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Gainesville Florida 32611-4000
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Gainesville, Florida is a vibrant and dynamic city located in north-central Florida. With a population of approximately 134,000, it is the largest city in Alachua County and the cultural and economic center of the region. Here is a detailed overview of Gainesville and what the city has to offer:

  1. History: Gainesville was founded in 1854 and has a rich and diverse history. During the Civil War, Gainesville was a Confederate stronghold, and the city played a key role in the Confederacy's efforts to supply its troops and transport goods. After the war, Gainesville became an important center of commerce and agriculture, and it continued to grow and evolve throughout the 20th century.

  2. Economy: Gainesville is home to a thriving economy, with a mix of large and small businesses and a range of industries. The city is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and it is home to many technology startups, research institutions, and leading companies in fields such as healthcare, finance, and education.

  3. Education: Gainesville is known for its strong education system, and it is home to the University of Florida (UF), one of the largest and most prestigious public universities in the country. UF is a major contributor to the city's economy and cultural life, and it provides a wide range of academic and research programs, as well as cultural and athletic events.

  4. Arts and Culture: Gainesville is a vibrant cultural center, with a thriving arts scene that includes museums, theaters, and performance spaces. The city is home to many festivals and events, including the Gainesville Rock Festival, the Gainesville Film Festival, and the Florida Theatre Conference.

  5. Outdoor Activities: Gainesville is located in the heart of north-central Florida, and it is surrounded by beautiful natural areas, including parks, lakes, and wildlife preserves. The city is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with many opportunities for hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.

  6. Dining and Shopping: Gainesville is home to a diverse and exciting food scene, with many restaurants, cafes, and food trucks offering a range of cuisines and dining experiences. The city is also a great place for shopping, with many retail stores, boutiques, and markets offering a range of products and services.

  7. Transportation: Gainesville is well-connected to the rest of Florida and the rest of the country, with major highways, rail lines, and airports providing access to other parts of the state and beyond. The city also has an extensive public transportation system, including buses and bike lanes, making it easy to get around without a car.

  8. Climate: Gainesville has a subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild, mild winters. The city is known for its beautiful weather and its many outdoor recreational opportunities, and it is a great place for those who enjoy the outdoors and a mild climate.

  9. Cost of Living: Gainesville is considered to be an affordable city, with a lower cost of living compared to many other major cities in the United States. The city has a mix of affordable housing options, and it is a great place for those who are looking for a high quality of life at an affordable price.

Gainesville, Florida is a dynamic and exciting city, with a rich history, thriving economy, and diverse cultural scene. With its strong education system, beautiful natural areas, and affordable cost of living, Gainesville is a great place to live, work, and play. Whether you are a student, a young professional, or a family, Gainesville has something to offer for everyone.

The University of Florida (UF) is a public land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research university located in Gainesville, Florida. Founded in 1853, UF is one of the oldest universities in the state of Florida and is a member of the State University System of Florida.

UF was established by an act of the Florida Legislature in 1853 and was originally known as the East Florida Seminary. The seminary was located in Ocala, Florida, and its primary purpose was to provide education to young men in the region. In 1905, the seminary was moved to Gainesville and was renamed the University of Florida.

During the early years of the university, UF was primarily focused on providing a classical education to its students, with a strong emphasis on the liberal arts. However, as the 20th century progressed, UF expanded its academic offerings and became a more comprehensive research university.

One of the key turning points in UF's history came in 1905, when the university became the first institution in the state of Florida to offer a bachelor's degree program in engineering. This marked the beginning of UF's expansion into technical and scientific fields, and the university quickly became known for its strong programs in engineering, agriculture, and the sciences.

Throughout the 20th century, UF continued to grow and evolve, expanding its academic offerings and research programs. In the 1960s and 1970s, UF underwent a period of rapid growth, as the university added new colleges, academic programs, and research centers. During this time, UF also became one of the first universities in the country to offer a comprehensive range of programs in the arts and humanities.

In recent years, UF has continued to be a leader in higher education, with a focus on interdisciplinary research and innovation. UF is now home to more than 200 academic programs and over 150 research centers, and it is consistently ranked among the top public universities in the country.

One of UF's most notable contributions to the world of academia is its commitment to sustainability and environmental research. The university is home to the Florida Energy Systems Consortium, which is one of the largest energy research centers in the country. UF is also a leader in the field of renewable energy, and its research programs in this area have helped to advance the development of clean energy technologies.

