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Apartments in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Community Address Zip
Acadian Place Apartments 855 South Flannery Road [Map] 70815-6974
Afton Oaks Apartments 12074 Newcastle Avenue [Map] 70816-8998
Ardenwood Life Center 650 North Ardenwood Drive [Map] 70806-2664
Ardenwood Life Center 650 North Ardenwood Drive [Map] 70806-2664
Audubon Park 1855 Boulevard De Province [Map] 70816-8800
Azalea Point Apartments 2000 Brightside Drive [Map] 70820-4516
Baker Plaza Apartments 9889 Hooper Road [Map] 70818-4641
Banyon Trace Homes 5560 Banyan Trace Drive [Map] 70805-2018
Bayou Fountain Townhouses 8623 Rush Avenue [Map] 70810-6923
Bellemont Victoria Apartments 3225 Victoria Drive [Map] 70805-7564
Bellemont Victoria II 12254 La Margie Avenue [Map] 70815-2508
Bienville Towers Apartments 2100 College Drive [Map] 70808-1861
Blanche Court Apartments 1618 Blanche Court [Map] 70802-4036
Bluebonnet Place Apartments 9989 Burbank Drive [Map] 70810-6126
Bluebonnet Ridge Apartments 10624 Glenstone Court [Map] 70810-2837
Bluebonnet Towers Apartments 7410 Bluebonnet Boulevard [Map] 70810-1600
Bon Caree Court Apartments 6635 Harry Drive [Map] 70806-2549
Bristol Place Apartments 5960 Siegen Lane [Map] 70809-4189
Broadmoor Plantation Apartments 10530 Florida Boulevard [Map] 70815-1725
Broussard Plaza Apartments 8686 Coy Avenue [Map] 70810-6100
Camden Lake Apartments 2525 Oneal Lane [Map] 70816-3409
Camelot Apartments 1222 Jim Taylor Drive [Map] 70820-4538
Campus Crossing At Brightside 1443 Brightside Drive [Map] 70820-4800
Canterbury House Apartments 2001 South Sherwood Forest Boulevard [Map] 70816-8406
Canterbury Square 3003 River Road South [Map] 70802-8765
Cedarwood Apartments 3484 Cedarcrest Avenue [Map] 70816-2088
Centurion Arms Apartments 1710 North Marque Ann Drive [Map] 70815-3068
Cezanne Square 763 Monet Drive [Map] 70806-2859
Chateau Jacques Apartments 11271 Florida Boulevard [Map] 70815-2075
Chateau Rouge Apartments 655 Sharp Lane [Map] 70815-1472
Chateaux Dijon Apartments 4155 Essen Lane [Map] 70809-2150
Citiscape At Essen 5010 Mancuso Lane [Map] 70809-3594
Classic Heights 11440 Bard Avenue [Map] 70815-2286
College Park of Baton Rouge 373 Community College Drive [Map] 70806-4154
College Park-Burbank Commons 4600 Burbank Drive [Map] 70820-3200
Copper Ridge Apartments 2080 North Lobdell Avenue [Map] 70806-1731
Country Club Apartments of Sherwood 1855 Boulevard De Province [Map] 70816-8800
Country Club II Apartments 4636 Alvin Dark Avenue [Map] 70820-3722
Coventry Terrace 3033 July Street [Map] 70808-2072
Crown Efficiencies 7271 Airline Highway [Map] 70805-5505
Cypress Lake Apartments 11101 Reiger Road [Map] 70809-4590
Cypress Park 10318 Celtic Drive [Map] 70809-2507
Dali Place 1110 North Ardenwood Drive [Map] 70806-1949
Devonshire Apartments 11620 Airline Highway [Map] 70816-6258
Dove Creek Apartments 10920 Airline Highway [Map] 70816-4297
Eden Point Apartments 11528 Old Hammond Highway [Map] 70816-8400
Edgewood Apartments 4949 Stumberg Lane [Map] 70816-4781
