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University of Dallas
1845 East Northgate Drive
Irving Texas 75062-4736
Admissions Phone: 972.721.5000
Mascot: Crusaders

Apartments in Irving, Texas

Community Address Zip
9800 MacArthur Blvd Apartments 9800 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-7134
Amli At Valley Ranch 430 Red River Trail [Map] 75063-4567
Apple Apartments 3005 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5126
Arbors of Las Colinas 1000 San Jacinto Drive [Map] 75063-8221
Archstone At MacArthur 1100 Hidden Ridge [Map] 75038-8428
Bella Casita Apartments 851 Lake Carolyn Parkway [Map] 75039-4100
Benchmark Apartments 3424 Country Club Drive West [Map] 75038-8900
Brentwood Apartments 831 South Nursery Road [Map] 75060-3147
Briarcrest Apartments 506 North Rogers Road [Map] 75061-7271
Bridgeport Apartments 4111 Polaris Drive [Map] 75038-4600
Britain Way Apartments 1954 Shoaf Drive Suite 155 [Map] 75061-2528
Brittney Place Apartments 1516 East Irving Boulevard [Map] 75060-4453
Broadmoor Villas 5015 Courtside Drive [Map] 75038-3399
Burn Brae Apartments 4200 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-2433
Cabochon At Las Collnas 385 Las Colinas Boulevard East [Map] 75039-5521
Calais Plaza 1125 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-5385
Camden Cimarron 101 Cimarron Trail [Map] 75063-4530
Camden Cimarron 101 Cimarron Trail [Map] 75063-4530
Camden Lakeview 4600 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-3849
Camden Lakeview 4600 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-3849
Camden Lakeview 4600 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-3849
Camden Lakeview 4600 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-3849
Camden Valley Creek 4600 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-2406
Camden Valley Park Apartments 9835 Valley Ranch Parkway West [Map] 75063-4679
Camden Valley Park Apartments 9835 Valley Ranch Parkway West [Map] 75063-4679
Canal Side Lofts 350 Las Colinas Boulevard East [Map] 75039-5821
Casa Bella Apartments 863 South Irving Heights Drive [Map] 75060-4413
Casa Bella Apartments 863 South Irving Heights Drive [Map] 75060-4413
Casa Valley Apartments 500 Santa Fe Trail [Map] 75063-4611
Chaparral Creek Apartments 3701 North O Connor Road [Map] 75062-3764
Chellmont Apartments 223 West 5th Street Apartment 201 [Map] 75060-4027
Cheyenne Apartments 730 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-7776
Chivas West Apartments 1701 North Britain Road [Map] 75061-2648
Clarendon Apartments 3800 North Belt Line Road [Map] 75038-5703
Clover Leaf Apartments 1900 Cloverleaf Lane [Map] 75061-1701
Colinas Pointe Apartments 4300 Rainier Street [Map] 75062-5045
Colonial Grand At Valley Ranch 8001 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-4102
Colony Apartments 3321 Coker Street [Map] 75062-4380
Colony House Apartments 1010 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-5382
Coopers Crossing Apartments 1101 Oxbow Drive [Map] 75038-3022
Coopers Crossing Apartments 1101 Oxbow Drive [Map] 75038-3022
Country Brook Apartments 1330 Rock Island Road [Map] 75060-2624
Covington Creek Apartments 4188 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-8106
Creekwood Apartments 4208 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-8108
Crestmarc Rosewood Lp 601 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-5629
Crp-2 Stoneleigh Lp 8605 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-4114
Curlee Dawn 1100 Hidden Ridge [Map] 75038-8428
Dakotah Hills Apartments 7902 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-3715
Dan Villa Apartments 1409 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-7145
Delano Apartments 1001 Lake Carolyn Parkway [Map] 75039-4806
Eagle Crest One Apartments 4013 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-1932
Edgewood Irving Apartments 800 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-7784
El Morocco Apartments 3201 Finley Road [Map] 75062-3235
