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Albuquerque New Mexico 87131-2046
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Apartments in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Community Address Zip
Academy Heights 5555 Wyoming Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-3133
Academy Square Apartments 6110 Academy Road Northeast [Map] 87109-3334
Academy Terrace 6401 Academy Road Northeast [Map] 87109-3350
Acorn Apartments 1917 Ridgecrest Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4556
Agua Azul Apartments 353 Camino Azul Northwest [Map] 87121-3218
Ahepa 501 Apartments Phase 1 6800 Los Volcanes Road Northwest [Map] 87121-8428
Ahepa 501-Ill Apartments 6620 Bluewater Road Northwest [Map] 87121-2658
Ahpa 501 Apartments 6700 Los Volcanes Road Northwest [Map] 87121-8479
Albuquerque Sivlercrest Resident 4400 Pan American Freeway Northeast [Map] 87107-4761
Allegro At Tanoan Apartments 6601 Tennyson Street Northeast [Map] 87111-8161
Alvarado Apartments 611 Lead Avenue Southwest [Map] 87102-3164
Ambassador East Apartments 8911 Northeastern Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-2727
Amherst Southeast Apartments 1111 Amherst Drive Southeast [Map] 87106-1633
Arbors Apartments 4501 Shepard Road Northeast [Map] 87110-1835
Arioso At North East Heights 7303 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1512
Arroyo Villas Apartments 4701 Irving Boulevard Northwest [Map] 87114-3903
Ashcraft Apartments 7100 Constitution Avenue Northeast [Map] 87110-7149
Aspen Plaza 3700 Aspen Avenue Northeast [Map] 87110-5645
Aspen Ridge 820 Louisiana Boulevard Southeast [Map] 87108-1087
Aspen's 9677 Eagle Ranch Road Northwest [Map] 87114-5854
Atrium Apartments 4200 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1159
Aztec Village Apartments 4321 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1109
Beach Apartments 2525 Tingley Drive Southwest [Map] 87104-1651
Bear Creek Apartments 1101 Palomas Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4747
Bluewater Village Apartments 6600 Bluewater Road Northwest [Map] 87121-1959
Borderman's Reef Apartments 11201 Lomas Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-5569
Brandon Tree South Apartments 1335 Ortiz Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4691
Brandywood Park Apartments 5851 Anderson Avenue Southeast [Map] 87108-5428
Brentwood Apartments 405 San Pablo Street Southeast [Map] 87108-4060
Briarwood Park Apartments 4500 Aztec Road Northeast [Map] 87110-1882
Briarwood Park Apartments 5021 San Mateo Lane Northeast [Map] 87109-2417
Broadstone Heights 8100 Barstow Street Northeast [Map] 87122-2801
Broadstone Ladera Apartments 6101 Sequoia Road Northwest [Map] 87120-3412
Camino Real Apartments 3305 Calle Cuervo Northwest [Map] 87114-9207
Candlewood Village Apartments 12050 Candelaria Road Northeast [Map] 87112-6401
Canoan Village Apartments 5300 Eubank Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-1763
Canon De Arrowhead 1700 Market Street Northwest [Map] 87120-4119
Casa Del Verde 5328 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1334
Casa Mesilla Apartments 613 Mesilla Street Southeast Apartment A [Map] 87108-3959
Casa Tierra Apartments 4949 San Pedro Drive Northeast [Map] 87109-2519
Cassa DOS Santos Apartments 520 Ortiz Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-3685
Cedars Apartments 1700 Indian Plaza Drive Northeast [Map] 87106-1033
Cibola Village Apartments 12400 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-4156
Cinnamon Tree Apartments L C 7220 Central Avenue Southeast [Map] 87108-2072
Citadel Apartments 1520 University Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87102-1718
City View Apartments 5350 Justin Drive Northwest [Map] 87114-4412
Cloverleaf Apartments 4300 Bryn Mawr Drive Northeast [Map] 87107-4825
Comanche Wells Apartments 3400 Comanche Road Northeast [Map] 87107-4551
