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Cincinnati is a city located in southwestern Ohio, along the Ohio River. With a population of over 300,000 people, Cincinnati is the third-largest city in Ohio and one of the largest cities in the Midwest.

Cincinnati has a rich history and cultural heritage, with roots that go back to the early days of the United States. The city was founded in 1788 and quickly grew into a major center of commerce and industry, due to its strategic location at the crossroads of the Ohio River and several major highways.

Today, Cincinnati is a city that is proud of its heritage and is committed to preserving its cultural and historical landmarks. The city is home to many historic buildings and monuments, as well as several museums and cultural centers that showcase the rich history and culture of Ohio and the Midwest.

In terms of economy, Cincinnati is a diverse and stable city, with a mix of large and small businesses and a growing number of startups and entrepreneurs. Major industries in Cincinnati include healthcare, finance, technology, and retail, and the city is a hub for innovation and growth.

One of the key strengths of Cincinnati is its quality of life. The city is known for its safe, friendly, and livable communities, and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. Cincinnati is home to many parks, trails, and green spaces, as well as a vibrant arts and cultural scene that includes museums, galleries, and theaters.

In terms of transportation, Cincinnati is well-connected to the rest of the country, with several major highways and interstates running through the city, as well as a large international airport that provides easy access to destinations around the world. The city is also served by a reliable and efficient public transportation system, including buses and light rail, making it easy to get around and explore all that Cincinnati has to offer.

Cincinnati is also a city that values education and is committed to providing opportunities for students of all ages. The city is home to many excellent public and private schools, as well as several colleges and universities, including the University of Cincinnati, which is one of the largest and most well-respected universities in the state.

In terms of recreation, Cincinnati offers something for everyone, with a wide range of activities and attractions to suit all interests and tastes. Whether you enjoy sports, the arts, or the outdoors, you will find plenty to do and see in Cincinnati. The city is home to several professional sports teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL), the Cincinnati Reds (MLB), and the Cincinnati Cyclones (ECHL), as well as many parks, lakes, and golf courses.

Cincinnati is a vibrant, dynamic, and growing city that offers something for everyone. With its rich history, diverse economy, excellent schools, and quality of life, Cincinnati is a great place to live, work, and play, and is well-positioned to continue to be one of the leading cities in the United States. Whether you are a student, a family, or a professional, Cincinnati has something to offer and is a city that is worth discovering.


The University of Cincinnati is a public research university located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College and is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States.

In the early years of its history, the University of Cincinnati was primarily a college for the training of teachers and was housed in a single building. Over time, however, the university grew and expanded, adding new departments and programs to meet the changing needs of the state and the nation.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the University of Cincinnati became a leader in several fields, including engineering, medicine, and the arts. During this time, the university also became a major center of research and innovation, with the establishment of several new research centers and institutes.

In the mid-1900s, the University of Cincinnati continued to grow and expand, adding new programs and facilities to meet the changing needs of the state and the world. During this time, the university also became a leader in the integration of technology into education, with the establishment of the College of Applied Science, which was one of the first colleges of its kind in the United States.

In the late 1900s and early 2000s, the University of Cincinnati continued to evolve and expand, becoming one of the largest and most well-respected universities in the country. Today, the university is a leader in many fields, including business, engineering, medicine, and the arts, and is home to a diverse student body and a talented and dedicated faculty.

The University of Cincinnati has a long and proud history of excellence in education and research, and has had a significant impact on the state of Ohio and the country as a whole. With its commitment to student success, cutting-edge research, and community engagement, the University of Cincinnati is well-positioned to continue to be a leader in higher education and a source of pride for the state of Ohio and the nation.

The University of Cincinnati has several symbols and traditions that are important to its identity and culture. Here are some of the most notable:

  1. Motto: The University of Cincinnati's motto is "Yours to discover." This motto reflects the university's commitment to providing students with a rich and dynamic learning environment, where they can explore their interests, discover their passions, and find their place in the world.

  2. Slogan: The University of Cincinnati's slogan is "Next Lives Here." This slogan reflects the university's commitment to being at the forefront of innovation and progress, and to preparing students to be leaders in the next generation.

