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Vanderbilt University
211 Kirkland Hall
Nashville Tennessee 37240
Admissions Phone: (615) 322-7311
Mascot: Commodores

Nashville, Tennessee is the capital of the state and one of the largest cities in the southeastern United States. With a population of over 700,000 residents, Nashville is a vibrant and dynamic city that is known for its rich cultural heritage, thriving arts and culture scene, and excellent quality of life.

One of the defining features of Nashville is its rich cultural heritage. The city has a long and fascinating history, including being a key center of the Civil Rights Movement and playing a major role in the development of country music. Today, Nashville is home to a variety of world-famous attractions, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Belle Meade Plantation.

Another defining feature of Nashville is its thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to a variety of museums, galleries, and performance spaces, including the Frist Art Museum, the Nashville Repertory Theatre, and the Nashville Symphony. Nashville is also known for its rich music heritage, including being the birthplace of country music, and is home to a number of world-famous music festivals and events, including the CMA Music Festival and the Americana Music Festival.

The economy of Nashville is also a major strength of the city. Nashville is home to a thriving business community, with a variety of large and small companies operating in the region, including Nissan North America, HCA Healthcare, and Bridgestone Americas. The city is also home to a growing startup community, with a number of innovative companies and organizations working to support the growth of new businesses in the region.

Another defining feature of Nashville is its high quality of life. The city is home to a variety of excellent schools, including Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University, as well as a wide range of recreational opportunities, including parks, lakes, and golf courses, and a thriving sports scene, with several professional and amateur sports teams, including the Nashville Predators and the Nashville Sounds.

In recent years, Nashville has seen significant growth and development, with a number of new businesses and organizations moving to the region and a growing number of residents choosing to call Nashville home. Despite this growth, however, the city has managed to maintain its southern charm and small-town feel, with a strong sense of community and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Overall, Nashville, Tennessee is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a rich cultural heritage, a thriving arts and culture scene, a thriving business community, or a high quality of life, Nashville has it all. With a rich history, a bright future, and a welcoming atmosphere, Nashville is a city that is well worth a visit.

Vanderbilt University is a private research university located in Nashville, Tennessee. The university was founded in 1873 and has a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence and research.

Vanderbilt was founded by Cornelius Vanderbilt, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist who wanted to create a university that would provide a high-quality education to the residents of Tennessee and the wider region. The university was initially established as a theological seminary, but quickly expanded to include a wide range of academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as engineering, law, medicine, and the arts.

In the decades that followed, Vanderbilt continued to grow and evolve, becoming one of the leading universities in the southeastern United States. The university is home to a wide range of academic programs, including undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, education, engineering, and the arts.

One of the defining features of Vanderbilt is its commitment to research. The university is home to several major research centers and institutes, including the Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and Environment, the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, and the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery. These centers and institutes provide students and faculty with the resources and opportunities they need to pursue cutting-edge research and innovation.

Another defining feature of Vanderbilt is its commitment to student success. The university is known for its high-quality academic programs, its dedicated faculty and staff, and its supportive campus environment. The university also provides students with a wide range of resources and opportunities, including internships, study abroad programs, and research opportunities, to help them succeed in their academic and professional careers.

Throughout its history, Vanderbilt has been committed to providing a high-quality education to its students, regardless of their background or financial situation. The university has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, and has been a leader in providing access to higher education to underrepresented groups, including women and minority students.

Today, Vanderbilt is a thriving private research university, with a student body of over 12,000 students and a faculty of over 1,000. It is known for its strong academic programs, its world-class research facilities, and its commitment to providing students with a high-quality education. With a rich history and a bright future, Vanderbilt is a vital part of the state of Tennessee and a leader in higher education.

In recent years, Vanderbilt has seen significant growth and development, with a growing number of students choosing to attend the university and a commitment to expanding its programs and facilities. Despite this growth, however, the university has maintained its commitment to student success and its commitment to providing a high-quality education to all of its students.

