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University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210040
Tucson Arizona 85721
Admissions Phone: 520-621-3237
Mascot: Wildcats

Tucson is a city in the southern part of Arizona and is the second largest city in the state. It is located in the Sonoran Desert and is known for its warm and sunny climate, making it a popular destination for retirees, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Tucson has a rich history, dating back to the ancient Native American tribes that inhabited the area, including the Hohokam and the Tohono O'odham. In the late 1600s, Spanish explorers arrived and established the city of Tucson, which later became part of Mexico and then part of the United States after the Mexican-American War.

Today, Tucson is a vibrant and diverse city, home to over 500,000 residents. The city has a thriving arts and culture scene, with numerous museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing local and regional talent. The Tucson Festival of Books, held annually at the University of Arizona, is one of the largest book festivals in the country, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Tucson is also a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with a variety of scenic parks and hiking trails, including Saguaro National Park, which is home to the iconic saguaro cactus. The city is also known for its golf courses, as well as its hot air ballooning, birding, and stargazing opportunities.

The economy in Tucson is diverse, with a mix of industries, including technology, healthcare, education, and retail. The University of Arizona, located in the city, is a major contributor to the local economy, with a significant impact on the real estate market, the local job market, and the overall cultural and intellectual life of the city.

The real estate market in Tucson is affordable compared to other major cities in the United States, with a variety of housing options available, including single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and condos. Prices for homes and rental properties in the area vary, depending on location, age, size, and level of amenities. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in Tucson can cost anywhere from $600 to $1000 per month, while the median home price in the city is around $225,000.

Tucson also offers a wide range of shopping and dining options, with a mix of local and chain establishments. The city is known for its Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, as well as its diverse range of ethnic restaurants. The downtown area is home to numerous shops, boutiques, and galleries, making it a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

Tucson is a city with a rich history, a thriving arts and culture scene, and a diverse economy. Its warm and sunny climate, affordable real estate market, and variety of outdoor recreation options make it a popular destination for retirees, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a place to live, work, or visit, Tucson has something to offer for everyone.

The University of Arizona (UA) was founded in 1885 and is the first university established in the state of Arizona. It is a public research university located in Tucson, Arizona, and is one of the largest universities in the United States, with over 44,000 students.

The university's history can be traced back to 1885, when the Arizona Territorial Legislature authorized the creation of a university in the state. The first classes were held in 1891 in a rented building in downtown Tucson, and the first building on the current university campus was completed in 1895.

In the early 20th century, UA experienced significant growth, with the addition of new buildings and programs. The university also established its first graduate programs, including the Graduate College, in 1916. In the following decades, UA continued to grow and expand, adding new programs and facilities, including the renowned College of Medicine in 1967.

During the 1970s and 1980s, UA experienced a period of significant growth and development. The university underwent a major expansion, adding numerous new buildings, research facilities, and academic programs. UA also established itself as a leading research institution, with a focus on interdisciplinary research in areas such as astronomy, hydrology, and biotechnology.

In recent years, UA has continued to evolve and grow, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The university has established a number of centers and institutes dedicated to cutting-edge research and entrepreneurship, including the Eller College of Management, the BIO5 Institute, and the UA Tech Park.

Today, UA is a comprehensive research university with a wide range of programs and disciplines, including arts and humanities, business, education, engineering, medicine, and the natural sciences. The university is also home to numerous research centers and institutes, including the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, the Steward Observatory, and the Arizona Cancer Center.

Throughout its history, UA has been dedicated to providing high-quality education to its students and conducting groundbreaking research. The university is committed to making a positive impact on the world, and its graduates have gone on to make significant contributions to a wide range of fields, including science, medicine, business, and the arts.

The University of Arizona has a rich and storied history, having grown from its humble beginnings in 1885 to become one of the largest and most respected research universities in the United States. With its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, UA continues to be a leader in higher education, and its graduates are making a positive impact on the world.

The University of Arizona's motto is "Bear Down".

The university's mascot is Wilbur T. Wildcat.

The university's fight song is "Fight! Arizona".

Here are the lyrics to the University of Arizona's fight song "Fight! Arizona":

Fight! Fight! Arizona, With all your might, Bring honor to our name, And show them we're the same.

We're loyal to you, Arizona, with all our might, And we'll cheer you with all our might.

Maroon and Gold, our colors bold, Will lead us to a victory untold.

So come on and Fight! Fight! Fight! And win this game tonight!

Bear Down Arizona, And never give in, For we know that you will win! Bear Down!

