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Apartments in Rochester, New York

Community Address Zip
1600 East Ave Apartments 1600 East Avenue [Map] 14610-1673
1600 Elmwood Apartments 1600 Elmwood Avenue [Map] 14620-3862
Abraham Lincoln Apartments 355 North Park Drive [Map] 14609-1012
Affinity Orchard Place Apartments 1 Affinity Lane [Map] 14616-1735
Avon Common Apartments 1577 Ridge Road West [Map] 14615-2520
Blueberry Hill Apartments 15 Still Moon Crescent [Map] 14624-6105
Briar Manor Apartments 131 Greystone Lane [Map] 14618-4901
Briar Manor Apartments and Townhomes 131 Greystone Lane [Map] 14618-4901
Brighton Colony Townhomes 205 Wintergreen Way [Map] 14618-4851
Brighton Gardens Apartments 2125 Monroe Avenue # 2127 [Map] 14618-2420
Brittany Woods Apartments 360 Britton Road [Map] 14616-3208
Brook Hill Village Apartments 18 Brook Hill Lane Apartment A [Map] 14625-2240
Browncroft Apartments and Townhomes 366 Browncroft Boulevard [Map] 14609-7823
Buena Vista Manor 229 Avenue A [Map] 14621-4564
Carlson Commons 70 Corretta Scott Crossing [Map] 14608-2533
Carriage Glen Apartments 100 Bridgetown Drive [Map] 14626-4852
Cedar Commons 900 Calm Lake Circle [Map] 14612-2631
Cedars of Chili 1 Norfolk Drive [Map] 14624-5501
Cedarwood Towers 2052 East Main Street [Map] 14609-7562
Charlotte Harbortown Homes 4575 Lake Avenue [Map] 14612-4517
Chase Wood Manor Townehouses 317 Gates Manor Drive [Map] 14606-4807
Chase Woods Manor Townehouses 84 Gates Manor Drive [Map] 14606-4802
Chateau Square Townhouses 134 Greystone Lane [Map] 14618-4920
Chestnut Square 328 East Main Street [Map] 14604-2115
Chestnut Square Apartments 328 East Main Street [Map] 14604-2115
Chevy Place At 200 East Avenue 200 East Avenue [Map] 14604-2629
Chili Gardens 2660 Chili Avenue [Map] 14624-4101
Chili Heights Apartments 555 Audino Lane [Map] 14624-5600
Clayton Arms Apartments 394 Clay Road [Map] 14623-3830
Clover Park Gardens Apartments 49 Clover Park Drive [Map] 14618-4543
Club At Lac De Ville Apartments 1111 Lac De Ville Boulevard [Map] 14618-5634
Cobblestone Court Apartments 1577 Ridge Road West Suite 201 [Map] 14615-2511
Cobbs Hill Village 249 Norton Village Lane [Map] 14609-2457
Colonial Manor Apartments 6 Cornelia Drive Apartment 8 [Map] 14606-5444
Community Manor Apartments 2655 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road [Map] 14623
Continental Apartments 2052 Monroe Avenue [Map] 14618-2037
Cornhill Apartments 715 Clarissa Street [Map] 14608-2450
Cornhill Landing 270 Exchange Boulevard [Map] 14608-2768
Crescent Gardens Apartments 49 Arborwood Crescent [Map] 14615-3842
Crescent Gardens Apartments 49 Arborwood Crescent [Map] 14615-3842
Crittenden Way Apartments 249 Crittenden Way [Map] 14623-2205
Culver Terrace Apartments Inc 2745 Culver Road [Map] 14622-2847
Daisy House 550 Clarissa Street [Map] 14608-2492
Dixon Manor Apartments 32 Portland Parkway Apartment 3 [Map] 14621-2819
Dohr Apartments 1255 Latta Road Apartment 2 [Map] 14612-4059
Dorsey Garden Apartments 180 White Hall Drive [Map] 14616-5441
Dunn Tower II 200 Dunn Tower Drive [Map] 14606-5250
East Avenue Commons 111 East Avenue [Map] 14604-2558
East Avenue Towers 2505 East Avenue [Map] 14610-3121
East Court Apartments 410 Alexander Street [Map] 14607-1028
Eastridge Manor Apartments 2389 East Ridge Road [Map] 14622-2737
Eastwood III Apartments 2115 East Avenue [Map] 14610-2607
Ellison Park Apartments 1 Bobrich Drive [Map] 14610-2005
Elmwood Court Apartments 3100 Elmwood Avenue Apartment 1 [Map] 14618-2017
Elmwood Court Apartments 3100 Elmwood Avenue [Map] 14618-2017
Elmwood Manor Apartments and Townhouses 32 Lilac Drive [Map] 14620-3277
