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Transylvania University
300 N. Broadway
Lexington Kentucky 40508-1797
Admissions Phone: 606-233-8242
Mascot: Pioneers

Apartments in Lexington, Kentucky

Community Address Zip
Augusta Arms Apartments 1800 Augusta Court [Map] 40505-2860
Autumn Park Apartments 3312 Keithshire Way [Map] 40503-3544
Ballard Place 650 Tower Plaza [Map] 40508-1248
Bradford Apartments 2034 Cummins Court Apartment 7 [Map] 40504-1713
Brandywine Apartments 1550 Trent Boulevard [Map] 40515-1904
Breckinridge Court 420 Redding Road [Map] 40517-2510
Briarwood Apartments of Lexington 1349 Centre Parkway [Map] 40517-3637
Bridle Creek Apartments 3800 Nicholasville Road [Map] 40503-6346
Brittany Square 534 Hollow Creek Road Apartment 97 [Map] 40511-1771
Broadway Apartments 215 North Broadway Apartment 6 [Map] 40507-1062
Brookstone Apartments 1313 Nancy Hanks Road Apartment 4 [Map] 40504-1270
Brookview Apartments 1900 Garden Springs Drive Apartment 5 [Map] 40504-3600
Cabana Royal Arms Apartments 2044 Georgian Way [Map] 40504-3056
Cambridge Park Apartments 2045 Cambridge Drive [Map] 40504-1980
Cedar Run Apartments 3200 Loch Ness Drive [Map] 40517-1200
Cedarwood Apartments 180 Codell Drive Apartment 402 [Map] 40509-1323
Central Church Apartments 249 East Short Street [Map] 40507-1909
Charbet Apartments 168 Surfside Drive [Map] 40503-3114
Chelsea Apartments 2640 Wilhite Court Apartment A1 [Map] 40503-3351
Christ Church Apartments 137 Rose Street [Map] 40507-1457
Circle View Apt 364 Lima Drive [Map] 40511-2219
Colts Run Apartments 3170 Mapleleaf Drive [Map] 40509-2612
Connie Griffith Manor 650 Tower Plaza [Map] 40508-1248
Continental Square Apartments 1508 Continental Square [Map] 40505-2951
Continental Square Apartments 1508 Continental Square [Map] 40505-2951
Coolavin Apartments 551 West 6th Street [Map] 40508-3901
Country Lane Apartments 1329 Devonport Drive [Map] 40504-1575
Cove Lake Village Apartments 3351 Cove Lake Drive [Map] 40515-5627
Creekside North Apartments 2223 Devonport Drive Apartment E24 [Map] 40504-1669
Creekside South Apartments 2220 Devonport Drive Apartment J72 [Map] 40504-1637
Cross Creek Apartments 3489 Lansdowne Drive [Map] 40517-1137
Crystal Springs Apartments 1369 Alexandria Drive Suite D1 [Map] 40504-1745
Derbytowne Apartments 321 Bainbridge Drive [Map] 40509-1695
Devonshire Apartments 1051 Red Mile Road [Map] 40504-2642
Dogwood Village Apartments 1270 Village Drive [Map] 40504-1849
Doubletree Apartments 1544 Meade Court [Map] 40505-3062
Downing Place Townhouses 3395 Spangler Drive Office 103 [Map] 40517-4705
Eastridge Apartments 2800 Alumni Drive [Map] 40517-4103
Eastwood Apartments Ltd 342 Waller Avenue Suite 1 [Map] 40504-2922
Eastwood Apartments Ltd 342 Waller Avenue Suite 1 [Map] 40504-2922
Elliott Manor Apartments 342 Waller Avenue Suite 1 [Map] 40504-2922
Elm Tree Lane Apartments 214 Elm Tree Lane [Map] 40507
Elm Tree Ln Apartments 302 Gunn Street [Map] 40508-1907
Evergreen Apartments 2845 Palumbo Drive Apartment 9C [Map] 40509-1219
Excutive East Apartments 1704 Jennifer Road [Map] 40505-3086
Fairington Apartments of Lexington 3501 Laredo Drive [Map] 40517-2151
First African Kanisa Apartments 471 Price Road [Map] 40508-1070
Fontainebleu Apartments 2315 Harrodsburg Road [Map] 40504-3352