Edgewood Place Apartments 11021 Plank Road [Map] 70811-1611
Elcid 4033 Burbank Drive [Map] 70808-4478
Elm Street Apartments 4250 Elm Drive [Map] 70805-4548
Elmgrove Garden Apartments 8770 Elmgrove Garden Drive [Map] 70807-4770
Embassy Apartments 3964 Gourrier Avenue [Map] 70808-4498
Enclave At Cedarlodge 6929 Commerce Circle [Map] 70809-1397
Establishment Apartments 4732 Alvin Dark Avenue [Map] 70820-3733
Fairway View Apartments 2225 College Drive [Map] 70808-1862
Fairway View Aprtments 2245 College Drive [Map] 70808-1800
Fairwood Apartments 3779 Eaton Street Apartment I [Map] 70805-6018
Forestwood Apartments 10795 Mead Road [Map] 70816-2182
Fountain Head Apartments 1221 Bob Pettit Boulevard [Map] 70820-3098
Fox Hill Apartments 8508 Greenwell Springs Road [Map] 70814-2425
Gaslite IV Apartments 4606 Y A Tittle Avenue [Map] 70820-3660
Gates At Citiplace 2500 Gates Circle [Map] 70809-1002
Georgetown Apartments 825 North Carrollton Avenue [Map] 70806-2046
Goodwood Place Apartments 356 Apartment Court Drive [Map] 70806-4472
Grand Oaks 450 Cloud Drive [Map] 70806-4246
Greenside Ridge Apartments 5617 Prescott Road [Map] 70805-5225
Greenwell Plaza Apartments 8235 Greenwell Springs Road [Map] 70814-2215
Hampton Court Apartments 2424 Drusilla Lane [Map] 70809-1455
Hawthorne Heights Apartments 2136 North Lobdell Avenue [Map] 70806-1348
Hidden Pointe 11850 Wentling Avenue [Map] 70816-8033
Highland Club Apartments 17505 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70817-9308
Highland Plantation 5151 Highland Road [Map] 70808-6500
Holiday Acres 11744 Hallmark Drive [Map] 70807-2003
Hollywood Homes 5468 East Sunset Hill Avenue [Map] 70805-3220
Hooper Pointe Apartments 4888 Hooper Road [Map] 70811-3928
Howell Place Apartments 4150 72nd Avenue [Map] 70807-5705
Hudson Square Apartments 10210 Avenue L [Map] 70807-7011
Indigo Elevator Park Apartments 11959 Nicholson Drive [Map] 70810-8334
Indigo Park Apartments 11959 Nicholson Drive [Map] 70810-8334
Ivy Park Apartments 6444 Jones Creek Road [Map] 70817-3069
Jaguar Plaza 750 Harding Boulevard [Map] 70807-5322
Jefferson Arms Apartments 10390 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-2778
Jefferson Colonial Apartments 7940 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-1260
Jefferson East Apartments 7939 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-1269
Jefferson Heights Apartments 8939 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-2472
Jefferson Lakes Apartments 12400 Jefferson Highway Suite Office [Map] 70816-6210
Jefferson Oaks Phase II 8026 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-1608
Jefferson Place Apartments 7975 Jefferson Place Boulevard [Map] 70809-7620
Jefferson Shadows Apartments 9771 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-7207
Jefferson South Apartments 15555 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70817-6305
Jts Interest 10101 Park Rowe Avenue [Map] 70810-1686
Kenilworth Ridge Apartments 994 South Kenilworth Parkway [Map] 70820-8709
Kings' Court Apartments 2888 Dougherty Drive [Map] 70805-7011
