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Seattle Washington 98195-5840
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Mascot: Huskies

Seattle is a vibrant and dynamic city located in the state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. With a rich history, a thriving economy, and a diverse and inclusive community, Seattle is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the country.

History: Seattle has a rich and diverse history, shaped by its indigenous peoples, European explorers, and American settlers. The city was founded in the 1850s and grew rapidly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, driven by the growth of industries like lumber, fishing, and shipping.

In the mid-20th century, Seattle became a hub of innovation, driven by the growth of the aerospace industry and the emergence of new technologies like computers and software. This period of growth and innovation helped to transform Seattle into the thriving and dynamic city it is today.

Geography: Seattle is located on the Puget Sound, surrounded by the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. The city has a temperate climate, with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The surrounding landscape is characterized by forests, waterways, and rugged coastlines, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Economy: Seattle is a thriving economic hub, driven by a diverse range of industries and businesses. The city is known for its technology sector, with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google having a significant presence in the area. Seattle is also home to a thriving arts and culture scene, with numerous museums, theaters, and galleries, and a thriving food and beverage industry, with many world-class restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries.

Population: Seattle is a diverse and inclusive city, with a population of approximately 775,000 people. The city is home to a large and growing immigrant population, with many residents coming from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Seattle is also known for its progressive values, with a long history of promoting social justice, environmental sustainability, and equality.

Culture: Seattle is a city with a rich cultural heritage, reflected in its many museums, galleries, theaters, and festivals. The city is known for its vibrant music scene, and it has been a birthplace and influence for many famous musicians and bands, including Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. Seattle is also home to a thriving arts and culture community, with many galleries, theaters, and performance spaces showcasing local and international talent.

Attractions: Seattle is a city with many attractions, both natural and cultural. The city is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, with parks, lakes, and forests offering opportunities for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Seattle is also home to many cultural attractions, including the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Art Museum.

Transportation: Seattle is well connected, with a comprehensive transportation network that includes buses, light rail, and ferries. The city is served by two major airports, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Boeing Field, making it easy for visitors and residents to travel to and from the city.

Conclusion: Seattle is a vibrant and dynamic city, with a rich history, a thriving economy, and a diverse and inclusive community. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and dynamic energy, Seattle is a city that is constantly evolving and offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in technology, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, or simply experiencing a unique and exciting city, Seattle is a place you won't want to miss.

The University of Washington (UW) is a public research university located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1861 and has since grown into one of the largest and most respected universities in the world. With a rich and diverse history, the University of Washington has played an important role in the growth and development of the state of Washington and beyond.

Founding and Early Years: The University of Washington was established on November 4, 1861, as part of the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. This act provided land and funding for the creation of colleges across the United States, with the goal of promoting education and scientific research. The university was initially housed in a single building in downtown Seattle and had just 30 students and two faculty members.

Growth and Expansion: Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the University of Washington grew rapidly, expanding its curriculum and adding new buildings and facilities. The university was particularly known for its strong programs in engineering and the natural sciences, and it became a leader in research and innovation.

During this time, the university also became more involved in the broader community, partnering with local businesses and organizations to promote economic development and address social issues. This tradition of engagement has continued to the present day, with the university playing a key role in the growth and development of Seattle and the state of Washington.

The Great Depression and World War II: The Great Depression and World War II had a profound impact on the University of Washington. During the Depression, the university struggled to maintain its programs and facilities, and it was only through the support of the state and federal government that it was able to survive.

During World War II, the university played an important role in supporting the war effort, with many students and faculty members joining the military or working in defense-related industries. After the war, the university experienced a period of rapid growth, as returning veterans enrolled in college and the economy boomed.

The Post-War Era: The post-war era was a time of great change and growth for the University of Washington. The university continued to expand its programs and facilities, and it became a leader in a wide range of fields, including computer science, medicine, and environmental science.

The university also became more involved in international affairs, establishing partnerships and exchange programs with universities around the world. This global perspective has helped to make the University of Washington a truly international institution, and it has played an important role in promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

The Present Day: Today, the University of Washington is one of the largest and most respected universities in the world, with a student body of over 54,000 and a faculty of over 4,000. The university is widely recognized for its strong programs in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, medicine, and the humanities.

The university continues to be a leader in research and innovation, and it has made significant contributions to a wide range of fields, including health care, technology, and environmental science. The university is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness, and it has a long history of supporting underrepresented groups and promoting social justice.

The history of the University of Washington is a story of growth, innovation, and impact. From its humble beginnings in 1861, the university has grown into one of the largest and most respected universities in the world, and it continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of the state of Washington and beyond.

The University of Washington (UW) has a number of symbols and traditions that reflect its history, values, and spirit. Here is the motto, mascot, slogan, and nickname of the University of Washington:

Motto: The official motto of the University of Washington is "Lux Sit" which is Latin for "Let There Be Light." This motto reflects the university's commitment to promoting knowledge and understanding, and to serving as a source of light and inspiration to the world.

Mascot: The official mascot of the University of Washington is Harry the Husky. Harry is a Siberian Husky and is a popular figure at university events and sporting events, where he helps to build school spirit and pride.

Slogan: The official slogan of the University of Washington is "Be Boundless." This slogan reflects the university's commitment to breaking down boundaries, both within the university and in the world at large, and to pursuing new knowledge, new solutions, and new frontiers.

Nickname: The University of Washington is often referred to by its nickname, "U-Dub." This nickname reflects the university's informal and friendly atmosphere, and it is widely used by students, alumni, and fans.

These symbols and traditions are an important part of the University of Washington's identity, and they help to create a sense of community and shared purpose among students, faculty, and staff. They are celebrated and upheld by the university community, and help to ensure that the University of Washington remains a vibrant and dynamic institution for generations to come.

