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University of Memphis
101 Wilder Tower
Memphis Tennessee 38152-3520
Admissions Phone: 901-678-2000
Mascot: Tigers

Memphis, Tennessee is a vibrant and dynamic city located in the southwestern corner of the state. With a population of over 650,000 residents, Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the southeastern United States.

Memphis is known for its rich history, vibrant cultural scene, and delicious cuisine. The city was founded in 1819 and has a long and fascinating history, including being a key center of the Civil Rights Movement and playing a major role in the development of blues, rock and roll, and soul music. Today, Memphis is a modern and thriving city that is home to a thriving business community, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a wealth of recreational opportunities.

One of the defining features of Memphis is its rich cultural heritage. The city is home to a number of world-famous attractions, including Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, the National Civil Rights Museum, and the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum. Memphis is also known for its delicious cuisine, including its famous barbecue, which is considered by many to be some of the best in the world.

Another defining feature of Memphis is its thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to a variety of museums, galleries, and performance spaces, including the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Orpheum Theatre, and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Memphis is also known for its rich music heritage, including being the birthplace of blues, rock and roll, and soul music, and is home to a number of world-famous music festivals and events, including the Memphis in May International Festival and the Beale Street Music Festival.

The economy of Memphis is also a major strength of the city. Memphis is home to a thriving business community, with a variety of large and small companies operating in the region, including FedEx, AutoZone, and International Paper. The city is also home to a growing startup community, with a number of innovative companies and organizations working to support the growth of new businesses in the region.

Another defining feature of Memphis is its high quality of life. The city is home to a variety of excellent schools, including the University of Memphis, which is one of the largest and most respected universities in the southeastern United States. Memphis is also home to a wide range of recreational opportunities, including parks, lakes, and golf courses, as well as a thriving sports scene, with several professional and amateur sports teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies and the Memphis Redbirds.

In recent years, Memphis has seen significant growth and development, with a number of new businesses and organizations moving to the region and a growing number of residents choosing to call Memphis home. Despite this growth, however, the city has managed to maintain its small-town feel, with a strong sense of community and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Overall, Memphis, Tennessee is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a rich cultural heritage, a thriving arts and culture scene, a thriving business community, or a high quality of life, Memphis has it all. With a rich history, a bright future, and a welcoming atmosphere, Memphis is a city that is well worth a visit.

The University of Memphis, located in Memphis, Tennessee, is a public research university that has a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence.

The university was founded in 1912 as the West Tennessee Normal School, with the goal of providing teacher training to the residents of the region. Over the next several decades, the university grew and evolved, adding new departments and programs and becoming a full-fledged university.

In the mid-20th century, the University of Memphis experienced a period of significant growth and expansion, with the addition of several new buildings and academic programs. During this time, the university also became a part of the Tennessee Board of Regents system, which oversaw the state's public colleges and universities.

In the decades that followed, the University of Memphis continued to grow and evolve, becoming a major center of research and education in the southeastern United States. The university is home to a wide range of academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, education, engineering, and the arts.

One of the defining features of the University of Memphis is its commitment to research. The university is home to several major research centers and institutes, including the FedEx Institute of Technology, the Institute for Intelligent Systems, and the Herff College of Engineering. These centers and institutes provide students and faculty with the resources and opportunities they need to pursue cutting-edge research and innovation.

Another defining feature of the University of Memphis is its commitment to student success. The university is known for its high-quality academic programs, its dedicated faculty and staff, and its supportive campus environment. The university also provides students with a wide range of resources and opportunities, including internships, study abroad programs, and research opportunities, to help them succeed in their academic and professional careers.

Today, the University of Memphis is a thriving public research university, with a student body of over 21,000 students and a faculty of over 1,000. It is known for its strong academic programs, its world-class research facilities, and its commitment to providing students with a high-quality education. With a rich history and a bright future, the University of Memphis is a vital part of the state of Tennessee and a leader in higher education.

In recent years, the University of Memphis has seen significant growth and development, with a growing number of students choosing to attend the university and a commitment to expanding its programs and facilities. Despite this growth, however, the university has maintained its commitment to student success and its commitment to providing a high-quality education to all of its students.

Overall, the history of the University of Memphis reflects a commitment to academic excellence, research, and student success. With a rich history and a bright future, the University of Memphis is a vital part of the state of Tennessee and a leader in higher education.