Recently, the University of Arizona has an estimated student population of over 44,000 students, with a diverse mix of ethnic, racial, and national backgrounds. According to the university's official data, the student body is composed of the following demographics:

  • Ethnicity:

    • 56.9% White
    • 15.2% Hispanic/Latino
    • 4.6% African American
    • 3.4% Asian
    • 0.9% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
    • 17.1% two or more races
  • Gender:

    • 49.3% female
    • 50.7% male
  • International students:

    • 8.1% of the student body is from countries outside of the United States

These numbers are subject to change as the university continues to grow and evolve, and it's important to note that demographic information is self-reported by students.

The rental housing market near the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona is diverse, with options ranging from apartment complexes, single-family homes, and student-oriented housing. The demand for rental housing near the university is typically high, especially during the academic year, as many students and faculty members look for convenient and affordable living options.

The prices for rental housing in the area vary depending on the location, type of property, and level of amenities. On average, a one-bedroom apartment near the university can cost anywhere from $600 to $1000 or more per month. Prices for larger apartments, houses, or student-oriented housing may be higher.

There are a number of factors that can influence the rental market near the University of Arizona, such as supply and demand, the state of the local economy, and the overall real estate market in the area. As with any rental market, it is recommended that prospective renters do their research and compare options before making a decision on where to live.

Overall, the rental housing market near the University of Arizona offers a variety of options to suit different needs and budgets, making it a convenient and attractive place to live for those affiliated with the university.

