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University of Minnesota
231 Pillsbury Drive S.E.
Minneapolis Minnesota 55455-0213
Admissions Phone: 612-625-5000
Mascot: Golden Gophers

The rental housing market near the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul is largely influenced by the demand for housing by students, faculty, and staff of the university. The market is generally tight, with high demand for rental properties, particularly during the academic year. This can result in higher rent prices and competition for available properties.

There is a mix of rental housing options near the University of Minnesota, including apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes. Many students choose to live in apartments near campus, as they are convenient and often provide easy access to university resources and amenities. There are also a number of off-campus student housing communities that cater specifically to University of Minnesota students, offering a range of amenities and services designed to meet their needs.

The rental market near the University of Minnesota is also influenced by the broader economic conditions in the area, including the job market and overall demand for housing. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are thriving cities with strong economies, which has helped to support the rental market.

Overall, the rental housing market near the University of Minnesota can be competitive, particularly during the academic year, but there are also a range of housing options available to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. It's important to consider factors such as location, cost, and amenities when choosing a rental property in the area.


The University of Minnesota is a public research university located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Founded in 1851, it is the oldest and largest university in the state of Minnesota and one of the largest in the United States.

The university's history can be traced back to the territorial legislature of Minnesota, which in 1851 authorized the creation of a university to be established in Minneapolis. The first classes were held in 1867, and over the next several decades, the university grew and expanded, adding new departments and programs, as well as new buildings and facilities.

One of the key events in the university's history was the establishment of the College of Agriculture in 1888, which was one of the first land-grant colleges in the country. This college, which is now known as the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences, has had a profound impact on the university, the state, and the nation, and it has played a leading role in the development of modern agriculture and food systems.

Another important event in the university's history was the creation of the Institute of Technology in 1907. This college, which is now known as the College of Science and Engineering, has been a leader in the fields of science and engineering, and it has produced many groundbreaking innovations and discoveries over the years.

In the early 20th century, the university continued to grow and expand, adding new schools and colleges, and increasing its focus on research and academic excellence. During this time, the university also became known for its progressive political activism, with a number of students and faculty members becoming involved in the civil rights, anti-war, and environmental movements.

In the decades following World War II, the university experienced a period of rapid growth and expansion, with the construction of many new buildings, the expansion of its research programs, and the growth of its student body. During this time, the university also became a leader in the fields of medicine and health care, with the establishment of the Medical School in the 1950s and the creation of the College of Pharmacy in the 1970s.

In recent years, the University of Minnesota has continued to grow and evolve, with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and global engagement. Today, the university is a major research institution, with a strong commitment to academic excellence, and it is home to a diverse and dynamic student body of over 50,000 students.

Throughout its history, the University of Minnesota has played a critical role in the development of the state of Minnesota, and it has had a profound impact on the nation and the world. With its commitment to research, education, and service, the university has helped to shape the future of our world, and it will continue to do so for many years to come.

The University of Minnesota is a public research university located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Here is some information about the university's motto, mascot, slogan, nickname, and fight song:

Motto: "Committed to the Common Good."

Mascot: The Golden Gophers are the university's mascot, representing the school spirit and athletic teams.

Slogan: "Driven to Discover."

Nickname: The Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Fight Song: "Minnesota Rouser" is the university's official fight song.

These elements are all part of the University of Minnesota's rich history and tradition, and they play a significant role in the university's identity and spirit.

The University of Minnesota is a large, diverse public research university located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The university has a student body of approximately 50,000 students, representing a wide range of backgrounds and demographic groups. Here are some key demographic statistics about the University of Minnesota's student body:

  1. Gender: The University of Minnesota has a slightly higher proportion of female students, with approximately 55% of the student body being women.

  2. Race and Ethnicity: The student body at the University of Minnesota is diverse, with a mix of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. According to the most recent data, the student body is approximately 70% White, 10% Asian, 5% Black or African American, 5% Hispanic or Latinx, and 10% other.

  3. Age: The average age of a University of Minnesota student is approximately 22 years old.

  4. Geographic Origin: The University of Minnesota attracts students from all over the United States and the world, with the majority of students coming from Minnesota and other Midwestern states.

  5. International Students: The University of Minnesota has a significant number of international students, with approximately 6% of the student body coming from outside the United States.