The University of Florida is a dynamic and influential institution of higher education, with a rich history and a commitment to excellence. With its strong academic programs, cutting-edge research, and commitment to sustainability, UF is poised to continue to be a leader in higher education for many years to come.

The University of Florida has several symbols and traditions that are closely associated with the university, including its motto, mascot, and fight song. Here is some information about each of these:

Motto: The motto of the University of Florida is "The Wisdom of Oneness, The Power of Diversity." This motto reflects the university's commitment to promoting inclusiveness and diversity among its students, faculty, and staff.

Mascot: The official mascot of the University of Florida is Albert and Alberta Gator. Albert and Alberta are costumed characters who represent the university at athletic events and other university functions. They are often seen cheering on the Florida Gators, the university's sports teams.

Fight Song: The official fight song of the University of Florida is "Orange and Blue." This upbeat tune is played at athletic events and other university functions, and it is a popular song among students, alumni, and fans of the Florida Gators. The lyrics of the song pay homage to the university's colors, orange and blue, and they express the school spirit and pride that is felt by those associated with the University of Florida.

These symbols and traditions are an important part of the University of Florida's rich history and culture, and they serve to unify the university community and promote a sense of pride and belonging among its students, faculty, and staff.

The University of Florida (UF) is a large, diverse institution of higher education, and its student body reflects this diversity. Here are some key demographic statistics about the University of Florida student population:

  1. Enrollment: As of 2021, the University of Florida had an enrollment of approximately 52,000 students, making it one of the largest universities in the state of Florida.

  2. Gender: The University of Florida has a roughly equal gender balance, with approximately 51% of the student body being female and 49% being male.

  3. Ethnicity: The University of Florida is a diverse institution, and its student body includes students from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds. According to the university's most recent data, the largest ethnic groups represented among UF students are White (62.5%), Hispanic (15.6%), Black (7.9%), and Asian (7.7%).

  4. Geographic origin: The University of Florida has a large and diverse student body, with students coming from all over the state of Florida, as well as from other states and countries. According to the university's data, the largest regions represented among UF students are Florida (82.3%), followed by Georgia (3.3%), and other states (14.4%).

  5. Age: The University of Florida has a mix of traditional-age students, who are typically 18 to 22 years old, as well as older students who are returning to school to complete their degrees or pursue advanced studies.

These demographics reflect the diversity of the University of Florida student body and help to create a rich and dynamic learning environment.

The rental housing market near the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida is diverse and dynamic, with a range of options available to renters. The area around the university is popular with students, young professionals, and families, which has led to a high demand for rental housing. Here are some key factors that help to describe the rental housing market near the University of Florida:

  1. Affordability: The cost of rental housing near the University of Florida varies widely depending on the location and type of property. However, compared to many other college towns, the cost of rental housing in Gainesville is relatively affordable.

  2. Availability: The rental housing market near the University of Florida is generally well-stocked, with a range of options available to renters. There are many apartment complexes, single-family homes, and townhouses available for rent in the area, and new properties are being built all the time.

  3. Location: The area around the University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida, which is a vibrant and growing city. Gainesville is home to many shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, as well as parks and outdoor recreation areas. This makes it a great place to live for those who enjoy city living.

  4. Proximity to Campus: One of the key advantages of living near the University of Florida is the proximity to campus. Many students choose to live in the area so they can walk or bike to classes and other university activities, which can save time and money.

  5. Student Housing: There are many student housing options available near the University of Florida, including off-campus apartments, dormitories, and fraternities and sororities. These options are designed to meet the unique needs of college students and provide a supportive and affordable living environment.

Overall, the rental housing market near the University of Florida is a great option for those who are looking for a dynamic and affordable place to live. With its proximity to campus, vibrant community, and range of housing options, the area around the University of Florida is an attractive choice for renters of all ages and backgrounds.

