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University of Louisville
2211 South Brook Street
Louisville Kentucky 40292
Admissions Phone: (502) 852-5555
Mascot: Cardinals

Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky and is located in the north-central region of the state along the Ohio River. It is a culturally rich and diverse city with a long and storied history that spans back over two centuries.

One of the defining features of Louisville is its rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in its many historic landmarks, museums, and cultural institutions. The city is home to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, the Muhammad Ali Center, and the Kentucky Science Center, among many others.

Another key aspect of Louisville's cultural heritage is its food scene. The city is known for its delicious cuisine, including its famous Hot Brown sandwich, which is a staple of local restaurants and cafes. Louisville is also home to many other culinary delights, including Southern-style barbecue, bourbon, and fried chicken.

Louisville is also a city of innovation, with a thriving business and technology sector that is driving growth and economic development in the region. The city is home to many important industries, including healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, and it is a major center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In addition to its rich cultural heritage and thriving business scene, Louisville is also known for its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. The city is home to many public parks and green spaces, including Cherokee Park, Shawnee Park, and Waterfront Park, which offer a range of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Another key aspect of life in Louisville is its sports culture. The city is home to many sports teams, including the Louisville Bats (baseball), the Louisville City FC (soccer), and the Louisville Cardinals (college sports). These teams are a source of pride for local residents and help to create a vibrant and active sports culture in the city.

Despite its many positive qualities, Louisville is not without its challenges. Like many cities, it struggles with poverty, crime, and other social issues, and it has faced significant economic and political challenges in recent years. However, Louisville is a resilient city with a strong sense of community, and it is working to address these challenges and build a brighter future for its residents.

Louisville is a rich and vibrant city with a long and storied history. It is a city of culture, innovation, and recreation, with a thriving business and technology sector, a delicious food scene, and a passion for sports. Despite its challenges, Louisville is a city of resilience and determination, and it is working to build a better future for its residents and visitors.

The University of Louisville (UofL) is a public research university located in Louisville, Kentucky. It was established in 1798 as the Jefferson Seminary, making it one of the oldest universities in the United States.

In 1846, the Jefferson Seminary was renamed the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and in 1852 it became the University of Louisville. The university was initially a small institution, with just a few buildings and a handful of students, but it grew rapidly over the next several decades, adding new programs and facilities and becoming a major center of education and research in the region.

Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the University of Louisville continued to expand, adding new departments, research programs, and facilities. During this time, the university was at the forefront of many important developments in science, medicine, and engineering, and it became a major center for research and innovation.

In the mid-20th century, the University of Louisville underwent a period of significant growth and expansion, becoming one of the largest universities in the state of Kentucky. During this time, the university added new programs and facilities in a wide range of fields, including business, education, law, and the arts, and it became a major center for research and innovation in many areas.

In recent decades, the University of Louisville has continued to grow and evolve, responding to the changing needs of its students and the broader community. Today, the university is a major research institution, with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, and it is home to a diverse and vibrant student body.

The University of Louisville is now a comprehensive research university with a wide range of programs and facilities, including the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, the College of Business, the School of Law, and the School of Medicine. The university is also home to a number of important research centers and institutes, including the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, the Institute for Sustainable Energy, and the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise.

Throughout its long and storied history, the University of Louisville has played a major role in shaping the intellectual and cultural landscape of Kentucky and beyond. It has been a center of innovation, research, and discovery, and it has produced countless leaders, innovators, and thinkers who have made important contributions to the world.

The University of Louisville is a major public research university with a rich and diverse history. It has been a center of education, research, and innovation for over two centuries, and it continues to play a vital role in shaping the intellectual and cultural landscape of Kentucky and beyond.

The University of Louisville has the following official symbols and slogans:

  1. Motto: "Excellence with a Personal Touch"
  2. Mascot: The Cardinal is the official mascot of the University of Louisville.
  3. Slogan: "The Cardinal Way"
  4. Nickname: The university is often referred to as "UofL."
  5. Fight Song: The official fight song of the University of Louisville is "Fight, U of L."

As of my knowledge cutoff, the University of Louisville is a diverse and inclusive university, with a student body that represents a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Here is a brief overview of the demographics of the university:

  1. Student population: As of 2021, the University of Louisville had an enrollment of approximately 22,000 students.

  2. Gender: The student body is approximately equal parts male and female.

  3. Ethnicity: The University of Louisville has a diverse student body, with students from a wide range of ethnic and racial backgrounds. According to the university's website, the student body is approximately 45% white, 26% African American, 12% Asian, 7% Hispanic/Latino, and 6% two or more races.