These demographic statistics provide a general overview of the student body at the University of Minnesota, but it's important to note that the university is a diverse and inclusive community, with students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Apartments in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Community Address Zip
2100 Bloomington Court 2100 Bloomington Avenue [Map] 55404-3077
7500 Cooperative 7500 York Avenue South [Map] 55435-5633
A Apartments 3100 Raleigh Avenue [Map] 55416-5717
Adams Apartments 500 South 10th Street [Map] 55404-1071
Aeon 1625 Park Avenue [Map] 55404-1634
Ag Muller Apt 1401 6th Street Southeast [Map] 55414-1574
Alden Apartments 1205 Hawthorne Avenue [Map] 55403-1247
Allegro Apartments 4440 Beard Avenue South [Map] 55410-1403
Alliance Apartments 715 East 16th Street [Map] 55404-2992
Alliance Apartments 719 East 16th Street [Map] 55404-1987
Anderson Plaza Apartments 1800 Garfield Street Northeast Suite 1 [Map] 55418-4769
Anthony James Apartments 6100 West Broadway Avenue [Map] 55428-2886
Apache Manor Apartments 3817 MacAlaster Drive Northeast [Map] 55421-4357
Apache Manor Apartments 3817 MacAlaster Drive Northeast [Map] 55421-4357
Apache Village Apartments 3839 Hart Boulevard Apartment 102 [Map] 55421-4140
Apartments the Groves 6802 63rd Avenue North [Map] 55428-2537
Aquila Park Apartments 8224 West 30 1/2 Street [Map] 55426-3562
Arbors 30 West 93rd Street [Map] 55420-3648
Armadillo Flats 2727 1st Avenue South [Map] 55408-1615
Arthur St Apartments 1800 Arthur Street Northeast [Map] 55418-4772
At the Lake Apartments 2500 Nathan Lane North [Map] 55441-4200
Autumn Ridge Apartments 8516 63rd Avenue North Suite 100 [Map] 55428-2000
Autumn Woods of St Anthony 2600 Kenzie Terrace [Map] 55418-3283
Banfill Crossing 8310 University Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-1171
Bassett Creek Commons 10505 8th Avenue North [Map] 55441-4430
Basswood Apartments 4450 Bass Lake Road [Map] 55429-2959
Beach South Apartments 4199 46th Avenue North [Map] 55422-1311
Beard Ave Apartments 6425 Beard Avenue North [Map] 55429-2255
Belmont Apartments 1000 West Franklin Avenue [Map] 55405-3165
Blaine Fire 3 11920 Ulysses Street Northeast [Map] 55434-3943
Blaine Manor 9901 Polk Street Northeast [Map] 55434-2638
Blaine Town Square 2401 108th Lane Northeast [Map] 55449-5774
Blaisdell Community Apartments 2736 Blaisdell Avenue [Map] 55408-1585
Blooming Glen Town Homes 10140 Lyndale Avenue South [Map] 55420-4737
Bossen Park Apartments 5717 31st Avenue South [Map] 55417-2871
Bottineau Commons 1808 University Avenue Northeast [Map] 55418-4300
Boulevard Apartments 4458 Reservoir Boulevard [Map] 55421-3271
Boulevard Villa 2400 109th Avenue Northwest [Map] 55433-3959
Boyum Apartments 631 East 77th Street [Map] 55423-4468
Brentwood Apartments 125 West Grant Street [Map] 55403-2358
Bridgeway Apartments 3755 Hubbard Avenue North [Map] 55422-2176
Bristol Village Apartments 7301 Bristol Village Drive [Map] 55438-2557
Broadway Village 6046 West Broadway Avenue [Map] 55428-2808
Brook's Landing 5825 74th Avenue North [Map] 55443-3135
Brookdale Towers 6925 Humboldt Avenue North Apartment 107 [Map] 55430-1186
Brookhaven Apartments 3907 65th Avenue North [Map] 55429-2175
Brooks Garden 5574 69th Avenue North [Map] 55429-1540
Brookside Manor 1301 67th Avenue North [Map] 55430-1576
Bryant Apartments 2200 Bryant Avenue South [Map] 55405-2882
Bryant Towers 2001 Bryant Avenue South [Map] 55405-2806
Buckingham 1500 Lasalle Avenue [Map] 55403-3468
Buena Vista Apartments 951 East 77th Street [Map] 55423-4548
Burgundy Apartments 2911 Hillsboro Avenue North [Map] 55427-2310
Buri Manor 1515 Chicago Avenue [Map] 55404-1600
Calhoun Beach Club Apartments 2925 Dean Parkway Suite 300 [Map] 55416-7700
Calhoun Shores Apartments 3101 East Calhoun Parkway [Map] 55408-2500
Calhoun Terrace Apartments 2893 Knox Avenue South [Map] 55408-1881
Calhoun Towers 3430 List Place [Map] 55416-4559
Calibre Chase Apartments 6315 55th Avenue North [Map] 55428-3574
Calvary Center Apartments 7650 Golden Valley Road Suite 1 [Map] 55427-4573
Canterbury Court Apartments 3140 Chowen Avenue South Suite 121 [Map] 55416-4520
Canterbury Court Apartments 3151 Chowen Avenue South [Map] 55416-4517
Caravelle Apartments 3721 Foss Road [Map] 55421-4557
Carriage Oaks Apartments 12373 Oak Park Boulevard Northeast [Map] 55434-3100
Carrington Drive Apartments 6910 Humboldt Avenue North Apartment 204 [Map] 55430-1182
Cecil Newman Plaza 705 Emerson Avenue North [Map] 55411-4151
Cecil Newman Plaza 701 Emerson Avenue North [Map] 55411-4123
Cecil Newman Plaza 703 Emerson Avenue North [Map] 55411-4117
Cedar Commons Apartments 8660 Old Cedar Avenue South [Map] 55425-2025