Forest Creek Apartments 1197 Appian Crossing Way [Map] 40517-1009
Forest Oaks Apartments 249 East Reynolds Road [Map] 40517-1280
Fountains At Andover 3200 Todds Road [Map] 40509-8428
Fox Run Apartments 1840 McCullough Drive [Map] 40511-1561
Frenchburg Apartments 342 Waller Avenue [Map] 40504-2911
Gainesway Apartments 1245 Centre Parkway [Map] 40517-3236
Garden Court Apartments 155 Virginia Avenue [Map] 40508-3260
Garden Springs Apartments 2001 Garden Springs Drive [Map] 40504-3464
Gate House Apartments 1825 Liberty Road [Map] 40505-4253
Grand Reserve At Pinnacle 4390 Clearwater Way [Map] 40515-6359
Hanover Apartments 848 Malabu Drive [Map] 40502-3471
Hartford Place Apartments 1598 Martha Court [Map] 40505-2969
Heather Hills Apartments 301 Hill North Dale Road [Map] 40503
Henry Clay Apartments 209 Lakeshore Drive [Map] 40502-7104
Hill Rise Apartments 709 Hill Rise Court [Map] 40504-2722
Hill Rise Place 709 Hill Rise Court [Map] 40504-2722
Hunnington 935 Red Mile Road [Map] 40504-1271
Kirklevington Hills 3050 Kirklevington Drive Apartment 8 [Map] 40517-2404
Lakepointe Apartments 2334 Lake Park Road [Map] 40502-6606
Landings Apartments 2414 Lake Park Road [Map] 40502-1342
Lansdowne Apartments 820 Malabu Drive [Map] 40502-3454
Legion Hill Apartments 1229 Man O War Place [Map] 40504-2849
Lexington Luxury Apartments 3308 Montavesta Road [Map] 40502-3512
Lexington Luxury Apartments 3308 Montavesta Road [Map] 40502-3512
Lexington Villas 200 Alsab Court [Map] 40509-1125
Liberty Commons 2101 Cornerstone Drive Suite 1 [Map] 40509-4252
Lighthouse Square Apartments 385 Redding Road [Map] 40517-2341
Limestone Square Apartments 129 Transcript Avenue Office 2 [Map] 40508-4026
Longwood Apartments 710 Eureka Springs Drive [Map] 40517-5107
Malabu Manor 145 Malabu Drive [Map] 40503-3162
Mansion Apartments 3820 Nicholasville Road [Map] 40503-4480
Matador North Apartments 1053 Winburn Drive [Map] 40511-1461
Meadows 3099 Kirklevington Drive [Map] 40517-2467
Merrill Place Apartments 1972 Cambridge Drive Apartment 13 [Map] 40504-3802
Mt Tabor Apartments 2371 Chauvin Drive Apartment B [Map] 40517-3988
Mt. Tabor Townhouses 633 Mount Tabor Road [Map] 40517-4231
Mulloy and Rosenberg 449 South Ashland Avenue [Map] 40502-2100
Newtown Crossing Apartments 351 Foreman Avenue [Map] 40508-3165
Newtown Crossing Apartments 351 Foreman Avenue [Map] 40508-3165
Oak Grove of Lexington 3901 Rapid Run Drive [Map] 40515-1878
Old Farm Apartments 3751 Appian Way [Map] 40517-5926
Omni Place 333 Legion Drive Apartment 223 [Map] 40504-2718
Paddock Apartments 416 Hollow Creek Road [Map] 40511-1785
Park Hill Apartment 1720 Sharkey Way [Map] 40511-2028
Park Hill Apartments 2500 Alumni Drive [Map] 40517-3945
Park Place Apartments 4030 Tates Creek Road [Map] 40517-3073
Park Plaza Apartments 120 East Main Street [Map] 40507-1339
Parkway Plaza Apartments 431 Rogers Road [Map] 40505-1932
Patchen Place Apartments 200 Patchen Drive [Map] 40517-4451
Pegasus Place 2504 Larkin Road [Map] 40503-3209
Pennington Place Apartments 215 Codell Drive [Map] 40509-1335
Phoenix Apartments 1708 Jennifer Road [Map] 40505-3061
Pickway Manor Apartments 4070 Victoria Way [Map] 40515-4658
Pinebrook Apartments 3650 Tates Creek Road [Map] 40517-2918
Pinewood Place 1602 Jennifer Road [Map] 40505-3057
Pleasant Cove Apartments 1349 Devonport Drive Apartment 49 [Map] 40504-1500