The University of Washington (UW) is a large and diverse institution, with a student body that reflects the diversity of the world around it. Here is a general overview of the demographics of the University of Washington:

Enrollment: As of the 2021-2022 academic year, the University of Washington has an enrollment of approximately 54,000 students. This includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Gender: The University of Washington has a nearly equal gender balance, with approximately 50% of students identifying as female and 50% identifying as male.

Race and Ethnicity: The University of Washington is a diverse and inclusive institution, with a student body that represents a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds. According to the most recent data, the university's student body is approximately 45% white, 22% Asian American, 12% Latino/a, 6% African American, and 4% Native American, with the remaining students representing a wide range of other racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Geographic Origin: The University of Washington is located in Seattle, Washington, and draws students from throughout the state and beyond. The majority of students come from within Washington state, but there are also many students from other states and countries.

These demographics are just a general overview of the University of Washington's student body, and the university is constantly evolving and changing to reflect the diversity of the world around it. The university is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness, and it is a welcoming and supportive place for students from all backgrounds and experiences.

The rental housing market near the University of Washington (UW) campus in Seattle, Washington, is a highly competitive and dynamic market, driven by the high demand for housing in the area. Here is a general overview of the rental housing market near the UW campus:

Demand: The demand for rental housing near the UW campus is high, driven by the large number of students, faculty, and staff who live and work in the area. The university is one of the largest employers in the region, and it attracts many students, researchers, and professionals from around the world.

Supply: The supply of rental housing near the UW campus is abundant, with a wide range of options available to renters, from apartments and condos to single-family homes. However, the supply of affordable housing in the area is more limited, and many renters find themselves competing for the best properties.

Prices: The cost of rental housing near the UW campus can vary widely depending on the location, type of property, and other factors. In general, rental prices in the area are higher than the average for the city of Seattle, and the cost of housing has been rising in recent years due to the high demand for housing and the limited supply of affordable properties.

Regulation: The rental housing market near the UW campus is regulated by a number of laws and regulations, including rules related to rent control, eviction procedures, and fair housing practices. Landlords and tenants in the area are expected to abide by these rules, and disputes are typically resolved through the Seattle court system.

Overall, the rental housing market near the UW campus is a challenging and competitive market, and it is important for renters to do their research and understand their rights and responsibilities when looking for a place to rent. However, with its abundant supply of rental properties, its vibrant and diverse community, and its close proximity to the university, the area remains a popular and desirable place to live for many people.