Elwood Oaks 709 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-1329
Embassy Delujo Apartments 1415 West Airport Freeway [Map] 75062-6210
Emerald Point Apt 2871 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-6570
Enclave 4701 Byron Circle [Map] 75038-6319
Ensenada De Las Colinas 2527 West Royal Lane [Map] 75063-3308
Estelle Creek North 4023 Block Drive [Map] 75038-4659
Finley Square 2432 Finley Road [Map] 75062-3311
Garden Gate Apartment 200 West Union Bower Road [Map] 75061-8413
Garden Gate Apartments 200 West Union Bower Road [Map] 75061-8413
Garden Park Apartments 3565 Portland Street [Map] 75062-2951
Garden Plaza Apartments 2656 West Grauwyler Road [Map] 75061-4271
Glen Arbor Apartments 4003 North Belt Line Road [Map] 75038-5044
Grand Treviso 330 Las Colinas Boulevard East Suite Office [Map] 75039-5510
Grand Treviso 330 Las Colinas Boulevard East Suite Office [Map] 75039-5510
Heather Ridge Apartments 4030 Esters Road [Map] 75038-4701
Heights Apartments 409 North Irving Heights Drive [Map] 75061-7930
Hidden Ridge 1290 Hidden Ridge [Map] 75038-7266
Highland Oaks Village 2119 West Irving Boulevard [Map] 75061-4364
Highlands of Valley Ranch 9500 Valley Ranch Parkway East [Map] 75063-4903
Hilltopper Apartments 1019 Hilltop Drive [Map] 75060-3934
Hunter's Hill Apartment 3149 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5103
Huntington Chase 1111 North O Connor Road [Map] 75061-4673
Huntington Ridge Apartments 4220 Esters Road [Map] 75038-4718
Imperial Court Yard Apartments 430 West 6th Street [Map] 75060-4023
Irving Court Townhomes 301 Rolston Road [Map] 75060-2400
Irving Oaks Apartments 1928 Rock Island Road [Map] 75060-8224
Irving Place Apartments 1005 Metker Street [Map] 75062-8027
Irving St Charles Apartments 1408 West 6th Street [Map] 75060-2600
Islands West Apartments 2700 Rock Island Road [Map] 75060-2213
Jackson Square Apartments 3720 Jackson Street [Map] 75061-6215
Jefferson Creek 800 West Royal Lane [Map] 75039-3884
Jefferson Park Apartments 1127 Hidden Ridge [Map] 75038-7265
Jefferson Place 6306 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75039-3814
Jefferson Ridge Apartments 5301 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75038-3102
Katy Village Apartments 1300 Katy Drive [Map] 75061-4763
Kennsington Park Apartments 3413 Country Club Drive West [Map] 75038-4936
Kensington Park 3413 Country Club Drive West [Map] 75038-4936
Kensington Park Apartments 3413 Country Club Drive West [Map] 75038-4936
Kirkwood Park Apartments 700 South Story Road [Map] 75060-3630
Knightsbridge Apartments 5342 Bond Street [Map] 75038-3106
Knollwood Apartments 2727 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5218
La Villita Irving Acquisition Co 6604 Deseo [Map] 75039-3001
Lakeridge Apartments 1700 Valley View Lane [Map] 75061-3504
Lakeside 2354 Southcourt Circle [Map] 75038
Lakeside Landing 2421 Southlake Court [Map] 75038
Lexington At Valley Ranch 202 Santa Fe Trail [Map] 75063-4719
Lido Apartments 910 West 6th Street [Map] 75060-3891
Lincoln Lakeside 6727 Deseo [Map] 75039-3124
Lofts At Las Colinas 1050 Lake Carolyn Parkway [Map] 75039-3928
Lofts At Las Colinas 1050 Lake Carolyn Parkway [Map] 75039-3928
MacArthur Apartments 1201 West Rochelle Road Apartment 5 [Map] 75062-6657
MacArthur Park 812 Kinwest Parkway [Map] 75063-3494
MacArthur Ridge Apartments 10701 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-5219
MacArthur Square 119 South MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75060-2752
Madison Commercial 963 French Street [Map] 75061-4981
Mandalay Apartments 821 East 6th Street [Map] 75060-3145
Mandalay On the Lake Apartment Homes 692 Lake Carolyn Parkway [Map] 75039-3945
Marbletree Apartments 4057 North Belt Line Road [Map] 75038-5044
Marks At Las Colinas 4000 North Story Road [Map] 75038-5901
Mayarka Square Apartments 1619 East Grauwyler Road [Map] 75061-5165
Mb Estrada Oaks Lp 2115 Estrada Parkway [Map] 75061-8261
Meadowbrook Heights Apartments 1609 North Irving Heights Drive [Map] 75061-5100