The mascot of the University of Memphis is TOM III, a live Bengal tiger who represents the university at athletic events and other university functions.

The fight song of the University of Memphis is "Go Tigers Go".

The nickname of the University of Memphis is the "Tigers".

Recently, the University of Memphis had an estimated student population of over 21,000 students. The student body is diverse and representative of the state of Tennessee and the wider region.

In terms of gender, the university has a relatively equal number of male and female students, with a slight majority of female students. The racial and ethnic makeup of the student body is also diverse, with students from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, including African American, White, Asian, and Hispanic students.

In terms of geographic origin, the majority of students at the University of Memphis come from within the state of Tennessee. However, the university also attracts students from across the United States and around the world, providing a diverse and globally-minded student body.

In terms of academic achievement, the University of Memphis is known for its strong academic programs and its commitment to providing students with a high-quality education. The university attracts students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including students who are the first in their families to attend college, students who are returning to school after a period of time, and students who have already achieved significant academic success.

Overall, the demographics of the University of Memphis reflect the diversity and academic strength of the student body, providing a rich and inclusive environment for students to learn, grow, and succeed.

The rental housing market near the University of Memphis campus is relatively active, with a variety of housing options available to students, staff, and other members of the university community.

The rental market in the area is largely driven by demand from university students, who are looking for affordable and convenient housing near campus. As a result, the area is home to a number of student housing complexes, as well as a variety of other rental properties, including apartments, houses, and townhomes.

Rental prices in the area vary depending on the specific property and its location, but overall, the cost of rent is relatively affordable compared to other college towns in the United States. However, during peak times, such as the start of the academic year, rental prices may be higher due to increased demand.

In recent years, the rental housing market near the University of Memphis campus has seen steady growth, with a growing number of new rental properties being developed and an increasing number of students and other university community members looking for housing in the area. Despite this growth, however, the rental market in the area is still considered to be relatively affordable, making it a good option for those looking for housing near the University of Memphis campus.

Overall, the rental housing market near the University of Memphis campus is a vibrant and active market, with a variety of housing options available to meet the needs of students, staff, and other members of the university community. Whether you are looking for a small apartment or a larger house, there are plenty of options to choose from in the area.