  4. Geographical origin: The University of Louisville attracts students from across the United States and around the world, with a significant number of international students.

  5. Age: The student body at the University of Louisville is diverse in terms of age, with a mix of traditional-aged college students, as well as older students who are returning to school to complete their education or pursue a new career.

Overall, the University of Louisville is a diverse and inclusive community, with a student body that reflects the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the region and the world. The university is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusiveness, and it works to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all of its students, faculty, and staff.

The rental housing market near the University of Louisville is characterized by a mix of apartment complexes, single-family homes, and student housing options.

In the area surrounding the university, there is a high demand for rental properties, due in part to the large student population. As a result, the rental market near the University of Louisville is fairly competitive, with a range of options available to renters at varying price points.

Apartment complexes are a common option for renters near the university, and they offer a variety of amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and on-site laundry facilities. Many of these complexes cater specifically to students, offering convenient locations and flexible lease terms.

Single-family homes are also available for rent in the area, and these properties offer a more traditional housing option for renters who are looking for a quiet, suburban neighborhood. Rental prices for single-family homes in the area tend to be higher than for apartments, but they often offer more space and privacy.

Student housing options, such as dormitories and student apartments, are also available near the University of Louisville. These options are specifically designed for students and typically offer convenient locations, shared living spaces, and a range of amenities.

Overall, the rental housing market near the University of Louisville is diverse and competitive, with a range of options available to renters at varying price points. Whether you're a student looking for a convenient, affordable apartment, or a family seeking a quiet, suburban home, there is a rental option available to meet your needs.