Apartments in Seattle, Washington

Community Address Zip
1221 Apartments 1221 Queen Anne Avenue North [Map] 98109-3266
1700 Madison View Aptartments 1700 East Madison Street [Map] 98122-2798
200 Roy Street Apartments 200 Roy Street Apartment 207 [Map] 98109-4100
2020 Terry Apartments 2020 Terry Avenue [Map] 98121-2727
2300 Elliot Apartments 2300 Elliott Avenue [Map] 98121-1667
2900 On First Apartments 2900 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1030
6700 Roosevelt Apartments 6700 Roosevelt Way Northeast [Map] 98115-6637
700 Broadway 700 Broadway [Map] 98122-4302
707 East Roy Apartments 707 East Roy Street [Map] 98102-4683
7th and James Apartments 600 7th Avenue [Map] 98104-1914
A Xis Apartments 123 2nd Avenue North [Map] 98109-4995
Aki Kurose Village 11506 Stone Avenue North [Map] 98133-8375
Alcyone Apartments 301 Minor Avenue North [Map] 98109-5415
Alder House Apartments 925 East Alder Street [Map] 98122-5382
Aldercrest Apartments 303 10th Avenue [Map] 98122-7400
Alderview Apartments 300 11th Avenue Apartment 202 [Map] 98122-5385
Allegro 4115 Roosevelt Way Northeast [Map] 98105-6494
Alley 24 Apartments 241 Yale Avenue North [Map] 98109-5430
Aloha House Apartments 100 Aloha Street [Map] 98109-3662
Alpine Chalet Apartments 9134 45th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98136-2674
Amli 535 535 Pontius Avenue North Apartment 535 [Map] 98109-5596
Amli Residential 535 Pontius Avenue North [Map] 98109-5547
Anberg Apartments 6404 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98103-5566
Angletree Apartments 1712 Summit Avenue [Map] 98122-2193
Ansonia Apartments 1628 Bellevue Avenue Apartment 208 [Map] 98122-0098
Apartments Riviera Northgate 11540 Pinehurst Way Northeast [Map] 98125-6337
Arbor Heights 135 Southwest 116th Street [Map] 98146-2336
Arbor House Apartments 8538 Mary Avenue Northwest [Map] 98117-3450
Arbor Place 121 Vine Street [Map] 98121-1486
Arbour Court Apartments 2225 South 112th Street [Map] 98168-4902
Arcadia Saint Paul Apartments 1302 Seneca Street [Map] 98101-2839
Archstone Belltown Apartments 500 Wall Street [Map] 98121-1527
Arion Court 1814 Minor Avenue [Map] 98101-1400
Arkona Apartments 107 1st Avenue North [Map] 98109-4963
Arllis Arms Apartments 1700 15th Avenue Apartment 406 [Map] 98122-2676
Ascona Apartments 200 5th Avenue South [Map] 98104-2634
Ashford Apartments 12728 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98133-7996
Aspen Park Apartments 7600 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98103-4667
Aspen Ridge Apartments 12601 68th Avenue South [Map] 98178-4195
Assembly Apartments 823 Madison Street [Map] 98104-1251
Atwood Apartments 104 Pine Street [Map] 98101-1532
Avalon Apartments West 3250 Southwest Avalon Way [Map] 98126-2664
Avalon Belltown 2800 Western Avenue [Map] 98121-1151
Avalon Park Vista 3233 Southwest Avalon Way Apartment 212 [Map] 98126-4433
Avanti Apartments 1401 Boren Avenue [Map] 98101-1951
Avenues Apartments 10765 14th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98146-2115
Balfour Apartments 1820 Minor Avenue [Map] 98101-1449
Ballard Apartments 5420 Barnes Avenue Northwest [Map] 98107-3853
Barclay Apartments 4747 16th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4222
Beacon View Apartments 1701 12th Avenue South [Map] 98144-4156
Belcourt Apartments 2021 Northwest 58th Street [Map] 98107-3105
Bellevue Olive Apartments 1641 Bellevue Avenue [Map] 98122-2093
Belmont Republican Court Apartments 424 Belmont Avenue East [Map] 98102-6731
Biltmore Apartments 418 East Loretta Place [Map] 98102-5557
Blackstone Apartments 222 Summit Avenue East [Map] 98102-5671
Blanchet Apartments 9204 Woodlawn Avenue North [Map] 98103-3528
Blue Ridge Apartments 9600 9th Avenue Northwest Apartment 305 [Map] 98117-2264
Bonair Apartments 1806 8th Avenue [Map] 98101-1326
Bonmicheal Apt 1412 Northwest 61st Street [Map] 98107-2900
Booth Gardens Apartments 9722 8th Avenue Northwest Apartment 205 [Map] 98117-2272
Boulevard Manor 12039 Roseberg Avenue South [Map] 98168-2373
Boulevard Park Place 2805 South 125th Street [Map] 98168-2461
Bowling Green Apartments 3310 East Spring Street Suite 104 [Map] 98122-5111
Bowling Green Apartments 3310 East Spring Street Suite 104 [Map] 98122-5111
Boylston Manor 752 Boylston Avenue East [Map] 98102-4627
Boylston Place Apartments 1816 Boylston Avenue [Map] 98122-6706
Brentwood Square Apartments 13433 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98133-7392
Brewster Apartments 133 Pontius Avenue North [Map] 98109-5402
Bridge View Place Apartments 1515 Northwest 52nd Street [Map] 98107-3858
Brighton Apartments 6727 Rainier Avenue South [Map] 98118-3664
Broadview Apartments 11716 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98133-8174
Brookstone Apt Homes 3231 South 204th [Map] 98148
Bryn Mawr Plaza 11620 Rainier Avenue South Apartment 206 [Map] 98178-3972
Burien Manor Apartments 11822 1st Avenue South Apartment 106 [Map] 98168-2000
Burke Gilman Place Apartments 5100 40th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-3058
Burlingame Apartments 404 East Howell Street [Map] 98122-6936
Cambridge Apartments 903 Union Street [Map] 98101-1943
Cambridge Apartments 903 Union Street [Map] 98101-1943
Cambridge Apartments 13030 Linden Avenue North [Map] 98133-7587
Campus Apartments 4210 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-5944