Apartments in Memphis, Tennessee

Community Address Zip
6111 At Ridgeway Crossing 6111 Ridgeway Boulevard [Map] 38115-5147
750 Adams Place 141 North Manassas Street Suite 1 [Map] 38105-4570
Agnes Place Apartments 2645 Davey Drive [Map] 38127-2814
Alexmire Apartments 359 East McLemore Avenue [Map] 38106-2920
Almadura Apartments 175 Stonewall Street [Map] 38104-8417
Alpha Renaissance Apartments 1471 Genesis Circle [Map] 38106-5808
Alta Vista Apartments 1749 Gowan Drive [Map] 38127-5509
Apartments the Renaissance 99 North Main Street [Map] 38103-5025
Arbors At River Oaks River Oaks 225 Arbor Commons Circle [Map] 38120-2656
Arbors Harbor Town 671 Harbor Edge Drive [Map] 38103-0810
Arbors of Hickory Ridge 6296 Lake View Trail [Map] 38115-3455
Ascension Towers 3910 Stuart Road Suite 1 [Map] 38111-6503
Ashton Hills 4183 Troost Drive [Map] 38128-2218
Aspenwood Square Apartments and Townhomes 3235 South Mendenhall Road [Map] 38103
Atlantic Oak Apartments 1098 Atlantic Street [Map] 38112-1502
Audubon Park Place 939 Getwell Road [Map] 38111-7438
Autumn Ridge Apartments 3888 Autumn Ridge Court [Map] 38115-0903
Autumnwood Village Apartments 3094 Autumnwood Avenue [Map] 38115-0606
Avery Park Apartments 4845 Bontura Drive [Map] 38128-6901
Barclay House 3439 Southern Avenue [Map] 38111-4345
Bartlett Heights Apartments 2932 Bartlett Crest Drive [Map] 38134-8339
Bartlett Heights Apartments 6130 Bartlett View Lane [Map] 38134-8365
Bartlett Heights Apartments 6130 Bartlett View Lane [Map] 38134-8365
Beacon Manor Apartments 3923 Barbourville Drive [Map] 38127-4169
Bella Vista Apartments 5958 East Point Drive [Map] 38115-3220
Belvedere Apartments 1733 Union Avenue [Map] 38104-6157
Belvedere Gardens 108 North Belvedere Boulevard [Map] 38104-2547
Bent Tree Apartments 3471 West Briarpark Drive [Map] 38116-3718
Bent Tree Apartments 3406 Providence Drive [Map] 38116-3708
Beverly Hills Apartments 2876 Hammond Road Suite 1 [Map] 38128-5711
Birches At Countryside 6939 Dusty Trail Lane [Map] 38133-4860
Birches Townhouse 1466 Birch Bend Road [Map] 38116-3402
Blair Tower Apartments 810 Washington Avenue [Map] 38105-4571
Breezy Point Apartments 2801 Raja Drive [Map] 38127-7919
Brentwood Place Apartments 1835 Sycamore View Road [Map] 38134-6524
Briar Club Apartments 6355 Briar Patch Lane [Map] 38115-4116
Bristol Gardens 3803 Given Avenue [Map] 38122-3508
Bristol On Union 1177 Union Avenue [Map] 38104-6647
Brittany 1918 Ezell Street [Map] 38111-7813
Butterfield Village Apartments 1300 Lynnfield Road [Map] 38119-5740
Butterfield Village Apartments 1300 Lynnfield Road [Map] 38119-5740
C E Ware Towers 3571 South 3rd Street [Map] 38109-8267
Cambridge Court Apartments 3357 West Winchester Place [Map] 38116-3361
Camelot Manor Apartments 3151 Ashwood Street [Map] 38118-3945
Campus View Apartments 3606 Walker Avenue [Map] 38111-5971
Cane Creek Apartments 1528 Ragan Street [Map] 38106-6103
Canterbury Woods 6520 MacOn Road [Map] 38134-7528
Central Station Apartments 545 South Main Street Suite Office [Map] 38103-4819
Champion Hills At Windyke 3788 Links Drive South [Map] 38125-2521
Charter Oaks Apartments 5473 Vander Oak Drive [Map] 38116-8809
Cherokee Cabana 3204 Sharpe Avenue [Map] 38111-3728
Cherokee Square Apartments 2884 Filmore Avenue [Map] 38114-5025
Cherry Garden Apartments 4350 Dunn Road [Map] 38111-7950
Chicago Park Place Apartments 1415 Breedlove Street [Map] 38107-1209
Cinnamon Trails 6401 Knight Arnold Road [Map] 38118
Clearbrook Village Apartments 3516 Tall Oaks Circle [Map] 38118-5429
College Park Apartments 838 Walker Avenue [Map] 38126-5915
Continental Apartments 1422 Lamar Avenue [Map] 38104-4800
Corners 4150 Winchester Road [Map] 38118-5048
Corning Village Apartments 3595 Steele Street [Map] 38127-5300