Apartments in Louisville, Kentucky

Community Address Zip
800 Apartments 800 South 4th Street Apartment 1509 [Map] 40203-2147
Allen Loyie 7326 Southside Drive [Map] 40214-3773
American Village 3700 East Wheatmore Drive [Map] 40215-1474
Americana Apartments 100 East Southland Boulevard [Map] 40214-2545
Amherst Place Apartments 710 Amherst Place [Map] 40223-3486
Anchor Apartments 4401 Kern Court [Map] 40218-3956
Artisha Jordan Garden Apartments 1005 West Jefferson Street Suite A [Map] 40203-3827
Ashgrove Apartments 7701 1/2 Hogans Run [Map] 40228-1748
Auburn Place Town Homes 7503 Auburn Place Drive [Map] 40214-5944
Autumn Run Apartments 1 Trafalgar Square [Map] 40218-1197
Bardstown Forest 2041 Shady Grove Way [Map] 40218-3428
Barrington Place 537 South 3rd Street [Map] 40202-1842
Bellevue Arms Apartments 815 Bellevue Court [Map] 40215-2413
Bent Creek Apartments 3309 River Chase Court [Map] 40218-1815
Bentwood Apartments 7510 Dunwoody Court [Map] 40219-3120
Berrytown Apartments 12424 Hersfield Road [Map] 40223-2182
Billy Goat Strut 600 East Main Street [Map] 40202-1011
Blairwood Apartments 9202 Linn Station Road [Map] 40222-5727
Blue Diamond Apartments 333 Whispering Brook Drive [Map] 40229
Bona Venture Place 3511 Bonaventure Boulevard [Map] 40219-4879
Boulder Creek of Vantage 10400 Pavilion Way [Map] 40299-6060
Bradford Commons 2706 Bradford Commons Drive [Map] 40299-5197
Bradford Pointe Apartments 1519 Crums Lane [Map] 40216-3843
Breckinridge Square Apartments 163 Breckinridge Square [Map] 40220-1431
Breckinridge Square Apartments 203 Breckinridge Square [Map] 40220-1476
Bridgewood Town Homes 5405 Warwickshire Drive [Map] 40213-2850
Bridgewood Town Homes 5405 Warwickshire Drive [Map] 40213-2850
Brookridge Village Apartments 9510 Ridgeside Drive [Map] 40291-4600
Brooks Run Apartments 146 North Triangle Lane Apartment 302 [Map] 40229-5031
Brookside Apartments 6817 Brooklawn Drive [Map] 40214-3107
Brookview Apartments 7739 Brookview Drive [Map] 40214-3912
Brown Noltemeyer Co 122 North Peterson Avenue [Map] 40206-2385
California Square Apartments 1600 Garland Avenue [Map] 40210-2481
California Square II 1600 Garland Avenue [Map] 40210-2481
Camden Brookside 8117 Coppercreek Drive [Map] 40222-6823
Camden Meadows 2000 Deercross Drive [Map] 40220-3734
Camden Oxmoor 7400 Steeplecrest Circle [Map] 40222-9005
Camden Prospect Park 2300 Glen Eagle Drive [Map] 40222-6425
Camelot Apartments 1021 Everett Avenue [Map] 40204-1252
Canter Chase Apartments 1200 Canterchase Drive [Map] 40242-7568
Cardinal Village Apartments 1800 South 2nd Street [Map] 40208-1851
Carriage House North Apartments 126 Royer Court [Map] 40206-1560
Carriage House South Apartments 4408 Shady Villa Drive [Map] 40219-1664
Cavalier Apartments 1231 South 4th Street [Map] 40203-3081
Cedar Springs Apartments 9000 Sprucedale Way [Map] 40291-4775
Century Enterprises 2525 Taylorsville Road [Map] 40205-2224
Chalet Village Apartments 3808 Dixie Highway [Map] 40216-4172
Chamberlain Oaks 71A Charteroaks Drive [Map] 40241
Champion Farms Apartments At Springhurst 3700 Springhurst Boulevard [Map] 40241-5100
Charlestown of Douglass Hills 407 Charlestown Court [Map] 40243-1108
Chateau Royale Apartments 3700 Chateau Lane [Map] 40219-2652
Chateau Village Apartment 421 Poplar Level Court [Map] 40219-1167
Chatsworth Park Apartments 122 North Peterson Avenue [Map] 40206-2385
Chenoweth Woods Apartments 14005 Old Station Road [Map] 40245-4672
Cherry Springs Apartments 4553 Taylorsville Road [Map] 40220-3565
Churchill Park Apartments 7204 Churchill Park Drive [Map] 40220-7106
Clearwater Farm Apartments 5401 Lowerfield Drive [Map] 40219-2086
Clk Multi Family 407 Charlestown Court [Map] 40243-1108
Clk Multi Family 407 Charlestown Court [Map] 40243-1108
Colonial Oaks Apartments 5011 Southside Drive [Map] 40214-2271
Colony Apartments 100 Rock Cliff Court [Map] 40218-1260