Pleasant Green Apartments 1748 Jennifer Road Apartment 3 [Map] 40505-3048
Prall Place Apartments 645 Winnie Street [Map] 40508-4039
Preakness 1724 Versailles Road Apartment 201 [Map] 40504-2411
Rabbit Run Apartments 3655 Rabbits Foot Trail [Map] 40503-3730
Racquet Club 3900 Crosby Drive [Map] 40515-1811
Raintree Apartments 175 North Locust Hill Drive [Map] 40509-1557
Regency Manor 2075 Regency Road [Map] 40503-2325
Richmond Commons 2200 Richmond Road [Map] 40502
Ridgewood Apartments 2170 Fort Harrods Drive [Map] 40513-1094
Rose Street Apartments 330 Rose Street [Map] 40508-3058
Rose Town Apartments 320 Rose Street [Map] 40508-3085
Salem Village Apartments 1109 Winburn Drive [Map] 40511-1462
Sayre Christian Village Apartments 3816 Camelot Drive [Map] 40517-2062
Scottish Links Apartments 3640 Bold Bidder Drive [Map] 40517-3548
Serenity Place Apartments 1589 Hill View Place [Map] 40504-2594
Shadeland Crescent Apartments 1145 Turkey Foot Road [Map] 40502-2779
Shillito Park Apartments 3500 Beaver Place Road [Map] 40503-4369
Shorelake Apartments 156 Lakeshore Drive [Map] 40502-2090
Silvertree Apartments 1040 Cross Keys Road Apartment 36 [Map] 40504-3900
Sonnet Cove Apartments 491 Laketower Drive [Map] 40502-2671
Springhouse Apartments 3851 Belleau Wood Drive [Map] 40517-1808
St James Place 169 Deweese Street [Map] 40507-1937
St James Place Apartments Phase II 169 Deweese Street [Map] 40507-1937
Steeplechase Apartments 305 Lindenhurst Drive [Map] 40509-1624
Stone Bridge Apartments 1261 Village Drive Apartment 30 [Map] 40504-1811
Stoney Brooke Apartments 175 North Mount Tabor Road [Map] 40509-1701
Stoney Falls Apartments 2020 Armstrong Mill Road [Map] 40515-7502
Stoney Falls Apartments 2020 Armstrong Mill Road [Map] 40515-7502
Stradford Patchen Oaks Apartments 251 Chippen Dale Circle [Map] 40517-4464
Strictly Natural Jewelry Manufacturer 496 Southland Drive [Map] 40503-1827
Tabor Ridge Townhomes 401 Patchen Drive [Map] 40517-4341
Tates Creek Village 3051 Kirklevington Drive Suite Office [Map] 40517-2422
The Grove At Tates Creek 3565 Tates Creek Road [Map] 40517-2604
The Heritage Apartments 100 Lakeshore Drive [Map] 40502-1266
The Resort At Lake Crossing 3601 Brookewind Way [Map] 40515-6438
Town and Country Apartments 449 South Ashland Avenue Suite 201 [Map] 40502-2100
Townhouses of Merrick 3396 Montavesta Road [Map] 40502-3512
Turfland Apartments 2070 Garden Springs Drive [Map] 40504-3469
University Lofts 236 Bolivar Street [Map] 40508-2958
University Villiage Apartmnt 201 Simpson Avenue Apartment 910 [Map] 40504-4132
Valleyfield Apartments 2875 Palumbo Drive Apartment 101 [Map] 40509-1638
Village Apartments 151 South Locust Hill Drive [Map] 40517-4340
Village Square Apartments 1346 Village Drive Suite D16 [Map] 40504-1729
Villages At Hamburg 2498 Aristocracy Circle [Map] 40509-8570
Walnut Hill Apartments 3716 Trent Circle [Map] 40517-3377
Wells Hill Apartments 342 Waller Avenue [Map] 40504-2911
Westchester On the Circle 1705 Leestown Road [Map] 40511-2128
Westminster Village 1510 Versailles Road [Map] 40504-2444
Whispering Hills Apartments 3745 Camelot Drive [Map] 40517-1719
Winding Brook Apartments Cambridge Drive [Map] 40507
Zandale Terrace Apartments 2160 Nicholasville Road [Map] 40503-2522

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