Cottonwood Apartments 4653 Cotton Drive [Map] 38118-2308
Country Oaks Apartments 6555 North Country Oaks Circle [Map] 38115-5262
Country View Apartments 3990 Stephanie Lane [Map] 38128-7101
Countryside Apartments 6934 Country Manor Drive [Map] 38133-8810
Creekwood Village Apartments 4302 Creekwood Drive [Map] 38128-5810
Crescent At Wolf Chase 7819 Crescent Ridge Cove [Map] 38133-5094
Deerfield Apartments 2155 Deer Crest Lane [Map] 38134-8917
Dogwood Trace Apartments 4635 Forest Oak Way [Map] 38118-5219
Doral Apartments 3655 MacOn Road [Map] 38122-2214
Eagles Landing Apartments 7833 Stellar Lane [Map] 38125-3686
Eastern Heights Apartments 281 West Johnson Circle [Map] 38112-4215
Eastwood Park Apartments 2973 Getwell Road Suite 1 [Map] 38118-2233
Eden Pointe 3187 East Danville Circle [Map] 38118-4182
Edison Park Apartments 567 Jefferson Avenue [Map] 38103
El Dorado Apartments 2743 Ketchum Road [Map] 38114-7311
Ellington At Kirby 3169 Kirby Parkway [Map] 38115-3704
Embassy Apartments 505 South Perkins Road [Map] 38117-3936
Emerald Park Apartments 3338 Summer Place Lane [Map] 38115-3914
Emerald Square Townhomes 6082 Knightsbridge Drive [Map] 38115-3307
Epstein Enterprises 1726 South Orleans Street [Map] 38106-6402
Epstein Enterprises 6491 Birkenhead Road [Map] 38134-5949
Eton Square 3315 Ridgeway Road [Map] 38115-4024
Fairfax Manor Townhouses 1875 Camberley Circle [Map] 38119-5411
Fairways Apartments 630 Tulane Cove South [Map] 38109-9006
Faronia Square Townhouses 1350 South Faronia Square [Map] 38116-6513
Fieldstone Apartments 3200 Feildstone Way [Map] 38103
Fieldstone Apartments 3333 Hacks Cross Road [Map] 38125-8803
Forest Park Apartments 3350 Frayser Manor Drive Apartment 1 [Map] 38127-6089
Foxwood Apartments 2778 Pickering Drive [Map] 38115-1146
French Village Apartments 4045 Summer Avenue [Map] 38122-5297
Gardenwood Apartments 4787 Garden Grove Cove [Map] 38128-4779
Georgian Woods Apartments 2451 Union Avenue [Map] 38112-4331
Germantown Falls 6895 Club Ridge Circle [Map] 38115-5339
Gilmore Apartments 6 South McLean Boulevard [Map] 38104-3980
Glen Townhomes 6081 Summer Avenue [Map] 38134-6703
Goodwill Village Apartments 2510 Peres Avenue Suite 3 [Map] 38108-4617
Goodwill Village Apartments 2510 Peres Avenue [Map] 38108-4600
Graceland Farm Apartments 1984 Bonnie Drive [Map] 38116-6042
Greenview Townhomes 4715 Hedges Drive [Map] 38128-1396
Harmony Woods Apartments 3384 Harmony Court [Map] 38122-3211
Harrold Ford Sr Villa 621 Deerskin Drive [Map] 38109-3607
Hedgemoor Square Apartments 385 North Graham Street [Map] 38117-1504
Hedgerow Apartments 4733 Heather Row [Map] 38141-8576
Hermitage Apartments 1103 South Cooper Street [Map] 38114-6746
Hickory Farms Apartments 3822 Hickory Farms Drive [Map] 38115-6355
Hickory Forest Apartments 3920 Hickory Hill Road [Map] 38115-6125
Hickory Hills Apartments 3513 Graceland Drive [Map] 38116-3405
Hickory Pointe Apartments 2755 Hickory Point Cove [Map] 38115-2065
Highland Chateau 5246 Raleigh Lagrange Road [Map] 38134-5691
Highland Creek Apartments 1305 Turkey Run Lane [Map] 38116-3273
Highland Gardens 491 North Highland Street Apartment 1 [Map] 38122-4541
Highland Hills 5246 Raleigh Lagrange Road [Map] 38134-5691
Highland Meadows 5001 Airways Boulevard [Map] 38116-8701
Highlander Apartments 461 South Highland Street [Map] 38111-8209
Highlands Hills 2831 Fosterwood Drive [Map] 38115-0103
Hilldale Apartments 3500 Westline Drive [Map] 38128-2823
Hillview Village Apartments 2119 East Alcy Road [Map] 38114-5966
Hunter Oaks Apartments 680 Woodstone Circle [Map] 38116-3926
Hunter's Trace Apartments 1730 Hunters Trace Drive [Map] 38120-4458
Independent Apartments 875 Linden Avenue [Map] 38126-2420
Irving Park Apartments 2452 Ketchum Cove [Map] 38114-6078
