map] 75243-3096
St Francis Square Apartments 8943 Senate Street [Map] 75228-5404
St James Manor Apartments 3119 Easter Avenue [Map] 75216-4513
Stanford Court Apartments 18175 Midway Road [Map] 75287-6674
Star of Dallas Apartments 9855 Bruton Road [Map] 75217-2789
Starlight Apartments 9709 Starlight Road [Map] 75220-5603
Stepping Stone Apartments 2800 Douglas Avenue Apartment 121 [Map] 75219-3467
Steppington Central Apartments 10640 Steppington Drive [Map] 75230-4674
Stonemanor Apartments 3122 Park Lane [Map] 75220-2711
Stoneridge N Dallas 4750 Haverwood Lane [Map] 75287-4229
Stonewood Terrace Apartments 3872 Dixon Circle [Map] 75210-3176
Stoney Creek Apartments 11330 Amanda Lane [Map] 75238-4096
Stratford Hill Apartments 6809 Larmanda Street [Map] 75231-7153
Summer Glen Apartments 9624 Rolling Rock Lane [Map] 75238-3060
Summer Hill Apartments 10010 Whitehurst Drive [Map] 75243-8777
Summer Villas 17717 Preston Road Apartment 1202 [Map] 75252-5786
Summer Villas 17717 Preston Road Apartment 1202 [Map] 75252-5786
Summer Villas 17717 Preston Road Apartment 1202 [Map] 75252-5786
Summertree Apartments 13250 Emily Road [Map] 75240-5977
Summit Camino Real 4200 Horizon North Parkway [Map] 75287-2809
Sun Colony Apartments 10075 Royal Lane [Map] 75238-1192
Sunchase Square Apartments 7317 Holly Hill Drive [Map] 75231-5398
Suncrest Apartments 5444 Peterson Lane [Map] 75240-5169
Sunrise Village Apt 4836 Sunnyvale Street [Map] 75216-7521
Sunset Oaks Apartments 3550 Timberglen Road [Map] 75287-3491
Sunset Terrace Apartments 9180 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-8914
Surrey Row Apartments 7272 Marvin D Love Freeway Suite Office [Map] 75237-3173
Swissaire Apartments 4125 Swiss Avenue [Map] 75204-8126
Sycamore Tree Apartments 5051 Lahoma Street [Map] 75235-8819
Tecali Apartments 4533 Cedar Springs Road [Map] 75219-1317
Telstar Apartments 510 Westmount Avenue Office Office [Map] 75211-3625
Terrace Hills Apartments 1130 East Ledbetter Drive [Map] 75216-6813
Terrace House 3131 Maple Avenue Apartment 5D [Map] 75201-1289
The Arbors 11201 East Lake Highlands Drive [Map] 75218-1176
The Corners 6310 Shady Brook Lane [Map] 75206-1474
The Dakota Apartments 6550 Shady Brook Lane [Map] 75206-1203
The Gates of Bluffview 3932 West Northwest Highway [Map] 75220-5165
The Iris Place Apartments 13321 Emily Road [Map] 75240-2100
The Lakes 8610 Southwestern Boulevard [Map] 75206-2600
The Madison Park Apartments 10501 Steppington Drive [Map] 75230-4502
The Masters 1180 North Masters Drive [Map] 75217-3771
The Pointe At Timberglen 3737 Timberglen Road [Map] 75287-3600
The Villas At La Risa 12825 Jupiter Road [Map] 75238-3974
The Vista 2345 North Houston Street [Map] 75219-7622
The Wimberly 4141 Horizon North Parkway [Map] 75287-2825
Thirty 377 3377 Blackburn Street [Map] 75204-1545
Thirty Thirty Bryan 3030 Bryan Street [Map] 75204-6166
Timber Oaks Apartments 3714 Legendary Lane [Map] 75224-4355
Timber Park Apartments 2714 North Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75228-4307
Timberglen Apartments 3773 Timberglen Road [Map] 75287-3700
Timberlodge Apartments 11600 Audelia Road [Map] 75243-4700
Timberrock Apartments 4101 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75236-1603
Timmaron Ridge Apartments 9850 Whitehurst Drive [Map] 75243-8776
Tivoli Apartments 18950 Lina Street [Map] 75287-2447
Tonti Lakeside Apartments 7777 Glen America Drive [Map] 75225-1844
Toscana Palms 9750 Royal Lane [Map] 75231-1722
Toscano Apartment 17910 Kelly Boulevard [Map] 75287-5973
Town Center Apartments 8620 Park Lane [Map] 75231-6800
Town Club I Apartments 4525 Sylvester Street [Map] 75219-1743