Meadowwood Apartments 1826 Esters Road [Map] 75061-8008
Meadowwood Apartments 1826 Esters Road [Map] 75061-8008
Merrydale and Shadywood Apartments 1310 West Shady Grove Road Apartment 117 [Map] 75060-3854
Mission At La Villita 647 East Royal Lane [Map] 75039-3615
Mission At La Villita 635 East Royal Lane [Map] 75039-3504
Mission At La Villita 675 East Royal Lane [Map] 75039-3633
Montego Bay Apartments 4905 Courtside Drive [Map] 75038-3381
Newport Apartments 3466 North Belt Line Road [Map] 75062-7825
North Oaks Apartments 1417 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-5248
North Story Apartments 3515 North Story Road [Map] 75062-3427
Northgate Apartments 3146 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-3101
O'connor Ridge Apartments 4809 North O Connor Road [Map] 75062-2720
Oak Hills Apartments 1913 Estrada Parkway [Map] 75061-8226
Oak Park Apartments 2800 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-6515
Oak Tree Apartments 2877 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5250
Oakland Heights Apartments 914 South Irving Heights Drive [Map] 75060-4400
Oakland Oaks Apartments 1054 Oakland Drive Apartment 107 [Map] 75060-3983
Oaks At Valley Ranch Apartments 9519 Valley Ranch Parkway East [Map] 75063-4904
Oaks Hackberry Creek Apartments 6901 State Highway 161 [Map] 75039-2417
Oaks Hackberry Creek Apartments 6901 State Highway 161 [Map] 75039-2417
Oakwood Grand Venetian 6203 Love Drive [Map] 75039-4021
Park Grove Square Apartments 2957 Park Square Drive [Map] 75060-4719
Park Manor Apartments 2934 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-4188
Park Spring Apartments 2002 West Irving Boulevard [Map] 75061-4354
Parkridge Place Apartments 7300 Parkridge Boulevard [Map] 75063-8201
Parkside Apartments 1115 North O Connor Road [Map] 75061-4681
Parkwood Apartments 400 Irby Lane [Map] 75061-7073
Pebblebrook Apartments 2200 William Brewster Drive [Map] 75062-6631
Pecan Village 932 Hilltop Drive [Map] 75060-3932
Pioneer Crossing Apartments 2053 Estrada Parkway [Map] 75061-8211
Pioneer House Apartments 2851 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-6561
Plantation View Apartments 1100 North Union Bower Road [Map] 75061-5847
Polaris Apartments 4004 Block Drive [Map] 75038-4658
Presidio Park Apartments 3950 North Story Road [Map] 75038-5925
Presidio Park Apartments 4000 North Story Road [Map] 75038-5901
Quail Run Apartments 4601 North O Connor Road [Map] 75062-3780
Raible Place 1216 North Britain Road [Map] 75061-4850
Rancho Mirage Apartments 1200 Hidden Ridge [Map] 75038-3715
Rayo Desol Apartment 2200 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-7042
Reflections At Valley Ranch 8801 Rodeo Drive [Map] 75063-4510
Remington At Valley Ranch 8707 Valley Ranch Parkway West [Map] 75063-9349
Remington Hills At Las Colinas 1201 Meadow Creek Drive [Map] 75038-3710
Rishi Village 325 South Story Road [Map] 75060-2334
Rochelle Place Apartments 240 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-5739
Rochelle Plaza Apartments 306 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-5764
Rock Island Apartments 2002 Rock Island Road [Map] 75060-2421
Rolling Hills Apartments 2010 Estrada Parkway [Map] 75061-8212
Royal Oaks Apartments 500 Haley Street [Map] 75060-2744
Sable Pointe 4031 North Star Drive [Map] 75038-4620
San Simeon Apartments 3503 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-4104
Sanddollar Commerce 2504 Finley Road [Map] 75062-3380
Sandpebble Apartments. 900 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-7900
Santa Rosa Apartments 2900 West Royal Lane [Map] 75063-5797
Sierra Point 3800 Portland Street [Map] 75038-6633
Silverado Apartments 1319 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-5285
Spanish Haven Apartpemts 1551 West Airport Freeway [Map] 75062-6129
Spanish Oaks Apartments 3602 Country Club Road North [Map] 75062-3400
Stonehill Terrace 3101 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-9353