Island Park Apartments 1440 Island Place East [Map] 38103-9035
Ivy Chase Apartments 3130 South Mendenhall Road [Map] 38115-2828
Jamesbridge 3815 North Advantage Way Drive [Map] 38128-7202
Jefferson Place 560 South Jefferson Place [Map] 38105-5237
Jennifer Meadows Apartments 4800 Raleigh Lagrange Road [Map] 38128-6050
Kenilworth Apartments 3389 Steve Road [Map] 38111-4826
Kensington Manor 3896 Chippewa Road [Map] 38118-1834
Kimball Cabana Apartments 2856 Kimball Avenue [Map] 38114-4413
Kimball Park Apartments 2861 Kimball Avenue [Map] 38114-4414
Kimball Part Apartments 2861 Kimball Avenue [Map] 38114-4414
Kimbrough Towers 172 Kimbrough Place [Map] 38104-6700
Kimbrough Towers 172 Kimbrough Place [Map] 38104-6700
Kirby Station Apartments 6653 North Quail Hollow Road [Map] 38120-4448
Lantern Square Apartments 2690 Drury Way Lane [Map] 38128-5417
Lapaloma Apartments 1393 Lapaloma Circle [Map] 38114-2905
Legends At Wolfchase 8840 Bristol Park Drive [Map] 38133-4124
Lexington Apartments 4123 Aux Arms Drive Apartment 4 [Map] 38128-3350
Lincoln Apartments 1205 Marble Avenue [Map] 38108-1130
Lofts At South Bluff Sales-Leasing 505 Tennessee Street [Map] 38103-4469
Los Feliz Apartments 2281 Ketchum Road [Map] 38114-6045
Luther Towers 274 South Highland Street [Map] 38111-4568
Lynnfield Place Apartments 5900 Cedar Forrest Drive [Map] 38119-6130
Madison At Cypress Lakes 6860 Quince Road [Map] 38119-8619
Madison At Humphrey Center 330 North Humphreys Boulevard [Map] 38120-2177
Maple Ridge Apartments 3373 Regal Plaza Drive [Map] 38116-3029
Marquis Gardens 2351 Dwight Road [Map] 38114-5333
Meadow Oaks Apartments 3634 Colonial Oak Lane [Map] 38116-4201
Meadows Apartments 2154 Meadow Glade Lane [Map] 38134-9725
Medical Center Tower Apartments 23 South Pauline Street [Map] 38104-3129
Memphis Towers 1081 Court Avenue [Map] 38104-2181
Mendenhall Gardens Apartments 553 North Mendenhall Road Apartment 1 [Map] 38117-1972
Mendonwood Apartments 777 Mount Moriah Road [Map] 38117-5349
Midtown Apartments 1420 Poplar Avenue [Map] 38104-2903
Midtown Place Apartments 2095 Poplar Avenue [Map] 38104-2872
Mill Creek Apartments 4537 Mill Stream Drive [Map] 38116-5130
Mimosa Gardens Apartments 461 South Highland Street [Map] 38111-8209
Monticello Apartments 3250 Kirby Parkway [Map] 38115-3769
New Greenbriar Apartments 3131 Madewell Street [Map] 38127-6217
New Horizon Apartments 3619 Kingsgate Drive [Map] 38116-4820
New Horizon Apartments 3403 Range Line Road [Map] 38127-6848
Newberry Heights 5819 Newberry Avenue [Map] 38115-3031
Northgate Apartments 3203 Thomas Street [Map] 38127-6048
Number Ten Main Apartments 10 South Main Street [Map] 38103-2454
Oakshire Apartments and Townhouses 1717 Crimson Circle [Map] 38116-9103
Overlook Apartments 3157 Steele Manor Drive [Map] 38127
Owens Place Apartments 292 Elders Row Drive [Map] 38126-1925
Park Tower 57 North Somerville Street [Map] 38104-2133
Parkway Commons 1500 Parkway View Circle [Map] 38106-3739
Peachtree Apartments 3186 Steele Street [Map] 38127-7130
Pendleton Court Apartments 1711 Pendleton Street Apartment 35 [Map] 38114-3828
Pendleton Pines Apartments 2305 Pendleton Street [Map] 38114-6387
Pendleton Place Apartments 1780 Pendleton Street [Map] 38114-3832
Peppertree Apartments 4243 Graceland Drive [Map] 38116-2621
Pershing Park Apartments 3707 Pershing Park Drive [Map] 38127-5430
Pinebrook Pointe Apartments 3541 Mediterranean Drive [Map] 38118-4036
Pinewood Manor Apartments 4260 Peggy Jo Drive [Map] 38116-6332
Pinnacle 305 South Bellevue Boulevard [Map] 38104-3528
Plum Tree Apartments 3570 Royal Arms Drive [Map] 38115-4700
Poplar Pines 1867 Poplar Pines Drive [Map] 38119-4828
Poplar Place 1669 Randolph Place [Map] 38120-1302
Posts Apartments 4485 Hudgins Road [Map] 38116-7562