Apartments in Tucson, Arizona

Community Address Zip
7700 Place 7700 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1604
Acacia Gardens 402 East Limberlost Drive [Map] 85705-2877
Acacia Hills 9170 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-1348
Acw Apartments 3276 North Geronimo Avenue [Map] 85705-5213
Alta Vista Apartments 7450 East 22nd Street [Map] 85710-6445
Altamira 855 East River Road [Map] 85718-5648
Alvernon Manor Apartments 919 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85711-1054
Alvernon North 3003 North Alvernon Way Apartment 103 [Map] 85712-1440
American Village Apartments 1241 West Roger Road [Map] 85705-2568
Amphi Apartments 3516 North Stone Avenue [Map] 85705-3589
Annandale 5601 East 5th Street [Map] 85711-2440
Arboretum 4700 North Kolb Road Apartment 15211 [Map] 85750-6180
Arcadia Gardens 7887 East Uhl Street [Map] 85710-4137
Arcadia Park Apartments 250 North Arcadia Avenue [Map] 85711-3021
Arizona Commons 931 North Euclid Avenue [Map] 85719-4806
Armory Park Apartments 211 South 5th Avenue [Map] 85701-2120
Arroyo Chico Apartments 1402 East Manlove Street [Map] 85719-6123
B'nai Brith Covenant House Apartments 4414 East 2nd Street [Map] 85711-1194
Bazv Tierra Bonita Tucson 175 West Valencia Road [Map] 85706-6888
Bear Canyon Apartments 9055 East Catalina Highway [Map] 85749-8000
Bella Flora Apartments 6160 East Bellevue Street [Map] 85712-5149
Bellevue Garden Apartments 6101 East Bellevue Street [Map] 85712-5161
Bellevue Towers 3710 East Bellevue Street [Map] 85716-4026
Bilmar Apartments 9009 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-4023
Blacklidge Terrace 201 West Blacklidge Drive Suite Office [Map] 85705-5910
Block House Apartments 1920 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85719-3508
Block House Apartments 1920 North 1st Avenue Apartment 61 [Map] 85719-3509
Blue Agave Apartments 1240 North 7th Avenue Apartment 135 [Map] 85705-6673
Brentwood Apartments 835 North 6th Avenue [Map] 85705-7761
Briarwood Apartments 1300 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85719-2222
Brittany Court 9000 East Speedway Boulevard Unit Office [Map] 85710-1853
Broadway East Apartments 6199 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85711-4010
Broadway Gardens Apartments 8880 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-4037
Broadway Inn Apartments 8477 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-4005
Broadway Proper 7670 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-3777
Broadway Proper Apartments 7680 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-3763
Cabo Del Sol Apartment Homes 5600 South Midvale Park Road [Map] 85746-3257
Cambridge Village Apartments 2801 North Oracle Road [Map] 85705-4362
Cambridge Village Apartments 2801 North Oracle Road [Map] 85705-4362
Camden View 11 East Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-5559
Camino De La Sierra 2720 North Swan Road [Map] 85712-2054
Camino Real 8601 East Old Spanish Trail [Map] 85710-4309
Camino Seco Village Apartments 77 North Camino Seco [Map] 85710-2968
Campbell Terrace 4750 South Campbell Avenue [Map] 85714-1819
Campus Crossings At 8th Street 1150 East 8th Street [Map] 85719-5425
Cancion Rio Apartments 2400 East River Road [Map] 85718-6522
Candlewood Place Apartments 3234 East Bellevue Street [Map] 85716-3949
Cantera 3500 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85741-2854
Canyon Creek Apartments 160 North Pantano Road [Map] 85710-2322
Canyon Heights Apartments 550 North Pantano Road [Map] 85710-2353
Canyon Oaks 600 North Pantano Road [Map] 85710-2370
Capistrano Apartments 2929 East 6th Street Apartment 105 [Map] 85716-4801
Carondelet Apartments 6770 East Carondelet Drive [Map] 85710-2140
Carondelet Apartments 6770 East Carondelet Drive [Map] 85710-2140
Casa Allegre Apartments 1252 South Craycroft Road [Map] 85711-7208
Casa Blanca Apartments 819 North 1st Avenue Apartment 105 [Map] 85719-4815
Casa De Caro Apartments 5240 East Bellevue Street [Map] 85712-4853
Casa De Colinas Apartments and Townhomes 2162 West Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85745-3900
Casa De Encanto 250 North Silverbell Road [Map] 85745-2852
Casa De Sherry 2458 North Sycamore Boulevard [Map] 85712-2540
Casa Del Norte Apartments 3802 North Flowing Wells Road [Map] 85705-2483
Casa Espana 1725 North Park Avenue [Map] 85719-3548
Casa Grande Village 5950 South Park Avenue [Map] 85706-4257
Casa Larga Apartments 6590 East Golf Links Road Apartment 19 [Map] 85730-1049
Casa Loma 6639 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-3531
Casa Madera Apartments 7374 North Mona Lisa Road [Map] 85741-4530
Casa Marin 438 East Prince Road [Map] 85705-3695
Casas Adobes Apartments 6200 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-5475
Casas Lindas Apartments 699 West Magee Road [Map] 85704-4651