Overall, the history of Vanderbilt University reflects a commitment to academic excellence, research, and student success. With a rich history and a bright future, Vanderbilt is a vital part of the state of Tennessee and a leader in higher education.

The official motto of Vanderbilt University is "As one, we are the light of the world."

The nickname of Vanderbilt University is the "Commodores," named after Cornelius Vanderbilt, who was known as the "Commodore."

Vanderbilt University does not have an official slogan, but it is often referred to as a "Premier Private Research University" due to its commitment to academic excellence and research.

Vanderbilt University has an estimated student population of over 12,000 students. The student body is diverse and represents a wide range of geographic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

In terms of gender, Vanderbilt has a relatively equal number of male and female students, with a slight majority of female students. The racial and ethnic makeup of the student body is also diverse, with students from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, including African American, White, Asian, and Hispanic students.

In terms of geographic origin, Vanderbilt attracts students from across the United States and around the world. The university is known for its strong academic programs and its commitment to providing students with a high-quality education, and as a result, it attracts a highly talented and motivated student body.

In terms of academic achievement, Vanderbilt is known for its rigorous academic programs and high standards. The university attracts students from a variety of academic backgrounds, including students who are the first in their families to attend college, students who are returning to school after a period of time, and students who have already achieved significant academic success.

Overall, the demographics of Vanderbilt University reflect the diversity and academic strength of the student body, providing a rich and inclusive environment for students to learn, grow, and succeed. With a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, Vanderbilt is dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all of its students, regardless of their background or financial situation.

The rental housing market near the Vanderbilt University campus is active, with a variety of housing options available to students, staff, and other members of the university community.

The rental market in the area is largely driven by demand from university students, who are looking for affordable and convenient housing near campus. As a result, the area is home to a number of student housing complexes, as well as a variety of other rental properties, including apartments, houses, and townhomes.

Rental prices in the area vary depending on the specific property and its location, but overall, the cost of rent is relatively high compared to other areas in Nashville. However, despite the high cost of rent, the rental market in the area is still considered to be relatively affordable compared to other college towns across the United States.

In recent years, the rental housing market near Vanderbilt University has seen steady growth, with a growing number of new rental properties being developed and an increasing number of students and other university community members looking for housing in the area. Despite this growth, however, the rental market in the area is still considered to be relatively tight, with high demand for housing near the Vanderbilt University campus.

Overall, the rental housing market near the Vanderbilt University campus is a vibrant and active market, with a variety of housing options available to meet the needs of students, staff, and other members of the university community. Whether you are looking for a small apartment or a larger house, there are plenty of options to choose from in the area. However, it is important to note that rental prices in the area are relatively high compared to other areas in Nashville, so it is important to budget accordingly when looking for housing near the Vanderbilt University campus.