  3. Mascot: The University of Cincinnati's mascot is a bear named Bearcat. Bearcat is a symbol of strength and determination, and is a beloved figure on campus and at university events.

  4. Nickname: The University of Cincinnati is often referred to as "UC" or simply "Cincinnati."

  5. Fight Song: The University of Cincinnati's fight song is "Cheer, Cincinnati." This song is played at university sporting events and is a well-known and well-loved symbol of Cincinnati pride. The lyrics encourage Cincinnati fans to "cheer for the red and black."

These symbols and traditions are an important part of the University of Cincinnati's culture and identity, and help to bring the university community together. Whether it's singing the fight song at a football game, seeing Bearcat at a campus event, or hearing the motto "Yours to discover," these elements help to create a sense of community and connection among Cincinnati students, alumni, and fans.

The University of Cincinnati is a large and diverse institution, with a student body that reflects the many different cultures and backgrounds of the state of Ohio and the world. Here are some of the key demographics of the University of Cincinnati:

  1. Enrollment: The University of Cincinnati has an enrollment of over 44,000 students, making it one of the largest universities in the United States. This large student body allows for a diverse and dynamic community, with many different perspectives and experiences represented.

  2. Gender: The student body at the University of Cincinnati is approximately 54% female and 46% male.

  3. Ethnicity: The University of Cincinnati is a diverse institution, with a student body that is representative of many different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The university's student body is approximately 48% White, 26% African American, 6% Asian American, 8% Latino/a, and 12% other ethnicities.

  4. Geographic origin: The University of Cincinnati attracts students from all over the state of Ohio, as well as from other states and countries. The university has a large and active community of international students, representing over 100 countries.

  5. Age: The student body at the University of Cincinnati is primarily made up of traditional-aged college students, with the majority of students being between the ages of 18 and 24. However, the university also has a significant number of older students, including non-traditional students, transfer students, and graduate students.

These are just a few of the key demographics of the University of Cincinnati. The university is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, and values the many different perspectives and experiences that its students bring to campus. This diversity is an important part of what makes the University of Cincinnati a special and dynamic place to learn and grow.

The housing rental market near the University of Cincinnati campus in Cincinnati, Ohio, is active and competitive. As one of the largest universities in the state, the University of Cincinnati attracts a large number of students and staff, which has created a demand for rental housing in the surrounding area.

There are many different types of rental properties available near the University of Cincinnati campus, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. Some of the most popular types of rental properties near the campus are apartments, which are convenient and close to campus. Prices for apartments near the University of Cincinnati campus can vary widely, depending on the size, location, and amenities offered.

In general, rental prices near the University of Cincinnati campus are higher than in other parts of the city, due to the high demand for housing and the close proximity to the campus. However, there are also many affordable options available, particularly for students who are willing to share living space with roommates.

The rental market near the University of Cincinnati campus is competitive, with many students and staff seeking housing in the area. As a result, it is important for renters to start their search early and be prepared to act quickly once they find a property they like. Landlords near the University of Cincinnati campus may also have specific requirements for tenants, such as minimum income levels or credit scores, so it is important for renters to be prepared and informed about these requirements.

Overall, the housing rental market near the University of Cincinnati campus is active and competitive, but there are many options available to meet the needs of different types of renters. Whether you are a student, staff member, or simply someone looking for a convenient and affordable place to live, you should be able to find a rental property near the University of Cincinnati campus that meets your needs.


