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Apartments in Mesa, Arizona

Community Address Zip
1st Avenue Apartments 633 West 1st Avenue [Map] 85210-1277
64th Place Apartments 511 North 64th Place Apartment 1 [Map] 85205-7631
Alhambra Apartments 43 South MacDonald [Map] 85210-1321
Alma Park Apartments 718 South Alma School Road [Map] 85210-1076
Alta Vista Apartments 1444 North Recker Road [Map] 85205-4418
America 1st Az 2343 West Main Street [Map] 85201-9003
Arcos De Mesa Apartments 1010 North Stapley Drive [Map] 85203-4900
Argenta Apartments 4104 East Broadway Road [Map] 85206-1980
Ashland Manor Apartments 33 South Ashland [Map] 85204-1045
Aspen Ridge Apartments 820 East Brown Road [Map] 85203-4947
Augusta Ranch 9335 East Baseline Road [Map] 85209-1201
Aventerra At Dobson Ranch 1960 West Keating Avenue [Map] 85202-7002
Aztec Springs Apartment Homes 164 North 74th Street [Map] 85207-8313
Bala Desertscape Apartments 5120 East Hampton Avenue [Map] 85206-6784
Bay Club At Mesa Cove 2121 West Main Street [Map] 85201-9001
Bayview Apartments 1930 North Country Club Drive [Map] 85201-1778
Brittany Apartments 708 North Country Club Drive [Map] 85201-4932
Broadway Gardens 945 West Broadway Road [Map] 85210-8455
Broadway Village Apt 2107 West Broadway Road [Map] 85202-1052
Brookview Apartments 1940 West University Drive [Map] 85201-5340
Brownwood Terrace Apartments 737 East Brown Road [Map] 85203-4828
Calusa Trace Apartments 6518 East Main Street [Map] 85205-9064
Camden Vista Valley 922 South Longmore [Map] 85202-4350
Capistrano Apartments 530 South Dobson Road [Map] 85202-1802
Casa Carranza 1903 North Country Club Drive [Map] 85201-1733
Centennial Village 130 West Brown Road [Map] 85201-3445
Chelsea Apartments 57 North Alma School Road Suite Office [Map] 85201-7036
Cimarron Apartments 151 East 1st Street Apartment Office [Map] 85201-6775
Citrus Highlands Apartments 2020 North Winterhaven [Map] 85213-2324
Colores Del Sol 510 East McKellips Road [Map] 85203-2580
Copper Point Apartments 1111 East Brown Road [Map] 85203-4964
Copper Ridge Apartments 550 East McKellips Road Suite Office [Map] 85203-9635
Cortona At Dana Park 1440 South Val Vista Drive [Map] 85204-6440
Country Club Commons 1812 North Country Club Drive [Map] 85201-1272
Country Club Greens 350 West 13th Place [Map] 85201-2652
Country Park Villas 1248 South Vineyard [Map] 85210-8903
Courtyards Apartments 1111 South San Jose [Map] 85202-3825
Cove 542 South Extension Road [Map] 85210-2220
Covina Court Apartments 1821 East Covina Street Suite Office [Map] 85203-7525
Crestwood Holdings Lp 601 South Alma School Road [Map] 85210-1061
Dartmoor Apartments 310 North Alma School Road [Map] 85201-6248
Del-Coronado Apartments 843 South Longmore [Map] 85202-3153
Desert Heights Apartments 860 East Brown Road [Map] 85203-4933
Desert Palms Apartments 210 East Brown Road Suite Office [Map] 85201-3567
Desert View Apartments 3030 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-1741
Dobson Springs Apartments 1325 West Guadalupe Road [Map] 85202-9104
Dobson Village Apartment 901 South Dobson Road [Map] 85202-2956
El Madrid Apartments 425 North Vineyard Apartment 7 [Map] 85201-5622
Emerald Apartments 1030 South Dobson Road [Map] 85202-2916
Emparrado Apartments 132 East Brown Road [Map] 85201-3500
Epernay Apartment Homes 944 West Main Street [Map] 85201-7134
Garden Place Apartments 1360 West Isabella Avenue [Map] 85202-9205
Gardenview Townhomes 524 South Stapley Drive Apartment 28 [Map] 85204-2649
Genoa Lakes Apartments 3320 East University Drive [Map] 85213-8670
Gentry's Walk 1313 South Val Vista Drive [Map] 85204-6420
Groves 2990 South Power Road [Map] 85212-3001
Groves At Mesa Apartments 2030 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-1467
Heather Brook Apartments 4230 East University Drive [Map] 85205-7003
Indian Spring Village 1031 South Stewart [Map] 85202-8848
Indigo Springs Apartments 1464 South Stapley Drive [Map] 85204-5853
Island Palms Apartments 5315 East Broadway Road [Map] 85206-1441
La Costa 1820 West Lindner Avenue [Map] 85202-6543
La Mariposa 1440 South Val Vista Drive [Map] 85204-6440
La Mesa Village Apartments 655 South Mesa Drive [Map] 85210-2583