Town Lake Apartments 715 North Lancaster Avenue [Map] 75203-1488
Town View Apartment 4999 South Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75227-2044
Town Village North 12271 Coit Road [Map] 75251-2300
Towne Square Apartments 5225 Fleetwood Oaks Avenue [Map] 75235-8100
Trails Apartments 15678 Knoll Trail Drive [Map] 75248-7010
Trails Apartments 3109 Chapel Creek Drive [Map] 75220-3101
Trails of White Rock 1121 Beachview Street [Map] 75218-3609
Treymore At City Place 2101 North Haskell Avenue Apartment 6104 [Map] 75204-3774
Treymore At City Place 2101 North Haskell Avenue Apartment 6104 [Map] 75204-3774
Treymore North II 4144 Office Parkway [Map] 75204-3681
Triden Village Apartments 18625 Midway Road [Map] 75287-3979
Trinity Oaks Apartments 17617 Midway Road [Map] 75287-6774
Trinity Palms 9690 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-8654
Trinity Square Apartments 4350 Trinity Mills Road [Map] 75287-7014
Ts Cliff Apartments 8820 Southwestern Boulevard [Map] 75206-2800
Ts Verona Apartments 13330 Noel Road [Map] 75240-5055
Turnberry Isle Apartments 15190 Prestonwood Boulevard [Map] 75248-4730
Turtle Dove Apartments 3516 Matilda Street [Map] 75206-5785
Tuscany At Goldmark 13731 Goldmark Drive [Map] 75240-4251
Upper E 6127 Gaston Avenue [Map] 75214-4301
Vail Quarters Apartments 3900 Briargrove Lane [Map] 75287-8300
Vail Village Apartments 3839 Briargrove Lane [Map] 75287-6360
Vail Village Apartments 3839 Briargrove Lane [Map] 75287-6360
Vailwood Apartments 3902 Accent Drive [Map] 75287
Valwood Apartments 14221 Heritage Circle [Map] 75234-3311
Ventana Apartment Homes 5555 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75254-3062
Ventana At Valwood Apartments 14221 Heritage Circle [Map] 75234-3311
Venture Apartments 4948 Gaston Avenue [Map] 75214-5212
Veranda's At Timberglen 4607 Timberglen Road [Map] 75287-5237
Vernon Oaks Apartments 3311 South Vernon Avenue [Map] 75224-3933
Versailles Apartments 4900 Pear Ridge Drive [Map] 75287-3146
Vickery Creek Apartments 7319 Fair Oaks Avenue [Map] 75231-6202
Victorian Apartments 3435 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-6712
Villa Del Norte 6800 Del Norte Lane [Map] 75225-2554
Villa Garrett Apartments 1919 North Garrett Avenue [Map] 75206-7358
Villa Jolla 11321 Woodmeadow Parkway [Map] 75228-1344
Villa Marquis Apartments 2730 Fyke Road [Map] 75234-2030
Villa Santa Maria Apartments 1830 Bennett Avenue [Map] 75206-7503
Villa Vista Apartments 11363 Amanda Lane [Map] 75238-4095
Village Oaks Apartments 3550 East Overton Road [Map] 75216-3800
Village On the Green Apartments 5301 Alpha Road [Map] 75240-4355
Village On Timberglen 3565 Timberglen Road [Map] 75287-3489
Village Square Apartments 5959 Watership Lane [Map] 75237-2100
Village Square Apartments 2612 Throckmorton Street [Map] 75219-3343
Villages of Addison 17671 Addison Road [Map] 75287-7022
Villages of Royal Lane 11349 Newkirk Street Apartment 1101 [Map] 75229-3217
Villas At Meadow Lane 4722 Meadow Street [Map] 75215-4707
Villas At Monterey 15534 El Estado Drive [Map] 75248-4430
Villas At Montierra 1615 John West Road Apartment 312 [Map] 75228-5581
Villas of Bent Trails 15550 Knoll Trail Drive [Map] 75248-7011
Villas of Remond 3050 Remond Drive [Map] 75211-1637
Vine Townhomes 3210 Carlisle Street [Map] 75204-1333
Vining Apartments 13447 North Central Expressway [Map] 75243-1100
Virginia Manor Apartments 1902 Tarrant Place Apartment B [Map] 75208-3041
Vista Buena 13350 Maham Road [Map] 75240-6124
Vista Del Cielo 4534 Country Creek Drive [Map] 75236-4234
Vista Del Lago Apartments 9191 Garland Road [Map] 75218-3991
