Searching for that first apartment can be a daunting task. What should I look for? What questions do I need to ask? What's an amenity? How long are leases? Can I break my lease? CampusRent is designed for the college student and will help you in the first phase of this quest; finding an apartment near campus.

Search for College Apartments

Not all apartments cater to college residents, but you need to ask. You will probably have to have your parents co-sign on the lease if you are considered a minor in the state where you are going to school. Locate the state for your college then choose your college to find available rentals close to campus.

Search FAQs

So how do I find a college apartment? If you are interested in finding a great apartment for your next college semester, it is easy at CampusRent. First, you can find apartments, condos, lofts, rooms and homes for rent. Second, we make it easy for you since we let you search for your rental by your school. You can also search by city and if have a tight budget and need a cheap apartment you can search by rental prices.

Before you get started, get organized! Do you need a 1 or 2 bedroom apt? Does it need to be close to campus so you can walk, bike or take some type of public transportation? What amenities are important? Internet, security. What is your monthly budget. Don't forget utilities are usually extra. So use our apartment search box locate your school state and then the school's link to get started.