Casitas Del Sol Apartments 5541 East Helen Street [Map] 85712-4944
Catalina Canyon 2300 West Ina Road [Map] 85741-2657
Catalina Crossing Apartments 9095 North Oracle Road Apartment 2203 [Map] 85704-7468
Catalina Foothills Lodge 5250 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-3700
Catalina Mission Apartments 4880 East 29th Street [Map] 85711-6435
Catalina Palms 1625 East Prince Road [Map] 85719-1950
Catalina View Apartments 5160 East Bellevue Street [Map] 85712-4851
Catalina Vista Apartments 8550 East Old Spanish Trail [Map] 85710-4307
Centrepointe Apartments 3220 West Ina Road [Map] 85741-2160
Century Park Apartments 765 West Limberlost Drive Apartment 11 [Map] 85705-1565
Chula Vista Apartments 2002 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85719-2327
Cima I Apartments 309 West Roger Road [Map] 85705-2707
Cimarron Place Apartments 3121 North Swan Road [Map] 85712-1246
Claremont Villas On Broadway 6901 East Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85710-2816
Club Carmel 1970 West Magee Road [Map] 85704-2189
College Place 1601 North Oracle Road [Map] 85705-6440
Colores Del Sol Tucson 5933 South 6th Avenue [Map] 85706-4176
Columbus Terrace 4255 East 29th Street [Map] 85711-6139
Columbus Village 1502 South Columbus Boulevard [Map] 85711-5655
Continental Palms Apartments 933 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85711-1041
Copper Creek 6666 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-1034
Copper Hills Apartments 7950 East Stella Road [Map] 85730-1947
Copper View Apartments 2559 North Tucson Boulevard Apartment 1101 [Map] 85716-2461
Cornerstone Apartments 3985 North Stone Avenue [Map] 85705-3272
Coronado Villas 9225 East Tanque Verde Road [Map] 85749-8718
Coronado Vista Courtyard Apartments 1511 North Craycroft Road [Map] 85712-4240
Cottonwood Creek Apartments 3111 East 4th Street [Map] 85716-4536
Country Club Apartments 3033 East 6th Street [Map] 85716-4833
Country Club of La Cholla 8700 North La Cholla Boulevard [Map] 85742-4400
Country Club Terrace Apartments 3041 North Country Club Road [Map] 85716-1631
Country Gardens Apartments 3202 North Country Club Road [Map] 85716-1340
Coventry Manor Apt 5770 East 10th Street Apartment 15 [Map] 85711-3245
Craycroft Gardens Apartments 5402 East 30th Street [Map] 85711-6546
Crecent Ridge Apartments 3980 West Linda Vista Boulevard [Map] 85742-8409
Crescent Ridge Apartments 3980 West Linda Vista Boulevard [Map] 85742-8409
Croftwood Apartments 1005 South Craycroft Road [Map] 85711-7117
Crown Villas 550 South Camino Seco [Map] 85710-4460
Dakota Canyon Apartments 6201 East Pima Street [Map] 85712-3030
Deerfield Apartments 3201 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85716-1660
Desert Atrium Apartments 8750 East Cooper Street [Map] 85710-4469
Desert Cove Apartments 1201 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85712-4550
Desert Palms Apartments 3125 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85712-1075
Desert Palms Apartments 180 West Valencia Road Apartment Office [Map] 85706-6857
Desert Sage Apartments 3950 East Blacklidge Drive [Map] 85712-1466
Desert Shadows Apartments 7425 North Mona Lisa Road [Map] 85741-4526
Desert Springs Apartments 6710 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-1020
Desert Tree Apartments 3450 North Stone Avenue Apartment Office [Map] 85705-3541
East Gate Apartments 1175 North Jefferson Avenue [Map] 85712-5029
Eastside Place Apartments 1800 South Pantano Road [Map] 85710-6717
Edgewood Apartment Homes 550 North Harrison Road Apartment 5103 [Map] 85748-2777
Edison Apartments 5651 East Edison Street [Map] 85712-2945
El Conquistador 1881 East Irvington Road [Map] 85714-1767
El Dorado Apartments 2440 East Glenn Street [Map] 85719-2867
El Dorado Place 1150 North El Dorado Place [Map] 85715-4617
Emerald Pointe Apartments 201 South Camino Seco [Map] 85710-4489
Entrada Real Apartments 1 West University Boulevard Apartment 2101 [Map] 85705-6699
Estancia 2500 North Desert Links Drive [Map] 85715-3791
Eucalyptus Apartments 3055 North Tyndall Avenue [Map] 85719-2552
Eucalyptus Gardens Apartments 414 East Prince Road [Map] 85705-6140
Fairmount Plaza Apartments 4444 East Fairmount Street [Map] 85712-3969
Florez Apt 113 East Flores Street [Map] 85705-5371
Foothills 5441 North Swan Road [Map] 85718-5434
Fort Lowell Place Apartments 3475 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85716-1627
Fountain Apartments 811 East Prince Road [Map] 85719-1762
Fountain Plaza Apartments 2345 North Craycroft Road [Map] 85712-2831
Fountain Village Clubhouse 1345 South Kolb Road [Map] 85710-8403
Fox Point Apartments 3700 North Campbell Avenue Apartment 1221 [Map] 85719-1515
Fry Apartments 909 South 5th Avenue [Map] 85701-3137
Garden Park Apartments 201 East Yavapai Road [Map] 85705-6104