Kingston Point Apartments 1919 Boulevard De Province [Map] 70816-8736
Labelle Aire Apartments 1710 North Marque Ann Drive Apartment A2 [Map] 70815-3068
Lake Towers 999 North 9th Street [Map] 70802-4464
Lakeside Villas Apartments 2455 Weldwood Drive [Map] 70816-5836
Live Oaks 12901 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70816-6300
Lodge Apartments 5459 Prescott Road [Map] 70805-5200
Lone Oak Apartments 3303 Lone Oak Drive [Map] 70814-1100
Longridge Apartments 11999 Longridge Avenue [Map] 70816-3920
Magnolia Garden Apartments 8820 Greenwell Springs Road [Map] 70814-2700
Magnolia Trace Apartments 11585 North Harrells Ferry Road [Map] 70816-8544
Maison Bocage Apartments and Townhomes 7827 North Jefferson Place Circle [Map] 70809-8639
Manor House Apartments 9228 Florida Boulevard [Map] 70815-1166
Meadowbrook Apartments 3700 East Brookstown Drive [Map] 70805-4745
Meadowpark Apartments 8363 Siegen Lane [Map] 70810-1919
Monet Place 763 Monet Drive [Map] 70806-2859
Muriel Crossing Apartments 11111 North Harrells Ferry Road [Map] 70816-8389
Myrtle Place Apartments 1718 Boulevard De Province [Map] 70816-8611
Newport Villa Apartments 1737 La Annie Drive [Map] 70815-2507
Normandy Village 7878 Lasalle Avenue [Map] 70806-8345
Oak Park Plaza 947 North Bon Marche Drive [Map] 70806-8833
Oak Village 5618 Superior Drive [Map] 70816-6065
Oakbrook Apartments 5075 Nicholson Drive [Map] 70820-3995
Oakland Apartments 8367 1/2 Airline Highway [Map] 70815-8114
Oakleigh Apartments 11580 Perkins Road [Map] 70810-1838
Oaks of Kingsbridge Apartments 11888 Longridge Avenue [Map] 70816-8900
Oaks of Kingsbridge Apartments 11888 Longridge Avenue [Map] 70816-8900
Oakwoods Apartments 10861 Alco Avenue [Map] 70816-4221
Ole London Towne Apartments 1680 Oneal Lane [Map] 70816-1657
Ole London Towne Apartments 1680 Oneal Lane [Map] 70816-1657
One Lakeshore Place Apartments 940 Stanford Avenue [Map] 70808-3649
Palmer-Northway Apartments 4115 Mohican Street [Map] 70805-5127
Park East Apartments 567 Sharp Lane [Map] 70815-1400
Park Place Apartments 14355 South Harrells Ferry Road [Map] 70816-2692
Park Regency Apartments 260 Sharp Road [Map] 70815-5047
Pelican Bay Apartments 2121 North Lobdell Avenue [Map] 70806-1300
Perkins Rowe 10107 Park Rowe Circle [Map] 70810-1688
Pied Piper Apartments 4546 Alvin Dark Avenue [Map] 70820-3708
Pinnacle Homes At Coursey Place 13675 Coursey Boulevard [Map] 70817-1344
Pirates Bend Apartments 8165 Plank Road [Map] 70811-3925
Place D'charles Apartments 5515 Prescott Road [Map] 70805-5290
Place Du Plantier Apartments 550 Lee Drive [Map] 70808-4970
Provincial Apartments 1201 North Foster Drive [Map] 70806-1876
Redwood Apartments 944 Monet Drive Apartment 14 [Map] 70806-2277
Regency Club Apartments 11555 Southfork Avenue [Map] 70816-2263
Regent Apartment Homes 2750 Millerville Road [Map] 70816-0100
Reserve At Cedar Lodge 6765 Corporate Boulevard [Map] 70809-1061
River Pines Apartments 5750 Florida Boulevard [Map] 70806-4262
Rollmart 3458 Drusilla Lane [Map] 70809-1882
Sablechase At Sherwood 1860 Boulevard De Province [Map] 70816-8820
