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University of Missouri Kansas City
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City Missouri 64110-2499
Admissions Phone: 816-235-1111
Mascot: Kangaroos

Apartments in Kansas City, Missouri

Community Address Zip
Admiral Apartments 1310 Admiral Boulevard [Map] 64106-1555
Alcazar Apartments 3906 Baltimore Avenue [Map] 64111-2277
Alexandria Apartments 1326 East Armour Boulevard Apartment 101 [Map] 64109-2421
Ambassador Apartments 3560 Broadway Street [Map] 64111-2578
Antioch 58 Plaza Shopping Center 110 East 51st Street [Map] 64112-2760
Apple Creek Apartments 9905 Locust Street [Map] 64131-4174
Appletree Apartments 3545 Northeast 72nd Street [Map] 64119-1201
Applewood At the Coves 7841 North Anita Avenue [Map] 64151-1303
Armaine Apartments 3517 Main Street [Map] 64111-1922
Armour Tower 701 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2337
Ashley Park Apartments 6421 Manchester Avenue [Map] 64133-4752
Avon Apartments 3015 Paseo Boulevard [Map] 64109-1556
Bainbridge Apartments 900 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2321
Barclay Club Apartments 3800 Northwest Barry Road [Map] 64154-3711
Barrewoods 2900 Northeast Barry Road [Map] 64156-2936
Basie Court Apartments 1940 Woodland Avenue [Map] 64108-3706
Bellerive Apartments 640 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2285
Bennington Ridge Apartments 4027 North Bennington Avenue [Map] 64117-2900
Bethel Greencastle Apartments 4100 North Brighton Avenue [Map] 64117-2000
Bethel Greencastle Apartments 4040 North Brighton Avenue [Map] 64117-2369
Bicycle Club Apartments 7909 North Granby Avenue [Map] 64151-4235
Birdsong Apartments 414 West 17th Street [Map] 64108-1118
Blue Hills Apartments 6009 Blue Hills Road [Map] 64110-3645
Blue Valley Court Townhouses 2190 Wheeling Avenue [Map] 64126-2522
Briar Hill Apartments 4123 Northeast Davidson Road [Map] 64116-2319
Bridgeport Apartments 8426 East 108th Street [Map] 64134-3096
Brittany Place Apartments 8620 East Utopia Drive [Map] 64138-3251
Broadway Village Apartments 209 Northwest 63rd Street [Map] 64118-3881
Brush Creek Towers 1800 Brush Creek Boulevard [Map] 64130-3207
Camden Passage 6360 North Camden Avenue [Map] 64151
Cardinal Ridge Apartments 14220 East 49th Terrace [Map] 64136-1360
Cardinal Ridge Apartments 14200 East 49th Street [Map] 64136-1367
Cardinal Ridge Apartments 14200 East 49th Street [Map] 64136-1367
Carrington Park At Berry Towne 8501 North Platte Purchase Drive [Map] 64155-7805
Carrington Place At Shoal Creek 9300 Northeast 87th Street [Map] 64157-7930
Casa Loma Apartments 105 Ward Parkway [Map] 64112-2136
Cathedral Square Towers 444 West 12th Street Apartment 507 [Map] 64105-1445
Century Towers 612 Garfield Avenue [Map] 64124-2282
Chapel Hill Apartments 10466 Wornall Road [Map] 64114-4782
Chaumier Place Apartments 4140 North Walrond Avenue [Map] 64117-1649
Chouteau Height Apartments 5145 Northeast Chouteau Trafficway [Map] 64119-4824
Citadel Apartments 1702 Bushman Drive [Map] 64110-3617
Cityplace At Westport 701 Westport Road [Map] 64111-4977
Clayton Apartments 1407 Northwest 65th Terrace [Map] 64118-2909
Clear View Apartments 8700 Buckingham Lane [Map] 64138-1216
Cloverleaf Apartments 14554 South US Highway 71 [Map] 64147-1006
Cloverset Apartments 10601 Jefferson Street [Map] 64114-4969
Clubhouse Lofts 128 West 13th Street [Map] 64105-1726
Coach House Apartments 11532 Holmes Road [Map] 64131-3875