Garden View Apartments 1333 North Tyndall Avenue Apartment 116 [Map] 85719-4050
Georgetown Apartments 2510 North Winstel Boulevard [Map] 85716-2353
Golf Villas At Oro Valley 10950 North La Canada Drive [Map] 85737-5940
Golf Villas At Oro Valley 10950 North La Canada Drive [Map] 85737-5940
Greens At Ventana 5800 North Kolb Road Unit 14175 [Map] 85750-0915
Greens At Ventana Canyon Apartments 5800 North Kolb Road Unit 2110 [Map] 85750-0911
Greentree Apartments 5555 East 14th Street [Map] 85711-4560
Greenview Apartments 1617 West El Rio Drive [Map] 85745-2077
Harbor House Apartments 2660 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85712-1747
Harrison Park Apartments 350 North Harrison Road [Map] 85748-3235
Hazen Enterprises 3340 North Country Club Road Suite 102 [Map] 85716-1376
Hilands Apartment Homes 5755 East River Road [Map] 85750-6701
Huntington Park Apartments 8550 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1747
Ironwood Apartments 1475 North Wilmot Road [Map] 85712-4458
Jem Enterprises 3255 North Country Club Road [Map] 85716-1360
Kachina Court Apartments 5255 East 29th Street [Map] 85711-5848
Kachina Springs Apartments 115 West Limberlost Drive [Map] 85705-2777
Kelso Vista Apartments 450 West Kelso Street [Map] 85705-4904
Knollwood Terrace Apartments 3528 East 2nd Street [Map] 85716-4342
La Casa De Los Leones 3150 North Flowing Wells Road [Map] 85705-9379
La Entrada Apartments 255 North Granada Avenue [Map] 85701-8236
La Hacienda Apartments 6161 East Pima Street [Map] 85712-3062
La Jolla De Tucson 444 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-5642
La Lomita Apartments 2080 West Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85745-2166
La Mirada Apartments 4415 East Grant Road Unit Office [Map] 85712-2600
La Orquidea 4107 South 6th Avenue [Map] 85714-1591
La Posada Apartment Homes 6300 South Headley Road [Map] 85746-6570
La Quinta 6110 East 5th Street Office [Map] 85711-2668
La Reserve Villas 10700 North La Reserve Drive [Map] 85737-9199
Lakes Apartments 5666 East Hampton Street [Map] 85712-2931
Lakeside Village Apartments 8250 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-1235
Lakewood Townhome Apartments 4200 East Benson Highway [Map] 85706-4839
Lantana Apartment Homes 1111 West Saint Marys Road [Map] 85745-2484
Las Casitas Apartments 3644 East 4th Street [Map] 85716-5000
Las Casitas Village Apartments 4100 East 29th Street Office [Map] 85711-6177
Las Montanas Apartments 6200 South Campbell Avenue [Map] 85706-4400
Las Villas Apartments 3424 East 2nd Street [Map] 85716-4339
Las Villas De Kino Apartments 5515 South Forgeus Avenue [Map] 85706-3634
Laurence Court Apartments 3730 North Oracle Road Apartment 7 [Map] 85705-3266
Le Mirage 9777 North Thornydale Road [Map] 85742-5000
Legends At La Paloma 3750 East Via Palomita [Map] 85718-3355
Los Altos Apartments 2525 North Los Altos Avenue [Map] 85705-4791
Los Altos Apartments 501 East Glenn Street Apartment 5 [Map] 85705-5108
Los Altos Village Apartments 2525 North Los Altos Avenue [Map] 85705-4791
Los Patios Apartments 570 West Prince Road [Map] 85705-3478
Los Portales Apartments 801 South Prudence Road [Map] 85710-5055
Maguire Hill Apartments 207 North Maguire Avenue [Map] 85710-9001
Main Gate Village 415 East University Boulevard Apartment 201 [Map] 85705-7904
Manor At Midvale 6250 South Commerce Court [Map] 85746-6009
Mark-Hall Apartments 814 East 9th Street [Map] 85719-5300
Marshall Foundation 814 East University Boulevard [Map] 85719-5047
Mayfair Manor Apartments 5180 East 22nd Street [Map] 85711-5051
Meadow West Apartments 1585 North Santa Rita Avenue [Map] 85719-4188
Menlo Park Apartments 427 North Granada Avenue [Map] 85701
Mesquite Grove Apartments 1651 East Glenn Street Office 139 [Map] 85719-2787
Mesquite Grove Apartments 1651 East Glenn Street Apartment 101 [Map] 85719-2782
Mg Colonia Del Rio 4545 North Via Entrada [Map] 85718-5848
Mira Vista Apartments 7596 North Mona Lisa Road [Map] 85741-4596
Mission Antigua Apartments 5525 South Mission Road [Map] 85746-2277
Mission Creek Apartments 1451 West Ajo Way [Map] 85713-5700
Mission Palms 951 West Orange Grove Road Apartment 29103 [Map] 85704-4047
Mission Palms Apartments 951 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-4067
Mission Palms Apartments 951 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-4067
Mission Palms Apartments 951 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-4067
Mission Park Apartments 5601 South 12th Avenue [Map] 85706-3171
Mission Sierra Apartments 2410 South Mission Road [Map] 85713-3146
Mission Tierra Apartments 5505 South Mission Road [Map] 85746-2287
Mission Vista Apartments 2455 North Dodge Boulevard Apartment 6101 [Map] 85716-2662
Mohave Apartments 610 East Mohave Road [Map] 85705-6121
Montclair Apartments 835 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85711-1815