Continental Arms Apartments 1200 Madeira Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4631
Copper Ridge Apartments 557 Tramway Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87123-2145
Copperfield Apartments 14225 Copper Avenue Northeast [Map] 87123-1859
Core Vistas At 7 Bars 10600 Cibola Loop Northwest [Map] 87114-5103
Cottonwood Ranch 10001 Coors Boulevard Northwest [Map] 87114-4019
Courtyards 6001 Topke Place Northeast [Map] 87109-7106
Crest Ridge Apartments 12899 Central Avenue Northeast [Map] 87123-3068
Del Rio Apartments 4601 Montano Road Northwest [Map] 87120-2458
Desert Creek Apartment Homes 4300 Pan American Freeway Northeast [Map] 87107-4706
Desert Willow Apartments 8901 Jefferson Street Northeast [Map] 87113-2226
Dodson F R 612 Morris Street Northeast [Map] 87123-2868
Donna Ann Apartments 8005 Marquette Avenue Northeast [Map] 87108-5802
Dorado Heights Apartments 11800 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-2766
Dynasty West Apartments 6321 Central Avenue Northwest [Map] 87105-2059
Eagle Point Apartments 4401 Morris Street Northeast [Map] 87111-3728
Eagle Ranch Apartments 9270 Eagle Ranch Road Northwest [Map] 87114-6021
Embassy House Apartments 1330 Louisiana Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87110-7012
Enclave Apartments 9500 Osuna Road Northeast [Map] 87111-2282
Exective West Apartments 2215 Ambassador Road Northeast [Map] 87112-2744
Gatewood Apartments 6300 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1422
Girard Apartments the Inc 1410 Girard Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87106-1855
High Ridge Apartments 12801 Indian School Road Northeast [Map] 87112-4770
Highland Park 4949 Roma Avenue Northeast [Map] 87108-1372
Home At Uptown Apartments 5801 Haines Avenue Northeast [Map] 87110-5251
Hunter's Ridge Apartments 13150 Wenonah Avenue Southeast [Map] 87123-3854
Indian Plaza Apartments 1700 Indian Plaza Drive Northeast [Map] 87106-1033
Keith Scott 2601 Silver Avenue Southeast [Map] 87106-3656
Kona Kai Apartments 7100 Natalie Avenue Northeast [Map] 87110-1542
La Cantera Apartments 3600 Old Airport Road Northwest [Map] 87114-9267
La Fontana Apartments 8620 Northeastern Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-2644
La Mirage Apartments 10700 Academy Road Northeast [Map] 87111-7378
La Paloma 6001 Moon Street Northeast [Map] 87111-1461
La Terraza Apartments 3704 Ladera Drive Northwest [Map] 87120-1754
La Vida Buena Apartments 2205 Ambassador Road Northeast [Map] 87112-2724
La Vida Nueva Apartments 1200 Dickerson Drive Southeast [Map] 87106-1052
La Villa Alegre Apartments 1450 Bridge Boulevard Southwest [Map] 87105-3764
Ladera Vista Apartment Homes 3608 Ladera Drive Northwest [Map] 87120-1779
Lakes 4800 San Mateo Lane Northeast [Map] 87109-2431
Lanai Apartments 1033 Madeira Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4632
Landings At Cottonwood Apartments 3550 Old Airport Road Northwest [Map] 87114-9266
Landmark Apartment Homes 6303 Indian School Road Northeast [Map] 87110-5328
Las Brisas Apartments 1201 San Pedro Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4841
Las Casitas Apartments 1431 Girard Boulevard Northeast Apartment 24 [Map] 87106-1851
Lasvillas De Valencia 5520 Eastern Avenue Southeast [Map] 87108-5548
Laurels At Uptown 1311 Louisiana Boulevard Northeast Apartment 102 [Map] 87110-7047
Lexington Place Apartments 2800 Lexington Place Northeast [Map] 87112-1360
Lido Apartments 1100 Madeira Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4629
Lincoln Heights Apartments 5800 Harper Drive Northeast [Map] 87109-3537
Lincoln Place Apartments 4401 San Pedro Drive Northeast [Map] 87109-2600
Los Altos Towers 9125 Copper Avenue Northeast [Map] 87123-1041
Los Manzanos Apartments 12301 Lomas Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-5849
Los Volcanos Apartments 6901 Los Volcanes Road Northwest [Map] 87121-8420