Cedar Crest Apartments 8949 Old Cedar Avenue South [Map] 55425-2064
Cedar Gate Apartments 8300 Old Cedar Avenue South [Map] 55425-1806
Cedar Glen Apartments 9100 Old Cedar Avenue South [Map] 55425-2337
Cedar Manor Apartments 8901 Old Cedar Avenue South [Map] 55425-2071
Cedar Manor Apartments 8901 Old Cedar Avenue South [Map] 55425-2071
Cedars 94 2220 East Franklin Avenue [Map] 55404-2216
Cedarwood Apartments 5450 Douglas Drive North [Map] 55429-3163
Center Pointe Apartments 2900 Northway Drive Apartment 201 [Map] 55430-2550
Central Avenue Apartments 1828 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55418-4541
Central Avenue Apartments 1828 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55418-4541
Chateau On France 10717 France Avenue South [Map] 55431-3666
Chicago Ave Apartments 1500 Chicago Avenue [Map] 55404-1653
Church Hill Apartments Guest 111 Marquette Avenue [Map] 55401-2038
Churchill Apartments 111 Marquette Avenue Suite Office [Map] 55401-2038
Churchill Apartments 111 Marquette Avenue Suite Office [Map] 55401-2038
City Flats Apartments 2626 Pillsbury Avenue South [Map] 55408-1596
City Limits 127 East 59th Street Apartment 204 [Map] 55419-2449
City View 1151 North 7th Street [Map] 55411-4076
Cityscape Apartments 5707 Highway 7 [Map] 55416-2379
Cloverleaf Courts 1011 Clover Leaf Parkway Northeast [Map] 55434-4130
Coachman Trails 1405 Olive Lane North [Map] 55447-2966
Colony Apartment Homes 1740 West 76th Street [Map] 55423-3869
Columbia Park Apartments 3401 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55418-1241
Concord Green 9215 Nicollet Avenue South [Map] 55420-3771
Continental 66 South 12th Street [Map] 55403-2436
Continental Village 8510 56th Avenue North [Map] 55428-3746
Copenhagen Enterprises 26 Oak Grove Street Apartment A2 [Map] 55403-3490
Cornelia Place 4025 West 65th Street [Map] 55435-1705
Cottages of Coon Creek 2628 110th Lane Northwest [Map] 55433-3971
Cottages of Edina 5150 Lincoln Drive [Map] 55436-1010
Cottages of Spring Lake Park 8263 Fillmore Street Northeast [Map] 55432-2078
Courtyard Apartments 2524 Highway 100 South [Map] 55416-1774
Coyle 1801 Lasalle Avenue [Map] 55403-3618
Creamettes 432 North 1st Street [Map] 55401-1374
Creek Terrace Apartments 616 West 53rd Street [Map] 55419-1272
Creekside Apartment Homes 200 Nathan Lane North [Map] 55441-6461
Creekside Gables 7601 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55443-3138
Crest Oaks Apartments 9900 Bluebird Street Northwest [Map] 55433-5327
Crossings Brookwood 6201 Lilac Drive North [Map] 55430-1900
Crossroads At Penn 7620 Penn Avenue South [Map] 55423-3644
Crossroads On Penn Leasing Office 7620 Penn Avenue South [Map] 55423-3644
Crystal Towers 5701 Quebec Avenue North [Map] 55428-3375
Crystal Village Apartments 3016 Sumter Avenue North [Map] 55427-2707
Dakotah Apartments 11644 Dakotah Street Northwest [Map] 55433-2530
Dean Terrace Apartments 2936 Dean Parkway [Map] 55416-4410
Diamond Eight Terrace Apartments 3200 Diamond Eight Terrace Apartment 103 [Map] 55421-4415
Diamond Lake 100 West Diamond Lake Road [Map] 55419-1869
Dinnaken House 900 Washington Avenue Southeast [Map] 55414-3071
Dover Hills Apt 2400 Rhode Island Avenue North [Map] 55427-3579
Drexel Apartments 1009 Park Avenue [Map] 55404-1471
Dublin Park Apartments 10020 Drake Street Northwest [Map] 55433-5379
Dupont Villa Apartments 3431 Dupont Avenue South [Map] 55408-4091
Durham Apartments 7201 York Avenue South Suite B [Map] 55435-4453
Earle Brown Farm Apartments Llp 1701 69th Avenue North [Map] 55430-1443
East Bank Village 22 University Avenue Northeast [Map] 55413-2203
East Village Apartments 1423 11th Avenue South [Map] 55404-1310
Ebbco Company 9100 West Bloomington Freeway Suite 124 [Map] 55431-2263
Ebenezer Loren On Park Apartments 2625 Park Avenue [Map] 55407-1016
Ebenezer Park Apartments 2700 Park Avenue Office Office [Map] 55407-1029
Ebenezer Tower Apartments 2523 Portland Avenue Suite 1 [Map] 55404-4443
Eden Park Apartments 6455 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55429-4120
Edina Apartments 5400 West 70th Street [Map] 55439-2003
Edina Highland Villa 5250 Villa Way Apartment 124 [Map] 55436-2136
Edina Park Apartments 4480 Parklawn Avenue [Map] 55435-6608
Edina Park Plaza 3330 Edinborough Way Suite 100 [Map] 55435-5257
Edina Villa Premier 4456 Parklawn Court [Map] 55435-6614
Elliot Court 1132 South 8th Street [Map] 55404-1370
Elliot Park Apartments 727 East 14th Street [Map] 55404-1353
Elms 1400 Portland Avenue [Map] 55404-1587
Emerald Pointe Apartments 7611 36th Avenue North Suite 1 [Map] 55427-2080
Epiphany Pines Apartments 1800 111th Avenue Northwest [Map] 55433-3897
Equinox Apartments 2508 Silver Lane Northeast [Map] 55421-3473