Monterey Garden Apartments 1039 North Alamo Avenue [Map] 85711-1654
Mountain Lakes Apartments 1975 West 36th Street [Map] 85713-3170
Mountain Plaza Apartments 1250 East 10th Street [Map] 85719-5820
Mountain Shadows Apartments 2430 North Dodge Boulevard [Map] 85716-2654
Mountain Terrace Apartments 4809 East Pima Street Apartment 101 [Map] 85712-3554
Mountain Village Apartments 513 West Panorama Road [Map] 85704-3900
Mountain Vista Apartments 373 North Wilmot Road [Map] 85711-2606
Mountain Vista Apartments 373 North Wilmot Road [Map] 85711-2606
North Hill Apartments 555 East Limberlost Drive [Map] 85705-2887
Northpointe Student Apartments 850 East Wetmore Road [Map] 85719-7224
Oakwood Terrace Apartments 2740 North Balboa Avenue [Map] 85705-4464
Off Broadway Apartments 20 North Leonora Avenue [Map] 85711-3251
Old Farm 6161 East Grant Road [Map] 85712-5812
Olde Town Apartments 720 South 5th Avenue [Map] 85701-2759
One North Fifth 1 North 5th Avenue [Map] 85701-1817
Oracle Palms Apartments 4045 North Oracle Road [Map] 85705-2739
Oracle Village 5921 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-3837
Orange Blossom Apartments 737 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85711-1821
Orange Tree Village Apartments 645 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-7731
Oro Vista Luxury Apartments 1301 West Lambert Lane [Map] 85737-7100
Overlook At Push Ridge 8851 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-7447
Palace Apartments 3814 East 4th Street [Map] 85716-5042
Palm Canyon Apartments 2255 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85741-3151
Palm Court Inn 4425 East 22nd Street [Map] 85711-5707
Palm Shadows Apartments 1815 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85719-4642
Palm Terrace Apartments 3066 North Balboa Avenue Suite Office [Map] 85705-3861
Pantano Park Apartments 200 South Pantano Road [Map] 85710-4158
Pantano Villas Apartments 260 South Pantano Road [Map] 85710-4132
Park Adams Apartments 1425 North Park Avenue Unit Office [Map] 85719-4254
Park Seville 1150 East Irvington Road [Map] 85714-3266
Park Village Apartments 5290 South Park Avenue [Map] 85706-2578
Parkview Apartments 5801 South 12th Avenue [Map] 85706-3948
Pavillions At Pantano 8110 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1739
Peachtree Place Apartments 840 North Alvernon Way [Map] 85711-1813
Pebblecreek Apartments 7001 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-1050
Pinnacle Heights 7990 East Snyder Road [Map] 85750-6530
Plum Tree Apartments 4201 East Monte Vista Drive Apartment F105 [Map] 85712-5507
Portofino Apartments 1702 West 36th Street [Map] 85713-3172
Posada Del Rio 7424 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1551
Posadas Sentinel Apartments 464 West La Paz Street Unit 1 [Map] 85701-3341
Presidio East 8485 East 22nd Street [Map] 85710-6538
Prince Plaza Apartments 120 West Prince Road Unit Office [Map] 85705-3558
Promontory Apartments 60 West Stone Loop Apartment 1827 [Map] 85704-5143
Pueblo Villa Apartments 520 West Prince Road [Map] 85705-3486
Puesta Del Sol Apartments 2299 North Silverbell Road [Map] 85745-1160
Pusch Ridge Apartments 9901 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-7699
Quail Ridge Apartments 4500 East Sunrise Drive Apartment Q7 [Map] 85718-5337
Quail Ridge Apartments 4500 East Sunrise Drive Apartment B3 [Map] 85718-5343
Quatrovest 3035 East 5th Street [Map] 85716-4436
Raintree Apartments 6450 East Golf Links Road Apartment 2085 [Map] 85730-4977
Ranch House Lodge 4531 North Caminito De La Puerta [Map] 85718-6401
Rancho Mirage 750 East Irvington Road [Map] 85714-3273
Rancho Montano 2000 East Roger Road [Map] 85719-1201
Redondo Towers 425 West Paseo Redondo Suite Office [Map] 85701-8256
Retreat At Speedway 7401 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1517
Retro City Apartments 2475 North Haskell Drive Unit Office [Map] 85716-2648
Ridgepointe Apartments 6001 East Pima Street [Map] 85712-4358
Ridgewood Gardens 3302 South Pantano Road [Map] 85730-2516
Rillito Village Apartments 3700 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85719-1648
Rincon Apartments 720 North 6th Avenue [Map] 85705-8372
Rio Cancion Apartments 2400 East River Road [Map] 85718-6522
Rio Nuevo Apartments 410 North Granada Avenue [Map] 85701
Rio Vista 2000 East River Road [Map] 85718-6570
Rio Vista Apartments 2000 East River Road [Map] 85718-6570
River Oaks Apartments 7730 East Broadway Boulevard Apartment 404 [Map] 85710-3952
River Point Apartments 4175 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85712-1000
River Square Apartments 990 East River Road Apartment 207 [Map] 85718-5672
Rock Ridge Apartments 10333 North Oracle Road [Map] 85737-5100
Rockridge Apartments 10333 North Oracle Road [Map] 85737-5100