Cooper Creek Village Apartments 4807 Cooper Village Terrace [Map] 40219-4925
Country Acres Apartments 102 Country Acres Unit 1 [Map] 40218-4028
Country Place Apartments 9643 Lamborne Boulevard [Map] 40272-2504
Creekside At St Matthews 514 Brightwood Place [Map] 40207-4108
Crescent Centre 657 South 3rd Street [Map] 40202-2401
Cypress Pointe Apartments 425 South Hubbards Lane [Map] 40207-4086
Cypress Pointe Apartments 425 South Hubbards Lane [Map] 40207-4086
Devex Apartments 9912 Taylorsville Road [Map] 40299-3166
Devonshire Apartments 8301 Doncaster Way [Map] 40222-3717
Dixie Downs Apartments 4319 Sanders Lane Apartment 106 [Map] 40216-6702
Douglas Park Apartments 401 Douglas Park [Map] 40214-2000
Eagles Eyrie Apartments 2424 Eagles Eyrie Court [Map] 40206-2328
East Chase Apartments 1700 Somerset Place [Map] 40220-3732
East Ridge 11707 Nansemond Place [Map] 40245-1788
Echo Hill Nob Hill Apartments 208 Bontressa Drive [Map] 40206-2191
Eden Apartments 800 Minette Circle [Map] 40258-1151
El Patio Apartments 2600 El Patio Place Apartment 107 [Map] 40220-6004
Eleven Oaks Apartments 5546 Indian Oaks Circle [Map] 40219-1102
Elliott Park Apartments Ltd 650 South 29th Street [Map] 40211-1340
Fairington Apartments of Louisville 5900 Fairington Drive [Map] 40218-3408
Falcon Crest Apartments 3800 Falcon Crest Drive [Map] 40219-6047
Fenwick Place 8601 Fenwick Creek Place [Map] 40220-5818
Flaget Apartments 4410 River Park Drive [Map] 40211-3246
Flintlock Arms Apartments 4150 Flintlock Drive [Map] 40216-1577
Forsythia Court Apartments 6001 Barley Avenue [Map] 40218-3975
Fountain Square Apartments 3601 Fountain Drive [Map] 40218-2574
Four Seasons Apartments 8010 Summerfield Circle [Map] 40220-6600
Glen Hill Manor Apartments 11313 Bold Forbes Boulevard [Map] 40272-4262
Glenbrook Park Apartments 2710 Masemure Court [Map] 40220-2338
Grand Avenue Apartments 1039 South 38th Street [Map] 40211-2584
Greater Community Counsel Apartments 600 North 27th Street [Map] 40212-1152
Greater Financial Mortgage 3801 Springhurst Boulevard Suite 204 [Map] 40241-6139
Green Meadows Apartments 3619 Green Meadows Drive [Map] 40218-1486
Greenleaves Apartments 700 Zorn Avenue [Map] 40206-1472
Greenwood Place Apartments 7500 Greenwood Place Circle [Map] 40258-4493
Grove At Lyndon 7716 Sundance Drive [Map] 40222-4766
Guardian Court Apartments 6100 Guardian Court [Map] 40219-1340
Hallmark Apartments 7312 Six Mile Lane [Map] 40220-3118
Hallmark At Preston 743 McCawley Road [Map] 40219-2778
Hallmark Plaza 1797 Wilart Drive [Map] 40210-2287
Hampshire House Apartments 10101 Grand Avenue [Map] 40299-3143
Hampton Place 1549 West Madison Street [Map] 40203-1611
Hawthorne Place Apartments 4700 Hawthorne Place Drive [Map] 40272-2781
Heatherstone Apartments 6408 Six Mile Lane [Map] 40218-2300
Heathmore Apartments 11559 Ford Place [Map] 40241-1873
Heritage Hill Apartments 201 Heritage Hill Trail [Map] 40223-5521
Hickory Hill Apartments 9907 Grassland Drive [Map] 40299-2813
Highlands Court Apartments 1720 Richmond Drive [Map] 40205-1474
Highwood Place Apartments 41 Highwood Place [Map] 40206-3279
Hillebrand House 1235 South 3rd Street [Map] 40203-2953
Hillview Manor 1900 Garrs Lane [Map] 40216-3847
Hillview Woods Apartments 4800 Birch Tree Lane [Map] 40229-3815
Holly Hills Apartments 2601 Lindsay Avenue [Map] 40206-2265
Holly Park Townhouses 2714 Holly Park Drive [Map] 40214-3375
Hunters Run Apartments 5629 Fox Horn Circle [Map] 40216-1371
Huntington Lane Apartments 1409 Huntington Lane [Map] 40219-3190
Hurstbourne Grand Apartments 8916 Marksfield Road [Map] 40222-5210
Hurstbourne Landings Apartments 5804 Lisa Court Apartment 5 [Map] 40291-2244
Imperial House 3201 Leith Lane [Map] 40218-1931
Iroquois Garden Apartments 518 Iroquois Gardens Drive [Map] 40214-3452
Iroquois Green 136 Lawson Lane [Map] 40214-1269
Isbell Edith Apartments 1014 South 3rd Street [Map] 40203-2945
Jacobs Landing 4200 Medallion Court [Map] 40219-1663