Campus Apartments 4139 12th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-6335
Capital Steps Apartments 1633 Bellevue Avenue [Map] 98122-6818
Capital Steps Apartments 1633 Bellevue Avenue [Map] 98122-6818
Capitola Apartments Inc 431 14th Avenue East [Map] 98112-4571
Carkeek Park Place Apartments 431 Northwest 100th Place [Map] 98177-4950
Carlyle Apartments 1306 1st Avenue West [Map] 98119-3301
Carolina Court Apartments 527 Eastlake Avenue East [Map] 98109-5504
Carroll 4730 University Way Northeast [Map] 98105-4424
Carroll Kensington Apartments 305 Bellevue Avenue East [Map] 98102-5238
Casa Pacifica Apartments 1167 Republican Street [Map] 98109-5555
Cascade Court Apartments 1201 Summit Avenue Suite 100 [Map] 98101-2844
Cascade Terrace Apartments 602 Galer Street [Map] 98109-3382
Cascade View Apartments 10505 24th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-6664
Cascadia Apartments 1621 17th Avenue Apartment 209 [Map] 98122-2764
Castle 2132 2nd Avenue [Map] 98121-2212
Cate Apartments 312 Northwest 85th Street [Map] 98117-3158
Causemark 1833 North 105th Street [Map] 98133-8973
Cedar Park Apartments 12740 30th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-4487
Cedar Village Apartments 6230 South 129th Street [Map] 98178-4626
Cedars Apartments 2615 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1384
Cederstrand Apartments 7621 Rainier Avenue South [Map] 98118-3947
Centennial 600 East Olive Street [Map] 98122-2387
Centennial Tower Apartments 2525 4th Avenue [Map] 98121-1437
Century House Apartments 1711 23rd Avenue South [Map] 98144-4612
Century House Apt 1711 23rd Avenue South [Map] 98144-4612
Chancery Place Apartments 910 Marion Street Apartment 105 [Map] 98104-1271
Chandler Hall Apartments 119 West Roy Street [Map] 98119-4484
Charbern 1705 Belmont Avenue Apartment 107 [Map] 98122-2101
Charbonneau Apartments 1201 Boylston Avenue [Map] 98101-4202
Charles Gate North 8747 Phinney Avenue North [Map] 98103-3764
Chelan Apartments Manager 616 4th Avenue West Apartment 304 [Map] 98119-4407
City View Apt 3022 Southwest Bradford Street [Map] 98126-2579
Citywalk Apartments 1130 North 115th Street [Map] 98133-8362
Citywatch Apartments 4744 41st Avenue Southwest [Map] 98116-4570
Clairemont Apartments 2012 East Yesler Way [Map] 98122-5806
Clearwater Apartments 167 11th Avenue Apartment 106 [Map] 98122-5490
Cloal Tower Apartments 13725 32nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-3690
Clock Tower Apartments 13725 32nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-3690
College Street Apartments 4301 Southwest College Street Apartment 308 [Map] 98116-2181
Commodore Apartments 3119 West Commodore Way Apartment 2A [Map] 98199-1174
Commodore Duchess Apartments 4009 15th Avenue Northeast Apartment 122 [Map] 98105-6235
Comstock Apartments 203 West Comstock Street [Map] 98119-3574
Consul Apartments 516 Summit Avenue East Apartment 205 [Map] 98102-4853
Copperfield 1321 Minor Avenue [Map] 98101-4203
Coronado Apartments 2840 Eastlake Avenue East [Map] 98102-3011
Coronado Springs Apartments 10670 14th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98146-2174
Coronado Springs Apartments 1400 Southwest 107th Street [Map] 98146-2144
Coronado Springs Apartments 1400 Southwest 107th Street [Map] 98146-2144
Country Squire Apartments 11209 Des Moines Memorial Drive [Map] 98168-4904
Court At Northgate 11300 3rd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-6045
Crestview Apartments 3630 Renton Avenue South [Map] 98144-6838
Crosspointe Vista Apartments 620 Comstock Street [Map] 98109-3445
Curben Apartments 1726 Summit Avenue [Map] 98122-2132
D D Culp Apartments 4555 15th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4599
Dakota At Rainier Court 3642 33rd Avenue South [Map] 98144-6911
Dawson Apartments 4217 Southwest Dawson Street [Map] 98136-1274
Debonair Apartments 1320 Boren Avenue [Map] 98101-2767
Decatur Apartments 1105 Spring Street [Map] 98104-3527
Denice Hunt Townhomes 620 North 85th Street [Map] 98103-3666
Devonshire Apartments 420 Wall Street [Map] 98121-1535
Dexter Lake Union 1215 Dexter Avenue North [Map] 98109-3532
Downtowner Apartments 308 4th Avenue South [Map] 98104-2630
Eagle Bay Apartments 3023 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1093
Eagles Apartments 706 Union Street Unit Office [Map] 98101-4055
East Mercer Apartments 700 East Mercer Street Apartment 606 [Map] 98102-4942
East Vista Apartments 1819 East Pike Street [Map] 98122-2800
Eastlake 2851 2835 Eastlake Avenue East [Map] 98102
Edgewater Apartments 2411 42nd Avenue East [Map] 98112-2547
Edgewood Apartments 3101 Southwest Avalon Way [Map] 98126-4401
El Capitan Apartments 1617 Yale Avenue [Map] 98101-1958
El Rio Apartments 1922 9th Avenue [Map] 98101-1329
Elipse Apartments 4744 12th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4479
Elita Apartments 1816 Bellevue Avenue [Map] 98122-6806
Elita Apartments Mgr Office 1816 Bellevue Avenue [Map] 98122-6806
Elizabeth James House 109 23rd Avenue East [Map] 98112-5461
Elliott Bay Plaza 2400 Elliott Avenue [Map] 98121-1397
Elliott Bay Plaza East 2415 Western Avenue [Map] 98121-1394
Elliott Point Apartments Saratoga Capital Inc 2226 Elliott Avenue [Map] 98121-1661
Emerald Arms Apartments 1741 Belmont Avenue Apartment 3 [Map] 98122-2106
Epicenter Apartments 620 North 34th Street [Map] 98103-8667