College Park Apartments 539 Brooklyn Avenue [Map] 64124-1696
Columbus Park Plaza 801 Pacific Street [Map] 64106-3500
Continental Apartments 7610 North Euclid Avenue [Map] 64118-2052
Cottages of Kansas City East 13944 East 49th Terrace [Map] 64133-1370
Courtyard Apartments 9320 Old Santa Fe Road [Map] 64138-3858
Coves North Apartments 5417 Northwest 85th Street [Map] 64154-1425
Creekwood Park Duplex 5826 Northeast 42nd Street [Map] 64117-1581
Crooked Creek Apartments 8101 North Thomas Meyers Drive [Map] 64118-9501
Crossings 7831 Northwest Roanridge Road [Map] 64151-1372
D A Holmes Apartments 3004 Benton Boulevard [Map] 64128-1575
Deerbrook Apartments 3521 East 51st Street [Map] 64130-3066
Dunleith Towers 4621 Jefferson Street [Map] 64112-1405
Duquesne Village Apartments 2021 Northeast Russell Road [Map] 64116-2406
East Hills Village Apartments 7575 Monroe Avenue [Map] 64132-3900
El Camino Real 110 East 51st Street [Map] 64112-2760
El Dorado Apartments 8911 East 67 [Map] 64108
Englewood Apartments 5432 Northwest Waukomis Drive [Map] 64151-3514
Ethans Apartments 8300 North Hickory Street [Map] 64118-6410
Falcon Falls Leasing Office 6943 North Bedford Avenue [Map] 64151-4848
Falcon Point Apartments 829 Northwest 79th Terrace [Map] 64118-8362
Forest Park Apartments 4623 Northeast Winn Road [Map] 64117-1230
Fountainhead Apartments 9821 Wornall Road [Map] 64114-3906
Freeway Homes 1328 Park Avenue [Map] 64127-2005
French Quarter Apartments 1619 Orleans Circle [Map] 64116-3330
French Quarters East Apartments 808 East 100th Terrace [Map] 64131-5323
French Riviera Apartments 18 Northwest 72nd Street Apartment B [Map] 64118-9200
Friendship Village Apartments 3901 East 56th Terrace [Map] 64130-4308
Gatehouse Apartments and Townhomes 11803 Holiday Drive [Map] 64134-3821
Georgian Court Apartments 400 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-1884
Gladstone Meadows Apartments 2404 Northeast 70th Street [Map] 64118-7814
Gladstone Village Apartments 103 Northwest 72nd Street [Map] 64118-1817
Glens 9327 Bales Avenue [Map] 64132-2882
Golden Oaks Apartments 4319 North Holmes Street [Map] 64116-2142
Gotham Apartments 2718 East Linwood Boulevard [Map] 64128-1563
Gotham Apartments 2718 East Linwood Boulevard [Map] 64128-1563
Greenfield Apartments 4214 North Locust Street [Map] 64116-2107
Greenleaf Apartments 5224 East 12th Street [Map] 64127-1873
Greens Apartment 9444 Newton Avenue [Map] 64138-3868
Harbortown Villas 1321 Northeast 39th Street [Map] 64116-2094
Harbortown Villas 1321 Northeast 39th Street [Map] 64116-2094
Hidden Valley 9355 Bales Avenue [Map] 64132-2882
Hidden Valley III Apartments 9327 Bales Avenue [Map] 64132-2882
Hilltop Townhomes 5852 East 20th Street [Map] 64126-2504
Hilltop Village Apartments 6700 East 87th Street Apartment 5103 [Map] 64138-5805
Holiday Apartments 115 Northwest Harlem Road [Map] 64116-4220
Holmeswood Manor Apartments 9800 Cherry Street [Map] 64131-4114
Homestead Apartments 811 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2322
Hunters Glen Apartment 6201 Northwest 70th Street [Map] 64151-1620
Hyde Park Apartments 336 West 36th Street [Map] 64111-4824
Islander Apartments 1505 Northeast Parvin Road [Map] 64116-2381
Ivanhoe Gardens Apartments 2012 East 38th Street [Map] 64109-2888
Jas Apartments 301 West Armour Boulevard [Map] 64111-2072
Jazz District Apartment 1851 Paseo Boulevard [Map] 64108-1735
Jefferson Place East 11540 Holiday Drive [Map] 64134-3887
Justin Place Apartments 2607 East 29th Street [Map] 64128-1110