La Petite Chateau Apartments 1254 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-2215
Lakeview At Superstition Spring 1849 South Power Road [Map] 85206-4332
Lakeview At Superstition Springs 7125 East Superstition Springs Boulevard [Map] 85209-4032
Lemon Tree-Pear Tree 1750 South Alma School Road [Map] 85210-3016
Lemon Tree-Pear Tree 1850 South Alma School Road [Map] 85210-3029
Lindsay Palms Apartments 2855 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-1762
Lucera Apartments 2940 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-1751
Madera Point Apartments 445 South Dobson Road [Map] 85202-1825
Mesa Mountain View Apartments 830 North Alma School Road [Map] 85201-3869
Mesa Park Apartments 604 West 8th Avenue [Map] 85210-3501
Mesa Ridge 2145 West Broadway Road [Map] 85202-1012
Mesa Ridge Apartments 650 South Country Club Drive [Map] 85210-2338
Mesa Summit Apartments 505 South Roosevelt Road [Map] 85202-1701
Mesa Summit Apartments 505 South Roosevelt Road [Map] 85202-1701
Midtown On Main Apartments 2121 West Main Street Suite Office [Map] 85201-9001
Montego Villas 949 South Longmore [Map] 85202-4364
Monteil Apartment Homes 1101 South Sycamore [Map] 85202-4005
Monteil Apartment Homes 1101 South Sycamore [Map] 85202-4005
Monteil Apartment Homes 1101 South Sycamore [Map] 85202-4005
Monterey Point 510 South Extension Road [Map] 85210-2249
Moorings At Mesa Cove 1233 North Mesa Drive [Map] 85201-2754
Mountain View Apartments 9860 East Broadway Road [Map] 85208-2581
New Port Mesa Apartment Homes 1620 West Southern Avenue [Map] 85202-4828
North Country Club Apartments 1505 North Country Club Drive Suite Office [Map] 85201-2515
Orange Grove Apartments 111 North Gilbert Road Apartment 1143 [Map] 85203-0924
Orchard Apartments 108 North Greenfield Road [Map] 85205-7840
Pala Mesa Apartments 2433 West Main Street [Map] 85201-7801
Pala Mesa Apartments 2433 West Main Street [Map] 85201-7801
Pala Mesa Apartments 2433 West Main Street [Map] 85201-7801
Pala Mesa Apartments 2433 West Main Street [Map] 85201-7801
Pala Mesa Apartments 2433 West Main Street [Map] 85201-7801
Palm Cove Apartments 118 North Extension Road [Map] 85201-6337
Palm Cove Apartments 950 West Main Street Suite Office [Map] 85201-7168
Palm Garden Apartments 1915 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-2435
Palms At Mesa 324 South Horne [Map] 85204-2130
Park 1547 East Broadway Road [Map] 85204-2354
Park Village Apartments 226 North Hobson [Map] 85203-7935
Parkside Apartments 325 West 5th Street Apartment 109 [Map] 85201-5839
Parkwood Villa Apartments 1255 East University Drive [Map] 85203-8145
Penny Lane Apartments 544 East Southern Avenue [Map] 85204-4935
Penny Tree Apartments 232 South MacDonald [Map] 85210-1516
Pine Gardens Apartments 206 West Southern Avenue Apartment 29 [Map] 85210-5235
Ranchos Palos Verdes 225 North Gilbert Road Suite Office [Map] 85203-8263
Red Mountain Apartments 2610 North Recker Road [Map] 85215-1401
Reflections At Red Mountain Apartments 2601 East McKellips Road Suite Office [Map] 85213-3071
Rio Vista Apartments 454 West Brown Road [Map] 85201-3330
Rosewood Villas Apartments 210 North Alma School Road [Map] 85201-6238
San Angelin Apartments 1935 South Sunnyvale [Map] 85206-6803
San Fernando Apartments 4150 East Main Street [Map] 85205-8616
San Jose Manor Apartments 1112 South San Jose [Map] 85202-3857
San Miguel Apartments Lp 8915 East Guadalupe Road [Map] 85212-2879
San Montego Apartments 6745 East Superstition Springs Boulevard [Map] 85206-4312
San Montero Apartments 3636 East Inverness Avenue [Map] 85206-3862
Sandal Ridge Apartments 645 North Country Club Drive Suite Office [Map] 85201-4913
Sands 2305 East Main Street Suite Office [Map] 85213-9128
Sandstone Apartments 1727 West Emelita Avenue [Map] 85202-3104
Saratoga Apartments 2240 West University Drive [Map] 85201-5262
Shadow Creek Apartments 2354 West University Drive [Map] 85201-5264
Shadow Run Apartments 56 North Extension Road Suite Office [Map] 85201-7145
Shorebird Apartments 1362 South Vineyard [Map] 85210-8933
Sierra Madre Apartments 900 North Country Club Drive [Map] 85201-4163
Siesta Villa Apartments 1050 North Horne [Map] 85203-4819
Silver Creek Apartments 5911 East Main Street [Map] 85205-8845