Equity Residential 2900 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1030
Esperanza Apartments 6940 37th Avenue South [Map] 98118-6417
Fairhaven Apartments 2839 Northwest 56th Street Apartment 207 [Map] 98107-4280
Fairmount Apartments 1907 1st Avenue [Map] 98101-1039
Fauntleroy Landing Apartments 4831 Fauntleroy Way Southwest [Map] 98116-4562
Fifth Court Apartments 2132 5th Avenue [Map] 98121-2503
Figaro Apartments 1415 East Republican Street [Map] 98112-4543
Fionia Apartments 109 John Street [Map] 98109-4964
Fountain Court 2400 4th Avenue [Map] 98121-3404
Fountain Court Apartments 2500 Gilman Drive West Apartment 104 [Map] 98119-2101
Frye Apartments 223 Yesler Way Apartment 1003 [Map] 98104-2646
Garden Court Apartments 6334 Rainier Avenue South [Map] 98118-2769
Gatewood Apartments 107 Pine Street [Map] 98101-1528
Gilman Court 1116 Northwest 54th Street [Map] 98107-3750
Gilman Terrace II Apartments 2572 Gilman Drive West [Map] 98119-2170
Golden Sunset Apartments 3256 Northwest 54th Street Apartment A108 [Map] 98107-3318
Golden Sunset Apartments 3256 Northwest 54th Street [Map] 98107-3370
Gpp Highland Crest 1205 Queen Anne Avenue North Apartment 104 [Map] 98109-3263
Graham Place Apartments 4601 South Graham Street [Map] 98118-2873
Granada Apartments 1736 Belmont Avenue [Map] 98122-2166
Greenlake South Shore Apartments 5520 East Green Lake Way North [Map] 98103-5957
Greentree Apartment Homes 6900 South 125th Street [Map] 98178-4330
Greenwood Park Appartments 300 Northwest 80th Street [Map] 98117-4009
Gregory Jene Apartments 1500 East Cherry Street [Map] 98122-4560
Guinevere Apartments 522 North 85th Street [Map] 98103-3782
Haines Apartments 1415 East Olive Street Unit 102 [Map] 98122-4039
Halcyon Apartments 7060 Lincoln Park Way Southwest [Map] 98136-3007
Hampton Court Apartments 10306 Holman Road North [Map] 98133-2503
Harbor House 521 5th Avenue West Unit 101 [Map] 98119-3936
Harbor Square Apartments 2425 Harbor Avenue Southwest [Map] 98126-2162
Harbor Steps Apartments 1221 1st Avenue Suite 101 [Map] 98101-3422
Harborview Tower 600 9th Avenue [Map] 98104-2013
Harmon Louise and Juanita 3256 Northwest 54th Street [Map] 98107-3370
Harvey Apartments 2615 East Cherry Street [Map] 98122-4907
Hawthorne Apartments 1618 Bellevue Avenue [Map] 98122-2098
Heatherfield Apartments 5800 15th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-2524
Helix and Ellipse Apartments 4751 12th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4480
Henry Apartments 2020 Northeast 89th Street [Map] 98115-8218
Hiawatha Lofts 843 Hiawatha Place South [Map] 98144-2836
Hidden-Creek Village 13751 32nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-8302
Hillsborough 740 Bellevue Avenue East [Map] 98102-5975
Hilltop Court Apartments 1314 Spring Street [Map] 98104-3532
Hilree Manor Apartments 401 East Mercer Street [Map] 98102-4792
Holden Village Apartments 7544 24th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98106-1775
Howell Street Apartments 1401 East Howell Street Apartment 103 [Map] 98122-2698
Husky Court Apartments 4629 21st Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-3394
Illumina Lake Union Apartments 219 East Garfield Street [Map] 98102-3756
Imperial Apartments 1801 East Yesler Way [Map] 98122-5747
Interlake Place Apartments 4814 Interlake Avenue North [Map] 98103-6777
International House 607 Maynard Avenue South [Map] 98104-2926
Isherwood Apartments 3628 Linden Avenue North Apartment 211 [Map] 98103-8786
Isherwood Apartments 3614 Linden Avenue North Apartment 213 [Map] 98103-8782
Ivy Court View Apartments 6525 California Avenue Southwest [Map] 98136-1887
Ivy Ridge 4730 21st Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-6641
Jackson Greens Apartments 13341 15th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-4040
Jackson Park Apartments 13716 15th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-8406
Jefferson Court Apartments 10301 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98133-2501
Jefferson Park Apartments 1756 South Spokane Street [Map] 98144-6628
Jemwey Apartments 915 Queen Anne Avenue North [Map] 98109-5617
Jensen Block Apartments 1320 Mercer Street Suite C [Map] 98109-5598
Jensen Block Apartments 1320 Mercer Street Suite C [Map] 98109-5598
John Alden Apartments 1019 Terry Avenue [Map] 98104-1231
Josef F Stanzl Dba Concept One Apartments 2219 2nd Avenue [Map] 98121-2009
Josephinum 1902 2nd Avenue Suite 200 [Map] 98101-1186
Julie Apartments 1922 9th Avenue [Map] 98101-1329
Juneau Terrace 5900 37th Avenue South [Map] 98118-6204
Kasota 2212 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1615
Kennedy Apartments 907 Northeast 45th Street [Map] 98105-4714
King Arthurs Court Apartments 12728 28th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-4378
King Way Apartments 5900 37th Avenue South [Map] 98118-6204
Lake City Apartments 12330 32nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-5532
Lake Union Terrace Apartments 210 East Blaine Street [Map] 98102-3705
Lake Union Tower Apartments 766 Garfield Street Apartment 305 [Map] 98109-3053
Lake Washington Apartments 9061 Seward Park Avenue South [Map] 98118-6065
Lakeview Apartments 4040 7th Avenue Northeast Apartment 304 [Map] 98105-6453
Lakeview Court Apartments 1903 Northeast 85th Street Apartment 101 [Map] 98115-3294
Lam Bow Apartments 6935 Delridge Way Southwest [Map] 98106-1697