Apartments in Gainesville, Florida

Community Address Zip
Arbor Apartments 2411 Southwest 35th Place [Map] 32608-3296
Arbor East Apartments 502 Northwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-4201
Arbor Lofts Apartments 1824 Northwest 3rd Place [Map] 32603-1660
Arbor Park 309 Southwest 16th Avenue Apartment 131 [Map] 32601-8543
Archer Court Apartments 3001 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1855
Archer Woods 3020 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1812
Arlington Square 207 Southeast 2nd Place Suite I13 [Map] 32601-1829
Arlington Square 321 Southeast 3rd Street [Map] 32601-1812
Asbury Park Apartments 5333 Southwest 75th Street [Map] 32608-7447
Bellamay Grand Apartments 2625 Southwest 75th Street [Map] 32608-8336
Bellamay Grand Apartments 2625 Southwest 75th Street [Map] 32608-8336
Bentwood Apartments 6929 West University Avenue Apartment 2A [Map] 32607-1647
Bivens Cove 3301 Southwest 13th Street Apartment E149 [Map] 32608-3079
Boardwalk Apartment Homes 2701 Southwest 13th Street [Map] 32608-2084
Brandywine Apartments 2811 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1807
Bridgelight Townhouse 3006 Southwest 23rd Street [Map] 32608-2950
Brookwood Terrace Apartments 2601 Northwest 23rd Boulevard [Map] 32605-5905
Cabana North Beach Apartments 1601 Southwest 51st Terrace [Map] 32607-5681
Camelot Apartments 3425 Southwest 2nd Avenue [Map] 32607-2804
Campus Club Apartments 4000 Southwest 37th Boulevard Office [Map] 32608-7515
Carver Garden Apartments 1101 Southeast 15th Street [Map] 32641-8230
Cazabella Apartments 720 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32607-2968
Cobblestone 2801 Northwest 23rd Boulevard [Map] 32605-5937
College Manor Apartments 1216 Southwest 2nd Avenue [Map] 32601-6160
College Park Apartments 303 Northwest 17th Street [Map] 32603-1662
Collegiate Living 117 Northwest 15th Street [Map] 32603-1973
Country Gardens 2001 Southwest 16th Street [Map] 32608-1453
Country Village Apartments 2700 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1328
Creekwood Apartments 2056 Northwest 55th Boulevard [Map] 32653-2174
Cricket Club II 505 Southwest 72nd Way [Map] 32607-1717
Crossings At Santa Fe Pointe 3205 Northwest 83rd Street [Map] 32606-6229
Deerwood Apartments 2220 Northwest 55th Boulevard [Map] 32653-2175
East Side Garden Apartments 309 Northeast 9th Street [Map] 32601-5524
Eastgate Apartments 4260 Southeast 10th Place [Map] 32641-8404
Eden Park At Ironwood 1330 Northeast 39th Avenue [Map] 32609-2027
F and G Land Co 1320 Northwest 3rd Avenue [Map] 32603-2302
Fairmont Oaks 316 Southwest 62nd Boulevard [Map] 32607-2062
Fox Hollow Apartments 7301 West University Avenue Apartment 1 [Map] 32607-1616
Frederick Gardens Apartments 1405 Southwest 10th Terrace [Map] 32601-2824
Gainesville Place Apartments 2800 Southwest 35th Place [Map] 32608-2718
Gardenia Garden Apartments 1727 Northeast 8th Avenue [Map] 32641-4727
Gardens 75 Southwest 75th Street [Map] 32607-1632
Gator Village Apartments 321 Northwest 21st Lane [Map] 32609-8623
Gatorwood Apartments 1654 Northwest 22nd Circle [Map] 32605-4071
Gatorwood Apartments 2337 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1005
Georgetown Apartments 1324 Northwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32605-4064
Glen Springs Manor Apartments 2130 Northwest 31st Avenue [Map] 32605-2319
Granada Apartments of Gainesville 1800 Northwest 4th Street Apartment C17 [Map] 32609-3671
Greenwich Green Apartments 3515 Southwest 39th Boulevard [Map] 32608-6564
Grove Villas 6400 Southwest 20th Avenue [Map] 32607-3521
Hailey Walk Apartments 501 Southwest 75th Street Suite Off [Map] 32607-5750
Hampton Court Apartments 6415 Northwest 23rd Terrace [Map] 32653-1571
Hampton Oaks Apartments 124 Southwest 62nd Street [Map] 32607-2059
Harbor Cove Apartments 6815 West University Avenue [Map] 32607-2221
Harbor Cove Apartments 6815 West University Avenue [Map] 32607-2221
Hawaiian Village Apartments 3461 Southwest 2nd Avenue [Map] 32607-2810
Hawksley II Scholarship House 1102 Southwest 9th Street [Map] 32601-7858