Evergreen Park Manor Apartments 7212 Camden Avenue North [Map] 55430-1259
Evergreen Park Manor Apartments 7206 Camden Avenue North [Map] 55430-1268
Fair Oaks Apt Homes 2415 3rd Avenue South [Map] 55404-3555
Falls Pinnacle 20 2nd Street Northeast [Map] 55413-2264
Filister Enterprises 5750 East River Road [Map] 55432-6199
Fountainhead Apartments 7615 Knox Avenue South [Map] 55423-3810
Fountains In the Park 5700 73rd Avenue North [Map] 55429-1165
Four Courts Apartments 2936 Northway Drive [Map] 55430-2483
Four Seasons Villa 3651 Lancaster Lane North [Map] 55441-6614
Fourscore Resource Capital 7900 Highway 7 [Map] 55426-4049
Fox Forest Townhomes 1796 Magnolia Lane North [Map] 55441-4045
France 98 9810 Drew Avenue South [Map] 55431-2771
Franklin Garden Apartments 1926 3rd Avenue South [Map] 55404-2772
Franklin Terrace Apartments 940 Franklin Terrace [Map] 55406-1153
Franklin Villa Apartments 305 West Franklin Avenue [Map] 55404-2369
Fremont Terrace Apartments 2809 Fremont Avenue South [Map] 55408-2072
Gable Apartments 9741 Grand Avenue South [Map] 55420-4247
Galaxie Builders and Apartments 135 West 97th Street [Map] 55420-4301
Garden City Court 3415 65th Avenue North [Map] 55429-2275
Georgetown Apartments 2101 21st Avenue South [Map] 55404-3118
Georgetown On the River 5750 East River Road [Map] 55432-6149
Georgetown Park Townhouses 8162 Bloomington Avenue [Map] 55425-1108
Georgetown Park Townhouses 708 66th Avenue North [Map] 55430-1611
Georgetown Park Townhouses 708 66th Avenue North [Map] 55430-1611
Glacier Yellowstone Apartments Jr 10801 France Avenue South [Map] 55431-3668
Golden Valley Arms 6150 Saint Croix Avenue North [Map] 55422-4466
Grand Central Lofts 1039 Grandview Court Northeast [Map] 55421-5003
Granite Ridge Apartments 7540 Jersey Avenue North [Map] 55428-1365
Granite Ridge Apartments 7541 Jersey Avenue North [Map] 55428-1364
Grant Street Commons 515 East Grant Street [Map] 55404-1400
Greenbriar Terrace Apartments 6441 Queen Avenue South [Map] 55423-1051
Greenhouse Apartments 3540 Hennepin Avenue [Map] 55408-3848
Greens At Edinburgh 8617 Edinbrook Crossing [Map] 55443-4016
Hamilton House 2400 Nevada Avenue South [Map] 55426-2664
Hampshire Hill Apartments 6700 West Old Shakopee Road [Map] 55438-2615
Hampshire Hill Apartments 6800 West Old Shakopee Road [Map] 55438-2611
Hampshire Hill Apartments 6700 West Old Shakopee Road [Map] 55438-2615
Hampshire Hills Apartments 10650 Hampshire Avenue South [Map] 55438-2653
Hayes Gibson International 2740 Minnehaha Avenue Suite 130 [Map] 55406-3777
Hayes Gibson International 2414 Park Avenue [Map] 55404-3713
Heights Manor 3850 Stinson Boulevard [Map] 55421-4168
Heritage Heights Apartments 11799 Zea Street Northwest [Map] 55433-6804
Heritage Hills Apartments 3909 Heritage Hills Drive [Map] 55437-2655
Heritage Landing 415 North 1st Street Office Office [Map] 55401-4302
Heritage Park 1000 Olson Memorial Highway [Map] 55411-4132
Hidden Point Townhomes 10580 Kumquat Street Northwest [Map] 55448-4910
Highland Apartments 5200 West 98th Street [Map] 55437-2098
Highland Apartments 630 Osborne Road Northeast [Map] 55432-2761
Holmes Park Village Apartments 320 2nd Avenue Southeast [Map] 55414-1176
Homewoods 1239 Sheridan Avenue North [Map] 55411-3670
Hummingbird Cove Apartments 10405 45th Avenue North [Map] 55442-3186
Huntington Place Apartments 5805 73rd Avenue North [Map] 55429-1104
Imperial Gates 7449 Imperial Drive North [Map] 55443-3200
Interlachen Court 5300 Vernon Avenue South Apartment 408 [Map] 55436-2330
Interlachen Court Apartments 5300 Vernon Avenue South Apartment 408 [Map] 55436-2330
International Village 55 West 96th Street [Map] 55420-4370
International Village 201 West 96th Street [Map] 55420-4314
International Village Apartments 201 West 96th Street [Map] 55420-4314
International Village Apartments 9725 Pleasant Avenue South [Map] 55420-4380
Jack Frost Flats 2626 Pillsbury Avenue South [Map] 55408-1596
James Manor Apartments 1250 72nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-3561
Jas Apartments 1 East 19th Street [Map] 55403-3759
Jefferson At Berry 825 Washington Avenue Southeast Suite 201 [Map] 55414-3027
Jefferson At Plymouth 6120 Quinwood Lane North [Map] 55442-1268
Jefferson At Plymouth 6110 Quinwood Lane North [Map] 55442-1221
Johnson Richard and Robin 2400 109th Avenue Northwest [Map] 55433-3959
Joppa Lane Apartments 2888 Joppa Avenue South [Map] 55416-4182
Jourdain Apartments 2006 Portland Avenue [Map] 55404-2732
Kagin Stanley R 2905 Dean Parkway [Map] 55416-4444
Karinsplass Apartments 2015 Riverside Avenue [Map] 55454-1300
Keeler Apartments 317 17th Avenue Southeast [Map] 55414-2012
Kentucky Lane 6910 54th Avenue North [Map] 55428-3972