Apartments in Cincinnati, Ohio

Community Address Zip
550 E 4 550 East 4th Street [Map] 45202-3316
Alexandria Apartments 921 William Howard Taft Road [Map] 45206-2000
Alms Hill Apartments 2525 Victory Parkway Suite 2 [Map] 45206-2912
Amberley House 3501 Section Road [Map] 45237-2434
Amberley House 3501 Section Road [Map] 45237-2434
Anderson Square Apartments 7885 Beechmont Avenue [Map] 45255-4240
Arbors of Anderson 4037 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road [Map] 45255-3465
Arbors of Montgomery 9991 Arbor Montgomery Lane [Map] 45249-8011
Arbors of Northgate 9320 Marker Drive Apartment 6 [Map] 45251-5173
Ashley Woods Apartments 2300 Walden Glen Circle [Map] 45231-1402
Ashwood Apartments 1716 Casey Drive Apartment 101 [Map] 45223-1425
Aspen Village 2703 Erlene Drive [Map] 45238-6304
Autumn Woods 1920 Colony Drive [Map] 45205-1101
Avonview Apartments 3613 Reading Road [Map] 45229-2335
Bahama West Apartments 5484 Bahama Terrace [Map] 45223-1038
Beechbend Apartments 5460 Beechmont Avenue [Map] 45230-1169
Beechwood Villas Apartments 4700 Beechwood Road [Map] 45244-1869
Bellevue House Apartments 2312 Ohio Avenue Apartment 137 [Map] 45219-1630
Bishop's Gate At Somerset 8075 Somerset Chase [Map] 45249-1587
Blue Fountain Apartments 1673 Cedar Avenue Apartment 101 [Map] 45224-2846
Brackett Village Apartments 1330 Walnut Street Suite A [Map] 45202-7197
Brandychase Apts 3969 Brandychase Way [Map] 45245-2153
Bridgeport Apartments 5576 Bridgetown Road [Map] 45248-4331
Brixworth Apartments 5701 Springdale Road [Map] 45247-2727
Brookwood Apartments 2227 Westwood Northern Boulevard Suite A1 [Map] 45225-1449
Burgundy Court Apartments and Townhses 3295 Rocker Drive [Map] 45239-4163
Burney View Apartments 10789 Sprucehill Drive [Map] 45240-3333
Cambridge Arms 3751 Eastern Hills Lane [Map] 45209-2351
Candlewood Apartments 2400 Harrison Avenue Apartment D4 [Map] 45211-7943
Carriage Court Apartments 11580 Olde Gate Drive [Map] 45246-3633
Carriage Square Apartments 3501 West US Route 22 [Map] 45202
Carriage Station Townhses 65 Carriage Station Drive [Map] 45245-2403
Carthaginian 7027 Vine Street [Map] 45216-2082
Cedar Hill Apartments 6786 Harrison Avenue Apartment 8 [Map] 45247-3242
Cedarwood Apartments 2768 Townterrace Drive [Map] 45251-1102
Centennial Station 4209 Erie Avenue [Map] 45227
Centennial Woods 5363 Tompkins Avenue Apartment 2 [Map] 45227-2157
Center Hill Terrace Apartments 857 West North Bend Road [Map] 45224-1387
Century Lake Apartments 51 Bishopsgate Drive [Map] 45246-4343
Chestnut Hill Apartments 3664 Ashworth Drive [Map] 45208-1834
Cincinnati Apartments Plus 2724 Observatory Avenue [Map] 45208-2108
Clifton Colony Apartments 714 Clifton Colony Drive [Map] 45220-2306
Clifton Colony Apts 714 Clifton Colony Drive [Map] 45220-2306
Colerain Tower Apartments 5384 Bahama Terrace [Map] 45223-1002
College Woods Chateau Apartments 1165 Hill Crest Road [Map] 45224-3223
Colonial Ridge Apartments 2928 Colonial Ridge Court [Map] 45212-1904
Colonial Village Apartments 3641 Irving Street [Map] 45220-1320
Commons 10645 Springfield Pike [Map] 45215-1159
Compton Groves Apartments 1340 Compton Road [Map] 45231-3538
Compton Lake Village Apartments 7777 Compton Lake Drive [Map] 45231-3001