Heritage Oaks Apartments 110 Northwest 12th Terrace [Map] 32601
Hickory Hills Apartments 4022 Southwest 17th Lane [Map] 32607-4098
Hickory Place Apartments 2323 Southwest 35th Place Apartment 1A [Map] 32608-3253
Hidden Lake 1015 Northwest 21st Avenue [Map] 32609-3448
Hidden Village Apartments 2725 Southwest 27th Avenue Suite Office [Map] 32608-2705
Hidden Village Apartments 2725 Southwest 27th Avenue Suite Suite [Map] 32608-2705
Hilton Garden Inn 4075 Southwest 33rd Place [Map] 32608-2371
Holiday Garden Apartments 1499 Southwest 18th Place [Map] 32608-1566
Holly Heights 631 Southwest 70th Terrace [Map] 32607-5808
Holly Heights North 427 Southwest 69th Street [Map] 32607-1738
Homestead Apartments 3611 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32608-6524
Horizon House Apartments 1515 Northwest 10th Street [Map] 32601-4073
Horizon Hse Apartments 1500 Northwest 12th Street [Map] 32601-4074
Hunter's Run Apartments 2600 Southwest Williston Road [Map] 32608-3961
Hunters Crossing 4830 Northwest 43rd Street Apartment Office [Map] 32606-4401
Huntington Lakes 5400 Northwest 39th Avenue [Map] 32606-6962
In the Pines Apartments 205 Southeast 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-8621
Jefferson 2nd Avenue 505 Southwest 2nd Avenue [Map] 32601-6223
Lake Crossing Apartments 4000 Northwest 51st Street [Map] 32606-4333
Lakeshore Towers Apartments 2306 Southwest 13th Street Suite Office [Map] 32608-2083
Lakewood Villas 700 Southwest 62nd Boulevard [Map] 32607-6010
Landing 3801 Southwest 13th Street [Map] 32608-3542
Laurels 4455 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32608-7582
Legacy At Fort Clarke 1505 Fort Clarke Boulevard [Map] 32606-7182
Lenox Corner Apartments 3601 Southwest 31st Drive [Map] 32608-2677
Lewis Place At Ironwood 4121 Northeast 15th Street [Map] 32609-2042
Lexington Crossing 3700 Southwest 27th Street Apartment A101 [Map] 32608-7000
Links At Haile Plantation 10000 Southwest 52nd Avenue [Map] 32608-4396
Looking Glass Apartments 111 Northwest 16th Street [Map] 32603-2826
Looking Glass Apartments 111 Northwest 15th Terrace [Map] 32603-2819
Lyons Apartments 1901 Southwest 40th Terrace [Map] 32607-4038
Madison Cove Apartments 5500 Southwest Archer Road Suite A102 [Map] 32608-3892
Madison Pointe 2701 Northwest 23rd Boulevard [Map] 32605-5906
Magnolia Place 5075 Northwest 43rd Avenue [Map] 32606-6856
Magnolia Place Apartments 5046 Northwest 43rd Avenue [Map] 32606-7600
Magnolia Place Apartments 5075 Northwest 43rd Avenue [Map] 32606-6856
Majestic Oak Apartments 5800 Southwest 20th Avenue [Map] 32607-3646
Manor At Gainesville 1000 Southwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-8425
Meadowcrest Apartments Office 110 Northwest 39th Avenue [Map] 32609-1768
Melrose Apartments of Gainesville 1000 Southwest 62nd Boulevard [Map] 32607-3895
Mount Vernon Apartments 2370 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1006
Museum Walk 3500 Southwest 19th Avenue Apartment 111 [Map] 32607-4137
Oak Glade Apartments 3427 Southwest 30th Terrace Apartment B [Map] 32608-6743
Oak Ridge Apartments 1120 Northwest 45th Avenue [Map] 32609-1882
Oakbrook Walk Apartments 1331 Southwest 13th Street Apartment A [Map] 32608-1115
Oaks Apartments 6519 West Newberry Road [Map] 32605-4352
Oasis Apartments 3436 Southwest 42nd Avenue [Map] 32608-2556
Oxford Manor 2777 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1318
Palm Bay Apartments 996 Southwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-8483
Palms At Brook Valley 1101 Northwest 39th Avenue [Map] 32609-1925
Park 16th Townhouse Apartments 1111 Southwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-8497
Park Lane Apartments 5900 Southwest 76th Court [Map] 32608-5057
Park Lane Apartments 5900 Southwest 76th Court [Map] 32608-5057
Piccadilly Apartments 2220 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32608-1207
Pine Grove Apartments 1901 Northeast 2nd Street [Map] 32609-3796
Pine Meadow Apartments 7025 West University Avenue [Map] 32607-1630
Pine Rush Apartments 4117 Southwest 20th Avenue [Map] 32607-4286
