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Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Wichita Kansas 67260-0124
Admissions Phone: (316) 978-3456
Mascot: Shockers
Website: http://www.wichita.edu/

Apartments in Wichita, Kansas

Community Address Zip
250 Douglas Place 250 West Douglas Avenue [Map] 67202-3110
Almond Tree Apartments 339 North Country Acres Avenue [Map] 67212-6144
Amidon Place Apartments 2727 North Amidon Avenue [Map] 67204-4900
Angle Apartments 1641 South Glendale Street [Map] 67218-4364
Aragon Apartments 8909 East Harry Street [Map] 67207-4702
Ashbury Court Apartments 1940 South Woodlawn Boulevard [Map] 67218-4761
Ashley Lane Apartments 2250 South Oliver Street Apartment 215 [Map] 67218-5157
Aspen Park Apartments 8405 West Central Avenue Office Office [Map] 67212-3634
Astro Furnished Apartments 2050 South Broadway Street Apartment 21 [Map] 67211-4818
Barclay Square Apartments 550 West Central Avenue Apartment 1200 [Map] 67203-4253
Battin Apartments 1739 South Battin Street [Map] 67218-4452
Beer 33 1609 East Pawnee Street [Map] 67211-5244
Bentley Square Apartments 2210 South Oliver Street Apartment 102 [Map] 67218-5133
Berkshire Apartments 8820 West Westlawn Street [Map] 67212-7003
Biscayne Apartments 1422 East Wassall Street Apartment 202 [Map] 67216-1342
Boulevard Apartments 2703 East Harry Street [Map] 67211-4724
Bradford Glen Apartments 888 South Hydraulic Street [Map] 67211-2707
Brentwood Apartments 6602 East Harry Street Apartment 701 [Map] 67207-2964
Broadmoor At Chelsea 7677 East 21st Street North Apartment Offc [Map] 67206-1017
Brookhollow Apartments 8165 East Central Avenue Apartment 301 [Map] 67206-2355
Brookwood Apartments 1770 South Rock Road [Map] 67207-6801
Buttonwood Tree Apartments 9211 East Harry Street Office Office [Map] 67207-5081
Calvary Towers Apartments 2600 North Grove Street [Map] 67219-4641
Casa Del Rio Apartments 425 West Taft Street Apartment 103 [Map] 67213-4566
Cedar Lakes Apartments 1900 South Rock Road [Map] 67207-5116
Cedarbrooke Apartments 8406 East Harry Street [Map] 67207-4641
Central Park Apartments 3404 East Central Avenue [Map] 67208-3254
Central Park Apartments 1516 East 3rd Street North [Map] 67214-4128
Chalet Apartments 5001 East Harry Street [Map] 67218-3815
Cherry Hills Apartment Homes 2200 South Rock Road [Map] 67207-5300
Cimarron Apartments 734 North Ridge Road [Map] 67212-3358
Claremont Apartments 9100 East Harry Street [Map] 67207-4800
Coffeyville Resources 7315 North Interurban Drive [Map] 67204-1045
Colony East Apartments 8045 East Douglas Avenue [Map] 67207-1227
Colony West Apartments 734 North Country Acres Avenue [Map] 67212-3546
Colony West Apartments 734 North Country Acres Avenue [Map] 67212-3546
Commodore Apartments 222 East Elm Street Office Office [Map] 67214-3587
Conquistador Apartments and Townhomes 920 South Rock Road [Map] 67207-2777
Cross Creek Apartments 7750 East 32nd Street North [Map] 67226-1274
Danish Village of Wichita 1117 South Paige Street [Map] 67207-3349
Davis Melvin L 4141 South Seneca Street [Map] 67217-4400
Eagle Creek Apartments 9550 East Lincoln Street [Map] 67207-3543
Eagle Trace Apartments 925 West 29th Street South [Map] 67217-3191
Eaglerock Village 7627 East 37th Street North [Map] 67226-2802
Eastborough Apartments 7030 East Kellogg Drive Apartment D [Map] 67207-1620
Eastgate Apartments 632 South Eastern Street [Map] 67207-2477
Eastwood Apartments 4825 Eastwood Street Apartment A [Map] 67218-2556
Eaton Place 517 East Douglas Avenue [Map] 67202-3514
Edgemoor Townhomes 5523 Plaza Lane [Map] 67208-4154
Elms Apartment 2732 East Harry Street [Map] 67211-4723
Falcon Pointe Apartments 4244 South Hydraulic Street [Map] 67216-2887