Apartments in Nashville, Tennessee

Community Address Zip
20 and Grand 2000 Grand Avenue [Map] 37212-2101
380 Harding Apartments 380 Harding Place [Map] 37211-3926
5 08 Lofts 510 Davidson Street [Map] 37213-1414
865 Bellevue 865 Bellevue Road [Map] 37221-2743
Acklen Square Apartments 2000 24th Avenue South [Map] 37212-4230
Americana Apartments 1906 Chet Atkins Place Suite Office [Map] 37212-2123
Ashland Hills Apartments 2131 Elm Hill Pike [Map] 37210-3972
Audubon Park Apartments 600 Whispering Hills Drive [Map] 37211-5234
Beacon Row 2000 24th Avenue South [Map] 37212-4230
Bellevue Apartments 1000 Amberwood Circle [Map] 37221-1359
Bellevueheights 1000 Amberwood Circle [Map] 37221-1359
Bellwood Park Apartments 100 Pennington Avenue [Map] 37206-2254
Berkeley Ridge Apartments and Townhomes 308 Plus Park Boulevard [Map] 37217-1000
Berkley Hills Apartments 300 Binkley Drive [Map] 37211-4425
Berkshire Place Apartments 1500 Porter Road [Map] 37206-1656
Biltmore Place 830 Glastonbury Road [Map] 37217-5073
Biltmore Place Apartments 830 Glastonbury Road [Map] 37217-5073
Blackstone Apartments 3300 West End Avenue [Map] 37203-1082
Blackstone Co 2200 21st Avenue South Suite 210 [Map] 37212-4929
Bradford Woods Apartment Homes 5242 Edmondson Pike [Map] 37211-5831
Bransford House Apartments 704 Berry Road Apartment B1 [Map] 37204-2830
Brentwood Downs Apartments 1 Derby Trace [Map] 37211-7301
Brentwood Oaks Apartments 100 Brentwood Oaks Drive [Map] 37211-6506
Brighton Valley Apartments 500 Brooksboro Terrace [Map] 37217-3387
British Woods Apartment Homes 264 British Woods Drive [Map] 37217-3340
Brixworth Apartments 101 Brixworth Lane [Map] 37205-2032
Brookridge Apartments 249 Brookridge Trail [Map] 37211-4781
Buena Vista Manor Apartments 2400 Buena Vista Pike [Map] 37218-2900
C W A Plaza 500 Shelby Avenue [Map] 37206-4145
Candlewood Apartments 530 Harding Place [Map] 37211-4500
Canterchase Apartments 1901 Murfreesboro Pike Suite Office [Map] 37217-3299
Capitol Towers 510 Gay Street Apartment 108 [Map] 37219-1216
Chateau Apartments 2000 24th Avenue South [Map] 37212-4230
Chateau Terrace Apartments 344 Bell Road [Map] 37217-3855
Chowning Square Apartments 4141 Woodlawn Drive [Map] 37205-2279
City View Lofts 800 Woodland Street [Map] 37206-3763
Clairmont 1019 Patricia Drive [Map] 37217-1226
Cobblestone Corners 501 Ben Allen Road [Map] 37216-2008
Colonial Grand At Bellvue 2828 Old Hickory Boulevard [Map] 37221-3719
Cooter Robert Bruce 675 Harding Place [Map] 37211-4468
Copperstone Village 1120 Litton Avenue [Map] 37216-3728
Countrywood Apartments 5646 Amalie Drive [Map] 37211-5991
Court Villa Apartments 2612 West Heiman Street [Map] 37208-1808
Covenant Crossing 108 Thompson Lane [Map] 37211-2471
Coventry Square Apartments 533 Coventry Court [Map] 37211-4249
Creekstone Apartments 266 Stewarts Ferry Pike [Map] 37214-3343
Creekwood Apartments 7439 Highway 70 South [Map] 37221-1760
Crestview Apartments 1020 Thompson Place Apartment E23 [Map] 37217-1892
Crossings of Bellevue 1 Club Parkway [Map] 37221-1925
Cumberland Apartments 555 Church Street Suite Office [Map] 37219-2352
Cumberland Retreat Apartments 411 Annex Avenue [Map] 37209-2700
Dandridge Towers 431 Ocala Drive [Map] 37211-6300
Dellway Villa Apartments 345 Dellway Villa Road [Map] 37207-4144