Prescott Place Apartments 1747 Morlye Street [Map] 38111-4905
Preserve At Southwind 7991 Capilano Drive [Map] 38125-2309
Presidential West Apt 5459 Hudgins Road [Map] 38116-9365
Providence Place Apartments 6420 Knight Arnold Road [Map] 38103
Quail Ridge Apartments 4200 Trenton Drive [Map] 38135-9246
Quail Ridge Apartments 4200 Trenton Drive [Map] 38135-9246
Quail Ridge Highlands 6344 Quail Meadow Cove [Map] 38135-1279
Raleigh Village Apartments and Townhouses 5022 Yale Road [Map] 38128-3951
Range Line Place 3403 Range Line Road [Map] 38127-6848
Red Oaks Townhouses 4907 Autumn Leaf Drive [Map] 38116-1100
Reese Road Apartments 2503 East Reese Grove Court [Map] 38133-8516
Ridgecrest Apartments Office 2570 Woodcliff Drive [Map] 38127
Ridgemont Terrace Apartments 4266 Ridgestone Drive [Map] 38128-1833
Ridgeway Terrace Apartments 6332 East Village Grove Place [Map] 38115-1443
Ridgewyck Apartments and Townhomes 6114 Ridgewyck Drive [Map] 38115-3308
River Trace Apartments 2165 East River Trace Drive [Map] 38134-5788
Riverbend Apartments 3995 North Watkins Street [Map] 38127-4337
Riverbend Place Apartments 648 North Main Street [Map] 38107-3656
Riverbend Place Apartments 648 North Main Street [Map] 38107-3656
Riverdale Apartments 3295 Riverdale Road [Map] 38119-8901
Rivergrove Townhouses 4000 Rio Lobo Drive [Map] 38128-5515
Rivermark the Apartments 655 Riverside Drive [Map] 38103-4600
Robinhood Park Apartments 3717 Robin Park Circle [Map] 38111-6203
Rolling Hills Apartments 2818 Green Terrace Drive [Map] 38127-8118
Rosecrest Apartments 45 South Idlewild Street Apartment 305 [Map] 38104-3929
Saddle Vineyard 3716 Winchester Road [Map] 38118-5900
Salem Manor Apartments 2270 South Parkway East [Map] 38114-2217
Shadowbrook Townhouses 3318 Petosky Street [Map] 38118-4919
Shelby Station 3290 Woodhollow Drive [Map] 38118-4205
Sherwood Apartments 3667 Rhodes Avenue Suite Office [Map] 38111-5510
Silvercreek Apartments 5760 Silvercreek Drive South [Map] 38134-8961
Somerset Park Apartment Homes 3424 Winchester Park Drive [Map] 38118-8500
South Pointe Townhomes 1500 East Shelby Drive [Map] 38116-7256
Southern Hills Apartments 1128 Craft Road [Map] 38116-4104
Southern Pines 3400 Tulane Road [Map] 38116
Southernwoods 592 Patterson Street [Map] 38111-5878
Southwind Lake Apt 8210 Storr Drive [Map] 38125-3754
Southwood Townhouse 3250 Shannon Circle [Map] 38118-1170
Spottswood Apartments 3443 Spottswood Avenue [Map] 38111-4237
Spring Court 3439 Southern Avenue [Map] 38111-4345
Springdale Creek Apartments 831 Springdale Run Drive [Map] 38108-3339
Sterling Townhomes 4187 Rainbranch Drive [Map] 38116-1021
Stonebrook At Kirby Parkway 6371 Winchester Road [Map] 38103
Stonegate Apartments 4500 Stone Gate Drive [Map] 38128-7011
Stonehenge Park Apartments 4280 Mount Hood Street [Map] 38118-6254
Stratum On Highland 510 South Highland Street [Map] 38111-4342
Summer Trace Apartments 6015 Summer Trace Drive Suite 201 [Map] 38134-6830
Summereast Apartments 810 Bartlett Road [Map] 38122-3010
Summit 4981 Hidden Lake Drive [Map] 38128-0901
Summit Park Apartments 1770 Piping Rock Drive [Map] 38116-6806
Sunrise Terrace Apartments 2080 Winchester Road [Map] 38116-3842
Surrey Apartments 3789 Andreas Drive [Map] 38128-1213
Sycamore Lake Apartments 2174 Westchester Drive [Map] 38134-5884
Tanglewood Apartments 5770 Tangle Oaks Drive [Map] 38134-8910
Ten Mile Creek Apartments 2718 Claudette Road [Map] 38118-8312
Ten South Main 10 South Main Street [Map] 38103-2454
The Enclave 2940 Hickory Hill Road [Map] 38103
The Metropolitan Apartments 374 Mill Avenue [Map] 38107-1420
Thompson Court 1875 Keltner Circle [Map] 38114-4609
Town House Apartments 1437 Central Avenue Suite Office [Map] 38104-4890
Trails At Mt Moriah 3048 Moriah Trail [Map] 38115-0679