Compton Pointe Townhomes 8240 West Galbraith Pointe Lane [Map] 45231-6000
Congress Run 375 West Galbraith Road [Map] 45215-5037
Congress Run 375 West Galbraith Road [Map] 45215-5037
Congress Run Apartments 10925 Reed Hartman Highway [Map] 45242-2836
Courtyard Apartments 7126 Hirsch Drive [Map] 45237-4048
Crescent Village 5330 Crest Hill Drive [Map] 45246-4075
Crystal Apartments 620 Pedretti Avenue Apartment 4A [Map] 45238-4969
Dana Village Square Apartments 927 Dana Avenue [Map] 45229-2281
Daniel Court Apartments 640 Daniel Court [Map] 45244-1400
Dawn Meyer Schl of Dance 4286 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road [Map] 45244-2371
Ddk Apartments 1385 West Galbraith Road [Map] 45231-5554
Deer Hill Apartments 2551 Spindlehill Drive [Map] 45230-1025
Deercross Apartments 9225 Deercross Parkway [Map] 45236-4502
Delshire Apartments 4463 Glenhaven Road Suite 1A [Map] 45238-6287
Diamond Oaks Apartments 5545 Westwood Northern Boulevard [Map] 45248-2337
Dina Terrace Apartments 3801 Dina Terrace Suite 4 [Map] 45211-6527
Drexel At Oakley 3827 Paxton Avenue Unit Office [Map] 45209-2414
Eagle Managmt Co 867 Yarger Drive [Map] 45230-3540
Eagle Watch Apartments 1870 Sunset Avenue Apartment 28 [Map] 45238-3149
East 8 Lofts 628 Sycamore Street [Map] 45202-2515
East 8 Lofts 325 East 8th Street [Map] 45202-2246
East 8 Lofts 325 East 8th Street [Map] 45202-2246
East Oak Manor 310 Oak Street Suite Office [Map] 45219-2555
East Pointe Apartments 762 Rue Center Court Apartment A [Map] 45245-2519
Eastgate Village Retirmt 776 Cincinnati Batavia Pike Unit Office [Map] 45245-1260
Eden Way Apartments 6308 Corbly Road [Map] 45230-1562
Edgecliff Private Residences 2200 Victory Parkway [Map] 45206-2882
Emery Center Apartments L P 100 East Central Parkway [Map] 45202-7240
Essex House 7610 Reading Road Suite Office [Map] 45237-3232
Fairways At Royal Oak 380 Saint Andrews Drive [Map] 45245-2908
Fay Apartments 3710 President Drive [Map] 45225-1099
Fieldstone Glenwood Crossg Apartments 10637 Springfield Pike [Map] 45215-1157
Find-A-Way Apartments 3027 Minot Avenue [Map] 45209-1600
Finneytown Apartments 1 East Lake Shore Drive [Map] 45237-1507
Finneytown Apartments 1 East Lake Shore Drive [Map] 45237-1507
Flexomation 586 Northland Boulevard [Map] 45240-3213
Forest Park Apartments 580 Dewdrop Circle [Map] 45240-3705
Forest Ridge Townhomes 5065 Hawaiian Terrace [Map] 45223-1105
Forum Apartments 717 Martin Luther King Drive West [Map] 45220-2571
Four Worlds Apartments 8292 Four Worlds Drive [Map] 45231-5602
Fourth and Plum Apartments 227 West 4th Street [Map] 45202-2613
Fox Chase North Apartments 4100 Fox Run Trail [Map] 45255-3377
Fox Run Apartments 3803 Hunt Road [Map] 45242
Fulton Chateau 900 Rue De La Paix [Map] 45220-1055
Galbraith Pointe Apartments 8240 West Galbraith Pointe Lane [Map] 45231-6000
Garden Greens Apartments 2572 Spindlehill Drive Building East [Map] 45230-1099
Garden Ridge 11925 Commons Drive [Map] 45246-2555
Garfield Tower Apartments 111 Garfield Place [Map] 45202-1946
Geier Apartments 6621 Montgomery Road Apartment 102 [Map] 45213-1800
Glen Meadow Apartments 7076 Glenmeadow Lane [Map] 45237-3017