Kenwood Gables 700 Douglas Avenue [Map] 55403-6102
Kimberly Meadows 17363 County Road 6 [Map] 55447-3070
Kings Manor 4215 Rhode Island Avenue North [Map] 55428-4962
Kms Uptown 2400 Harriet Avenue [Map] 55405-3469
Knollwood Place Apartments 3630 Phillips Parkway [Map] 55426-3792
Knox Landings Office 8100 Knox Avenue South [Map] 55431-1416
Krystal Kourts 5940 West Broadway Avenue [Map] 55428-3267
Labor Retreat Apartments 124 4th Street Southeast [Map] 55414-1156
Lake Harriet Commons 4416 Chowen Avenue South [Map] 55410-1308
Lakewood Isles 3031 Ewing Avenue South [Map] 55416-4255
Lamoreaux 706 1st Avenue North [Map] 55403-1334
Lancaster Village Apartments 3610 Lancaster Lane North Apartment 1 [Map] 55441-1857
Lasalle Commons Apartments 1517 Lasalle Avenue [Map] 55403-3469
Laurel Terrace Apartments 250 Turners Crossroad South [Map] 55416-1100
Lauren Managment Co 709 Douglas Avenue [Map] 55403-3168
Legacy Village Townhouse and Apartments 1500 Plymouth Avenue North [Map] 55411-4025
Lilac Parkway Apartments 4223 County Road 81 [Map] 55422-1231
Lilac Parkway Apartments 4223 County Road 81 [Map] 55422-1231
Lincoln Apartments 5200 Lincoln Drive [Map] 55436-2704
Linden Place Apartments 5501 Boone Avenue North [Map] 55428-4566
Little Earth of United Tribes 2495 18th Avenue South [Map] 55404-4070
Loring 100 1355 Nicollet Avenue [Map] 55403-3643
Lou Ann Terrace Inn 7201 36th Avenue North [Map] 55427-2172
Lou-Park Apartments 1351 Hampshire Avenue South [Map] 55426-2234
Louisiana Oaks Apartments 7201 Walker Street Suite 10 [Map] 55426-4269
Lucia Lane Apartments 6680 Lucia Lane Northeast [Map] 55432-4660
Lydia Apartments 1920 Lasalle Avenue [Map] 55403-3620
Lyndale Garden Apartments 6315 Lyndale Avenue South [Map] 55423-1454
Lynn Plaza 3612 Lynn Avenue Apartment 101 [Map] 55416-4882
Lynwood Commons Apartments 7437 Lyndale Avenue South [Map] 55423-4035
Madison Apartments 501 East 15th Street [Map] 55404-1589
Mallard Creek Apartments 8350 Golden Valley Road [Map] 55427-4411
Manor Royal Apartments 3940 Lancaster Lane North [Map] 55441-1737
Many Rivers 1518 East Franklin Avenue [Map] 55404-2175
Many Rivers West 1400 East Franklin Avenue [Map] 55404-2479
Margaret Place 1555 118th Lane Northwest [Map] 55448-7579
Marimark Apartments 1226 Marquette Avenue [Map] 55403-2437
Marquette Place Apartments 1314 Marquette Avenue Office Office [Map] 55403-4118
Marvin Gardens Townhouses 6721 Noble Lane North [Map] 55429-1605
Maryland Apartments 1346 Lasalle Avenue Apartment 307 [Map] 55403-2365
Masada Manor 900 Nicollet Mall [Map] 55403-2530
Meadowbrook Manor Apartments 6860 Excelsior Boulevard [Map] 55426-4650
Medicine Lake Apartments 1300 West Medicine Lake Drive [Map] 55441-4859
Melrose Apartments 2508 Delaware Street Southeast [Map] 55414-3469
Melrose Gates Apartments 6401 Camden Avenue North [Map] 55430-1902
Menorah Plaza Apartments 4925 Minnetonka Boulevard Suite A [Map] 55416-2266
Menorah West Apartments 3600 Phillips Parkway [Map] 55426-3784
Metro Apartments 90 South 9th Street [Map] 55402-3222
Metropolitan Towers 2324 East Old Shakopee Road [Map] 55425-1852
Mill City Apartments 625 North 2nd Street [Map] 55401-3306
Minikahda Court Apartments 3504 Minikahda Court [Map] 55416-4723
Minnehaha Courts 1901 Minnehaha Avenue [Map] 55404-2264
Minnetonka Terrace 3000 Highway 100 South Office Office [Map] 55416-2155
Minnetonka Terrace 3000 Highway 100 South Office Office [Map] 55416-2155
Mississippi View Apartments 11020 Mississippi Boulevard Northwest [Map] 55433-3871
Monterey Place Apartments 4550 Minnetonka Boulevard [Map] 55416-5404
Moonraker Apartments 5521 Brookdale Drive North [Map] 55443-3014
Moore Lake Apartments 995 Lynde Drive Northeast [Map] 55432-5769
New Boston Square 2015 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55418-4500
New Hope Place Apartments 5600 Xylon Avenue North [Map] 55428-5300
New Orleans Court 50 West 78th Street [Map] 55423-4244
Newport On Seven 7450 Highway 7 [Map] 55426-4154
Nicholas J Puzak Apartments 1415 5th Street Southeast [Map] 55414-1556
Nicollet Court 8916 Nicollet Avenue South [Map] 55420-2879
North Pointe Townhouses 12751 Aberdeen Street Northeast [Map] 55449-4823
North Star Ridge 10060 Dogwood Street Northwest [Map] 55448-5202
Northgate Woods 1530 123rd Lane Northeast [Map] 55449-4759
Northpointe Apartments 3845 119th Avenue Northwest [Map] 55433-1693
Northpointe Apartments 3875 119th Avenue Northwest [Map] 55433-1694
Northtown Apartments 7899 University Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-2652
Norwood Square Apartments 6200 5th Street Northeast [Map] 55432-5151
Oak Grove Apartments 11087 Robinson Drive Northwest [Map] 55433-4283
Oak Grove Towers 215 Oak Grove Street [Map] 55403-3342