Sonora Vista 9736 East Balsam Avenue [Map] 85208-1841
Sonoran Heights Apartments 523 West 9th Street [Map] 85201-4086
Southbank Apartments 214 North Gilbert Road [Map] 85203-8243
Spanish Arcos Apartments 250 West 10th Avenue [Map] 85210-5282
Springs At Alta Mesa 1865 North Higley Road [Map] 85205-3324
Stone Canyon Apartments 5210 East Hampton Avenue [Map] 85206-6788
Stonegate Apartments 825 South Alma School Road [Map] 85210-2003
Sun Crest Apartments 130 North Lesueur [Map] 85203-8760
Sun Valley Ranch Apartments 7353 East University Drive [Map] 85207-6500
Sun View Apartments 435 East 2nd Street [Map] 85203-8759
Sun Villa Apartments 650 South 80th Street West [Map] 85208-6403
Sunland North Apartments 3834 East Leland Street [Map] 85215-2331
Sunset Mesa Apartments 237 South Ashland [Map] 85204-2037
Superstition Villas 2055 East Hampton Avenue [Map] 85204-6155
Superstition Vista 450 South Acacia [Map] 85204-2931
Swanee's Apartments 5911 East Main Street [Map] 85205-8845
Sycamore Shadows Apartments 1120 South Sycamore [Map] 85202-4007
Terra Vida Apartment Homes 150 South Roosevelt Road [Map] 85202-1075
Tierra Antiqua Apartments 339 North 75th Street [Map] 85207-7407
Tierra Del Sol Apartments 1711 South Extension Road [Map] 85210-9510
Tilda Manor 1404 North Ananea [Map] 85207-3877
Town and Country Apartments 315 West 10th Place Apartment 1 [Map] 85201-2814
Traditions Apartments 4450 East Southern Avenue [Map] 85206-2621
Trails East Apartments 1653 South Harris Drive [Map] 85204-6715
Tuscany Palms 901 South Country Club Drive [Map] 85210-3545
Val Vista Gardens 3443 East University Drive Apartment 202 [Map] 85213-8680
Verona Park Apartments 1666 South Extension Road [Map] 85210-9312
Villa Fiesta Apartments 1515 South Extension Road [Map] 85210-4973
Village At Sunvalley 7520 East Billings Street [Map] 85207-8340
Village Green Apartments 1045 South San Jose [Map] 85202-3839
Village In the Pines 1050 West 8th Avenue [Map] 85210-3471
Villas At Sunland 1050 South Stapley Drive [Map] 85204-5020
Villas De Merced 520 North Mesa Drive Suite Office [Map] 85201-5958
Villetta Apartments 1840 West Emelita Avenue [Map] 85202-4035
Vista Grove Apartments 1320 South Val Vista Drive [Map] 85204-6413
Warren House 1457 West Univ Drive Apartment Office [Map] 85201-5426
Waterford At Superstition Springs 7316 East Southern Avenue [Map] 85209-2783
Waterford Place Apartments 1055 West Baseline Road [Map] 85210-9502
Waterstone 1651 South Dobson Road [Map] 85202-5617
Whispering Meadows 1050 South Longmore [Map] 85202-4203
Willow Parc Apartments 745 North Dobson Road [Map] 85201-7512
Windemere Apartments 2020 East Inverness Avenue [Map] 85204-6971
Woodcreek Apartments 1710 South Gilbert Road [Map] 85204-8031

Find student rentals and apartments near University of Phoenix Mesa in Mesa Arizona. Search for all kinds of housing: apartments, lofts, homes, duplexes, townhouses and individual rooms. If you are tired of on-campus university housing and are ready to live in an off-campus rental, then CampusRent is your guide for 1 bedroom apts and 2 and 3 bedroom apts (great for roommates) close to the University of Phoenix Mesa campus. Look at pictures, floor plans, rental rates and leasing options. Do you need a student-friendly or cheap apartment rental because of your budget, or does it need to be within walking distance from campus because you don't have a car. Maybe on a bus line or other type of public transportation.


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For purposes of the campusrent website and assisting students locate a rental near campus our data is arranged by schools. The locatons may be on campus or off campus, check our Google Maps link to find the location that works for you. To provide you with the most information there are a number of other websites where you can find apartment rentals: Craiglist Mesa, ApartmentGuide,,, ApartmentFinder and is not affiliated with and has not received any endorsement, paid or otherwise from University of Phoenix Mesa or other rental websites listed herein. University of Phoenix Mesa or , may or not be registered trademark(s) of their respective school.

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