Glengate Acres Apartments 5501 Glengate Lane [Map] 45212-2457
Glenwood Gardens Maintnce Ofc 377 Sheffield Road [Map] 45240-4022
Gramercy-Shillito Lofts 151 West 7th Street [Map] 45202-2324
Grandin Bridge Apartments 3451 Kleybolte Avenue [Map] 45226-1980
Grandin Club Apartments 425 Missouri Avenue [Map] 45226-1162
Grandin House 2101 Grandin Road Suite D [Map] 45208-3327
Green Valley Apartments 6710 Harrison Avenue Apartment 9 [Map] 45247-7863
Greentree Village Apartments 101 Newlun Court [Map] 45244-2128
Haddon Hall Apartments 3418 Reading Road Unit Office [Map] 45229-4118
Harbour Cove Apartments 500 Anchor Drive [Map] 45255-5088
Harper's Point the Shops At 11340 Montgomery Road [Map] 45249-2385
Heritage Apartments 1410 Springfield Pike [Map] 45215-2133
Heritage Apts 1410 Springfield Pike [Map] 45215-2133
Heritage Managmt 4th & Race Tower [Map] 45202
Hidden Meadows Apartments 2333 Hiddenmeadows Drive [Map] 45231-1400
Highland Towers 1071 Celestial Street Unit Office [Map] 45202-1657
Hilltop Apartments 5601 Viewpointe Drive [Map] 45213-2638
Hilsinger Managmt Co 3864 Race Road [Map] 45211-4346
Hollister House 21 West McMillan Street [Map] 45219-1551
Hollister House Apartments 21 West McMillan Street [Map] 45219-1551
Hunter Ridge Apartments 4593 Summerside Road [Map] 45244-4405
Hunter's Creek Apartments 9231 Hunters Creek Drive [Map] 45242-6615
Hyde Park Commons 4211 Allendorf Drive [Map] 45209-1573
Indian Creek 5701 Kugler Mill Road [Map] 45236-2039
Indian Lookout Apartments Rental 98 Anderson Ferry Road [Map] 45238-5909
Ivy Hills Place 7401 Pondview Place [Map] 45244-3042
Kennedy's Landing 983 Kennedys Landing [Map] 45245-5103
Kensington Park Apartments 11651 Norbourne Drive [Map] 45240-2100
Klein Jacob 2734 Harrison Avenue [Map] 45211-7762
Kugler Mill Sq 8481 Beech Avenue [Map] 45236-1848
Laboiteaux Apartments 5424 Hamilton Avenue [Map] 45224-3158
Lafeuille Apartments 2682 Lafeuille Circle Apartment 4 [Map] 45211-8237
Lake of the Woods Village Apartments 1667 Lakenoll Drive [Map] 45231-5113
Lakeshore Apartments 1 East Lake Shore Drive [Map] 45237-1507
Lee's Crossing 5326 Lees Crossing Drive [Map] 45239-7673
Leslie Marie Apartments 3102 Compton Road [Map] 45251-2640
Lindsay Lane Apartments 4300 Duck Creek Road Apartment 8 [Map] 45227-1066
Lisa Ridge Apartments 2496 Queen City Avenue Apartment 5 [Map] 45238-3126
Magnolia Point 484 Old State Route 74 [Map] 45244-4239
Mallard Lakes Towne Homes 12100 Lake Circle Drive [Map] 45246-1546
Malvern Apartments 2026 Eleanor Place Apartment 40 [Map] 45219-1872
Maple Glen Apartments 720 Ohio Pike [Map] 45245-2147
Mapleview Apartments 2016 Mills Avenue [Map] 45212-3026
Mariemont Townhomes 6742 Chestnut Street [Map] 45227-3607
Mariemont Townhomes 4211 Allendorf Drive [Map] 45209-1573
Marmills Apartments 2016 Mills Avenue [Map] 45212-3026
Mayfair of Montgomery 10555 Montgomery Road Suite Office [Map] 45242-4454
McAlpin Apartments 621 McAlpin Avenue Apartment 102 [Map] 45220-1551
McMillan Manor Apartments 195 East McMillan Street Apartment T1 [Map] 45219-2631
Meadowood Apartments 11060 Quailwood Drive [Map] 45240-2775
Meadows of Gahl Ter 64 Gahl Terrace Apartment 4 [Map] 45215-3681
Meijer Park 10925 Reed Hartman Highway Suite 200 [Map] 45242-2841