Kensington Court Apartments 6522 Northeast 43rd Terrace [Map] 64117-1523
Kenwood Apartments 619 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2267
Kings Quarters Apartments 11330 Colorado Avenue [Map] 64137-2891
Knickerbocker Apartments 435 Knickerbocker Place [Map] 64111-4619
Knightsbridge Apartments 11420 Colorado Avenue [Map] 64137-2602
Knollwood Apartments 4700 North Highland Avenue [Map] 64116-2003
Lakes Apartments 7301 Northwest Donovan Drive [Map] 64153-2403
Lakeside Village Apartments 8418 North Overland Court [Map] 64154-1431
Lakeview II Apartments 1500 East 29th Street [Map] 64109-1384
Lawndale Heights Apartment 1400 Topping Avenue [Map] 64126-2080
Library Lofts Leasing Office 127 West 10th Street [Map] 64105-1761
Linda Vista Apartments 1301 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2442
Lindenhill Apartments and Duplexes 1520 East 97th Street [Map] 64131-3488
Locarno Plaza Apartments 235 Ward Parkway Apartment 1005 [Map] 64112-2132
London Towers Apartments 2505 Northeast Shady Lane Drive [Map] 64118-5066
Longfellow Heights 2526 Harrison Street [Map] 64108-2885
Madison Park Apartments 10500 Hillcrest Road [Map] 64134-4309
Manor Homes of Fox Crest 3151 Northwest 90th Street [Map] 64154-1609
Marlboro Manor 1818 East 79th Street [Map] 64132-3400
Marlborough Apartments 112 West 51st Street [Map] 64112-2484
Martin Luther King Village Apartments 2525 Euclid Avenue [Map] 64127-3723
Mayfair Apartments 1224 East Linwood Boulevard [Map] 64109-1976
Metropolitan Homes Apartments 3100 Park Avenue [Map] 64109-2589
Mid-City Towers II 3136 Flora Avenue [Map] 64109-1940
Minor Ridge Apartments 1201 East 116th Terrace [Map] 64131-3788
Montreux On the Plaza 4515 Walnut Street Apartment 323E [Map] 64111-7714
Mound City Apartments 4512 Northwest Greystone Court [Map] 64150-1333
Neptune Apartments 333 West 46th Terrace [Map] 64112-1545
Newbern Apartments 525 East Armour Boulevard [Map] 64109-2219
Nine Ten Penn Apartments 910 Pennsylvania Avenue [Map] 64105-1384
Nob Hill Apartments 9422 Cleveland Avenue [Map] 64132-3802
North Kansas City Apartments 1619 Orleans Circle [Map] 64116-3330
North Oak Crossing 9400 North Oak Trafficway [Map] 64155-2234
North Village Apartments 4763 North Highland Avenue [Map] 64116-2091
Northbrook Garden Apartments and Townhomes 1917 Northeast 49th Street [Map] 64118-6013
Northeast View Apartments 222 Garfield Avenue [Map] 64124-1508
Northland Lofts 715 Armour Road [Map] 64116-3630
Northpointe Apartments 900 Northwest 79th Terrace [Map] 64118-8360
Northwood Village Apartments 300 Northeast 58th Street [Map] 64118-4214
Northwoods Apartments 3400 Northwest 69th Terrace [Map] 64151-2065
Oak Creek Apartments 735 Northwest 60th Street [Map] 64118-3035
Oak Place Apartments 5050 Oak Street [Map] 64112-2713
Oakbrook At New Mark 400 Northeast 103rd Street [Map] 64155-3044
Oakcrest Homes and Duplexs 9118 Northeast 73rd Street [Map] 64158-2016
Oakhill Manor Apartments 3712 East 47th Terrace [Map] 64130-2499
Oaks 5550 Noland Road [Map] 64133-3685
Old Town Lofts 934 Wyandotte Street [Map] 64105-1600
Old Westport Apartments 4220 Clark Avenue [Map] 64111-3265
Olive Park Village 2310 East 9th Street [Map] 64124-2741
Oliver Apartment Townhomes 1619 Orleans Circle [Map] 64116-3330
Opportunities P Avillion 11600 Holiday Drive [Map] 64134-3846
Opportunities Pavilion 11600 Holiday Drive [Map] 64134-3846
Opportunities Pavillion 11600 Holiday Drive [Map] 64134-3846