Elmwood Terrace Townhouses and Apartments 95 Elmwood Terrace [Map] 14620-3701
F I G H T Village Apartments 186 Ward Street [Map] 14605-1812
Fairchild Place 681 Brown Street [Map] 14611-2355
Ferncliff Gardens 895 Fernwood Park [Map] 14609-2672
Fernwood Park Apartments 1000 Fernwood Park [Map] 14609-2640
Fetzner Square Apartments 400 Squareview Lane [Map] 14626-1829
Fielding Garden Apartments 293 Alden Road Apartment A [Map] 14626-2443
Fleming Creek Circle Townhouses 360 Britton Road [Map] 14616-3208
French Court Apartments 515 French Road [Map] 14618-5322
French Creek Townhouses 200 French Creek Drive [Map] 14618-5276
Gaslight Square Apartments 50 Patriots Landing [Map] 14626-3902
Genesee West Apartments 582 Lake Avenue [Map] 14613-2604
Georgetown Manor Apartments 60 Georgetown Drive Apartment D [Map] 14617-5332
Georgetown Park Apartments 510 Degeorge Circle [Map] 14626-4843
Glenbrook Apartments 40 Hazelhurst Drive [Map] 14606-4425
Grecian Garden Apartments 72 Grecian Gardens Drive [Map] 14626-2699
Hamlet Court 86 Hamlet Court [Map] 14624-3032
Harris Park Apartments 122 Harris Park [Map] 14610-1153
Hathaway Court Apartments 1166 East Ridge Road [Map] 14621-1939
Hathaway Court Apts 1166 East Ridge Road [Map] 14621-1939
Heritage Garden Apartments 471 Winton Road North [Map] 14610-1254
Hidden Creek Townhomes and Apartments 36 Charwood Circle [Map] 14609-2704
Highland Bay Apartments 1501 Winton Road North [Map] 14609-5855
Highland Manor Apartments 11 Manor Parkway [Map] 14620-2601
Hillside Manor Apartments 1275 Monroe Avenue [Map] 14620-1648
Hobie Creek Apartments 111 Brower Road [Map] 14622-3108
Holyoke Park Apartments 100 Andover Street [Map] 14615-1999
Holyoke Park Apartments 100 Andover Street [Map] 14615-1999
Holyoke Park Apts 100 Andover Street [Map] 14615-1999
Huntington Park Apartments 1104 Saint Paul Street [Map] 14621-5240
Imperial Court Apartments 2461 Saint Paul Boulevard [Map] 14617-4551
Imperial Garden Apartments 468 East Ridge Road [Map] 14621-1238
Imperial Manor Apartments 1773 Stone Road [Map] 14615-1662
Imperial North Apartments 4672 Dewey Avenue [Map] 14612-2408
Imperial South Apartments 1577 Elmwood Avenue [Map] 14620-3622
Irondequoit Village Apartments 2240 Hudson Avenue [Map] 14617-3945
Irondequoit Village Apts 2240 Hudson Avenue [Map] 14617-3945
Ivy Ridge Apartments 2057 Hudson Avenue [Map] 14617-4317
Ivy Ridge Apt 2055 Hudson Avenue Suite A [Map] 14617-4316
James A Dobson Urban Park Apartments 150 Van Auker Street [Map] 14608-2180
Keeler Park Apartments 501 Seneca Manor Drive Suite 1 [Map] 14621-1605
Keuka Park Apartments Strong Hall Apartments Keuka Lake [Map] 14603
King's Manor Apartments 2 Kings Court Way [Map] 14617-5512
La Croix Court Apartments 14 Lacroix Court Drive [Map] 14609-1532
Lake Village Apartments 3700 Lake Avenue [Map] 14612-5164
Lake Vista Apartments 30 Lake Vista Court [Map] 14612-5336
Lakeshore Apartments 25 Malo Court [Map] 14612-3936
Landing Heights Apartments Lp 70 Knollbrook Road [Map] 14610-2166
Larkin Creek At Elmridge Apartment Homes 100 Annie Lane [Map] 14626-4387
Le Chase Manor Apartments 61 Lechase Drive [Map] 14606-5130
Linden Knoll 81 Linden Avenue [Map] 14610-3527
Little Creek Apartments 173 Bending Creek Road [Map] 14624-2100
Locust Hill Apartments 200 French Creek Drive [Map] 14618-5276
Long Pond Shores Townhouses and Apartments 700 Pond View Heights [Map] 14612-1348
Los Flamboyanes 100 Borinquen Plaza [Map] 14605-1121
Manor Parkway 90 Manor Parkway [Map] 14620-2644
Meadow Oaks Apartments 76 Buell Drive [Map] 14621-2902
Melkar Enterprises 156 Orchard Creek Lane [Map] 14612-3530
Mill Landing 100 Mill Landing [Map] 14626-5400
Monica Place 837 Genesee Street [Map] 14611-3850