Dominion House Apartments 5099 Linbar Drive [Map] 37211-8201
East Lake Apartments 256 Stewarts Ferry Pike [Map] 37214-3335
Edmondson Manor 4960 Edmondson Pike [Map] 37211-4784
Elysian Garden Apartments 675 Harding Place Office B12 [Map] 37211-4489
Fairwood Apartments 3416 Murphy Road [Map] 37203-1018
Forest Park Apartment 6936 Highway 70 South [Map] 37221-2272
Fountains 97 White Bridge Road [Map] 37205-1413
Foxcroft Apartments 365 Paragon Mills Road [Map] 37211-3500
Gardens of Hillboro Village 2101 Portland Avenue [Map] 37212-3601
Gazebo Apartments 141 Neese Drive [Map] 37211-2750
Gazebo Apartments Security Gate 141 Neese Drive [Map] 37211-2750
Ginsberg Norman W 2200 21st Avenue South [Map] 37212-4942
Glastonbury Woods Apartments 644 Glastonbury Road [Map] 37217-5061
Glen Valley Apartments and Duplexes 700 Patricia Drive [Map] 37217-1347
Glengarry Heights Apartments 914 Winthorne Drive [Map] 37217-2336
Grande View Apartments 7100 Sonya Drive [Map] 37209-5232
Granstaff Apartments 2333 Rosa L Parks Boulevard [Map] 37228-1225
Green Hills Apartment 2209 Abbott Martin Road [Map] 37215-2523
Green Hills Manor 2200 21st Avenue South [Map] 37212-4942
Grove At Richland 444 Elmington Avenue [Map] 37205-5162
Grove Whitworth 420 Elmington Avenue [Map] 37205-2552
Haley's Apartment 3015 Lebanon Pike [Map] 37214-2245
Haley's Apartments 3015 Lebanon Pike [Map] 37214-2245
Hallmark At the Park 814 17th Avenue North [Map] 37203-2867
Hampton Chase Apartments 2005 Borowood Drive [Map] 37217-3358
Hamptons the At Woodland Pointe 1501 Woodland Pointe Drive [Map] 37214-4702
Hartford House Apartments 111 Whitsett Road [Map] 37210-5302
Haynes Gardens Apartments 2715 Whites Creek Pike [Map] 37207-3716
Haywood Meadows Apartments 318 Faulkner Place [Map] 37211-4955
Heatherwood Apartments 709 North 12th Street [Map] 37206-2651
Hermitage Garden Apartments 4701 Old Hickory Boulevard [Map] 37218
Hickory Creek Apartment 1150 Vultee Boulevard [Map] 37217-2123
Hickory Farms 433 Opry Mills Drive [Map] 37214-2440
Hickory Forest Apartments 500 Ocala Drive [Map] 37211-6352
Hickory View Apartments 500 Hickoryview Drive [Map] 37211-6335
Hickory Woods Apartments 5319 Nolensville Pike Apartment F303 [Map] 37211-1609
Highlands Apartments 4646 Nolensville Pike [Map] 37211-5238
Hillhurst Apartments 1100 Sunset Circle [Map] 37207-3354
Hillmeade Apartments Homes 6800 Highway 70 South [Map] 37221-2201
Hillwood Pointe 6430 Charlotte Pike Apartment 709 [Map] 37209-2979
Hillwood Villa Apartments 6319 Charlotte Pike [Map] 37209-2928
Holly Hills Apartments and Townhomes 4700 Humber Drive [Map] 37211-4900
Howe Gardens Apartments 1921 Greenwood Avenue [Map] 37206-2400
Hunters Pointe 4601 Packard Drive [Map] 37211-5640
Huntington Park Manor Apartments 765 McMurray Drive [Map] 37211-5811
Huntington Ridge Townhomes 5651 Amalie Drive [Map] 37211
Imperial House Apartments 111 Bosley Springs Road [Map] 37205-1703
Iroquois 111 Old Hickory Boulevard [Map] 37221-2900
James Robertson Apartments 118 7th Avenue North Suite 1201 [Map] 37203-3755
Jamestown Apartments 400 Adamwood Drive [Map] 37211-5242
Kelly Miller Smith Towers 2136 Cliff Drive [Map] 37218-2833
Keystone Farms Apartments 5360 Edmondson Pike Apartment 108 [Map] 37211-7350
Knoll Crest Apartments Office 3301 Creekwood Drive [Map] 37207-2529