Oak Park Village Apartments 7267 1/2 Oak Park Village Drive [Map] 55426-4126
Oak Pointe Apartments 6901 West 84th Street [Map] 55438-1126
Oakmont Apartments 11610 Tulip Street Northwest [Map] 55433-2672
Oaks Hiawatha Station 4540 Snelling Avenue [Map] 55406-4313
Oakwood Apartments 17600 14th Avenue North Apartment 100 [Map] 55447-2947
Oakwood Lasalle 36 South 9th Street [Map] 55402-3113
Olson Towne Homes 501 Girard Terrace [Map] 55405-1340
One Ten Grant 110 West Grant Street [Map] 55403-2309
Osborne Apartments 659 Osborne Road Northeast [Map] 55432-2760
Paige Hall 727 5th Avenue South [Map] 55415-1658
Park 2 Apartments 225 West 15th Street [Map] 55403-2240
Park Acres Apartments 8007 Bass Lake Road [Map] 55428-3104
Park Apartments 200 West 15th Street [Map] 55403-2202
Park Embassy Apartments 4450 Minnetonka Boulevard [Map] 55416-4088
Park Glen Apartments 4501 Park Glen Road [Map] 55416-5829
Park Haven Apartments 6917 76th Avenue North [Map] 55428-1323
Park Nicollet Clinic 3800 Park Nicollet Boulevard [Map] 55416-2527
Park Place Apartments 4300 Highway 7 [Map] 55416-4045
Park Plaza Apartments 525 Humboldt Avenue North [Map] 55405-1323
Park Plaza Apartments 525 Humboldt Avenue North [Map] 55405-1323
Park Pointe Apartments 1435 Hampshire Avenue South [Map] 55426-2167
Park Ridge 2480 Highway 100 South [Map] 55416-1762
Park Terrace Apartments 330 Oak Grove Street [Map] 55403-4003
Park Tower Apartments 4820 Highway 7 [Map] 55416-5709
Parkers Lake Apartments 15100 18th Avenue North [Map] 55447-2411
Parkridge Way Apartments 4219 Oregon Avenue North Apartment 501 [Map] 55428-5061
Parkside Apartments At Medicine Lake 12105 41st Avenue North [Map] 55441-1200
Parktrails Apartments 4531 West 36 1/2 Street [Map] 55416-4866
Parkview Apartments 1955 West Old Shakopee Road [Map] 55431-3061
Parkview Apartments 1201 12th Avenue North [Map] 55411-4071
Parkview Villa High Rise 965 40th Avenue Northeast [Map] 55421-3172
Pebble Creek North Apartments 5625 69th Avenue North [Map] 55429-1507
Pebblebrook Apartments 9801 Harrison Road [Map] 55437-2145
Penelope 35 Apartments 10601 Beard Avenue South [Map] 55431-3646
Pennbrooke Apartments 2400 West 102nd Street [Map] 55431-3367
Pheasant Park Apartments 5625 Boone Avenue North [Map] 55428-5401
Pillsbury United Communities Camden Apartments 4643 Lyndale Avenue North [Map] 55412-1411
Pillsbury United Communities Cvi 2020 Elliot Avenue [Map] 55404-2984
Pinecliff Apartments 501 East 19th Street [Map] 55404-1876
Pines Apartments 6511 Humboldt Avenue North [Map] 55430-1860
Pines Apartments 6511 Humboldt Avenue North [Map] 55430-1860
Plymouth Colony Apartments 1805 County Road 101 North [Map] 55447-2751
Plymouth Oaks Apartments 3301 Highway 169 North [Map] 55441-3179
Plymouth Ponds Apartments 4545 Nathan Lane North [Map] 55442-2587
Plymouth Square At 37th 15300 37th Avenue North Office Office [Map] 55446-4274
Plymouth Terrace Apartments 9630 37th Place North [Map] 55441-1880
Point of America Apartments 7870 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55443-3027
Point of America Apartments 7920 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55443-2177
Point of America Apartments 7870 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55443-3027
Ponddale Apartments 10630 Tamarack Street Northwest [Map] 55433-4950
Ponds of Edina 7700 Cahill Road [Map] 55439-2751
Poplar Bridge Apartments 9350 Collegeview Road [Map] 55437-2166
Portland Terrace Apartments 7244 Portland Avenue Apartment 2 [Map] 55423-3222
Ppl Louisiana Ct Apartments 2720 Louisiana Court South [Map] 55426-3111
Prosperity Village 4046 Lyndale Avenue North [Map] 55412-1765
Redwood Terrace 9950 Redwood Street Northwest [Map] 55433-5200
Reflections At Bloomington Central Station Man 8151 33rd Avenue South [Map] 55425-4518
Regency Point Apartment Homes 3205 Harbor Lane North [Map] 55447-5238
Regent Apartments 8447 Regent Avenue North [Map] 55443-2280
Rhode Island Chateau 2727 Rhode Island Avenue South [Map] 55426-3073
Rice Creek Townhouses 1652 69th Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-4762
Richfield Inn Apartments 7700 Bloomington Avenue [Map] 55423-4660
Richfield Square Apartments 6237 Pleasant Avenue [Map] 55423-1557
Richfield Square Apartments 6237 Pleasant Avenue [Map] 55423-1557
Richfield Tower 7717 Chicago Avenue [Map] 55423-4467
Richland Court Apartments 1306 East 78th Street Apartment 203 [Map] 55423-3901
Ridgebrook Apartments 5840 73rd Avenue North [Map] 55429-1105
Ridgewood Arches Apartments 223 Ridgewood Avenue [Map] 55403-3553
River Glen Apartments 507 70th Avenue North [Map] 55430-1264
River Pointe Apartments 7855 East River Road [Map] 55432-2431