Jamestown Apartments 900 Milford Lane [Map] 40207-4451
Kendall Arms Apartments 1833 Kendall Lane Apartment 9 [Map] 40216-2847
Kennedy Place Town Homes 4501 Kennedy Place Circle [Map] 40272-7213
Kenwood Arms 104 Kenwood Court [Map] 40214-2108
Kingswood Apartments 7805 Oxted Lane [Map] 40222-4203
Klondike Manor 3802 Klondike Lane [Map] 40218-1796
Lafayette Enterprise 850 River Dell Court [Map] 40206
Lafontenay Apartments 175 La Fontenay Drive [Map] 40223-3148
Lafontenay Apartments 175 La Fontenay Drive [Map] 40223-3148
Ledgewood Apartments 6100 Ledgewood Parkway [Map] 40214-3347
Legacy Apartments 5515 Hunt Club Lane [Map] 40214-4328
Legacy Apartments 5515 Hunt Club Lane [Map] 40214-4328
Legands Run 2904 Tree Lane Apartment K61 [Map] 40299-3016
Legends Apartment Homes 11000 Indian Legends Drive [Map] 40241-3446
Lyndon Crossing 8301 Doncaster Way [Map] 40222-3717
Mallard Crossing Apartments 400 Mallard Creek Road [Map] 40207-5484
Maplewood Apartments 4860 Fegenbush Lane Apartment 1 [Map] 40228-1166
Marian Manor Apartments 3391 Young Avenue [Map] 40211-1879
Markwell Apartments 350 Markwell Court [Map] 40219-3170
Masonic Home Village Apartments 3701 Frankfort Avenue [Map] 40207-2556
McArthur Park Apartments 7025 Bronner Circle [Map] 40218-3723
Meadowood Apartments 304 Meadowood Court [Map] 40214-3646
Millgate Apartments 1705 Millgate Road Apartment East [Map] 40223-1061
Monteray Place Apartments 10500 Monteray Place Circle Suite 5 [Map] 40272-3987
Mountain View Apartments 333 Whispering Brook Drive [Map] 40229
Mt Lebanon Cedars of Lebanon Homes 2223 Magazine Street [Map] 40211-1037
Mt Vernon Apartments 6733 Carribean Lane [Map] 40219-2221
Norbrook Arms Apartments 4300 Norbrook Drive [Map] 40218-3691
Oaks At St Andrews 6817 Brooklawn Drive [Map] 40214-3107
Old School Apartments 422 Heywood Avenue Office 100 [Map] 40208-1347
Overlook At Saint Thomas Apartments 6800 Steeprun Road [Map] 40241-6509
Paddock At Eastpoint 13516 Skywatch Lane [Map] 40245-7563
Paddock At Eastpoint 13516 Skywatch Lane [Map] 40245-7563
Paradise Apartments 6200 Paradise Lane [Map] 40258-2564
Park At Hurstbourne 5555 Big Ben Drive [Map] 40291-2150
Park Chateau Apartments 512 West Ormsby Avenue [Map] 40203-3091
Park Place Apartments 7500 Cranfill Way [Map] 40214-6026
Parliament Square Apartments 178 Stoke On Trent Street [Map] 40299-2937
Parliament Square Apartments 178 Stoke On Trent Street [Map] 40299-2937
Partridge Meadows Apartments and Townhomes 8102 Four Winds Drive [Map] 40222-3857
Partridge Pointe 3701 Dena Drive [Map] 40215-1505
Pennacook Apartments 2522 Pennacook Road [Map] 40214-3253
Phoenix Hill Townhouses 928 Marshall Street [Map] 40204-6016
Phoenix Place Apt Homes 510 South Shelby Street [Map] 40202-1634
Pinehurst Apartments 5312 Poindexter Drive [Map] 40291-1621
Plainview Apartments 1000 Stone Spring Way [Map] 40223-3602
Portland Plaza 3400 Portland Plaza [Map] 40212-2166
Post Grove Apartments 3906 Accomack Drive [Map] 40241-1973
Post Oak Apartments 8000 Post Oak Place [Map] 40222-4888
Preston Lee Apartments 1210 Lipps Lane [Map] 40219-3100
Preston Oaks Apartments 5100 Crafty Drive [Map] 40213-2736
Puritan the Apartments 1244 South 4th Street Suite 1 [Map] 40203-3051
Raintree Gardens 6430 Six Mile Lane [Map] 40218-2322
Regnet Park Apartments 9400 Hurstbourne Park Boulevard [Map] 40220-1652
Renaissance Gelnmary Village Apartments 9606 Clubview Drive [Map] 40291-3787
Renaissance St Andrews Apartments 3311 Renwood Boulevard [Map] 40214-6307
Ridgedale Apartments 4311 Landside Drive [Map] 40220-3139
Ridgewood Apartments 3206 Abshire Lane [Map] 40220-3375
River Hill Apartments 850 River Dell Court [Map] 40206
River Oak Apartments 2400 Mellwood Avenue [Map] 40206-1061
Riverport South 11905 Dixie Highway [Map] 40272-4808
Roanoke Apartments 4603 Roxann Boulevard [Map] 40218-4072
Rockford Arms Apartments 1915 Rockford Lane [Map] 40216-2641