Knolls Apartments 220 Knolls Place [Map] 37211-7404
Lakes of Bellevue Apartments 6860 Highway 70 South [Map] 37221
Legacy Hills Apartments 501 Shadowood Drive [Map] 37205-4656
Lexington 510 Old Hickory Boulevard [Map] 37209-5164
Lincoya Bay Apartments 3000 Lincoya Bay Drive [Map] 37214-2608
Lofts At 160 211 Union Street [Map] 37201-1500
Longwood Terrace Apartments 371 Wallace Road [Map] 37211-4833
Madison At Ridgelake 100 Ridgelake Parkway [Map] 37209-5144
Marina Manor East 414 Neill Avenue [Map] 37206-3904
Market Street Apartments 150 2nd Avenue South [Map] 37201-2100
McMurray Apartments 5135 Nolensville Pike [Map] 37211-6043
McMurray Manor Apartments 415 Tusculum Road [Map] 37211-6033
Meade Stephen F 3250 Dickerson Pike [Map] 37207-2969
Metro Manor Apartments 500 5th Avenue North [Map] 37219-1221
Metrocenter Teachers Apartments 451 Ponder Place [Map] 37228-1900
Metropolitan Nashville Teachers Apartments 2209 Abbott Martin Road [Map] 37215-2523
Millennium Apartments 1714 Seifried Street [Map] 37208-1399
Millwood Manor Apartments 305 Millwood Drive [Map] 37217-1604
Miravista Apartments 2999 Smith Springs Road [Map] 37217-4400
Miravista Apartments 2999 Smith Springs Road [Map] 37217-4400
Mission Bellevue Ridge 100 Belle Valley Drive [Map] 37209-5130
Mission Brentwood Apartments 1000 Enclave Circle [Map] 37211-7475
Mission Briley Parkway 100 Arbor Creek Boulevard [Map] 37217-5044
Mission Priest Lake 3555 Bell Road [Map] 37214-2752
Nashboro Village 115 Nashboro Boulevard [Map] 37217-3399
New Edition Community Apartments Inc 486 Fatherland Street [Map] 37206-4115
Nob Hill Villa Apartments 180 Wallace Road [Map] 37211-4621
Oak Park Apartments 120 Oak Valley Drive Office C29 [Map] 37207-2970
Park At Hillside 1501 Hillside Avenue [Map] 37203-4927
Park At Metro Center 210 Athens Way [Map] 37228-1308
Parkwood Villa 3258 Brick Church Pike [Map] 37207-2837
Parliament Place Apartments 831 Glastonbury Road Apartment 1169 [Map] 37217-5082
Pinebrook Apartments 1005 Hickory Hollow Road [Map] 37221-1124
Players Club of Brentwood Apartments 1100 Players Court [Map] 37211-7018
Pointe Breeze Apartments 488 Lemont Drive [Map] 37216-1571
Polo Park 100 Jackson Downs Boulevard [Map] 37214-2335
Post Ridge Apartments 595 Hicks Road [Map] 37221-2000
Premier West Apartments 6565 Premier Drive [Map] 37209-2925
Preserve At Metrocenter 468 Ponder Place [Map] 37228-1927
Prestige Point Apartments 200 Paragon Mills Road [Map] 37211-4000
Priest Lake Apartments 2570 Murfreesboro Pike [Map] 37217-3519
Regency Apartments 2706 Glenrose Avenue [Map] 37210-5100
Richland Creek Apartments 5400 Burgess Avenue [Map] 37209-3236
Richland Hills Apartments 5800 Maudina Avenue [Map] 37209-3112
River Park Apt 2027 28th Avenue North [Map] 37208-1200
Riverbend Apartments 6700 Cabot Drive [Map] 37209-4303
Riverchase Apartments 590 Joseph Avenue [Map] 37207-5942
Riverwood Apartments 7388 Cabot Drive [Map] 37209-4342
Roberts Park Apartments 776 Lenore Street [Map] 37206-3859
Rolling Hills Apartments 6535 Premier Drive [Map] 37209-2924
Roundtree Apartments 1617 Lebanon Pike Suite Suite [Map] 37210-3217
Roundtree Apartments 1617 Lebanon Pike Unit Office [Map] 37210-3217
Royal Arms Apartments 2011 Richard Jones Road [Map] 37215-2804
Rutherford Joseph H 1104 Stratton Avenue [Map] 37206-2714