Landes Apartments 901 8th Avenue [Map] 98104-1283
Larned Apartments 2030 7th Avenue [Map] 98121-2609
Latch 9413 27th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98126-3995
Laurelhurst Apartments 3903 Northeast 45th Street Apartment 404 [Map] 98105-5151
Lavanch Apartments Manager 956 10th Avenue East [Map] 98102-4506
Lee Apartments 4145 11th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-6327
Legend House 9720 Roosevelt Way Northeast [Map] 98115-2295
Lennox Apartments 1717 Belmont Avenue [Map] 98122-2143
Lewison Place Apartments 4744 40th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-3936
Lexington Manor 10306 Meridian Avenue North [Map] 98133-9490
Licton Springs Apartments 9515 Interlake Avenue North Apartment 303 [Map] 98103-3359
Lilac Lodge Comm Org 5033 37th Avenue South [Map] 98118-1961
Lincoln Court Apartments 1020 East Denny Way [Map] 98122-2452
Linda Ray Apartments 213 1st Avenue South [Map] 98104-2593
Linden Square Apartments 13520 Linden Avenue North [Map] 98133-7555
Linden Tree Apartments 14355 Linden Avenue North [Map] 98133-6877
Lock Haven Apartments 3040 Northwest Market Street [Map] 98107-4216
Lock Vista Apartments 3025 Northwest Market Street [Map] 98107-4217
Longfellow Apartments 9413 27th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98126-3995
Longfellow Creek Apartments 5915 Delridge Way Southwest [Map] 98106-3510
Lorington Co Op Apartments 1107 East Denny Way [Map] 98122-2453
Lothlorien Apartments 4730 University Way Northeast [Map] 98105-4424
Lowell-Emerson Apartments 1102 8th Avenue [Map] 98101-2586
Loyal Heights Manor 7547 24th Avenue Northwest [Map] 98117-4414
Lynnyale Apartments 2245 Yale Avenue East [Map] 98102-3433
Lynnyale Apartments 2245 Yale Avenue East [Map] 98102-3433
Madison Court Apartments 1509 East Madison Street Apartment 103 [Map] 98122-4079
Madison Gate Apartments 2501 East Madison Street [Map] 98112-4769
Madison Place Apartments 1813 19th Avenue [Map] 98122-2867
Madison Vista Apartments 114 24th Avenue East [Map] 98112-5452
Magnolia Apartment 4250 34th Avenue West [Map] 98199-1396
Magnolia Manor 2710 West Manor Place [Map] 98199-2059
Main Street Apartments 2035 South Main Street [Map] 98144-2227
Malloy Apartments 4337 15th Avenue Northeast Apartment 106 [Map] 98105-5822
Maple Leaf Apartments 3501 14th Avenue South [Map] 98144-6610
Maple Leaf Apartments 7415 5th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98115-5377
Mark Spencer Apartments 727 Bellevue Avenue East [Map] 98102-5981
Market Terrace 1115 Northwest Market Street [Map] 98107-3745
Marlborough House 1220 Boren Avenue [Map] 98101-2794
Martin Luther King Jr Apartments 7923 Martin Luther King Jr Way South [Map] 98118-4302
Martinique Apartments 2142 8th Avenue North Apartment 307 [Map] 98109-2476
McGuire Court Apartments 10740 8th Avenue Northeast Apartment 2158 [Map] 98125-7251
Meadowbrook View Apartments 11032 Lake City Way Northeast [Map] 98125-6765
Melrose Apartments 1520 Melrose Avenue [Map] 98122-3655
Mercedes Apartments Manager 617 3rd Avenue West Apartment 8 [Map] 98119-3852
Mercer View Apartments 1200 Mercer Street [Map] 98109-5578
Meridian Place Apartments 10711 Meridian Avenue North [Map] 98133-9016
Metropolitan Park Apartments 601 South Washington Street [Map] 98104-3703
Metropolitan Tower 1942 Westlake Avenue [Map] 98101-1208
Metropolitan Tower 1942 Westlake Avenue [Map] 98101-1208
Michelle Apartments 940 North 98th Street [Map] 98103-3257
Milan Apartments 4300 Aurora Avenue North [Map] 98103-7379
Milan Apartments 4300 Aurora Avenue North [Map] 98103-7379
Miller Park Apartments 2312 East John Street [Map] 98112-5493
Monticello Apartments 415 Boren Avenue [Map] 98104-2419
Montridge Arms Apartments 9000 20th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98106-2339
Montridge Arms Apartments 9000 20th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98106-2339
Mount Baker Village Apartments 2580 29th Avenue South [Map] 98144-5419
Mountain View Apartments 14210 37th South [Map] 98108
Mountain View Apartments 10522 Lake City Way Northeast [Map] 98125-7765
Mountainview 10522 Lake City Way Northeast [Map] 98125-7765
Nelson Apartments 14300 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98133-6831
Neptune Apartments 912 Dexter Avenue North [Map] 98109-3514
Neptune Apartments 912 Dexter Avenue North [Map] 98109-3514
New Haven Apartments 13000 Linden Avenue North [Map] 98133-7571
Nob Hill Apartments 900 Nob Hill Avenue North [Map] 98109-3780
North Court Apartments 2237 North 106th Street [Map] 98133-9552
Northbrook Place Apartments 10215 Lake City Way Northeast [Map] 98125-7757
Northgate Apartments 11060 2nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-6063
Northgate Manor 818 Northeast 106th Street Apartment 415 [Map] 98125-7339
Northpark Village Apartments 10545 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98133-8790
Oaklake Apartments 9527 Interlake Avenue North Apartment B104 [Map] 98103-3386
Olive Tower Apartments 1624 Boren Avenue [Map] 98101-1837
Olympic Apartments 500 West Mercer Street [Map] 98119-3964
Olympic Apartments 4314 Southwest Frontenac Street [Map] 98136-1735
Olympic Terrace Apartments 225 West Olympic Place Unit Lobby [Map] 98119-4734
Olympic Tower 217 Pine Street [Map] 98101-1500
Olympic View Apartments 4517 Glenn Way Southwest [Map] 98116-4174
Olympus Apartments 2801 Western Avenue [Map] 98121-1181