Metropole Apartments 609 Walnut Street Suite 1102 [Map] 45202-2532
Miami Bluffs Apartments 8204 Wooster Pike [Map] 45227-4010
Mills Run Apartments 11755 Norbourne Drive Office 1 [Map] 45240-2143
Montana Valley Apartments 2678 Montana Avenue [Map] 45211-3789
Montclair In the Wds Apartments 3480 Hazelwood Avenue [Map] 45211-5864
Montgomery Plaza Apartments 7421 Montgomery Road Apartment 29 [Map] 45236-4148
Mount Airy Apartments 5131 Hawaiian Terrace Apartment 4 [Map] 45223-1123
Mt Airy Forest Apartments 1846 Chase Avenue [Map] 45223-1927
Mt Airy Towers 5107 Colerain Avenue [Map] 45223-1096
North Creek Apartments 1560 West Galbraith Road [Map] 45231-5437
North Park Townhomes 150 Cardinal Drive [Map] 45244-1172
Northgate Meadows 10101 Arborwood Drive [Map] 45251-1513
Northwest Woods Apartments 11605 Passage Way [Map] 45240-2057
Northwoods Apartments 8565 Daly Road Unit 5 [Map] 45231-5751
Oak Park Apartments 2757 Linshaw Court [Map] 45208-2219
Oak Park Apartments 1411 Wabash Avenue [Map] 45215-1762
Oaks Apartments 6380 Cheviot Road [Map] 45247-5102
Oakwood Corp Housg 10852 Kenwood Road [Map] 45242-2812
Olde Montgomery 7950 Village Drive [Map] 45242-4314
Olde Towne In Kenwood 6915 Lynnfield Court Apartment 120 [Map] 45243-1763
Overlook At Eden Park Lp 2145 Luray Avenue [Map] 45206-2885
Oxford House Apartments 12100 Midpines Drive [Map] 45241-1662
Page Tower 619 Central Avenue Suite 1 [Map] 45202-2353
Paige East Apartments 10857 Sharondale Road Apartment 1 [Map] 45241-2838
Panorama Apartments Mt Airy Forest View 2375 Montana Avenue Apartment 608 [Map] 45211-3838
Park Lane Apartments 4201 Victory Parkway [Map] 45229-1645
Park Tower Apartments 2515 Burnet Avenue [Map] 45219-2548
Parker Woods Apartments 1553 Glen Parker Avenue [Map] 45223-1674
Parkway Towers 1674 Central Parkway [Map] 45202-6960
Phelps Apartments 506 East 4th Street [Map] 45202-3318
Pine Ridge Apartments 2396 Montana Avenue [Map] 45211-3872
Pinnacle Pointe 5751 Signal Pointe Drive [Map] 45247-3234
Pleasant Run Apartments 1578 Pleasant Run Drive [Map] 45240-1128
Powell Garden Apartments Inc 1719 Hunt Road [Map] 45215-3970
Putter Apartments 2350 West Galbraith Road [Map] 45239-4361
Quail Meadow Apartments 11046 Quailridge Court [Map] 45240-2733
Queen City Wds Apartments 2100 Queen City Avenue [Map] 45214-1018
Queen's Tower 810 Matson Place [Map] 45204-1487
Queen's Tower 810 Matson Place [Map] 45204-1487
Queen's View West Apartments 2785 Queen City Avenue [Map] 45238-2684
Ravenwood Apartments 2230 Westwood Northern Boulevard [Map] 45225-1412
Remington Place Apartments 1440 West Kemper Road [Map] 45240-4150
Revere Village 704 Northland Boulevard [Map] 45240-3117
Ridgewood II 8125 Seward Avenue [Map] 45231-3277
Riverbend Apartments 167 Anderson Ferry Road [Map] 45238-5994
Riverside Terrace Apartments 5566 Hillside Avenue [Map] 45233-1504
Romaine Court Apartments 4210 Romaine Drive [Map] 45209-1142
Schimberg Daniel A Real Est Invstmts 260 East University Avenue [Map] 45219-2356
Selim Manor Apartments 2140 Selim Avenue [Map] 45214-1558
Seven Hills Developmt 4382 Marburg Avenue [Map] 45209-1330
Shadow Hill Apartments 4071 Sharon Park Lane [Map] 45241-2016