Rutledge House Apartments 14 Middleton Street [Map] 37210-2063
Shadowbluff Apartments 221 Plus Park Boulevard [Map] 37217-1034
Sheffield Heights 700 Airways Circle [Map] 37214-3617
Shelby Hills Apartments 209 South 10th Street [Map] 37206-2946
Skyline Village Apartments 3225 Creekwood Drive [Map] 37207-2543
Skyview Apartments 307 Susannah Court [Map] 37209-4851
South Brook Apartments 5101 Linbar Drive [Map] 37211-1014
Southwood Apartments 202 Redd Court [Map] 37211-3443
Southwood Park Apartments 321 Southwood Park Place [Map] 37217-1753
Stahlman Bldg Apartments 211 Union Street [Map] 37201-1500
Starline Apartments 900 Glastonbury Road [Map] 37217-1727
Stephen Foster Apartments 3401 Granny White Pike [Map] 37204-2924
Sterling Court Apartments 2101 Belmont Boulevard [Map] 37212-4508
Stewarts Ferry Apartments 100 Stewarts Ferry Park [Map] 37201
Strouse House Apartments 968 Strouse Avenue [Map] 37206-3481
Sunrise Apartments 189 Wallace Road [Map] 37211-4638
Swiss Ridge 455 Swiss Avenue [Map] 37211-7426
Sycamores Apartments 1441 Lebanon Pike [Map] 37210-3173
Terrace Hill Apartments 1000 Thompson Place [Map] 37217-1824
Terrace Park Townhomes 3110 Elm Hill Pike [Map] 37214-5221
Trails Apartment 100 Trails Circle [Map] 37214-2640
Travelers Court 2622 Murfreesboro Pike [Map] 37217-3570
Treemont Apartments 421 East Thompson Lane [Map] 37211-2610
Trinity Hills Village 400 East Nocturne Drive [Map] 37207-4306
Turtle Creek Apartments 121 Hickory Trace Drive [Map] 37211-7102
Turtle Creek Apartments 121 Hickory Trace Drive [Map] 37211-7102
Tusculum Square Apartments 101 Tusculum Square Drive [Map] 37211-5388
Twin Oaks Apartments 100 Antioch Pike [Map] 37211-3092
Valley Brook Townhomes 520 Zermatt Avenue [Map] 37211-8304
Valley Ridge Apartments 6501 Harding Pike [Map] 37205-4000
Villa Adrian Apartments 2964 Franklin Pike [Map] 37204-3431
Village Green Apartments 2215 Abbott Martin Road Apartment D4 [Map] 37215-2536
Village South 801 Inverness Avenue [Map] 37204-2735
Village West Apartments 4404 Tennessee Avenue [Map] 37209-2232
Villas At Metro Center 469 Ponder Place [Map] 37228-1920
Warren House Apartments 420 Welshwood Drive [Map] 37211-4251
Warren Terrace Apartments 441 Welshwood Drive [Map] 37211-4268
Waterford Place Apartments 2100 Waterford Circle [Map] 37221-2117
Wedgewood Towers Apartments 1195 Wedgewood Avenue [Map] 37203-5440
Welch Bend Apartments 700 Whispering Oaks Place [Map] 37201
Welch Bend Apartments 100 Tanglewood Court [Map] 37211-1479
West End Manor 2200 21st Avenue South [Map] 37212-4942
West Town Apartments 2820 Hazelwood Drive Apartment C3 [Map] 37212-5720
Westboro Apartments 3101 West End Avenue Office 123 [Map] 37203-1364
Western Hills Apartments 100 Watts Circle [Map] 37209-4410
Westmont Apartments 111 Acklen Park Drive [Map] 37203-1111
Whispering Hills Apartments 570 McMurray Drive [Map] 37211-5776
Windland Terrace Apartments 316 Yelton Court [Map] 37211-3431
Woodmont Terrace Apartments 920 Woodmont Boulevard [Map] 37204-3300
Wyndchase Bellevue 7221 Highway 70 South [Map] 37221-2832
Wynstone Apartments 205 Millwood Drive [Map] 37217-1611
Wynstone Apartments 205 Millwood Drive [Map] 37217-1611
Wynter Downs 1199 Murfreesboro Pike [Map] 37217-2202

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