One Thousand On 8th Avenue Apartments 1000 8th Avenue Room A104 [Map] 98104-1201
Oregon Apartments 2305 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1666
Oswego Place Apartments 6840 Oswego Place Northeast [Map] 98115-6488
Overlook At Magnolia 3520 27th Place West [Map] 98199-2156
Overlook At Westbridge Apartments 700 South Kenyon Street [Map] 98108-4326
Oxford Apartments 1920 1st Avenue [Map] 98101-1058
Pacific Ridge Apartments 721 17th Avenue [Map] 98122-4629
Pacific Sunrise 4616 22nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-5775
Palladian Apartments 2000 2nd Avenue Suite 102 [Map] 98121-2219
Panorama House 1100 University Street [Map] 98101-2848
Pantages Apartments 803 East Denny Way [Map] 98122-2228
Park At Northgate 10735 Roosevelt Way Northeast [Map] 98125-7318
Park Manor Apartments 535 13th Avenue East [Map] 98102-5140
Park Meadow Apartments 10550 Lake City Way Northeast [Map] 98125-7766
Park South Apartments 10102 8th Avenue South [Map] 98168-5505
Park Terrace Apartments 11020 16th Avenue Southwest Apartment 100 [Map] 98146-2013
Penn Hall Apartments 1907 East John Street [Map] 98112-5366
Pine Street Apartments 1202 East Pine Street Unit 406 [Map] 98122-3929
Pinehurst Apartments Office 11500 Pinehurst Way Northeast Apartment 205 [Map] 98125-6342
Pinehurst West Apartments 12007 15th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-5070
Pinnacle Bell Town Apartments 2922 Western Avenue [Map] 98121-1090
Post Alley Court 1408 Western Avenue [Map] 98101-2022
Providence Gamelin House 4515 Martin Luther King Jr Way South Suite 200 [Map] 98108-2183
Puget Vista Apartments 411 West Republican Street [Map] 98119-4030
Qualcom Apartments 1421 15th Avenue Apartment 208 [Map] 98122-4169
Qualnan Apartments 1421 15th Avenue [Map] 98122-4101
Queen Anne Apartments 900 Queen Anne Avenue North [Map] 98109-5601
Queen Anne Garden Apartments 1250 5th Avenue North [Map] 98109-3310
Queen Anne High School Apartments 201 Galer Street [Map] 98109-5746
Queen Anne High School Apartments 201 Galer Street [Map] 98109-5746
Queen View Apartments 621 West Galer Street [Map] 98119-3264
Queensborough 101 West Olympic Place [Map] 98119-4731
Quincy Apartments 3624 Phinney Avenue North [Map] 98103-8590
Quintessa Apartments 201 Yesler Way [Map] 98104-4604
Rainier Beach Complex 8825 Rainier Avenue South [Map] 98118-4928
Raleigh House 2501 14th Avenue West [Map] 98119-2173
Ramayana Apartments 119 Harvard Avenue East [Map] 98102-5750
Ravenna Greenlake Apartments 432 Northeast Ravenna Boulevard [Map] 98115-8448
Remi Apartments 2727 Eastlake Avenue East [Map] 98102-3131
Rex Apartments 657 South King Street [Map] 98104-2900
Rianna Apartments 810 12th Avenue [Map] 98122-4420
River Heights Apartments 11301 26th Avenue South [Map] 98168-1846
Riverside West Apartments 10300 Des Moines Memorial Drive [Map] 98168-1690
Roosevelt Apt 1729 12th Avenue [Map] 98122-2450
Roseberg Ave Apartments 11915 Roseberg Avenue South [Map] 98168-1218
Roy Street Apartments 112 Roy Street [Map] 98109-4023
Russell Park Apartments 5210 Russell Avenue Northwest [Map] 98107-3906
Salmon Creek Court Apartments 1038 Southwest 122nd Street Apartment B102 [Map] 98146-2771
Salvatore Court Apartments 8839 Delridge Way Southwest Apartment 202 [Map] 98106-2257
Samuel B McKinney Manor 1916 East Madison Street Apartment 206 [Map] 98122-2892
Sandhurst Apartments 7239 Sand Point Way Northeast [Map] 98115-8102
Sandpiper 3237 14th Avenue West [Map] 98119-1701
Sandpoint Family 6831 62nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98115-5007
Seattle Tea and Coffee 305 East Pine Street [Map] 98122-2028
Seola Crossing Apartments 10006 4th Place Southwest [Map] 98146
Serena Apartments 633 12th Avenue East [Map] 98102-5171
Shangri La 538 Lakeside Avenue South [Map] 98144-2654
Shannon Apartments 1220 Boylston Avenue [Map] 98101-4201
Sheridan Apartments 2011 5th Avenue [Map] 98121-2550
Sherwood Apartments 3030 Northeast 143rd Street [Map] 98125-3535
Sherwood Apartments 1633 Melrose Avenue [Map] 98122-6804
Sidney Apartments 400 Wall Street [Map] 98121-1544
Silvian Apartments 914 East Harrison Street Apartment 401 [Map] 98102-5437
Sixth and Pine Apartments 523 Pine Street Apartment 301 [Map] 98101-1727
Skyline Apartments 12401 Renton Avenue South [Map] 98178-3738
Skyline House 600 West Olympic Place Apartment 309 [Map] 98119-3657
Solara Apartments 12724 Lake City Way Northeast [Map] 98125-4450
Somerset House 500 13th Avenue East [Map] 98102-5183
Sou-Wester Apartments 11060 4th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98146-2249
Sound View Apartments 4815 California Avenue Southwest [Map] 98116-4435
Southwood Apartments 121 South 174th Street [Map] 98148-1777
Soverign Apartments 1317 Boren Avenue [Map] 98101-2768
Spencer House Apartments 10541 Stone Avenue North [Map] 98133-8984
Spring Lake Apartments 12530 35th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98125-4574
Spruce Park Apartments 155 21st Avenue [Map] 98122-5646
St James Tower 920 North 34th Street [Map] 98103-3400
Stanford Apartments 1304 Northeast 42nd Street [Map] 98105-6243
Starbird Apartment 1512 Boylston Avenue Apartment 101 [Map] 98122-3733
Starbird Apartments 1512 Boylston Avenue [Map] 98122-3752
Starliter Apartments 8708 Rainier Avenue South [Map] 98118-4971
Stevenson House Apartments 6656 Corson Avenue South [Map] 98108-3421
Stewart Court Apartments 1831 18th Avenue [Map] 98122