Moore Park Apartments 11 Chili Avenue [Map] 14611-2300
Newcastle Apartments 176 Kingsberry Drive Apartment B [Map] 14626-2200
Newport Highlands 140 Edgecreek Trail [Map] 14609-1827
Normandie Apartments 253 Alexander Street [Map] 14607-2549
Northampton Apartments and Townhouses 758 Spencerport Road [Map] 14606-4820
Northgate Manor Apartments 3845 Dewey Avenue [Map] 14616-2525
Oak Hill Terrace Apartments 2470 East Avenue [Map] 14610-2509
Oxford East Enterprises 267 Oxford Street [Map] 14607-2158
Park Ridge Commons 1465 Long Pond Road [Map] 14626-4160
Parklawn Apartments 602 Park Avenue [Map] 14607-2940
Parkwin Apartments 152 Barrington Street [Map] 14607-2941
Pine Ridge Crossing Apartments 35 Seneca Manor Drive [Map] 14621-5424
Pinemanor Apartments 681 Denise Road [Map] 14616
Pinnacle Place Apartments 919 Clinton Avenue South [Map] 14620-1452
Plaza At Genesee Crossroads 125 Saint Paul Street [Map] 14604-1203
Poplar Gardens 4 Poplar Garden Lane Apartment B [Map] 14606-4835
Portland Manor Apartments 21 Portland Court [Map] 14621-2803
Presidential Village 100 Resolute Circle [Map] 14621-2399
Proctor Enterprises 2269 Lyell Avenue Suite 103 [Map] 14606-5796
Regency House Apts 820 East Avenue [Map] 14607-2164
Resch Commons 600 Island Cottage Road [Map] 14612-2300
Ridgedale Manor Apartments and Townhomes 555 Pennels Drive [Map] 14626-4900
River Edge Manor 535 Mount Hope Avenue [Map] 14620-2261
Rivers Run Information Center 50 Fairwood Drive [Map] 14623-4951
Riverview Apartments Management Office 1236 Plymouth Avenue South [Map] 14611-3808
Riverview Manor 60 River Street Suite 1 [Map] 14612-4755
Rochester Highland Apartments 47 Green Knolls Drive [Map] 14620-4701
Rosemont Apartments 1795 Hudson Avenue [Map] 14617-5157
Round Hill Pacific 505 University Avenue [Map] 14607-1438
Round Hill Pacific 505 University Avenue [Map] 14607-1438
Rustic Village Apartments 999 East Henrietta Road [Map] 14623-1400
Seneca Towers 200 Seth Green Drive [Map] 14621-2154
Seth Green Park 249 Norton Village Lane [Map] 14609-2457
Snug Harbor Townhomes 1000 Snug Harbor Court [Map] 14612-4959
Southview Towers 500 South Avenue [Map] 14620-1024
Spanish Gardens 123 Spanish Trail [Map] 14612-4610
St Andrews Apartments 1180 Buffalo Road [Map] 14624-1837
St Bernard's Park 2260 Lake Avenue [Map] 14612-5758
St Jude's Apartments 4075 Lyell Road [Map] 14606-4361
St Jude's II Apartments 4099 Lyell Road [Map] 14606-4371
St Michael's Apartments 343 Clifford Avenue [Map] 14621-4517
St Simon's Terrace 360 Saint Paul Street [Map] 14605-1745
Station-55 14 Franklin Street [Map] 14604-1502
Stenwick Manor Apartments 849 Paul Road [Map] 14624-4426
Stony Creek Apartments 570 Stowell Drive [Map] 14616-1824
Strathcourt Townhouses 100 Andover Street [Map] 14615-1999
Strathcourt Townhouses 100 Andover Street [Map] 14615-1999
Sycamore Green Apartments 55 Strathmore Circle [Map] 14609-1342
Ten Manhattan Square Savannah Apartments II 10 Manhattan Square Drive [Map] 14607-3951
The Park At Hickory Commons 100 Green Tree Lane [Map] 14606-4568
Thistle Apartments 85 Seneca Parkway [Map] 14613-1262
Titus Villa Apartments 32 Titus Court [Map] 14617-3540
Trident Square Apartments 1800 Hudson Avenue Suite 3 [Map] 14617-5128
Valley Manor Custom Apartment Homes 1570 East Avenue [Map] 14610-1610
Westbrooke Commons 6 Loden Lane [Map] 14623-3618
Westmont Apartments 1021 Spencerport Road [Map] 14606-3619
White Oaks West Apartments 20 Silver Birch Drive Apartment B [Map] 14624-1516
Windsor Garden Apartments 2859 Manitou Road [Map] 14624-1125
Winton Village Apartments 3242 Winton Road South [Map] 14623-5965
Woodie View Apartments 1835 Saint Paul Street [Map] 14621-2173

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