Vista's At Pinnacle Park 4599 West Davis Street [Map] 75211-3422
Vistamar 8544 Lazy Acres Circle [Map] 75240-1727
Walker Place Apartments 3880 South Walton Walker Boulevard [Map] 75236-1259
Walker's Mark Apartments 4055 Frankford Road [Map] 75287-6676
Walnut Bend Apartments 9944 Walnut Street [Map] 75243-2898
Warwick Apartments 3330 Webb Chapel Extension [Map] 75220-6713
Waterchase Apartments 12365 Plano Road [Map] 75243-9100
Waterford At Goldmark 13695 Goldmark Drive [Map] 75240-4200
Waterford On the Park 7200 Helsem Bnd [Map] 75230-1991
Watermarke At Lake Highlands 9763 Audelia Road [Map] 75238-2002
Watersong Villas Apartments 14605 Coit Road [Map] 75254-8113
Way III Apartments Oak Cliff 5301 Marvin D Love Freeway [Map] 75232-2204
Wellington Place Apartments 9940 Forest Lane [Map] 75243-4992
West Amherst Circle Apartments 5427 Amherst Circle Apartment 122 [Map] 75209-4432
West Creek Villas Apartments 8444 Spring Valley Road [Map] 75240-4033
Westover House Aptartments 4253 Barksdale Court [Map] 75211-3281
Westridge Apartments 4115 Druid Hills Drive [Map] 75224-4700
Westside In the Village 6541 Shady Brook Lane [Map] 75206-4493
Westwood Apartments 3064 Spruce Valley Lane [Map] 75233-5302
Wheatland Terrace Apartments 443 West Wheatland Road [Map] 75232-7003
Whispering Hollow Apartments 6910 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75236-9659
Wildflower 6031 Pineland Drive [Map] 75231-5400
Williamsburg Apartments 12660 Hillcrest Road [Map] 75230-2032
Willows On Rosemeade 4300 Rosemeade Parkway [Map] 75287-2976
Wilshire On Mockingbird 6151 East Mockingbird Lane [Map] 75214-2626
Windham Apartments 9633 West Ferris Branch Boulevard [Map] 75243-8700
Windridge Apartments 14350 Dallas Parkway Suite Office [Map] 75254-8359
Windsor At Turtle Creek 2217 Ivan Street Apartment 1114 [Map] 75201-7041
Windsor Forest Apartments 2970 Spruce Valley Lane [Map] 75233-1310
Windsor Forest Apartments 2970 Spruce Valley Lane [Map] 75233-1310
Windsor House 5920 East University Boulevard [Map] 75206-4667
Windsor Station Apartments 3501 North Buckner Boulevard [Map] 75228-5687
Winsted At White Rock 2210 Winsted Drive [Map] 75214-3886
Wooded Creek Apartments 825 Pleasant Drive [Map] 75217-4445
Woodglen Luxury Apartments 6161 Pineland Drive [Map] 75231-8204
Woodglen Park Apartments 6800 South Cockrell Hill Road [Map] 75236-9661
Woodhollow Apartments 4311 Woodhollow Drive Apartment 306 [Map] 75237-1481
Woodland City Apartments 202 South Jim Miller Road [Map] 75217-5998
Woods 5 Mile Creek 6010 South Westmoreland Road [Map] 75237-2053
Woodside Apartments 13660 C F Hawn Freeway [Map] 75253-5431
Woodside Terrace Apartments 14018 Brookgreen Drive [Map] 75240-8964
Wyndham Gardens Apartments 2014 Bennett Avenue [Map] 75206-7381
Wynnewood Gardens Apt 2311 Anzio Drive [Map] 75224-2747
Zang Wood Villa Apartments 2454 South Zang Boulevard [Map] 75224-2835

Find student rentals and apartments near Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. Search for all kinds of housing: apartments, lofts, homes, duplexes, townhouses and individual rooms. If you are tired of on-campus university housing and are ready to live in an off-campus rental, then CampusRent is your guide for 1 bedroom apts and 2 and 3 bedroom apts (great for roommates) close to the Southern Methodist University campus. Look at pictures, floor plans, rental rates and leasing options. Do you need a student-friendly or cheap apartment rental because of your budget, or does it need to be within walking distance from campus because you don't have a car. Maybe on a bus line or other type of public transportation.

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