Rolling Hills Apartments 9100 Rainbow Springs Court [Map] 40241-2212
Rosewood Apartments 13905 Sassafras Tree Drive [Map] 40245-3964
Rosewood Manor Townhomes 2200 Rosewood Way [Map] 40214-6402
Royal Arms Apartments 1900 Bashford Manor Lane [Map] 40218-2439
Royal Garden Apartments 1004 Royal Gardens Court [Map] 40214-4631
San Jose Court Apartments 1822 San Jose Avenue Apartment 103 [Map] 40216-2848
Shadow Ridge Apartments 10400 Shadow Ridge Lane [Map] 40241-1291
Shalom Tower Program Office 3650 Dutchmans Lane [Map] 40205-3303
Shively Apartments 3105 Clinton Place [Map] 40216-5064
Slate Run Apartments 804 1/2 Granite Drive [Map] 40223-1257
Southgate Apartments 10960 Southgate Manor Drive [Map] 40229-1653
Southview Apartments 7140 Southside Drive [Map] 40214
Southwood Apartments 2521 Pennacook Road [Map] 40214-3283
Spring Manor Apartments 4419 Gills Court [Map] 40219-4971
Springview Apartments 3440 Newburg Road [Map] 40218-2429
St Anthony Gardens Apartments 3130 Saint Anthony Gardens Drive [Map] 40214-4476
St Columba Court Apartments 3514 West Market Street [Map] 40212-2358
Station House Square Apartments 1509 South 6th Street [Map] 40208-5446
Stonemill Village Apartments 850 Washburn Avenue [Map] 40222-6712
Summit Place Apartments 5201 Eagles Peak Way [Map] 40241-1376
Summitt Apartments 2814 De Mel Avenue [Map] 40214-1009
Tanglewood Apartments 500 Bermuda Lane [Map] 40213-3337
Tanyard Apartments 224 Tanyard Park Place [Map] 40229
Taylors Crossing 9601 Balsam Way [Map] 40299-3046
Terraces At Forest Springs 3501 Terrace Springs Drive [Map] 40245-4879
The Oaks At Park Duvalle 3621 Chauncey Avenue [Map] 40211-2382
The Villages of Park Duvalle 3436 Drive William G Weathers Drive Apartment 101 [Map] 40211-1986
The Villages of Park Duvalle 2900 Drive William G Weathers Drive [Map] 40211-5805
Turtle Creek Apartments 1967 Goldsmith Lane [Map] 40218-2093
Twin Oaks Apartments 3100 Chinquapin Lane [Map] 40219-1055
Tymberwood Trace Apartments 7500 Beechview Way [Map] 40219-6139
University Park Apartments 2207 James Pirtle Court [Map] 40217-2913
Urban Innovations 3650 Dutchmans Lane [Map] 40205-3303
Valley Farms Apartments 10200 Renaissance Valley Way [Map] 40272-3277
Venus Place Apartments 7320 Southside Drive Suite 37 [Map] 40214-3742
Vieux Carre' Apartments 9811 Vieux Carre Drive [Map] 40223-3208
Villas of Forest Springs 3600 Spring Villa Circle [Map] 40245-7507
Walnut Grove Apartments 1602 Clover Street [Map] 40216-2683
Washington Park Townhomes 418 Marshall Walk [Map] 40214-2632
Waterford Place Apartments 4105 Waterford Circle [Map] 40207-5242
Watterson Lakeview Apartments 3703 West Wheatmore Drive [Map] 40215-1413
Weissinger-Gaulbert Apartments 709 South 3rd Street [Map] 40202-2165
Westbury 1007 Lyndon Lane [Map] 40222-7350
Whispering Hills Apartments 6905 Connecticut Drive [Map] 40219-2341
Whispering Hills Southeast 202 Flirtation Walk [Map] 40219-2444
Whispering Oaks Apartments Rental Office 6401 Fern Valley Way [Map] 40219-2037
Whispering Woods Apartments 11313 Bold Forbes Boulevard [Map] 40272-4262
White Oak Park Apartments 10010 Whiteoak Park Road [Map] 40219-5814
Whitehall Apartments 2614 Whitehall Terrace [Map] 40220-6023
Williamsburg Apartments 2205 Crums Lane Apartment 9 [Map] 40216-4252
Willow Oaks Apartments 6003 Jo Danielle Place [Map] 40291-4923
Willow Place Apartments 4301 Shady Villa Drive [Map] 40219-1661
Willowbrook Apartments 2106 Buechel Bank Road [Map] 40218-3500
Woodbridge Apartments 1000 Glenridge Drive [Map] 40242-3787
Woodside Village Apartments 319 Blair Court [Map] 40243-2502
Woodsmill Apartments 5026 Quail Hollow Road [Map] 40213-2426
Worthington Apartments 735 South 2nd Street [Map] 40202-2152
York Towers Apartments 201 York Street [Map] 40203-2252
Yorktown South Apartments 7103 Yorktown Road [Map] 40214-4939
Yvonne Apartments 142 Woodmore Avenue [Map] 40214-3663

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