Roger Plaza Apartments 102 West Roger Road [Map] 85705-2774
Rosemont Gardens Apartments 5121 East 29th Street [Map] 85711-5856
Royal El Con Apartments 3660 East 3rd Street [Map] 85716-4650
Royal Palms Apartments 5201 East 2nd Street [Map] 85711-1342
Sabino Canyon Apt Homes 4880 North Sabino Canyon Road Apartment 6123 [Map] 85750-7008
Saddle Ridge Apartments 450 West Cool Drive [Map] 85704-6462
Sahara Apartments 919 North Stone Avenue Suite Office [Map] 85705-7932
Sahuaro 303 West Flores Street [Map] 85705-5448
San Carlos Apartments 71 East 13th Street Apartment 21 [Map] 85701-1925
San Remo Apartments 3875 North Country Club Road Apartment 306 [Map] 85716-6006
Sand Pebble Apartments 3250 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85716-1643
Sandpiper Apartments 2401 East Glenn Street [Map] 85719-2829
Sandstone Apartments 405 East Prince Road Apartment Office [Map] 85705-6150
Santa Clara Apartments 6340 South Santa Clara Avenue [Map] 85706-7649
Santa Cruz Apartments 3601 South 16th Avenue Apartment 605 [Map] 85713-6070
Santa Cruz River Apartments 851 West Ajo Way [Map] 85713-6055
Santaluz Apartments 5650 South Park Avenue [Map] 85706-3308
Saratoga Apartments 901 North 1st Avenue Apartment 7 [Map] 85719-4819
Seasons 811 East Wetmore Road [Map] 85719-7298
Seneca Apartments 2050 North Pantano Road Apartment 6103 [Map] 85715-6212
Seneca Terrace Apartments 2050 North Pantano Road [Map] 85715-6200
Shadow Pines Apartments 4011 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85719-1007
Shadow Ridge Apartments 4040 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85712-1066
Shadowtree Apartments 201 North Wilmot Road [Map] 85711-3303
Shannon Park Apartments 3737 North Country Club Road [Map] 85716-1232
Sherwood Garden Apartments 6534 East Stella Road [Map] 85730-2255
Sienna Ridge 5353 East 22nd Street [Map] 85711-5467
Sienna Springs 2650 North Oracle Road [Map] 85705-4331
Sierra Pointe Apartments 2350 East Water Street [Map] 85719-3448
Sierra Vista Apartments 3535 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85719-1729
Silverado Apartments 5000 South Country Club Road [Map] 85706-1700
Silverwood Terrace Apt 2120 North Silverbell Road [Map] 85745-1150
Skyline Gateway 4601 East Skyline Drive Apartment 1418 [Map] 85718-1662
Somerpointe 7351 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1529
Somerset Place 4301 East 29th Street [Map] 85711-6366
Sonoran Terrace Apartments 7887 North La Cholla Boulevard [Map] 85741-4313
Sonterra At Williams Centre 5400 East Williams Boulevard [Map] 85711-4411
Sonterra Williams Centre 5400 East Williams Boulevard [Map] 85711-4411
Southwind Village Apartments 2020 South Columbus Boulevard [Map] 85711-6265
Spanish Village Apartments 8600 East Old Spanish Trail [Map] 85710-4305
Spring Hill Apartments 8030 East Lakeside Parkway [Map] 85730-1255
Springs 4900 East 5th Street [Map] 85711-2204
Springs 432 South Williams Boulevard [Map] 85711-7403
Springs At Continental Ranch 7901 North Cortaro Road [Map] 85743-7880
St Philip's Corner 3993 North Campbell Avenue Apartment 1106 [Map] 85719-1466
Stargate West Apartments 2651 West Broadway Boulevard [Map] 85745-1725
Starr View Apartments At Starr Pass 1050 South Bill Martin Drive [Map] 85745-5138
Stephenson Place 3533 North Estrella Avenue Unit 20 [Map] 85705-3697
Sterling University Villa 2550 West Ironwood Hill Drive [Map] 85745-1180
Stonewood Apartments 2621 North Estrella Avenue [Map] 85705-4562
Stonybrook Apartments 4225 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85719-1077
Summerlin Villas Apartments 3300 North Paseo De Los Rios [Map] 85712-6051
Suncrest Apartments 300 East Navajo Road Office 1103 [Map] 85705-5226
Sundown Village 8215 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-6445
Sunflower Apartments 6502 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-4913
Sunnyslope Apartments 150 East Hardy Road [Map] 85704-7404
Sunpointe Gardens 2727 North Oracle Road [Map] 85705-4327
Sunquest 445 North Pantano Road [Map] 85710-2311
Sunrise Apartments 3636 North Campbell Avenue [Map] 85719-1526
Sunrise of River Road 4975 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85718-5614
Sunrise Ridge Apartments 4901 East Sunrise Drive [Map] 85718-4569
Sunriver Apartments 5069 North Sunriver Circle [Map] 85704-1585
Sunset Vista Apartments 5909 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85711-6941
Swan Crest Apartments 1060 North Swan Road Apartment 101 [Map] 85711-1253
Sycamore Creek Apartments 1701 North Wilmot Road [Map] 85712-3044
Tamarack Apartments 1111 West Saint Marys Road [Map] 85745-2484
Tanglewood 5050 East 5th Street [Map] 85711-2125
Tanque Verde Apartments 7671 East Tanque Verde Road [Map] 85715-3606
Telavera 1355 West Roger Road Unit Office [Map] 85705-2512
The Villas At Montebella 1777 West Orange Grove Road [Map] 85704-1177