River Road East Apartments 6540 East River Road [Map] 55432-4259
River West Apartments 1660 Highway 100 South [Map] 55416-1529
River West Apartments 401 South 1st Street [Map] 55401-2518
River West Apartments 1660 Highway 100 South [Map] 55416-1529
Rivergate Apartments 115 2nd Avenue South [Map] 55401-2000
Riverside Homes 2020 South 1st Street [Map] 55454-1058
Riverview Apartments 8150 West River Road [Map] 55444-2271
Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes 400 North 1st Street [Map] 55401-1361
Robbins Landing 4300 Robbins Landing North [Map] 55422-2261
Robin Court Apartments 4400 45th Avenue North [Map] 55422-1323
Robin Wood Apartments 3848 West Broadway Avenue [Map] 55422-2264
Robinwood Apartments 3133 109th Lane Northwest [Map] 55433-3878
Roselle Apartments 910 Portland Avenue [Map] 55404-1164
Royal Oaks Apartments 249 99th Avenue Northeast [Map] 55434-1349
Royal Oaks Apartments 8015 36th Avenue North Suite 1 [Map] 55427-1971
Rustic Oaks Apartments 1200 72nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-3565
Sedona Hill Apartments 6410 Medicine Lake Road [Map] 55427-3098
Seven Corners Apartments 1400 South 2nd Street Suite A [Map] 55454-1066
Seward Flats 2101 21st Avenue South Office Office [Map] 55404-3100
Seward Flats Apartments 2101 21st Avenue South Suite 100 [Map] 55404-3282
Seward Square Apartments 2121 South 9th Street [Map] 55404-2256
Seward Towers 2910 East Franklin Avenue [Map] 55406-1161
Seward Towers 2910 East Franklin Avenue [Map] 55406-1161
Shelard Village Apartments 400 Ford Road [Map] 55426-1056
Shenandoah Woods Apartments 2205 Shenandoah Lane North [Map] 55447-2576
Shingle Creek Tower Apartments 6221 Shingle Creek Parkway [Map] 55430-2122
Sidal Companies-Westwood Gardens 2501 Nevada Avenue South [Map] 55426-2621
Skywood Apartments 1200 Cheri Lane Northeast Apartment 6 [Map] 55421-1213
Slater Square Apartments 1400 Portland Avenue [Map] 55404-1587
Somerset Oaks Apartments 7400 Oak Park Village Drive [Map] 55426-4195
South Haven Apartments 3400 Parklawn Avenue [Map] 55435-4753
South Haven Apartments 3400 Parklawn Avenue [Map] 55435-4753
South Pointe Apartments 695 American Boulevard East [Map] 55420-1341
South Wirth Apartments 501 Theodore Wirth Parkway [Map] 55422-5324
Southgate Apartments 8080 12th Avenue South [Map] 55425-1035
Southgate Apartments 1101 East 80th Street [Map] 55420-1456
Southgate Apartments 8100 12th Avenue South [Map] 55425-1009
Southgate Apartments 8100 12th Avenue South [Map] 55425-1009
Southgate Apartments 1001 East 80th Street [Map] 55420-5901
Southtown Apartments 8133 East Bloomington Freeway [Map] 55420-1006
Southtown Apartments 8133 East Bloomington Freeway [Map] 55420-1006
Southwood Apartments 10120 Lyndale Circle South [Map] 55420-4774
Springbrook Apartment 111 83rd Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-1854
Springbrook Apartments At Northtown 111 83rd Avenue Northeast [Map] 55432-1854
St Anne's Apartments 2323 26th Avenue North [Map] 55411-1759
St Anthony Gates 210 Chicago Avenue [Map] 55415-1125
St Paul's Home Apartments 2735 15th Avenue South [Map] 55407-1165
Stanley Court Apartments 8200 Stanley Road [Map] 55437-1279
Stanley Terrace Apartments 8301 Stanley Road [Map] 55437-1282
Startford Flats 16 East 15th Street [Map] 55403-2685
Stone Arch Apartments 601 Main Street Southeast [Map] 55414-2273
Stone Creek At Medicine Lake 1020 West Medicine Lake Drive [Map] 55441-4513
Stonegate Apartments 10760 6th Street Northeast [Map] 55434-1673
Stonehill Apartments 3501 Xenium Lane North [Map] 55441-2212
Stonehouse Square 215 Broadway Street Northeast [Map] 55413-1970
Stoneleigh At the Reserve Apartments 5200 Annapolis Lane North [Map] 55446-3550
Summercreek 3900 Plymouth Boulevard Office [Map] 55446-3267
Summit Oaks Apartment Homes 11750 Tulip Street Northwest [Map] 55433-7703
Summit Point Apartments 5010 Summit Avenue [Map] 55436-2154
Symphony Place 1117 Marquette Avenue [Map] 55403-2447
Tag Co 3401 Colfax Avenue South [Map] 55408-4051
Tamarind Apartments 2350 Ridge Drive Apartment 307 [Map] 55416-5653
Tarnhill Apartments 5200 West 102nd Street [Map] 55437-2555
Tarnhill Apartments 5200 West 102nd Street [Map] 55437-2555
Tealwood Apartments 9900 Briar Road [Map] 55437-2200
The Balmoral Apartments 1005 Portland Avenue [Map] 55404-1473
The Place Apartments 3925 Lancaster Lane North [Map] 55441-1704
Thornton Place Apartments 810 Thornton Street Southeast [Map] 55414-3654
Three-Three-Three Oak Grove 333 Oak Grove Street [Map] 55403-4004
Tiki Apartments 1701 East 80th Street [Map] 55425-1179
Town Plaza Apartments 1501 Hawthorne Avenue Apartment 100 [Map] 55403-1238
Tralee Terrace 9900 Redwood Street Northwest [Map] 55433-8205
Trentwood Apartments 9200 Golden Valley Road [Map] 55427-4329