Pinetree Gardens 4100 Southwest 20th Avenue [Map] 32607-4218
Pinewood Apartments 4229 Northwest 43rd Street Office [Map] 32606-2510
Point West Apartments 500 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32607-2902
Pointe 23 Apartments 740 Northeast 23rd Avenue Suite E49 [Map] 32609-3766
Polos of Gainesville 2330 Southwest Williston Road [Map] 32608-4000
Prairie View Apartments 6315 Southwest 13th Street [Map] 32608-5446
Reflections Apartments 205 Southwest 75th Street [Map] 32607-5751
Regency Oaks Apartments 3230 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1700
Reserve At Kanapaha 4440 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-2256
Rocky Point Apartments 3100 Southwest 35th Place [Map] 32608-7600
Royal Village Apartments 710 Southwest Depot Avenue Unit 129 [Map] 32601-2859
Royale Palms 1015 Southwest 7th Avenue [Map] 32601-1323
Sanders House and Apartments 1619 Northwest 3rd Place [Map] 32603-1601
Santa Fe Oaks Apartments 8203 Northwest 31st Avenue [Map] 32606-6289
Santa Fe Trace Apartments 3310 Northwest 91st Street [Map] 32606-5069
Serenola Pines Apartments 3406 Southwest 31st Drive [Map] 32608-7677
Southern Pines Apartments 4125 Southwest 17th Place [Map] 32607-3918
Southwest Villas 3643 Southwest 20th Avenue [Map] 32607-4395
Spanish Trace Apartments 3500 Windmeadows Boulevard [Map] 32608-9400
Spyglass Apartments 701 Southwest 62nd Boulevard [Map] 32607-6012
Stoneridge Apartments 3800 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32608-6562
Summer Place Apartments 3316 Southwest 41st Place [Map] 32608-7610
Sun Key 708 Southwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-8510
Sundowne Apartments 3600 Windmeadows Boulevard [Map] 32608-9481
Sunrise Apartments 3010 Southwest 23rd Terrace [Map] 32608-2951
Sunrise Residence Inn 2105 Southwest 14th Street [Map] 32608-1509
Tanglewood Apartments 2901 Southwest 13th Street [Map] 32608-3003
Taylor Square Apartments 621 Southwest 10th Street [Map] 32601-6353
The Bartram Apartment 2337 Southwest Archer Road Suite Office [Map] 32608-1005
The Cambridge Now Windsor Park 3705 Southwest 27th Street [Map] 32608-7027
The Courtyards Apartments and Townhomes 1231 Southwest 3rd Avenue [Map] 32601-6369
The Ivy House 1005 Southwest 8th Avenue [Map] 32601-6348
The Woodlands of Gainesville 1056 Southwest 62nd Boulevard [Map] 32607
Tivoli Apartments 2841 Southwest 13th Street [Map] 32608-2085
Tower Oaks Glenn 6900 Southwest 21st Lane [Map] 32607-3748
Towne Parc Apartments 2930 Southwest 23rd Terrace [Map] 32608-2956
Tree Trail Apartments 2510 Northeast 9th Street [Map] 32609-3094
Tree Trail Apartments 2510 Northeast 9th Street [Map] 32609-3094
Treehouse Village 117 Southeast 16th Avenue [Map] 32601-0558
Tuscan Bend Apartments 3009 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1809
University Club Apartments 2900 Southwest 23rd Terrace [Map] 32608-2929
University Commons 2601 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1322
University Commons 2601 Southwest Archer Road [Map] 32608-1322
Uptown Village At Townsend 3780 Northwest 24th Boulevard [Map] 32605-5662
Uptown Village At Townsend 2338 Northwest 38th Avenue [Map] 32605-5667
Ventura Apartments 1902 Southwest 42nd Way [Map] 32607-5459
Villa Ravine Apartments 1500 Northwest 16th Avenue [Map] 32605-4073
Village 34 Apartments 328 Southwest 34th Street [Map] 32607-2842
Village Crossing Apartments 501 Southeast 18th Street [Map] 32641-7456
Village Green Apartments 3101 Northeast 15th Street [Map] 32609-2474
Whisperwood Apartments 4100 Northwest 28th Lane [Map] 32606-7466
Wildflower Apartments 1210 Southwest 11th Avenue [Map] 32601-8232
Williams Scholarship House 1064 Southwest 9th Street [Map] 32601-7858
Williamsburg Village Apartments 2000 Southwest 16th Street [Map] 32608-1422
Windmeadows Apartments 3700 Windmeadows Boulevard [Map] 32608-7698
Windsor Park Sales Office 3705 Southwest 27th Street [Map] 32608-7027
Wisteria Downs 207 Southeast 2nd Place [Map] 32601-1823
Woodland Villas 5950 Southwest 20th Avenue Apartment 76 [Map] 32607-3645

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