Palestine Gardens 2627 East 33rd Street [Map] 64128-1995
Park Meadows Apartments Ltd 7929 Sycamore Avenue [Map] 64138-1443
Park Ridge Apartments 8151 Campbell Street [Map] 64131-2295
Park South Apartments 10841 State Line Road [Map] 64114-4806
Parker Square Apartments 1051 Basie Street [Map] 64106-3204
Parkgate Apartments 3601 East Meyer Boulevard [Map] 64132-1267
Pennbrook Apartments 604 West 10th Street [Map] 64105-1304
Pickwick Plaza Apartments 933 McGee Street [Map] 64106-2235
Pinehurst Apartments 500 Northwest 63rd Street [Map] 64118-3996
Plaza House 4712 Roanoke Parkway Apartment 102 [Map] 64112-1843
Plaza Point Apartments 4901 Wornall Road Suite 10 [Map] 64112-2485
Plaza Terrace Apartments 610 West 46th Street [Map] 64112-1492
Polo Run 820 East 93rd Terrace [Map] 64131-2990
Posada Del Sol 1735 Summit Street [Map] 64108-1157
Prairie Walk Apartments 11026 College Lane [Map] 64137-2148
Quality Heights 2012 East 25th Street [Map] 64127-3720
Quality Hill Towers 929 Jefferson Street [Map] 64105-1558
Red Bridge Place Apartments 11300 Colorado Avenue [Map] 64137-2651
Regency North 6024 North Jefferson Street [Map] 64118-3918
Ridge Pointe Apartments 8900 Old Santa Fe Road [Map] 64138-3911
Ridgeview Heights Apartments 3212 Quincy Drive [Map] 64128-2263
Ridgeview Heights Apartments 3243 Denver Drive [Map] 64128-2256
River Oaks Apartments 11107 Northwest Lema Drive [Map] 64152-3155
Rivermont Apartments 4424 Northwest Hon Drive [Map] 64150-1229
Roanoke 1015 West 41st Place Apartment B [Map] 64111-4060
Roanoke West Apartments 4440 Roanoke Parkway [Map] 64111-7276
Robin Hill Apartments 711 Northeast 85th Street [Map] 64155-2837
Rock Creek Apartments 3133 Northeast 59th Terrace [Map] 64119-2107
Royal Woods 7000 Crabapple Lane [Map] 64129-2430
Ruskin Apartments 11418 Blue Ridge Boulevard [Map] 64134-3222
Scandia Village Apartments 5511 Northeast Scandia Lane [Map] 64118-5846
Shadow Creek Apartments 5417 East 96th Place [Map] 64137-1256
Siragusa Mike J 110 East 51st Street [Map] 64112-2760
Soho West 410 West 8th Street [Map] 64105-1448
St James Place 6138 Citadel Drive [Map] 64110-3591
St Regis Apartments 1400 East Linwood Boulevard [Map] 64109-1944
Stadium View Apartments 4609 Wallace Avenue [Map] 64129-2139
Sterling Court Apartments 4018 Harvard Lane [Map] 64133-1352
Stonegate Meadows 10500 East 42nd Street [Map] 64133-1510
Stonegate Meadows Apartments 10500 East 42nd Street [Map] 64133-1510
Stonewall Court Apartments 2500 Independence Avenue [Map] 64124-2464
Stonewood Apartments 7510 East 85th Terrace [Map] 64138-2939
Stoneybrook North Apartments 2407 Northeast 43rd Street [Map] 64116-2471
Stuart Hall Lofts 2121 Central Street [Map] 64108-2060
Sun Gate Apartments 6829 North Broadway Street [Map] 64118-2466
Sunny Hills Apartments and Town Homes 1619 Orleans Circle [Map] 64116-3330
Sutton Place 110 East 51st Street [Map] 64112-2760
Sycamore Grove Apartments 2920 East 17th Street [Map] 64127-2606
Sycamore Hill Apartments 506 Northwest 55th Terrace [Map] 64118-4430
Sycamore Hill Apartments 506 Northwest 55th Terrace [Map] 64118-4430
Tanglewood Apartments 409 Northwest 66th Terrace [Map] 64118-3224
The Bluffs At Brush Creek 1320 East 49th Street [Map] 64110-2191
The Reserve At Barry 8504 North Cosby Avenue [Map] 64154-2407
The Villas At Kensington 6451 Northeast 43rd Terrace [Map] 64117-1626
The Woodlands At Citadel 1770 Citadel Drive [Map] 64110-3529
Theron B Watkins 1301 Vine Street [Map] 64106-3349