Thurber Terrace Apartments 750 West Thurber Road [Map] 85705-3481
Tiberon Apartments 128 South 5th Avenue Apartment 16 [Map] 85701-2001
Tierra Alegre Apartments 3355 East Fort Lowell Road Apartment 122 [Map] 85716-1656
Tierra Palms Apartments 6420 South Camino De La Tierra [Map] 85746-5164
Tierra Rica Apartments 3201 West Ina Road [Map] 85741-2117
Toscana Cove Apartments 8665 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1756
Town and Desert Apartments 331 South Alvernon Way [Map] 85711-4189
Tradewinds Apartments 3765 North Campbell Avenue [Map] 85719-1532
Tuscany Apartments 4399 East Pima Street [Map] 85712-3451
University Arms Apartments 1515 East 10th Street [Map] 85719-5812
University Fremont Apartments 321 North Fremont Avenue Apartment 103 [Map] 85719-5463
University Garden Apartments 1333 North Tyndall Avenue [Map] 85719-4045
University Heights Apartments 1201 North Park Avenue [Map] 85719-4172
University House 2525 West Anklam Road [Map] 85745-1874
University Lee Apartments 715 East Lee Street [Map] 85719-3959
University Manor Apartments 730 East Lee Street [Map] 85719-3923
University Park Apartments 1010 East Mabel Street [Map] 85719-4132
University Place Apartments 724 East 9th Street [Map] 85719
University Vista Apartments 951 East 10th Street Apartment 2 [Map] 85719-5719
Valencia Apartments 334 West Valencia Road [Map] 85706-7638
Valencia Gardens Apartments 190 West Valencia Road [Map] 85706-6886
Valencia Hills 3350 West Valencia Road [Map] 85746-8075
Valley View Apartments 5025 North 1st Avenue [Map] 85718-5656
Van Buren Apartments 625 North Van Buren Avenue [Map] 85711-2431
Victoria Arms Apartment 1518 East Hedrick Drive [Map] 85719-2701
View At Catalina 8000 East Wrightstown Road [Map] 85715-4334
Villa De Paz Apartments 1050 North Camino Seco [Map] 85710-1768
Villa Del Ray Apartments 4302 East Fairmount Street Apartment 5 [Map] 85712-3949
Villa Del Sol Apartments 6775 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-4920
Villa Del Sol Apartments 6775 East Golf Links Road [Map] 85730-4920
Villa Pacifica 4650 East 29th Street [Map] 85711-6350
Village At Romero 4213 North Romero Road [Map] 85705-2343
Villas At Sabino Canyon 7255 East Snyder Road Unit 1103 [Map] 85750-6241
Vista Catalina 2230 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85719-2401
Vista Montana Apartments 734 East Roger Road Apartment 214 [Map] 85719-1373
Vista Montana Apartments 734 East Roger Road [Map] 85719-1370
Vista Palmilla 3828 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85716-1775
Vista Sierra Apartments 2002 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85719-2327
Vista Sierra Apartments 2002 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85719-2327
Viviendas Asistenciales 5602 East Edison Street [Map] 85712-2940
Westcourt Village 2600 West Ironwood Hill Drive [Map] 85745-1085
Western Winds Apartments 4131 North Western Winds Drive [Map] 85705-2723
Western Winds Apartments 4131 North Western Winds Drive [Map] 85705-2723
Westgate Park Apartments 1700 West Prince Road [Map] 85705-3070
Westlake Village Apartments 1502 West Ajo Way [Map] 85713-5755
Whispering Pines Apartments 201 South Kolb Road [Map] 85710-3614
Wienerschnitzel 6346 North Oracle Road [Map] 85704-5483
Wilmot North Apartments 445 North Wilmot Road Apartment 236 [Map] 85711-2622
Wilmot North Apartments 445 North Wilmot Road Apartment 236 [Map] 85711-2622
Wilmot Vista Apartments 3225 South Wilmot Road Suite Office [Map] 85730-2274
Winstel Terrace Apartments 2191 South Winstel Avenue [Map] 85713-4241
Winterhaven Terrace Apartments 2901 East Fort Lowell Road [Map] 85716-1531
Woodland Village Apartments 3055 North Flowing Wells Road Suite Office [Map] 85705-9107
Woodridge 8225 East Speedway Boulevard [Map] 85710-1740
Zona Rio Apartments 1001 West Saint Marys Road [Map] 85745-2467
Zona Rio Apartments 1001 West Saint Marys Road [Map] 85745-2467
Zona Verde At the University 1201 East Drachman Street [Map] 85719-7104
Zona Village At Pima Foothills Apartments 2855 West Anklam Road [Map] 85745-1722

Find student rentals and apartments near University of Arizona in Tucson Arizona. Search for all kinds of housing: apartments, lofts, homes, duplexes, townhouses and individual rooms. If you are tired of on-campus university housing and are ready to live in an off-campus rental, then CampusRent is your guide for 1 bedroom apts and 2 and 3 bedroom apts (great for roommates) close to the University of Arizona campus. Look at pictures, floor plans, rental rates and leasing options. Do you need a student-friendly or cheap apartment rental because of your budget, or does it need to be within walking distance from campus because you don't have a car. Maybe on a bus line or other type of public transportation.

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