Sharon Woods Apartments 3771 East Kemper Road [Map] 45241-2133
Shelton Gardens Apartments 2000 Westwood Northern Boulevard Apartment 138 [Map] 45225-1554
Shiloh Adventist Garden Apartments 2277 Banning Road [Map] 45239-6639
Silvercliff Apartments 3375 McHenry Avenue Unit Office [Map] 45225-1147
Sixth and Race Apartments 605 Race Street [Map] 45202-2315
Skyridge Apartments 5411 Bluesky Drive Office G [Map] 45247-7959
Southland Greens 11332 Southland Road [Map] 45240-3271
Spyglass Apartments 1600 Thompson Heights Avenue [Map] 45223-1666
St Francis Court Apartments 1860 Queen City Avenue [Map] 45214-1475
Stonegate Apartments 7911 Stonegate Drive [Map] 45255-3178
Sun Valley Apartments 5469 Kirby Avenue [Map] 45223-1145
Sunny Valley Apartments 2244 West Kemper Road Apartment 6 [Map] 45240-1430
Sunset Garden Apartments 1836 Sunset Avenue Apartment 53 [Map] 45238-3153
Swiss Chalet Apartments 2425 Montana Avenue [Map] 45211-3831
Sycamore Place 628 Sycamore Street [Map] 45202-2515
Tall Timber Apartments 7378 Timber Drive Apartment 5 [Map] 45241-4142
Telegraph Hill Apartments 6931 Goldengate Drive [Map] 45244-4166
The Pines 12134 Midpines Drive [Map] 45241-1622
The Stratford 5559 Kenwood Road [Map] 45227-1303
Timber Ridge Apartments 11600 Timber Ridge Lane [Map] 45241-2306
Tower View Apartments 5293 Eastknl Court [Map] 45223
Tudor Court Apartments 311 Howell Avenue [Map] 45220-2006
Turner Dennis 258 Senator Place [Map] 45220-6700
Twin Maples Apartments 1448 West North Bend Road [Map] 45224-2574
Uptown Towers Apartments 400 West 9th Street [Map] 45203-1518
Valley Woods Apartments 2160 Karla Avenue [Map] 45211-8167
Versailles Village 151 Versailles [Map] 45240-3868
Village of Coldstream 998 Meadowland Drive [Map] 45255-4410
Village Square Apartments 6212 Cheviot Road Suite 2 [Map] 45247-6171
Village Square Townhomes 1740 Bising Avenue Unit 4 [Map] 45239-4442
Village Square Townhomes 1740 Bising Avenue Unit 4 [Map] 45239-4442
Walnut Crk Townhomes 4042 Georgetown Road [Map] 45236-1000
Walnut Hills Apt 861 Beecher Street Unit Office [Map] 45206-1571
Walnut Towers 898 Walnut Street Unit Office [Map] 45202-2016
Waterbury Apartments 4140 Mount Carmel Tobasco Road [Map] 45255-3437
Waterstone Place 11365 Lippelman Road [Map] 45246-4088
Waycross Apartments 2734 Struble Road [Map] 45231-1748
West Hills Apartments 6560 Hearne Road [Map] 45248-1105
Whispering Pines Apt 6246 Corbly Road [Map] 45230-1567
White Cliffs Apartments 6 Dorothy Court [Map] 45215-1910
White Cliffs Apt 6 Dorothy Court [Map] 45215-1910
Willows of Springdale 1235 Chesterdale Drive [Map] 45246-2762
Wilson Enterprises 1616 Chase Avenue [Map] 45223-2204
Wimbledons 12130 Lawnview Avenue [Map] 45246-3044
Wimbledons Apartments 12130 Lawnview Avenue [Map] 45246-3044
Woodgrove Point 3318 West Galbraith Road [Map] 45239-3962
Woodland Village 2753 Townterrace Drive [Map] 45251-1101
Woodmere Apartments 9333 Round Top Road [Map] 45251-2511
Woods of Turpin 6375 Clough Pike [Map] 45244-3978
Woodside Apartments 2909 Banning Road [Map] 45239-5573
Woodwinds Apartments 2238 Salvador Street Apartment G [Map] 45230-5305
Wynbrook Apartments 5720 Winton Road Apartment 116 [Map] 45232-1018

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