Trinity High Rise Apartments 2800 East 31st Street [Map] 55406-1902
Twin Lake North Apartments 4539 58th Avenue North [Map] 55429-2911
Twin Lakes Manor 3311 53rd Avenue North Apartment 103 [Map] 55429-3468
Tycon Companies 321 University Avenue Southeast [Map] 55414-1713
Unity Place 2611 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55418-2975
Unity Place 7256 Unity Avenue North [Map] 55429-1269
University Commons 609 Huron Boulevard Southeast [Map] 55414-3172
University Village 2515 Univ Village [Map] 55401
Uptown Square Apartments 2908 Bryant Avenue South [Map] 55408-2140
Urban Park Apartments 3601 Phillips Parkway [Map] 55426-3799
Urban Park Apartments 3601 Phillips Parkway [Map] 55426-3799
Vail In the Park 3647 Sumter Avenue South [Map] 55426-4054
Valley Creek Apartments 1370 Douglas Drive North [Map] 55422-4328
Valley Square Commons 759 Winnetka Avenue North [Map] 55427-4529
Valley View Apartments 6537 Golden Valley Road [Map] 55427-4668
Valley Village Apartments 600 Lilac Drive North [Map] 55422-4658
Valley Village Apartments 600 Lilac Drive North [Map] 55422-4658
Vernon Oaks Apartments 5400 Vernon Avenue South [Map] 55436-2341
Vernon Terrace 5250 Vernon Avenue South [Map] 55436-2158
Vicksburg Village 15730 Rockford Road Office Office [Map] 55446-4204
Victoria Townhouse 6813 Grimes Place North [Map] 55429-1760
Villa Del Coronado Apartments 8104 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55443-2179
Village Green Apartments 460 Mississippi Street Northeast [Map] 55432-4400
Village Park of Bloomington 1930 East 86th Street Office Office [Map] 55425-2131
Villas of Caroline 1555 118th Lane Northwest [Map] 55448-7579
Volunteers of America of Minnesota 1350 Nicollet Avenue Suite 100 [Map] 55403-2643
Walden Woods Apartments Limited Partnership 4301 Park Glen Road [Map] 55416-4783
Waterford 6288 Louisiana Court North [Map] 55428-2550
Waterford Manor 6288 Louisiana Court North [Map] 55428-2550
Wedgewood Park Apartments 3393 Northdale Boulevard Northwest [Map] 55448-1619
Wedgewood Park Apartments 3393 Northdale Boulevard Northwest [Map] 55448-1619
Wedgewood Place 10303 Hanson Boulevard Northwest [Map] 55433-4673
Wedgewood Place Apartments 10313 Hanson Boulevard Northwest [Map] 55433-4674
Wellington Apartments 17210 County Road 6 [Map] 55447-3060
Wellington Ridge Apartments 9787 Palm Street Northwest [Map] 55433-5478
West River Commons 4610 East Lake Street [Map] 55406-2358
Westminster Apartments 12851 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55434-4805
Westminster Apartments 12861 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55434-4804
Westminster Apartments 12861 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 55434-4804
Westminster Apartments 12831 Aberdeen Street Northeast [Map] 55449-4805
Westwind Apartment Homes 275 Shelard Parkway [Map] 55426-4908
Westwood Apartments 3708 West 32nd Street [Map] 55416-4278
Westwood Chateau Apartments 2242 Nevada Avenue South [Map] 55426-2661
Wexford Commons 208 West 62nd Street [Map] 55419-2351
Whispering Pines 10400 Jay Street Northwest [Map] 55433-4701
Whittier Cooperative Apartments 2609 Blaisdell Avenue [Map] 55408-1575
Willow Brook Apartments 6232 65th Avenue North [Map] 55429-1942
Willow Creek Apartments 235 Nathan Lane North [Map] 55441-6349
Willow Creek Apartments 135 Nathan Lane North [Map] 55441-6348
Willow On France 8848 Goodrich Road [Map] 55437-1606
Willow Park 6651 67th Avenue North [Map] 55428-2476
Winchester Place Apartments 11307 Robinson Drive Northwest Apartment 104 [Map] 55433-7439
Wincrest Apartments 5716 Winnetka Avenue North [Map] 55428-3361
Windom Gables 33 Wentworth Court East [Map] 55419-2339
Windsor Court Apartments 3737 Hubbard Avenue North [Map] 55422-2178
Windsor Gates Apartments 7821 Zane Avenue North [Map] 55443-3072
Wingate Apartments 7700 49th Avenue North [Map] 55428-4215
Winnetka Manor Apartments 4521 Winnetka Avenue North [Map] 55428-4970
Winnetka Village Apartments 7710 36th Avenue North Suite 1 [Map] 55427-2097
Woodhaven 6045 Lyndale Avenue South [Map] 55419-2298
Woodlake Park Apartments 6304 Dupont Avenue South [Map] 55423-1366
Woodland North Apartments 9240 University Avenue Northwest [Map] 55448-6159
Woodland North Apartments 9240 University Avenue Northwest [Map] 55448-6159
Woodlands 1819 West Old Shakopee Road [Map] 55431-3059
Xerxes Manor 5625 Xerxes Avenue South [Map] 55410-2645
York Plaza Apartments 7230 York Avenue South [Map] 55435-4478
York Plaza Apartments 7230 York Avenue South [Map] 55435-4478
York Villa 6304 York Avenue South [Map] 55435-2265
Zinsmaster Apartments 2900 Park Avenue Office Office [Map] 55407-1600

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