Lucaya House 408 Maple Street Southeast [Map] 87106-4856
Madeira Court 1001 Madeira Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4633
Manzano Mesa Apartments 700 Eubank Boulevard Southeast [Map] 87123-3357
Manzano Vista 300 Dorado Place Southeast [Map] 87123-3810
Marron Park Apartments 1007 Marron Circle Northeast [Map] 87112-5051
Mesa Ridge Apartments 3501 Atrisco Drive Northwest [Map] 87120-1424
Mesa Verde Apartments 4610 Eubank Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-2553
Mission Hill Apartments 10000 Menaul Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-2312
Monterey Manor Apartments 12201 Lomas Boulevard Northeast Apartment 103 [Map] 87112-5865
Monterey Manor Apartments 4301 Morris Street Northeast [Map] 87111-3753
Morris Apartments 612 Morris Street Northeast [Map] 87123-2868
Mountain Run 5800 Eubank Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-6122
Mountain View Apartments 1515 Columbia Drive Southeast [Map] 87106-1034
Mountain Vista Apartments 1501 Tramway Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-6108
Netherwood Village Apartments 1501 Indian School Road Northeast [Map] 87102-1637
Nine -O-Nine Apartments 909 Tijeras Avenue Northwest [Map] 87102-2946
North Park Apartments 5327 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1333
Oak Tree Park Apartments 5800 Osuna Road Northeast [Map] 87109-6240
Osuna Apartments 5920 Osuna Road Northeast [Map] 87109-2524
Overlook Apartments 6200 Eubank Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-7379
Panorama Heights Apartments 13309 Mountain Road Northeast [Map] 87112-6192
Park Place Apartments 1325 Park Avenue Southwest [Map] 87102-2868
Park Terrace 1020 Valencia Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4769
Patios Apartments 1200 Ortiz Drive Southeast Apartment East [Map] 87108-4679
Pavilions Apartments 11600 Academy Road Northeast [Map] 87111-7552
Penn Square Village 7501 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1528
Phoenix Square Apartments 7000 Phoenix Avenue Northeast [Map] 87110-3568
Pinon Terrace Apartments 8409 Comanche Road Northeast [Map] 87111-3272
Plaza David Chavez 2821 Mountain Road Northwest [Map] 87104-1726
Plaza Dorado Apartments 425 Western Skies Drive Southeast [Map] 87123-3729
Portals Apartments 1180 Alvarado Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4733
Prairie Hills Apartments 1001 Tramway Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-6280
Prairie Hills Apartments 1001 Tramway Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87112-6280
Presidio At Northeast Heights 6350 Eubank Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-7358
Pueblito Del Paiz 1712 Isleta Boulevard Southwest [Map] 87105-4690
Puerta Del Sol Apartments 4816 McMahon Boulevard Northwest [Map] 87114-5046
Ranchitos Village Apartments 6811 Ranchitos Road Northeast [Map] 87109-5654
Rancho Verde Apartments 5800 Truchas Drive Northeast [Map] 87109-3874
Rio Volcan Apartments 1919 Ladera Drive Northwest [Map] 87120-6125
River Glen Apartments 6801 Glenrio Road Northwest [Map] 87121-7890
Riverwalk Apartments At Puerta De Corrales 3405 Calle Cuervo Northwest [Map] 87114-9224
Rock Creek Apartments 3135 Comanche Road Northeast [Map] 87107-4607
Royal Crown 4801 Gibson Boulevard Southeast [Map] 87108-4549
Sage Canyon Apartments 6134 4th Street Northwest [Map] 87107-5345
Salida Del Sol 3210 Tulane Drive Northeast [Map] 87107-4495
San Pedro Village Apartments 4209 San Pedro Drive Northeast [Map] 87109-2007
Sandia Ridge 12021 Skyline Road Northeast [Map] 87123-3069
Sandia Valley Apartments 8200 Bridge Boulevard Southwest [Map] 87121-7501
Sandia Valley Apartments 8200 Bridge Boulevard Southwest [Map] 87121-7501
Sandia Vista Apartments 901 Tramway Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87123-1738
Sandpiper 4401 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1208