Summerbend Apartments 1301 Meadow Creek Drive [Map] 75038-3712
Summergate Apartments 3801 North Belt Line Road [Map] 75038-5704
Summerwood Apartments 4132 North Belt Line Road [Map] 75038-5002
Summit by Norstar 621 Cowboys Parkway [Map] 75063-4735
Summit by Northstar 621 Cowboys Parkway [Map] 75063-4735
Sun Valley Apartments 1126 Perry Street [Map] 75060-3280
Terrace Apartments 3726 Block Drive [Map] 75038-6809
Texan Apartments 1015 East Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-1301
The Crossings At Walnut Hill 2615 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5216
The Lakes At Hilltop Apartments 500 West 6th Street [Map] 75060-4089
The Willows Apartments 3304 Willow Creek Drive [Map] 75061-9223
Tower Village Apartments Homes 1700 East Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-4749
Towne Lake Village Apartments 4525 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-3810
Trails of Valley Ranch 9478 Valley Ranch Parkway East [Map] 75063-4901
Tree House Apartments 3203 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5148
Tree House Apartments 3203 West Walnut Hill Lane [Map] 75038-5148
Trinity Apartments 1147 Esters Road [Map] 75061-6142
Tucasa Townhomes 1635 Tucasa Drive [Map] 75061-3179
Tuscan Villas 6445 Love Drive [Map] 75039-4079
Valley Ridge Apartments 3700 Valley View Lane [Map] 75062-2417
Valley Trails 8903 Valley Ranch Parkway East [Map] 75063-4804
Verndah of Valley Ranch 8600 Valley Ranch Parkway West [Map] 75063-4145
Viewpoint Apartments 2700 East Grauwyler Road [Map] 75061-3422
Villa France Apartments 1831 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-6887
Villa Miranda 7904 North Glen Drive [Map] 75063-7224
Villa's At Beaver Creek 1000 Meadow Creek Drive [Map] 75038-3122
Village Square Apartments 2415 Finley Road [Map] 75062-3302
Villas 310 Brown Drive [Map] 75061-6970
Vineyard Apartments 4299 Pleasant Run Road [Map] 75038-5300
Vista Point At the Valley 701 Cowboys Parkway [Map] 75063-7719
Vr Foxborough Lp 1400 Esters Road [Map] 75061-6147
Waterford At Valley Ranch 151 Cowboys Parkway [Map] 75063-5930
Waterford Courts 1000 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-5435
Westgate Apartments 3829 William Dehaes Drive [Map] 75038-4917
Westwind Apartments 1306 North Nursery Road [Map] 75061-5278
Westwood Village 4310 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-2457
Westwood Village Apartments 4310 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-2457
Willow Bend 1407 West Shady Grove Road [Map] 75060-3892
Wind Tree Apartments 3303 Esters Road [Map] 75062-2830
Windtree Apartments 3303 Esters Road [Map] 75062-2830
Wingren Village Apartments 2400 Wingren Road [Map] 75062-8606
Winsted 10501 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-5215
Winsted Apartments 10501 North MacArthur Boulevard [Map] 75063-5215
Woodland Hills Apartments 3541 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-8309
Woodland Ridge II 3725 West Northgate Drive [Map] 75062-3038
Woods 1313 East Shady Grove Road [Map] 75060-6225
Woodside Villas 3429 West Rochelle Road [Map] 75062-6884
Worthing Bend Apartments 3701 West Pioneer Drive [Map] 75061-8207
Zachery Place Apartments 3327 Willow Creek Drive [Map] 75061-1754

Find student rentals and apartments near University of Dallas in Irving Texas. Search for all kinds of housing: apartments, lofts, homes, duplexes, townhouses and individual rooms. If you are tired of on-campus university housing and are ready to live in an off-campus rental, then CampusRent is your guide for 1 bedroom apts and 2 and 3 bedroom apts (great for roommates) close to the University of Dallas campus. Look at pictures, floor plans, rental rates and leasing options. Do you need a student-friendly or cheap apartment rental because of your budget, or does it need to be within walking distance from campus because you don't have a car. Maybe on a bus line or other type of public transportation.


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