Stockbridge Apartments 1330 Boren Avenue [Map] 98101-2773
Stone Way Apartments 1215 North 45th Street [Map] 98103-6678
Strada 67 Apartments 6619 Roosevelt Way Northeast Apartment 207 [Map] 98115-6661
Summit Lake Apartments 1735 Dexter Avenue North [Map] 98109-3069
Sunset House Apartments 2519 1st Avenue [Map] 98121-1315
Sunset House Apartments 5121 17th Avenue Northwest [Map] 98107-3866
Sunset Park Apartments 11202 2nd Lane Southwest [Map] 98146-4327
Tashiro Caplan Artist Lofts 115 Prefontaine Place South [Map] 98104-2629
Tate Mason House 1100 Minor Avenue [Map] 98101-4204
Terrace Apartments 312 11th Avenue Apartment 201 [Map] 98122-5374
Terrace View Apartments 231 South 177th Place Suite 1 [Map] 98148-3303
Terry Terrace Apartments 403 Terry Avenue [Map] 98104-2446
The Bernard 115 Warren Avenue North [Map] 98109-4996
The Galleria 10500 Meridian Avenue North [Map] 98133-9513
The Harrison At 15th 1505 East Harrison Street [Map] 98112-5809
The Nine Ten Apartments 910 10th Avenue East [Map] 98102-4505
The Shelby 2201 4th Avenue Suite 100 [Map] 98121-2060
The Summit At Madison Park 2209 East Madison Street [Map] 98112-5336
Thornton Creek Apartments 512 Northeast 103rd Street [Map] 98125-7465
Tocina Apartments 100 6th Avenue South [Map] 98104-2743
Tower At 801 801 Pine Street [Map] 98101-1811
Towers On Greenwood 8551 Greenwood Avenue North [Map] 98103-3662
Town and Country Apartments 12320 Roosevelt Way Northeast [Map] 98125-4853
Townhomes 5th Ave 1005 5th Avenue North [Map] 98109-3806
Tracy Ann Apartments 7004 Murray Avenue Southwest [Map] 98136-1786
Trailside Apartments 4801 24th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4145
Traugott Terrace 2317 3rd Avenue [Map] 98121-1731
Travigne On Eleventh Avenue 4726 11th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4678
Tuscany Apartments 1215 Seneca Street Apartment 210 [Map] 98101-2862
Union Bay Apartments 526 Yale Avenue North [Map] 98109-5542
Union Park Apartments 1310 Minor Avenue [Map] 98101-4240
University View Apartments 5226 22nd Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-5750
Upstairs-Downstairs Apartments 4538 18th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4245
Uptown Apartments At Queen Anne 315 1st Avenue West [Map] 98119-4156
Urban League Village Apartments 2300 South Massachusetts Street [Map] 98144-3821
Uwajimaya Village Apartments 521 South Weller Street [Map] 98104-4400
Val Anne 800 Queen Anne Avenue North [Map] 98109-3619
Val Anne Apartments 800 Queen Anne Avenue North [Map] 98109-3619
Vantage Park 1011 East Terrace Street [Map] 98122-7406
Velencia Apartments 2852 Eastlake Avenue East [Map] 98102-3004
Views At Madison 1615 19th Avenue [Map] 98122-7502
Villager Apartments 2700 Northeast 125th Street Apartment 304 [Map] 98125-4363
Vine Court 103 Vine Street [Map] 98121-1485
Virginian Apartments 2014 4th Avenue Apartment 5 [Map] 98121-2401
Wallace John Apartments 417 East Union Street [Map] 98122-3602
Washington Terrace Apartments 120 6th Avenue South [Map] 98104-2773
Watermark At Wallingford 4213 Stone Way North [Map] 98103-7481
Weller Apartments 1632 South Weller Street [Map] 98144-2105
Wellington Place Apartments 327 South 177th Place [Map] 98148-1753
West Ridge Apartments 7901 Delridge Way Southwest [Map] 98106-3423
Westhaven 2201 Southwest Holden Street [Map] 98106-3428
Westlake Village 1611 8th Avenue North [Map] 98109-6234
Westview Apartment Homes 2525 14th Avenue South [Map] 98144-5088
Westwood Apartments 4333 8th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105
Westwood Apartments 4327 8th Avenue Northeast [Map] 98105-4772
Westwood Height Addition 9440 27th Avenue Southwest [Map] 98126-3955
Wharfside Pointe Apartments 3812 14th Avenue West [Map] 98119-1351
Whisperwoods Apartments 11844 26th Avenue South [Map] 98168-5208
Williamsburg Court Apartments 1007 Stewart Street Apartment 51 [Map] 98101-1462
Williamsburg Court Apartments 1007 Stewart Street [Map] 98101-1462
Willow Court 6901 Delridge Way Southwest [Map] 98106-3318
Willow Crest Apartments 2425 Southwest Webster Street [Map] 98106-1726
Willow Terrace 1100 South 99th Street [Map] 98108-5022
Willows Court Apartments 12316 28th Avenue Northeast Suite 104 [Map] 98125-5400
Windermere Apartments 2933 2nd Avenue [Map] 98121-1022
Windham Apartments 420 Blanchard Street [Map] 98121-1848
Winthrop John Apartments 1020 Seneca Street [Map] 98101-2775
Wisteria View Manor 1400 South Main Street Suite 109 [Map] 98144-2080
Woodridge Park Apartments 12400 28th Avenue South [Map] 98168-2409
Zindorf Apartments 714 7th Avenue Apartment 203 [Map] 98104-1935

Find student rentals and apartments near University of Washington in Seattle Washington. Search for all kinds of housing: apartments, lofts, homes, duplexes, townhouses and individual rooms. If you are tired of on-campus university housing and are ready to live in an off-campus rental, then CampusRent is your guide for 1 bedroom apts and 2 and 3 bedroom apts (great for roommates) close to the University of Washington campus. Look at pictures, floor plans, rental rates and leasing options. Do you need a student-friendly or cheap apartment rental because of your budget, or does it need to be within walking distance from campus because you don't have a car. Maybe on a bus line or other type of public transportation.

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