Forrest Grove Apartments 6747 West Par Lane Apartment 101 [Map] 67212-3380
Fox Run Apartments 1157 South Webb Road Apartment 109 [Map] 67207-4105
Garden Pines Apartments 8131 East Harry Street [Map] 67207-6713
Garvey James W 1081 South Glendale Street [Map] 67218-3203
Golf Park Apartments 2420 South Glendale Street Apartment 204 [Map] 67210-1261
Governeour Manor 7025 East Lincoln Street Apartment 201 [Map] 67207-2663
Hampel Paul Mortgage Broker 8165 East Central Avenue Apartment 301 [Map] 67206-2355
Harvester Apartments 355 North Rock Island Street [Map] 67202-2749
High Point East Apartments 9400 East Lincoln Street [Map] 67207-3542
Highland House 1400 North Woodlawn Street Apartment 10E [Map] 67208-2460
Highland Square Apartments 1322 North Woodlawn Street Apartment 105 [Map] 67208-2679
Horizons East Apartments 505 North Rock Road Office Office [Map] 67206-1700
Huntington Park Apartments 1313 North Maize Court [Map] 67212-4388
Huntington Place Apartments 3915 South Seneca Street [Map] 67217-3696
Innes Station Apartments 701 East 1st Street North [Map] 67202-4900
Johnson J R Hse Movr 1301 South Seneca Street [Map] 67213-4328
Keystone Apartments 758 Sylvan Lane [Map] 67218-2538
Kingsborough Apartments 2720 South Seneca Street [Map] 67217-2808
Kingsley Square Apartments 149 North Joann Street Apartment 9 [Map] 67203-5440
Kingston Cove Apartments 519 West 27th Street South [Map] 67217-3001
Kouri Place Apartments 140 South Anna Street [Map] 67209-2454
Lacrosse Apartments and Carriage Homes 3650 North Woodlawn Boulevard [Map] 67220-2201
Lincoln Meadows Apartments 9000 East Lincoln Street [Map] 67207-3437
Linwood Apartments 2008 South Hydraulic Street [Map] 67211-5306
Lodge East 7901 East Lincoln Street [Map] 67207-2757
Lodge West 3600 West Kellogg Drive [Map] 67213-2200
MacArthur's Lake 727 West MacArthur Road [Map] 67217-3663
Madison Park Apartments 3625 West 13th Street North [Map] 67203-4502
Maple Gardens Village 10200 West Maple Street Apartment B109 [Map] 67209-3111
Maple Ridge Apartments 100 South Ridge Road [Map] 67209-2192
Marina Point Apartments 1985 North Amidon Avenue Suite 100 [Map] 67203-2151
McAdams Apartments 1520 East 17th Street North Apartment 201 [Map] 67214-1658
McLean Apartments 2626 West 9th Street North Apartment 201 [Map] 67203-4797
Midtown Place Apartments 900 North Waco Avenue Apartment 2202 [Map] 67203-3963
Morgan's Landing Apartments 3801 West 13th Street North [Map] 67203-4439
Mt Carmel Village 3000 West Douglas Avenue [Map] 67203-6300
North Park Apartments 2801 North Rock Road [Map] 67226-1192
Northpark Residences 2801 North Rock Road [Map] 67226-1192
Northtown Square Apt 333 West 21st Street North Apartment 209 [Map] 67203-2465
Olde English Manor 2323 North Woodlawn Boulevard [Map] 67220-3945
Oliver Court 3161 South George Washington Boulevard [Map] 67210-1589
Park Lane Apartments 5123 East Lincoln Street [Map] 67218-2446
Park Meadows Apartments 10010 East Boston Street [Map] 67207-4039
Park Vista Apartments 1845 South Hydraulic Street [Map] 67211-4505
Parke East Town Homes 1000 South Woodlawn Boulevard [Map] 67218-3618
Parklane Alley Apartments 4964 East Lincoln Street Apartment 201 [Map] 67218-2454
Parklane Gardens Apartments 959 South Bleckley Drive Office Office [Map] 67218-3380
Parkwood Village Apartments 1761 South Edgemoor Street [Map] 67218-4503
Pawnee Park Apartments 2404 West Pawnee Street Apartment 109 [Map] 67213-2943
Pelican Point 2150 North Meridian Avenue [Map] 67203-2000
Pheasant Run Apartments 8800 East Harry Street Office Office [Map] 67207-4767
Pine Creek Apartments 2919 South George Washington Boulevard Apartment 1 [Map] 67210-2114