Three Fountains Townhomes 1001 West 101st Terrace [Map] 64114-4544
Tiffany Manor Club and Apartments 8031 Northwest Milrey Drive [Map] 64152-2047
Tiffany Manor Club and Apartments 8031 Northwest Milrey Drive [Map] 64152-2047
Tiffany Manor Club and Apartments 8031 Northwest Milrey Drive [Map] 64152-2047
Timber Lakes At Red Ridge 11207 Montgall Avenue [Map] 64137-3565
Timber Lakes At Red Ridge 11201 Montgall Avenue [Map] 64137-3503
Timberlane Village 8803 Newton Avenue [Map] 64138-5449
Timberline Apartments 616 Northeast 38th Street [Map] 64116-2712
Tropicana Apartments 110 East 51st Street [Map] 64112-2760
Unicorn North Apartments 12204 Northwest Heady Avenue [Map] 64163-1213
Union Hill Place Apartments 2838 Warwick Trafficway [Map] 64108-3207
Valentine Apartments 3724 Broadway Street [Map] 64111-2521
Valley Forge Apartments 4806 Northeast Winn Road [Map] 64119-3658
Value Place 11301 Colorado Avenue [Map] 64137-2892
Victoria Arms Apartments 6311 Woodland Avenue [Map] 64131-1245
Vienna Square Apartments 302 Northeast 64th Street [Map] 64118-4109
Vienna Square Apartments 302 Northeast 64th Street [Map] 64118-4109
View High Lake Apartments 10708 East 98th Terrace [Map] 64134-2405
Villa Del Sol 2015 West Pennway Terrace [Map] 64108-2175
Village Gardens 23 South Miriam Street [Map] 64119-3188
Vine Street Lofts 2101 Vine Street [Map] 64108-3148
Vine Street Manor 2300 Vine Street [Map] 64108-3002
Vintage At Sona Rosa Apartments 8811 North Congress Avenue [Map] 64153-1876
Vivion Oaks Apartments and Townhomes 5000 North Oak Trafficway [Map] 64118-4619
Walnut Creek Apartments 1300 Northeast Parvin Road [Map] 64116-5002
Walnut Grove Apartments 3121 Northeast 37th Street [Map] 64117-2255
Walnut Tower Apartments 722 Walnut Street [Map] 64106-1654
Westport House Apartments 4020 Mill Street [Map] 64111-3020
Whispering Lake Apartments 10415 East 43rd Street [Map] 64133-1873
Whispering Oaks Apartments 7005 North Bales Avenue [Map] 64119-1255
Wildoak Apartment Homes 7987 North Flintlock Road [Map] 64158-1126
Willow Glen 527 Northwest 72nd Court [Map] 64118-1864
Willow Lakes Apt 6002 Northwest Prairie View Road [Map] 64151-4352
Willow Lakes Apt 6002 Northwest Prairie View Road [Map] 64151-4352
Willow Lakes Apt 6002 Northwest Prairie View Road [Map] 64151-4352
Willowwind Apartments 3927 Willow Avenue [Map] 64133-1485
Windrose Apartments 480 Northeast Windrose Drive [Map] 64155-2411
Winfield Place Apartments 2610 East 11th Street [Map] 64127-1314
Woodbridge Apartments 3443 Wyoming Street [Map] 64111-3716
Woodlands Apartments 510 East 101st Street [Map] 64131-4227
Woodlen Place Apartments 1315 East 89th Street [Map] 64131-3112
Wornall Place 421 West 87th Street [Map] 64114-2862

Find student rentals and apartments near University of Missouri Kansas City in Kansas City Missouri. Search for all kinds of housing: apartments, lofts, homes, duplexes, townhouses and individual rooms. If you are tired of on-campus university housing and are ready to live in an off-campus rental, then CampusRent is your guide for 1 bedroom apts and 2 and 3 bedroom apts (great for roommates) close to the University of Missouri Kansas City campus. Look at pictures, floor plans, rental rates and leasing options. Do you need a student-friendly or cheap apartment rental because of your budget, or does it need to be within walking distance from campus because you don't have a car. Maybe on a bus line or other type of public transportation.


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