Tulane Apartments 4801 Farris Circle [Map] 38109-6805
University Cabana Apartments 2059 North Cabana Circle [Map] 38107-3202
Uptown Square Apartments 252 North Lauderdale Street [Map] 38105-3620
Uptown Square Apt 245 Winchester Avenue [Map] 38105-3400
Uptown Square Apt 252 North Lauderdale Street [Map] 38105-3620
Valley Forge Apartments Inc 176 Hillview Avenue [Map] 38109-8353
Value Place 7060 Riverdale Bend Road [Map] 38125-4430
Venue 1387 Central Avenue [Map] 38104-4889
Village Apartments 2603 Pojest Drive [Map] 38127-4709
Village Green Apartments 3450 Fescue Lane [Map] 38115-4184
Village of Sycamore Ridge 1945 Everetts Folly Street [Map] 38134-6605
Villages At Harrison Creek 3855 Jackson Avenue [Map] 38128-6601
Walden Pointe Apartments 4168 The Place Street [Map] 38128-4574
Walnut Park Apartments 203 East Red Oak Drive [Map] 38112-4616
Waring Park Apartments 4435 Powell Avenue [Map] 38122-2806
Warren Apartments 1344 Clementine Road [Map] 38106-8406
Washington Manor Apartments 1920 Florida Street [Map] 38103
Waterford Place 8037 Waterford Circle [Map] 38125-3184
Watergrove Apartments 6860 Quince Road [Map] 38119-8619
Waterstone Landing 5995 Waterstone Oak Way [Map] 38115-4069
Weaver Field Apartments 3870 Weaver Meadows Lane [Map] 38109-8252
Westbury Apartments 3820 Mission Hills Drive [Map] 38103
Westbury Apartments 3920 Mission Hills Drive [Map] 38125
Whispering Pines Apartments 2312 Dwight Road [Map] 38114-5309
Whitehaven Oaks Apartments 4179 Millbranch Road [Map] 38116-6747
Whitehaven View Apartments 1594 East Holmes Road [Map] 38116-8424
Whitney Manor Apartments 3081 Saint Charles Drive [Map] 38127-7274
Wild Garden View Apartments 1137 Whitaker Drive [Map] 38116-5540
Willow Creek Apartments 4548 Winchester Road [Map] 38118-5151
Willow Oaks 2459 Ketchum Road [Map] 38114-6034
Willowlake Apartments and Townhomes 2774 South Mendenhall Road [Map] 38115-1725
Windsor Place 5267 Knight Arnold Road [Map] 38118-3540
Wingood Manor Apartments 3463 Wingood Circle [Map] 38118-5055
Woodbriar Apartments 4500 Water Tree Drive [Map] 38118-5133
Woodcrest Apartments 170 North Hollywood Street [Map] 38112-3249
Woodglen Village Apartments 2820 East Hibiscus Lane [Map] 38127-7766
Woodhollow Glen Apartments 3295 Woodhollow Drive [Map] 38118-4289
Woodlake Apartments 3314 South Woodlake Circle [Map] 38118-5876
Woodland Station Apartments 3454 Spottswood Avenue [Map] 38111-4238
Wyndham Apartments 7542 Legacy Drive [Map] 38119-9033
Wyndridge Apartments 6277 Lake Arbor Drive [Map] 38115-3483
Wyndridge Apartments 3185 Pecan Lake Drive [Map] 38115

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Search our Memphis listings close to University of Memphis. Find 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments, 1,2 and more bathrooms, condos, studios, duplexes, rooms and houss for rent. View floor plans, pictures and leasing rates. Find apts near campus; cheap apartments near transportation to campus and with a variety of amenities that may include air conditioning, business center, cable or satellite, carpet, ceiling fans, club house, gated access, courtyards, covered parking, disability access, dishwasher, fireplace, fitness center, garbage disposal, hardwood floors, internet, laundry facility, microwave, patios or balconies. Ask it they allow pets (dogs, cats or other domestic animals) Is there a pool, sauna, spa, volleyball, tennis, basketball courts. Do you want tile floors, vaulted ceiling, walk in closets, washer dryer hookups? What do you need? What do you want? What's your rental budget? CampusRent is the apartment finder that will help you locate your next semester rental, it may even help you find a roommate.

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