Pinecrest Village 1537 South Battin Street [Map] 67218-3301
Plaza Apartments 1711 South George Washington Drive [Map] 67211-3914
Polo Club Apartments 7676 East Polo Drive [Map] 67206-3876
Ponderosa Apartments Office 5900 East Mainsgate Road Apartment 203 [Map] 67220-2719
Quarters At Cambridge 9911 East 21st Street North [Map] 67206-3551
Raintree Apartments 777 North Silver Springs Boulevard [Map] 67212-6056
Remington Park Apartments 6801 West Par Lane [Map] 67212-3298
Ridgeport Apartments 7003 West 34th Street North [Map] 67205-2562
Riverpark Plaza Apartments 400 West Central Avenue [Map] 67203-4000
Riverwalk Apartments 410 East Marion Road [Map] 67216-1057
Rockborough Apartments 202 North Rock Road Office Office [Map] 67206-2268
Sheridan West Town Homes 803 North Sheridan Street [Map] 67203-4700
Shirkmere Apartments 256 North Topeka Street [Map] 67202-2446
Shores 2701 South Emporia Street [Map] 67216-4712
Silver Springs Apartments 999 North Silver Springs Boulevard [Map] 67212-6000
Skyline Apartments 2440 South Glendale Street Apartment 134 [Map] 67210-1262
Somerset Apartments 2029 North Woodlawn Street [Map] 67208-1864
South Haven Apartments 3951 South Ellis Street [Map] 67216-4219
Southeast Village Apartments 5001 East Harry Street [Map] 67218-3815
Southfield Apartments 3161 South George Washington Boulevard Apartment 302 [Map] 67210-1591
Southlake Village Apartments 4141 South Seneca Street Office Office [Map] 67217-4290
Stoneybrook Apartments 2759 North Amidon Avenue [Map] 67204-4903
Stratford East Apartments 7826 East Douglas Avenue [Map] 67206-3221
Stratford West 1440 North Clarence Avenue [Map] 67203-1906
Sugar Creek Apartments 2550 South Oliver Street Office [Map] 67210-1277
Sundance Apartments 1945 North Rock Road [Map] 67206-1249
Sunrise Park Apartments 5224 East Harry Street [Map] 67218-3820
Tall Oaks Apartment Homes 2330 North Oliver Street [Map] 67220-2972
The Place Apartments 9320 East Osie Street [Map] 67207-5589
Turtle Creek Town Homes 1329 Williamsburg Street Apartment A [Map] 67208-4622
Twin Lakes Apartments 1915 North Porter Avenue Apartment 162 [Map] 67203-2297
Twin Rivers Apartments 2303 North Somerset Street [Map] 67204-5712
Value Place-$169 Weekly 7525 West Taft Street [Map] 67209-2189
Value Place-$169 Weekly 4665 South Broadway Street [Map] 67216-1737
Varsity Apartments 1700 North Harvard Avenue [Map] 67208-2043
Villa Del Mar Apartments 550 North Nims Street Apartment 223 [Map] 67203-3310
Villa West 1503 North West Street [Map] 67203-1360
Village Park Communities 550 West Central Avenue Apartment 1017 [Map] 67203-4217
Waterford Apartments 8510 East 29th Street North [Map] 67226-6602
Watson Park Apartments 140 East 31st Street South Apartment 201 [Map] 67216-1085
Westborough Arms Apartments 9301 West Central Avenue [Map] 67212-3811
Westlink Village Apartments 505 North Tyler Road [Map] 67212-3676
Westport Apartments 2526 West 31st Street South [Map] 67217-1600
Westview Apartments 812 North West Street Apartment 1 [Map] 67203-1221
Westway Apartments 1510 West Pawnee Street Apartment 3101 [Map] 67213-3423
Wildwood Apartments 5001 East Pawnee Street [Map] 67218-5540
Willow Creek Apartments 5700 East Mainsgate Road Office Office [Map] 67220-2735
Willow Creek Manor 1301 South Bleckley Drive [Map] 67218-3363
Willows Apartments 2510 East Pawnee Street [Map] 67211-5560
Wind Ridge Apartments 2502 West Wildwood Lane [Map] 67217-1540
Windemere At Tallgrass 8220 East Oxford Circle [Map] 67226-1863
Windham Court 330 South Tyler Road [Map] 67209-1687
Woodgate Apartments 5400 East 21st Street North [Map] 67208-1663
Zoo Blvd Apartments 3321 West Zoo Boulevard [Map] 67203-4801

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