Savoy Plaza Apartments 600 Wooddale Boulevard [Map] 70806-2927
Scotland Square Apartments 1900 Blount Road [Map] 70807-2264
Scottlandville Homes 1920 Goudchaux Street [Map] 70807-6235
Shadow Creek Apartments 8001 Jefferson Highway [Map] 70809-1602
Sharlo Terrace II 1808 Brightside Drive [Map] 70820-4724
Shenandoah Bend 15959 Tiger Bend Road [Map] 70817-4753
Sherwood Acres 12527 Coursey Boulevard [Map] 70816-4572
Sherwood Acres Apartment 12757 Coursey Boulevard [Map] 70816-4571
Sherwood Place Apartments 4500 Sherwood Common Boulevard [Map] 70816-4256
Siegen Village Apartments 6630 Siegen Lane [Map] 70809-4560
Smith Apartments 4214 Swier Avenue [Map] 70801
South Park Apartments 4701 Southpark Drive [Map] 70816-4251
Southgate 4005 Nicholson Drive Suite 200 [Map] 70808-8434
Spanish Oaks Apartments 4430 Hatcher Avenue [Map] 70806-5221
Spanish Villa Apartments 4380 Mohican Street [Map] 70805-6029
Spires of Sherwood Apartments 11888 Old Hammond Highway [Map] 70816-8600
Spring Brook Apartments 15580 George Oneal Road [Map] 70817-0503
Spring Brook Apartments 15580 George Oneal Road [Map] 70817-0503
St Jean Apartments 16441 South Harrells Ferry Road [Map] 70816-3599
St Theresa's Apartments 3620 Winbourne Avenue [Map] 70805-5801
Stadium Square 4759 Earl Gros Avenue [Map] 70820-3771
Sterling Apartments 10209 Avenue M Apartment 13A [Map] 70807-2665
Suburban Apartments Inc 6515 Hanks Drive [Map] 70812-3539
Summer Set Apartments 1737 La Annie Drive [Map] 70815-2507
Teakwood Village Apartments 515 Gardere Lane [Map] 70820-7605
The Blox At Brightside 1855 Brightside Drive [Map] 70820-4725
The Crescent At University Lake 990 Stanford Avenue [Map] 70808-3680
The Plaza 825 North Carrollton Avenue [Map] 70806-2046
Tiger Manor At North Gate 3000 July Street [Map] 70808-2078
Tiger Manor At North Gate 3000 July Street [Map] 70808-2078
Tiger Park Apartments 1330 Jim Taylor Drive [Map] 70820-3604
Tiger Plaza 4445 Alvin Dark Avenue [Map] 70820-3043
Tiger Towers 3361 Iowa Street [Map] 70802-8343
Towne Oaks 1331 North Sherwood Forest Drive [Map] 70815-2059
Townhomes of Sherwood Forest 11150 Greenwell Springs Road [Map] 70814
Turnberry Place Apartments 10720 Linkwood Court [Map] 70810-2955
Tuscany Villas 10732 North Mall Drive [Map] 70809-4837
University Crescent 4500 Burbank Drive [Map] 70820-3220
University Gardens 2750 Alaska Street [Map] 70802-8255
University View Apartments 336 West Parker Boulevard [Map] 70808-4533
Varn Villa Apartments 1645 Brightside Drive [Map] 70820-8801
Vieux Carre Apartments 4735 Government Street [Map] 70806-0802
Villa Franche Apartments 1302 Bob Pettit Boulevard [Map] 70820-3021
Village Green Apartments 12134 Doverwood Drive [Map] 70807-1871
Wampold Companies 8591 United Plaza Boulevard [Map] 70809-7007
Warren House 7626 Airline Highway [Map] 70814-2117
Wesley Chapel Apartments 10008 Avenue L [Map] 70807-7010
Wesley Plaza Apartments 5222 Hollywood Street [Map] 70805-1979
West Chimes Place 5750 Florida Boulevard [Map] 70806-4262

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