Sanmiguel Del Bosque 9180 Coors Boulevard Northwest [Map] 87120-3112
Sedona Ridge 3400 Wyoming Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-4431
Shalom House Apartments 2306 Garfield Avenue Southeast [Map] 87106-3545
Skylight Towers Apartments 760 Juan Tabo Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87123-1445
Solar Villas Apartments 1135 Texas Street Northeast [Map] 87110-7815
Sombra Del Oso 6000 Montano Plaza Drive Northwest [Map] 87120-2482
Somerset Park Apartments 1201 Madeira Drive Southeast Office 131 [Map] 87108-6604
Spain Apartments 5009 El Corte Miramar Northeast [Map] 87111-2207
Spring Creek Apartments 5600 Gibson Boulevard Southeast [Map] 87108-4840
Spring Park Apartments 5801 Eubank Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-6123
Stoney Brook Apartments 4901 San Mateo Lane Northeast [Map] 87109-2438
Summit 3901 Indian School Road Northeast [Map] 87110-3841
Sun Plaza Apartments 4400 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1298
Suncreek Village Apartments 9900 Spain Road Northeast [Map] 87111-1988
Sungate Apartments 10800 Comanche Road Northeast [Map] 87111-3964
Sunport Plaza 1313 Wellesley Drive Southeast [Map] 87106-2406
Sunrise Villas Apartments 515 Madeira Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-2972
Sunset Pointe 6500 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1426
Taylor Ranch Apartments 5601 Taylor Ranch Road Northwest [Map] 87120-2661
The Palazzo At Sandia Heights 14124 Copper Avenue Northeast [Map] 87123-1885
The Silverado Apartments 5741 Osuna Road Northeast [Map] 87109-2567
Theta Apartments 3900 Tulane Drive Northeast [Map] 87107-4524
Three Fountains Apartments 2208 Lester Drive Northeast [Map] 87112-2639
Tierra Pointe Apartments 6901 Los Volcanes Road Northwest [Map] 87121-8420
Todd Seidenschwarz 8201 Marquette Avenue Northeast [Map] 87108-2413
Towers Apartments 5404 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-1371
Tramway Ridge Apartments 4777 Tramway Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87111-2974
Tres Caminos Apartments 1025 Valencia Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4773
Uptown Park Apartments 6200 Indian School Road Northeast [Map] 87110-5316
Valencia Court Apartments 200 Valencia Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-1901
Valley Apartments 1812 Indian School Road Northwest [Map] 87104-2312
Varsity House Apartments 2601 Silver Avenue Southeast [Map] 87106-3656
Ventana Canyon Apartments 10300 Golf Course Road Northwest [Map] 87114-3917
Ventana Ranch Apartments 10400 Universe Boulevard Northwest [Map] 87114-2124
Villa Apartments North 1111 Cardenas Drive Southeast [Map] 87108-4736
Villa De San Felipe Apartments 701 Coal Avenue Southwest [Map] 87102-3068
Villa De San Felipe Apartments 601 Coal Avenue Southwest [Map] 87102-3087
Villa Esperanza 3901 Lafayette Drive Northeast [Map] 87107-4606
Villa Hermosa Apartments 2600 Americare Court Northwest [Map] 87120-6182
Villa La Charles Apartments 12200 Montgomery Boulevard Northeast Suite Office [Map] 87111-4165
Villa Serena 12700 Indian School Road Northeast [Map] 87112-4763
Villas At La Privada 5324 San Mateo Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-6234
Virginian Apartments 1400 Virginia Street Northeast [Map] 87110-7626
Vista Del Sol Apartments 7100 Louisiana Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87109-4748
Vista Grande Apartments 12801 Copper Avenue Northeast [Map] 87123-1649
Wenonah Place Apartments 13101 Wenonah Avenue Southeast Apartment A [Map] 87123-3868
West Park Apartments 9251 Eagle Ranch Road Northwest [Map] 87114-6041
Westwood Village Apartments 901 68th Street Northwest [Map] 87121-0909
Whispering Sands 220 Western Skies Drive Southeast [Map] 87123-4904
Wyoming Place Corner Spain & Wyoming Boulevard Northeast [Map] 87101

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